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Chris Brown: 'SNL' Musical Guest with Host Russell Brand!

Chris Brown: 'SNL' Musical Guest with Host Russell Brand!

Chris Brown and Russell Brand will both make their Saturday Night Live debuts on the show’s February 12 episode!

Chris is set to hit the stage, most likely performing songs from his forthcoming album F.A.M.E., which drops March 22.

Russell, meanwhile, will serve as host, while promoting his two upcoming films, Hop, out April 1, and the Arthur remake out in theaters on April 8.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Chris Brown and Russell Brand on the February 12 episode of Saturday Night Live?

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  • Carl

    uum no…. Russell Brand is pretty good but Chris Brown… your an asshole if you even allow that jerk airtime..

  • JC

    Even the funniest hosts have a hard time on SNL trying to pull off that lame and unfunny material that is written for them.

  • sterling

    @Carl: stfu HATER!

  • angie

    Katy Perry’s one of Rihanna’s closest friends. That’s gonna be awkward.

  • Apple

    Yes Sterling we are haters of men who beat the crap out of their girlfriends faces.

    Shame on SNL for letting that piece of crap on the show.

  • ajh

    I’m excited for Russell but I fail to understand why society as a whole is giving Chris Brown attention. Usually I can keep private life separate from career but I really do think that giving him gigs, work, air time basically is Hollywood saying it’s not that big a deal to beat a woman.

  • Me.

    Excited is NOT the word!! OMG…I LOVE CHRIS BROWN!! I can’t wait to see him sing Yeah 3X on SNL!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!

  • Me.

    @ajh: I disagree…I think it’s saying there is redemption in those who have paid their debt to society. Chris was a teenager when that happened…let it go it’s TWO years later. He deserves to live his life and do what he does musically. There are people who still love him and his music. So build a bridge and ….you know the rest LOL!

  • Madhatter

    He hasn’t paid his debt to society.
    He has never claimed ownership of his actions, he has only continued to act arrogant and entitled. That’s why so many people can’t stand him and haven’t moved on- if you are confused.
    Unfortunately, for his team, anything he does do now to try to make it up will be widely perceived as too little, too late. It will just come off as what it is, a completely disingenuous attempt to curry favor.
    ps. His music and singing style both sound really dated.

  • lu

    If u mad that chris brown gonna be on SNL, well GO KILL YOURSELF.
    Chris brown is goin NOWHERE, you will always see him,
    So just go kill yourself, em you will not see him again PERIOD.

  • Cheryl

    Excited to see Russell but certainly NOT Chris “domestic violence” Brown.

  • Me.

    @Madhatter: Where have you been?! Obviously the things he’s said and done to apologize and make amends haven’t been enough for YOU….but for the rest of the SANE world…we’ve moved on. Sorry for you but it’s just something you’re gonna have to get over.

  • lu

    @ME, that last line…. LMAO.

    @MADHATTER, FYI chris brown PLEAD GUILTY, u dnt know what
    It means to plead GUILTY.

  • laverdadduele

    Great, two of the biggest tools out there together in the stupidest show on TV.

  • JC


    Russell Brand is hilarious when he has the right material to work with.

  • change

    just change the channel when chris brown comes on.. I cannot wait for Russell!

  • lu

    Some people are so stupid,
    If u plead Guilty to a crime , meaning u taking responsibilies for what u did,
    Chris brown plead GUILTY, so therefore, chris did claimed owership.

  • ABC

    I sincerely doubt Chris Brown has learned anything about anger management based on his instant and homophobic rage against Raz B for making remarks about what Chris Brown beating Rhianna. He’s still too reactive toward slights, and obviously hasn’t learned anything except how to manipulate people….namely his fans. His crocodile tears are wasted on me.

  • anthony

    I don’t care if the guy took ownership of the crap he did or not, I also don’t care if he loves making music and people love to hear his music. I feel it’s unfair for someone who is a public figure, making a ton of money to be able to do such a violent hateful thing against someone to suffer hardly any real consequences and then just return to making millions and being on top of the world again. His actions were bad enough to deserve life long consequences, not just a year or two. Same goes for Michael Vick or any other “celebrity” who has everything but decides to go do such disgusting things.

  • Diana

    I LOVE CHRIS BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haters stay mad!! Hahah

  • zania

    You need to name some of the white people instead of just two black guys.

  • Diana

    Thanks to the good lord for making this magnificent creation –>chris brown

  • http://WDD.COM RORY


  • Neickha

    IM SO HAPPY IT’LL Be a good show Russel and Chris Are long overdue to be on SNL. Can’t wait # TeamBreezy

  • http://WklD.COM cal

    why would u guys switch the channel? do u realize chris has the most TALENT than any other artist? pshh ignorant people

  • almostpia

    We live in a democratic society where if someone doesn’t want to support an artist or politician, you don’t have to what is great about our country. But it is a free country where those who want to still support his music should have the freedom to and if you don’t like it change the channel.

    I don’t see nobody throwing daggers at Lil Wayne who is a felon and drug addict to actively has the word “f-word” throughout his songs but he is still able to come out of jail and continue his career. Jay-Z stabbed a man years ago ( and was placed on probation and ya’ll still support him. If you want say Chris shouldn’t be allowed because of his behavior, then please hold these other artists to the same measure.

  • JC


    You seriously have low standards or just really bad taste.

  • ssss

    @Apple: it is absolutly hilarious that people are upset about chris brown being on the show hes not a piece of shit he obvously made a wrong choice but hes awesome and his music is awesome and hes hot and all you grumpy people suck and hes laughing at you being grumpy while making millions

  • Hits like Ike, talks like Mel

    Keep it up Chris!

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    What this

  • Tracie

    All you “people” who have such a big problem w/ Chris may as well just go home. He’s been nominated for THREE Grammys this year for his MUSIC! His movie Takers was #1 at the box office. His song Yeah 3X is #7 on BILLBOARD Pop charts…his RnB music is at the VERY top of Billboard and itunes RnB charts so as you can see the fans have spoken….you can HUSH! Find something else to hate life about. LOL

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    News about jail

  • LEB

    @Tracie: I agree!!! The funny part is I bet none of these people every supported his music before the incident. They just for obvious reasons want to come on his articles and hate on him. Go over to one of Charlie Sheens articles and talk about how great of a father and role model he is while making millions. Oh and don’t forget how it’s okay for him to attack women (ie, shoot, hold a knife to their neck, threaten to kill etc).

  • ABC

    Yes, we’re the “ignorant ones”…HA!

    I’m not the one buying his music, going to his concerts, acting like a sycophant (or psycho fan), lining his pockets, acting like a fool for that clown….who’s laughing all the way to the bank at all the non-”ignorant” ones who buy his act.

  • Keesha

    I’m excited to see Chris Brown only! I never watch SNL unless there is someone on the show that I like. The last time I watched SNL was when Alicia Keys was on it.

  • Just Sayin

    Russell Brand is not funny just stupid &
    Chris Brown is a woman beater so No i’m not excited to see them on SNL.

  • Keesha

    Look Chris Brown is going to be on SNL whether you like it or not. If you don’t want to see him on SNL, guess what? Don’t watch it!. No one is forcing you to watch it. SNL sucks anyways. Like I said before, I’m only watching it to see Chris.

  • coco

    I’m excited russell is great comedian and chris has redeemed himself jeez people ever heard of second chances.

  • chianne

    I cannot wait to see Chris Brown on SNL. He’s an incredibly talented performer – no one can touch his dancing, and I love his music (so do many others – he is all over the charts again). He messed up when he was 19, he has paid dearly. Hate is poison – get it out of your system.

  • sarah

    wow, some of yall say IGNORANT shit! Chrisbrown owned up to his mistake, he is STILL paying the consequence matter fact he will FOREVER pay the consequences! Getting bashed and hated by most of the world is NOT EASY to handle! Open up ur minds, put ur ass in his shoes. Yall would want forgiveness, yall would want to really smile. He is a human being, he doesnt ANSWER TO U, he answers to GOD! Just remember when that day comes u will answer to GOD, bout ur hate towards a man whose seeking forgiveness, a man who is being mistreated since he was 19, currently 21 yrs old! He is STILL the same ol’ kid from years ago, due to the situation he had to grow up, mature fast! i will FOREVER support this man! His talent, personality, strength is BEAUTY! #RoleModel

  • Forgive Them Chris

    I’m Glad for Chris Brown…

  • steff

    awesome! CB is such a great artist. seriously, get over it and go away with your hate. i’m pretty sure, people used to like his music before the incident. and now you hate, cause he did something wrong? lame.

  • umm

    AHHHHH! i can’t wait! I don’t even atch the show but I’ll watch this one! ((:

  • Paige

    This comment is to all the haters you can say what you want but er we all know you’ll be tuning in to watch it! Lmao yall can try and deny it but you know the truth! If Chris is a woman beater why waste time commenting on something about him? Stay pressed! And could you imagine their faces while they type the haters? Lmao faces like vultures with spit flying out they mouth. Deuces

  • SandeePB

    I think it’s freaking awesome that Chris Brown is going to be on SNL. I have not watched that show in such a long time, but I won’t miss it because CB is all Talent :) I admire his positive attitude and how well he’s done correcting his wrong. Has anyone wondered why he never hit anyone before or after that incident. Maybe he was provoked while driving. Teenager on harmone overflow. Yep I’ve been there. I’m glad I’m not there anymore, but at least I had good positive people to support me. This is why I support Chris :)


    @anthony: Then what about Charlie Sheen surely someone who is as out of contorl as him should’t be givin the time of day or be the highest paid tv star in america but yet when charlie sheen beats his wife/girlfriend the world turns a blind eye or when he goes on an out of control bender nobody says anything but yet people still persist on watching his show .Chris on the other hand made one mistake and was instantly blackballed and branded a “woman beater” he was a kid when he comitted his crime he was still trying to grow up . Before anyone thinks i’m trying to support domestic violence i am not i think its totally wrong but if someone is willing to accept responsiblitiy for their actions and try to make a better future for themselves then who are we to stop them . The whole Raz b twitter incident is complete gash anyway as raz b will near enough do anything to create a buzz about him and obviously chris and rihanna have askd that their fans news reporters and everyone in general stop talking about it and move on so of course if you say something like that that’s going to be your reaction its human nature to round of what i’m saying what the chris done was absolutly shocking but he’s done what the judge has told him to do he himslef has apologised numerous times BET awards the best example so if he wants to do what he does best and not many can do it like him these days let him live his live

  • Angela

    Thank you LORD!! Thank you SNL, for giving all of Chris Brown’s fans an opportunity to see him perform again. I love Chris Brown, and I will definitely mark my calender for this upcoming event. I have never watched SNL, and don’t care too, but you can rest assured that I will be frot and center of Feb. 12th. GOD bless you, CB. You made a monumental mistake, as we as human beings often do at some point of our lives, but you have paid your debt to society and I hope and pray that you continue to keep it moving in a positive way. You are a strong individual, because the scrunity you were under was enough to break down a horse, but you kept it moving. No one said it would be easy, but continue doing what you are doing, do good by others, keep away from negative things/people and keep God first. God has helped you come a long ways, and he will continure to help you. Give him the praise and gratitude that he richly and rightfully deserves. Stay focused, as there are folk out there that will try to bait you and lead you off track. Do not allow it! People are hating on you right now because you fail, and they wanted to see you “stay fallen”. There were many nights you cried and hurt, and believe me, some of your fans (your true fans) cried and hurt with you, as they felt your pain. Now that span of time is beyond you. Be humble, and thank your Almighty. He will continue to life you up and take you to higher ground. Baby, you are going places, because of your talent. Don’t get sidetracked and allow things that are within your control to get “out of control”. God believes in second chances. God love you, and so do I. Stay focused, and keep your eyes on the windshield .

  • Mystic…

    your just a fag…get a life….

  • Pop1985

    Chris Brown is a very talented yound man who has grown up in an industry that is very unforgiving. I should say- unforgiving for (Chris) and forgiving to others (charlie sheen, weezy, kanye, snoop, T.I, Diddy…the list goes on). Like others have commented, many people decide to ignore the human errors of others and yet prey on some of the youngest and perhaps most vulnerable (Chris Brown-19 at the time, born into an abusive homelife).
    I think remarks like I have read who throw insult after insult onto a young man, ignoring the mistakes of others for whatever reason, need to take a step back and assess their own intentions and motivations for being so blinkered.

  • dominic


    I don’t recall him paying for any crime at attempted murder and fleeing the scene. And no one has to let anything go, and he’s not redeemed not with all that cry baby bitching he did. Just because you like him does mean everyone has to follow that blind eye tune.