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Leonardo DiCaprio: Dracula Producer?

Leonardo DiCaprio: Dracula Producer?

Leonardo DiCaprio wears a hat and long coat and gets into character for J. Edgar on Friday (February 11) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actor chatted with director Clint Eastwood on set and got his makeup retouched in between takes.

The day before, Leo suited up in a tux while filming scenes with co-star Armie Hammer.

Leo‘s next project may have him stepping behind the camera.

His production company, Appian Way, is close to closing a deal for Harker, which centers around a Scotland Yard detective who is tracking Dracula, Deadline reports.

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  • jillyro

    He is such a good actor. And he makes wonderful career choices, love all his movies.

  • anon

    I feel like this movie is gonna be good. Another hit for Leo.

    JJ Leo has at least like 9 movies in development!

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Good actor

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    Leo soo Handsome! And look too yung =D

  • jillyro

    He is such a great actor. And he makes great career choices, love all his movies.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    And good actor

  • ellie’

    Great actor..Love all his movies. and has great looks…

  • yeah

    a lot of people may not know that his production company is producing a ton of stuff.

    Good for him.

  • ann

    Gosh, more great photos of talented Leo, thanks Jared:)

  • 11th Hour

    This is Leo overload, and I’m loving it. Again, the Leo-fans were on this info. way before it was posted.

  • Prime

    He is not only very very talented but a real man as well

  • han

    He’s super gorgeous and hot.

    Plus a babyface..

    love him

  • mervyn

    Just a “good” actor? He is ah-mazing

  • SarahNL

    the picture of him with Clint Eastwood is just.. wow!

  • Shauna

    Has anybody else noticed from the past few “J. Edgar” set posts that Leo is no longer sporting his beautiful blue eyes? I think he’s wearing brown colored contacts for the role, because from pictures I looked up of the real J. Edgar shows he has dark colored eyes. But even with or without his real beautiful eyes I’m pretty sure we all know Leo will absolutely kill this role! Wooo!

  • Beta
  • hoover fan

    omg, I really hope this Dracula project pulls through, but I would also love to see him star in it… It probably won’t happen, but maybe he’ll change his mind and play the lead role…
    I actually like the brown contacts on him, his eyes are pretty no matter what color they are…it’s those thick eyebrows and eye shape…

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    He is missing Bar, you can tell. Barleo wedding in 2011!!!!!!!!!!

  • @18

    … and clearly you are missing your meds again. Go and take them, idiot! Oh, and don`t ruing these threads by mentioning his dreadful girlfriend. Get lost already!

  • scheana2

    ask him he would be like “bar who??” he’s never even mentioned her name in one interview. and the last thing on his mind now is his cheap piece.
    scheana marie jancan is the girl we are betting on as the one he was seeing behing bar’s back from the king schlong article. that is why i am scheana 2- i want to be next.

    leo would probably cheat on her with a hoover vaccuum cleaner if there werent so many hot females waiting around for him. poor bar, always the last to know. or she knows but doesnt care.

    remember, the # 1 lie in the world is “I love you” and the second is “I wont come in your mouth” how many times has she been told that????

    as for him “missing her” whhhhhhhhhhherreee do you see that? I just see him doing what reallly matters to him—doing her doesnt.

  • scheana2

    we’re not even slightly scared they’re getting married any more. he cheats on her constantly and since itsher we dont feel bad. we feel he is doing the right thing and hope one of them will knock her out the box. the king schlong article as well as multiple first person posts killed that.

    go leo, go ! dump the rag bag!

  • Schlonga-donga-ding-dong

    The only thing that Leo and that low rent model are going to be doing in 2011 is breaking up. I smell a load of sh*t so you know the flies are buzzing in.

  • Think Blue

    He is really into the character
    such an awesome actor

  • CanadaGirl

    @ hoover girl – I actually don’t know if I saw Tomb Stone. I’ll have to look it up. He was/is an intense actor and he really takes his characters seriously.Did you see Wonderland? He’s amazing in it.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan: Down -6 already. LOL.

  • FYI

    Just letting you know that old pictures are circulating as new. There are some old x17 scooter pics that are being passed off as being taken on Friday. I checked x17 and there are no Leo and …. pictures on there.

  • ???

    Where did you see those photos? V Day is coming so I guess it wouldn`t be a surprise to see her around him but I haven`t seen scooter photos anywhere…

  • boston61

    This is why I rent foreign films only.

  • FYI
  • FYI

    Of course!! Valentine’s day. I should have guessed.

  • ???

    Thanks for the link. I have never seen these photos before and they seem new to me. Leo`s hair is short and dark now you can see some dark hair sticking out of the helmet on the back. I think these are new but you cannot see him at all so probably that`s why x17 hasn`t posted them. V Day is here so I was 100% sure she was going to show up. No surprise there! For those who still believe in a coming break up… good luck keeping up the hope!

  • FYI

    I definitely don’t think that they are new. 1. He’s been on set. He can’t be scooting about in the afternoon and be on set too. 2. His hair doesn’t look that dark to me. scheana2 what do you think?

  • ???

    Yeah, he was on the set on Friday but that doesn`t mean he was working all day.

  • ???

    I mean why is it so unbelievable that she is or might be back in LA? It`s not like there is even a rumor about a break up or something. So why are you having a hard time with these photos? The sad truth is that they are together so you should have seen this coming.

  • King Schlong fan


    well to me it looks like you’re the one who’s making a big deal about it… for me personally, I”m more interested in knowing whether or not he is King schlong :))) cause if he is than it all makes sense now… I just can’t imagine a young (36 is still young) famous movie star being in a monogamous relationship with this cottage cheese fugly looking hag without having any fun on the side in all these years…he needs to have fun, I want to see the dirty/naughty side of our little Leo… it’s time for him to let his wild side out and have some real fun :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Schlonga-donga-ding-dong

    So many of the guesses still point to Leo. it’s one part that doesn’t seem to fit him but I Ted is always coy about Leo.

  • Sure

    Exclusive leonardo dicaprio and bar rafaeli on a scooter ride: Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Bar Rafaeli were cruising through Beverly Hills on his scooter, on Friday, February 11th, 2011.

  • Adi?

    @???: Unfortunately, I think the photos are new, but hey, why should we care, we have lots to look forward to with all his new projects.

  • ???

    As soon as barfy is around Leo the barflies ( = sure ) show up here drooling over the sighting. Until then nothing. Not a comment on the Leo – only threads. They seem to care about him only when barfy is around. Pathetic!

  • Fantomas

    No matter when photos were taken, she raised the visor of her helmet to be sure that we recognize her… very funny. we have much more evil to recognize him in any case I can’t with this helmet there.

    Have you some news about Gatsby ?

  • On-and-off-again

    Here she is again, she needs publicity : apparently her contract with Bonita De Mas is broken, like with Passionnata, she thus has to find a new means win some silver and it’s not with Big Brother that she is going to succeed..

    Leo is fantastic on all these pics.

  • ???

    What I don`t understand is that you keep focusing on her sluggish career or her need for publicity but does it really matter? Clearly it doesn`t matter to Leo. It`s pointless fixating on her because no matter how laughable her career is Leo is sticking with her. It`s time to realize that he doesn`t have the `hottest model` on his arms anymore because she is clearly losing her good jobs and her looks but he still wants to be with her. Why? Is it really just convenience?

  • @38

    see maybe it`s just me but i`m getting to the point where i don`t even care about his movies anymore. i used to like him and i was always excited about his new movies and stuff but him being with barf made me see him so differently that even as an actor i don`t care about him that much. plus i think he lost his range and his characters and movies are the same.

  • In the poor house

    … and she was replaced with PAMELA ANDERSON for her Bonita De Mas campaign. Wow. It’s said that she “violated her contract” with Bonita. Wonder how. She doesn’t have Passionista anymore either? Most models don’t have two of the same type of campaigns. Would holding Passionista and Bonita be the conflict?

  • Why Bar lost her contract

    The brand Bonita de Mas in contract with Bar Rafaeli since three seasons preferred not to renew the contract and preferred to her … Pamela Anderson. The broadcast passage of Bar Rafaeli in the Israeli Big Brother would not so have pleased. Undoubtedly Bar Rafaeli which had this time makes the effort to make a commitment in an Israeli program – she whoconcocted a false marriage to avoid the military service, who would have declared that she preferred to live in New York and who made everything to avoid the photographers upon her arrival in Israel with Leonardo Di Caprio – took it for her rank.

  • ???

    @44: So what? Is it going to change the fact that Leo wants to be with her? Clearly he is not with her for her `hot career`. Her older bikini photos and her relationship status keeps her somewhat relevant. It doesn`t seem to bother Leo. He is with her because – for some reason beyond my understanding – he wants to be with her. It doesn`t matter what`s going on with her contracts. Leo is lame to be with this airhead. So why are you drooling over him and these photos? If you cannot stand the fact that bar is his girlfriend than you problem is Leo and not bar.
    PS: No, I`m not bar or member of her PR team.

  • CanadaGirl

    Do you think Leo will make an appearance at the Lakers game on the 22? I wonder if he built that into his Hoover contract? There are a slew of home games in March too. Personally, if I had to choose two, I’d see the Timberwolves and Mavericks games. Dirk Nowitzki… *sigh*

  • ???

    * then your problem is ….

  • dumppbarin11

    Psycho pitt face jolie gaga fan is down 14 now, lol.

    Bar is losing jobs left and right. No one wants her fug chubby stubby a**. She hasn’t looked good since 2006 lol. She keeps getting older,fatter,blonder,faker,cheaper.

  • Sure


    He had his most sucessfull year. Leo is doing great, and his new movie with Eastwood looks very promosing!! … you dont care about his movies, or about him.. but you are here??? … give me a break girl!! if you dont care it is really EASY! move on!!