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Lady Gaga: Grammys 2011 'Born This Way' Performance!

Lady Gaga: Grammys 2011 'Born This Way' Performance!

Lady Gaga belts out her latest song, “Born This Way,” at the 2011 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on Sunday (February 13) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the evening, the 24-year-old singer made her way down the red carpet in a giant egg!

Gaga then broke out of the egg on stage and was “born this way.”

In addition to Best Short Form Music Video, Gaga picked up the award for best Pop Vocal Album for Fame Monster!

“Thank you so much from the bottom of her heart,” she said during her acceptance speech, specifically naming her fans, her sister, her parents, and her longtime managers Troy Carter and Vincent Hebert.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Lady Gaga’s Grammy performance?

Lady Gaga Performs “Born This Way” at the 2011 Grammy Awards
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188 Responses to “Lady Gaga: Grammys 2011 'Born This Way' Performance!”

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  1. 101
    Cazzys Says:

    Utterly and magnificently awesome she stole the show in her unique intelligent gracious glory – a tribute from the womb!

  2. 102
    Anonymous Says:

    At least Gaga didn’t fall at the Grammy’s like xtina did. I mean, it’s kind of sad if your type of talent is standing in one spot and falling, instead of dancing and not falling. But hey, you prefer what you prefer. I’m just sayin’..

  3. 103
    Pamela Says:

    Gaga is so boring, untalented, attention seeking and unoriginal. She’s ugly on top of everything, too.

  4. 104
    Robert Says:

    She was lip synching. I’ve seen other performances where she gets out of breath trying to dance and sing at the same time. She sounded bad last year at the Grammys when she tried to dance and sing. Her voice is mediocre anyway, and she’s a terrible dancer.

  5. 105
    argyle Says:

    This song was best the first time – aka Express Yourself

  6. 106
    yeah, said the line again Says:

    it’s so funny some of you guys and girls easily calling other people as ugly while you might not as attractive as the fantasy you like to live up about online. So you don’t have the audacity to calling names on people that way. Besides, beautiful or not is on the eyes of the beholder. If an artist just selling music because of sex appeal, well i will be sad for them, cos they will do anything to keep themselves attractive even if that will risk their life.

    But Gaga just not that. She’s more than that, she never promote botox, boobs job, fat suction or any other scary thing like that.
    Instead she embrace every single peoples the way they are.

    She have a big personality that any of you haters cant top cos all you do just trying to find mistakes of everyone and talk about it behind their back.

    But keep on hating, it will be the fuel for Gaga and her Little monsters.
    At the end of the day, we keeps getting better, standing though, poppin’ our collar and make all of you haters get even madder because that’s all you did through and through. Hating on peoples.

    We ain’t going nowhere, because we were born this way, we’re on the right track, baby, we were born to survive!

  7. 107


    shes very original, she just coincidently made a song that hardly sounds like express yourself! and everyone has to stop comparing her to people she can’t be compared to all those people at one go, she obviously has a bit of everyone in her which makes her original, the performance was really good! but average for gaga, but then again gaga is amazing so average is really good compared to other singers. :P

  8. 108


    shes very original, she just coincidently made a song that hardly sounds like express yourself! and everyone has to stop comparing her to people she can’t be compared to all those people at one go, she obviously has a bit of everyone in her which makes her original, the performance was really good! but average for gaga, but then again gaga is amazing so average is really good compared to other singers. :P

  9. 109
    32 Male Says:

    Hey that sounds like madonna!

  10. 110
    lovelydee Says:

    her performance was not the best yes
    but I liked that she wanted to keep focus
    on the words and meaning of the song.
    I love her.

  11. 111
    Naweeze Says:

    Lady GAGA is one of the best artists of our time and although she uses throw backs to her predecessors, she is 100% original.

    Britney Spears is a joke to the music world everywhere, and YES I DO HOLD the ridiculous plethora of female pop acts against her.

    GAGA HAS TALENT! and more than any one of you haters will ever be able to conjure up. She is an artist with a vision for music and performance that is quite frankly unmatched, and unrivaled.

    Either way, she’s a world wide superstar and her music is a force to be reckoned with. Too bad for all you haters because GAGA and her sea of Little Monsters are here to survive, thrive, and take over the world; one song, egg, and latex outfit at a time.

    P.S.: Don’t be a drag.

  12. 112
    dd Says:

    Jumped from an egg is not enough when you try to sell tacky cra*. It was bad. Showgirls meets Madonnas Blond Ambition Tour. Next.

  13. 113
    helen t Says:

    MIMING!!!!!! she is pathetic like her outfit

  14. 114
    Jerry Says:

    wait…so you mean to tell me that madonna and britney all have showed up on the red carpet in an egg before? gaga copied them there?

    oh, and she sings live…so i totally understand how the britney fans think she’s copying there…but oh wait, isnt britney mainly famous for her horrendous lipsyncing capability? okay…oh, and britney’s new song…should I even go into how horrible that was?

    and madonna…i really thought her haters were over it…GAGA is staying. get over yourselves. Madonna was a godess in the 80s. welcome to 2011…get over your era and let the progression continue. so just because madonna rocked a cone-bra and a did a ponytail suddenly anything lady gaga wears is copying her. and madonna isnt even relevant anymore! she’s a face. a face to a name who shows up on the red carpet or on a tabloid every now and again just so the world knows she hasnt died yet.

    (i will say that i disliked the wardrobe, but i respected that they all were wearing something androgynous to just go with the song)

    And the song is actually a great song filled with actual meaningful lyrics. Let’s compare shall we…
    Britney: “You feel like paradise and I need a vacation tonight.”
    Lady GaGa: “Rejoyce and love yourself today cause baby you were born this way”
    Madonna: “Express yourself (you’ve gotta make him) Express himself (hey, hey, hey)”
    …of the three, whos lyrics sound more inspiring? OH RIGHT. That’d be Lady G.


    Btw…who’s gonna tell Madonna that she ripped off Marilyn Monroe’s look for like an entire decade?! Oh, okay. Please sit down Madonna fans, your frail and elderly backs might give out from overexertion. Accept the fact: your idol’s career is dead while mine is thriving. Ain’t that a b*tch?! :) :)

  15. 115
    rock n roll queen Says:

    at first listen i didnt drool over the tune like poker face dance in the dark etc but i became addicted to it after a few listens. i always found the lyrics wonderful even when i read them without listening to the song first. it has a great optimistic meaning which is what u need at difficult times.the performance was amazing,especially the piano part.

  16. 116
    Hello_Stranger Says:

    Hi Madonna

  17. 117
    dd Says:

    All who still think that she’s so oryginal are just delusional. Wow it was blast from Madonnas past.

  18. 118
    MAkoisky Says:

    Nice!! Some people does not appreciate art=)

  19. 119
    kennarhi Says:

    I think she is awsome….I am 11 and I don’t know Madonna but maybe she is the madonna of my generation. I love her!

  20. 120
    dandaman Says:

    that sucked ass.

  21. 121
    Indira Says:

    She is trying sooooo hard…she’s a not very intelligent ****-licker.

  22. 122
    Millie Says:

    Not only do I hear Madonna’s Express Yourself but she also sounds like TLC in Waterfalls… I thought GaGa wanted to be a big original shocker. Now she is just a copycat shocker.

  23. 123
    visaliny Says:

    omg..she lip sync..except when she say dont be a drag juz be a queen…nice try *****

  24. 124
    tim Says:

    i thought she was great. a true star quality performance and she wrote it so that’s even better!!

  25. 125
    Gaga Says:

    Express yourself remix right? She is FAKE

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