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Emma Watson: Incarceron's Leading Lady?

Emma Watson: Incarceron's Leading Lady?

Emma Watson isn’t having any trouble moving on from the Harry Potter franchise. can exclusively reveal that the 20-year-old British actress is looking like the top contender to play leading lady Claudia in Incarceron, a young-adult fantasy and science fiction novel written by Catherine Fisher. Taylor Lautner is attached to star in a movie adaptation of the novel.

The book was first released in the U.S. last year and appeared on the New York Times children’s bestseller list. The second novel in the series, Sapphique, was released in paperback yesterday.

20th Century Fox owns the film rights to the book series and will be produced by John Palermo (X-Men: The Last Stand, Drive, Wolverine).

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  • magda

    I love Emma, I hate Lautner he sucks at acting so I hope Emma won’t take this role

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    That would be quite a downgrade for her.

  • sara

    Ugh. I know i’m delusional and it would never happen, but if she has to star in another young adult series i want her to be Katniss in the Hunger Games. I think she would be AMAZING as Katniss

  • FreebiesandDeals

    It will be hard for her to move on from the Potter films so good on her for taking a role that would be very different.

  • janie

    Don’t do it Emma! She’s getting so many better offers than this. She doesn’t need to jump into another fantasy series. She’s going to move out of the teen movie scene for good once My Week With Marilyn comes out.

  • Evie

    She’s so perfect to play Claudia! I can’t wait to know more about the cast because this book is great!

  • mar

    I think they would make an attractive pair, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one, I’d really like to see it happen.

  • catherine

    I love Emma but I don’t want her to be in a movie with Taylor Lautner, yuck.

  • Arou

    It would be a good thing for her. Look at Orlando Bloom : two big movies, and now nobody knows if we have to attach him to William or Legolas! He’s getting recognized as an actor and not an elf. Emma could probably be recognized as this if she do this movie too. And I don’t care about Lautner. I could be a good actor probably if it wasn’t for the poor (and crappy) twilight scripts!

  • best luck

    People need to understand there is no romance between Finn and Claudia. Two people from two different world. They don’t even appear together in the first book.

    I hope they get Emma. It would be hard though.

    If not they need to get a cool British young actress who can act.

    Please no Blake Lively are you listening????

  • Celia

    Emma DON’T do it, PLEASE!!!! Unless they re-cast Lautner….
    I have no idea what this role is about, if it’s good then I hope she gets it, but I seriously I didn’t think Emma would do another Fantasy series so soon. They may just be attaching her name to it to bring attention to the project.

  • jean

    @Celia: ABSOLUTELY AGREE WITH YOU!!!!!! I do not want to see her in this with Kautber as the lead! IMg I hope&pray it’s just that old rumour being recycled;

  • g

    BULLSH*T! Emma’s people said last time her name was involved she wasn’t a part of it; so SHUT UP JARED!!!!

  • to g

    Where is Emma’s comment she is not doing this? I don’t see it and please find it for me if you are not making this up.

    Jared didn’t say Emma signed up. Just that she is the top on the wish list. What’s wrong with that?

    And what’s so bad about Taylor? He has the quality of a future action star.

  • Celia


    Emma’s name gets attached to SO many freaking movies that I can’t even keep up with what her reps have denied. I know they denied the Dark Arc rumor…I don’t remember them denying this one.

  • mally

    lol, I’m sure she is the top contender…on the studio’s wish list. That doesn’t mean SHE actually has any interest in it. This movie doesn’t even have a director yet. She would never sign on for something at this point without knowing who the director will be.

  • truth

    Emma Watson’s fair hair/skin would look good next to Lautner’s darker hair /skin. Anyone know what this movie is about?

  • Celia


    I looked it up…it’s complicated, but basically Emma would be playing Taylor’s sister if she was cast. These two look nothing alike.

  • Kate

    Better Selena Gomez than Emma Watson if they are going to be siblings! This is Lautner’s vehicle so I don’t think they are going to recast Taylor…And Emma is still in school so she doesn’t have time to do another blockbuster movie…unless she dropped out. I heard she is taking a break? Maybe she did really bad last semester and failed some of her courses because of the Harry Potter promotions and Marilyn filming? Hmmmmmm

  • Maddie

    I thought she was taking a break while at college? LOL.

  • Anna

    I looking forward to this movie. I love Taylor Lautner. I think people should give him a chance before they say he’s a bad actor. Everyone was bad in Twilight – you can’t make a judgement on that. I think he’s got potential. I looking forward to seeing him in a movie outside Twilight. I’m interested to see him be other characters.

  • Marilyn

    I’d like to see Jennifer Lawrence or maybe Dianna Agron as Claudia! Don’t you think they’re good actresses? I love Emma too, I just think either of them would look gorgeous opposite Taylor!

  • Celia


    Nope. She said in an interview that she got all As. Try again.
    She’s not taking a semester off. She just hasn’t went back yet due to work.

  • mar

    Celia, you’re not very well informed yet so quick to judge. They would not be playing siblings. She would be playing Claudia, daughter of the warden of Incarceron, she lives in a “perfect” world modeled after the 17th century created specifically for the upper class. Lautner would be playing Finn who’s in Incarceron along with the outcasts and “scum”. He has no early memories and believes he came from the outside. There’s actually no romance, their characters are of equal importance and they hardly interact but in a way depend on each other. It’s an interesting story, very visual and very complex. It would make a good movie if the director is chosen wisely.

  • kwan

    i like you Emma

  • Celia


    Okay I admit to misreading a summary of the story. I thought it said that Claudia thought Finn was Giles (her tragically killed younger brother), when in fact it says that Giles was the younger brother of Caspar.

    So, whatever I was wrong. Happy now?

  • go boys

    The story is original. I think Taylor can do the job well because he is very determined and hardworking and really nice. Emma or not the female needs to be cool and strong-minded. Now they need a visionary director to put together the complex scenes. Of course it is Fox so they can always appoint one from their pool but let’s hope something better happens.

    Jared please say hello to your friend the extraordinary John Palermo. :-)

  • Sierra

    Emma couldn’t get straight A’s if in another interview she said she was the worst drama student in her class. Unless that class all got A’s from the prof. Highly unlikely. Maybe she got upset she wasn’t cast in that school play she tried out for (As you like it) and said publicly in an interview to USA today she hoped to get picked? If she really did get straight A’s, her publicist would have issued a press release just like how they did it with her high school grades. A quote from an unreliable newspaper once isn’t trustworthy since it is known that stars and their publicists lie to the public all the time.

  • littleprissy

    a star from Hp and another star from Twilight. Obviously they want so much money in. Anyway, I don’t think this is true.

  • Rii

    I doubt emma got straight A’s, but even if she said she was the worst in her drama class it doesn’t meant she wouldn’t be able to get an A. Cuz what if she grew as an actress in the class? When you take a drama class, growth throughout they year is a biggie. She could have just been the worst from the start. Also, even if she did get straight A’s there wouldn’t be a need for a press release. Maybe if it was some other young celeb in college. Because Emma is already seen as intelligent

  • We

    Emma said she got straight A’s in an interview during Deathly Hallows promotions. She showed she is a talented actress in her last Potter outing.

  • http://AmandaCarter94 Amanda Carter

    I think they both not make a cute couple but great in screen . I love both of them emma is beautiful and taylor is hot !! i will love them to work together and make a great job for this movie cos this book is really fun and awesome to make a film .blake is not match w him cos blake’s height is 5’10 but taylor 5.8 only and emma 5.6 . so if taylor and blake work 2gether is not cute cos blake is taller that taylor :( i hope emma will accept this movie . amen . i can’t wait to see it in screen emma watson and taylor lautner

  • mally

    She’s doing Perks of Being a Wallflower this summer. I think you got played by Taylor’s PR team, Jared. She was clearly not in talks for this.

  • Jo. Pley

    If Emma is taking time off Brown, I think this lends credence to the rumor that she and Dan Radcliffe have broken up. Why else would she put an ocean between them? There’s also the fact Dan isn’t going to be at the BAFTAs when he really should be there. The Harry Potter movies are going to be getting a special award and Harry Potter himself isn’t going to be there? No reason other than the fact he doesn’t want to be around Emma.

  • well

    This movie will be not made until the end of the year at least, or well into 2012 so plenty of time to assemble the cast and crew.

  • http://none Delaney

    hi!!!(sorry!you’ll find me every where!)my # is 704-8304,if you wanted to know,Taylor.i also dont know if you know this,but theres a stupid rumor going about you,and that your gay! i dont beleive it for a second! i’m 11, b-day is 9\12\99,and i REALLY want to ask you some questions!(by the way,thats really my moms phone#.i just got a phone and i cant memorize it!!!!) i just want to find out the truth! even if you were gay,i wouldnt care.we could still,hang out!!!!

  • http://none Delaney

    hi!!!(sorry!you’ll find me every where!)my # is 704-8304,if you wanted to know,Taylor.i also dont know if you know this,but theres a stupid rumor going about you,and that your gay! i dont beleive it for a second! i’m 11, b-day is 9\12\99,and i REALLY want to ask you some questions!(by the way,thats really my moms phone#.i just got a phone and i cant memorize it!!!!) i just want to find out the truth! even if you were gay,i wouldnt care.we could still,hang out!!!!

  • lucas

    @magda: Bad acting is often the result of bad directors. Especially when that director establishes the character by being the first to handle a franchise. And bad writing. The twilight books are not really that great and Hardwicke is an decent but not great director. That has set up Lautner for a lot of grief. This project could help to show talent that just needs nuturing. And Watson is a great talent to work with, perhaps she’ll rub off on him. If nothing else, her talent will lessen the ‘torture’ of Lautner (if he really is talentless)

  • twi

    Twilight is not that bad, but the writing and story is not the best. Incarceron has potential to be really cool, but it is a tricky picture to make. I hope the movie makers will make it to the perfection.

  • What?

    @Celia: She’s not Taylor Lautner/Finn’s sister. But she isn’t his love interest either. Like “best luck” said, they don’t even appear together until the end.

  • What?

    Incaceron is not “just” another teen paranormal romance novel. Don’t even TRY to compare it to Twilight or whatever. There is little romance, if any at all, and it is more sci-fi than fantasy. If you know nothing about it, don’t say anything about it.

  • di

    I love Emma Watson.She is the best.
    Kristen stewart should be her assistant for some time and learn what acting is.
    Still she will never be one millionth of what Emma is. Kristen is a waste of space

  • Beth

    I seriously hope this falls through. It seems like such a lazy thing to cast Taylor Lautner as Finn. Not to mention repulsive. I would like to feel an attachment to the main character, thank you very much. There is nothing that qualifies Mr. Werewolf poster boy to play this role. Why can’t they find some unknowns to own the roles?? Why must they chose these widely known actors?

    Didn’t anyone see Lord of the Rings and how well those casting decisions turned out? I’m so tired of movies coming out that feel like the cast was selected for the sole purpose of the popular faces drawing in hordes of money.

    I really loved this book, but the more I read about the movie, the more livid I become. Why don’t movie makers have any imagination left?

  • WhiteSparkle

    So do not reflect, if you don’t know anything about it! Incarceron is excellent book, a mile away from Twilight or Harry Potter (these three series are the best fantasy books I’ve ever read). And connection of Taylor and Emma into Incarceron would be amazing! I love them both and I look forward to the film.:)

  • Wetta

    Yeah! This sounds fantastic. I hope it move on into movie making business. They will be lovely together, but it’s true. If you read the books they are not romantic in the book. They don’t even come together until the end of the story. Great Read though. Nice story.