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Chris Brown: 'SNL' Musical Guest with Host Russell Brand!

Chris Brown: 'SNL' Musical Guest with Host Russell Brand!

Chris Brown and Russell Brand will both make their Saturday Night Live debuts on the show’s February 12 episode!

Chris is set to hit the stage, most likely performing songs from his forthcoming album F.A.M.E., which drops March 22.

Russell, meanwhile, will serve as host, while promoting his two upcoming films, Hop, out April 1, and the Arthur remake out in theaters on April 8.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Chris Brown and Russell Brand on the February 12 episode of Saturday Night Live?

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70 Responses to “Chris Brown: 'SNL' Musical Guest with Host Russell Brand!”

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  1. 1
    Carl Says:

    uum no…. Russell Brand is pretty good but Chris Brown… your an ******* if you even allow that jerk airtime..

  2. 2
    JC Says:

    Even the funniest hosts have a hard time on SNL trying to pull off that lame and unfunny material that is written for them.

  3. 3
    sterling Says:

    @Carl: stfu HATER!

  4. 4
    angie Says:

    Katy Perry’s one of Rihanna’s closest friends. That’s gonna be awkward.

  5. 5
    Apple Says:

    Yes Sterling we are haters of men who beat the crap out of their girlfriends faces.

    Shame on SNL for letting that piece of crap on the show.

  6. 6
    ajh Says:

    I’m excited for Russell but I fail to understand why society as a whole is giving Chris Brown attention. Usually I can keep private life separate from career but I really do think that giving him gigs, work, air time basically is Hollywood saying it’s not that big a deal to beat a woman.

  7. 7
    Me. Says:

    Excited is NOT the word!! OMG…I LOVE CHRIS BROWN!! I can’t wait to see him sing Yeah 3X on SNL!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!

  8. 8
    Me. Says:

    @ajh: I disagree…I think it’s saying there is redemption in those who have paid their debt to society. Chris was a teenager when that happened…let it go it’s TWO years later. He deserves to live his life and do what he does musically. There are people who still love him and his music. So build a bridge and ….you know the rest LOL!

  9. 9
    Madhatter Says:

    He hasn’t paid his debt to society.
    He has never claimed ownership of his actions, he has only continued to act arrogant and entitled. That’s why so many people can’t stand him and haven’t moved on- if you are confused.
    Unfortunately, for his team, anything he does do now to try to make it up will be widely perceived as too little, too late. It will just come off as what it is, a completely disingenuous attempt to curry favor.
    ps. His music and singing style both sound really dated.

  10. 10
    lu Says:

    If u mad that chris brown gonna be on SNL, well GO KILL YOURSELF.
    Chris brown is goin NOWHERE, you will always see him,
    So just go kill yourself, em you will not see him again PERIOD.

  11. 11
    Cheryl Says:

    Excited to see Russell but certainly NOT Chris “domestic violence” Brown.

  12. 12
    Me. Says:

    @Madhatter: Where have you been?! Obviously the things he’s said and done to apologize and make amends haven’t been enough for YOU….but for the rest of the SANE world…we’ve moved on. Sorry for you but it’s just something you’re gonna have to get over.

  13. 13
    lu Says:

    @ME, that last line…. LMAO.

    @MADHATTER, FYI chris brown PLEAD GUILTY, u dnt know what
    It means to plead GUILTY.

  14. 14
    laverdadduele Says:

    Great, two of the biggest tools out there together in the stupidest show on TV.

  15. 15
    JC Says:


    Russell Brand is hilarious when he has the right material to work with.

  16. 16
    change Says:

    just change the channel when chris brown comes on.. I cannot wait for Russell!

  17. 17
    lu Says:

    Some people are so stupid,
    If u plead Guilty to a crime , meaning u taking responsibilies for what u did,
    Chris brown plead GUILTY, so therefore, chris did claimed owership.

  18. 18
    ABC Says:

    I sincerely doubt Chris Brown has learned anything about anger management based on his instant and homophobic rage against Raz B for making remarks about what Chris Brown beating Rhianna. He’s still too reactive toward slights, and obviously hasn’t learned anything except how to manipulate people….namely his fans. His crocodile tears are wasted on me.

  19. 19
    anthony Says:

    I don’t care if the guy took ownership of the crap he did or not, I also don’t care if he loves making music and people love to hear his music. I feel it’s unfair for someone who is a public figure, making a ton of money to be able to do such a violent hateful thing against someone to suffer hardly any real consequences and then just return to making millions and being on top of the world again. His actions were bad enough to deserve life long consequences, not just a year or two. Same goes for Michael Vick or any other “celebrity” who has everything but decides to go do such disgusting things.

  20. 20
    Diana Says:

    I LOVE CHRIS BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haters stay mad!! Hahah

  21. 21
    zania Says:

    You need to name some of the white people instead of just two black guys.

  22. 22
    Diana Says:

    Thanks to the good lord for making this magnificent creation –>chris brown

  23. 23
    RORY Says:


  24. 24
    Neickha Says:

    IM SO HAPPY IT’LL Be a good show Russel and Chris Are long overdue to be on SNL. Can’t wait # TeamBreezy

  25. 25
    cal Says:

    why would u guys switch the channel? do u realize chris has the most TALENT than any other artist? pshh ignorant people

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