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Rachel Weisz & Darren Aronofsky Catch A Cab

Rachel Weisz & Darren Aronofsky Catch A Cab

Rachel Weisz and estranged partner, Darren Aronofsky hail a cab together on Thursday (February 17) in New York City.

The 40-year-old British actress and the 42-year-old director first announced their split back in November.

Rachel recently finished working with Daniel Craig in the upcoming mystery thriller Dream House, where they play an on-screen couple. They have since been spotted together frequently holding hands.

Earlier this week, Rachel spent Valentine’s Day with Daniel at NYC hotspot The Box.

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  • DavisR

    So I guess they’re still on good terms even though she left him for Daniel Craig? I read in several blogs that Darren was seen getting cozy with Emma Watson at the Bafta after parties, so maybe he’s set his eyes on younger prospects? Or they could have just been talking film roles. Who knows.

  • Delphic

    @DavisR: Exactly how do you know that she left him for Daniel Craig? What really annoys me about people is that they always assume the worst. How about not assuming anything at all and let them live their lives.

    Anyway, he’s not her estranged husband considering they never got married.

  • jane

    Jared, they were NEVER married and it’s…Oh Kay!!! They will not burn in hell for having a kid outside marriage, I promise you!

  • lala

    She has absolutely one of the worst attitudes.

  • W

    ? spill the beans :)

  • boston61

    His little scarf is precious.

  • Ken

    Really? That’s strange because I actualy worked with Rachel on several projects including a couple of charity funtions and she’s about the kindest person I have ever met. If you are going to lie lala, try to do a better job of it.

  • never married 2some

    Together 9 years before she left him for DanielCraig, but never married.

    They need to get along because they are co-parenting their 4 year old son.

  • Cheery

    Darren has a pedophile mustache. Not a good look O_o

  • Sammy

    For one Rachel did not leave Darren for Daniel, they were separated for months before they announced their break up and second, word is that Darren was a serial womanizer who was going with other women behind Rachel’s back when they were together.

    Here are pictures of Dareen fooling around:

  • Questions of a fan

    @Delphic: Dude,It doesn’t seem to you that she did leave Darren for Daniel? Trust me I’ve done that with a past girlfriend before who I was with for five years, I know it when I see it. Rachel may not have cheated on Darren, but she did end her relationship to be with Daniel. And not all the time is that a bad thing, but when your with someone for years like that you just don’t forget everything you had with them no matter how quickly you try to move on and no matter who it’s with. But hey she’s trying,

  • Trish

    @Sammy: This is not the first time I have heard about Darren’s wondering eye. I’m surprised Rachel did not leave him sooner.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!

    They angry or what?

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!

    She have face cry

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!

    A a a ahh ah ahh a a Aaaaaaah

  • Boa


    Darren is a dog.

  • Questions of a fan

    @Sammy: tell people those pictures are from Late November after rachel and darren announced their split, dude. There aren’t any pics or evidence before their split that can prove your theory Bro.

  • Ccxman

    @Questions of a fan: I don’t know if those pictures are from after or before they broke up but I do know that you don’t kiss a woman that way unless you are in a serious relationship and add to the fact that word is going around that Darren was the one who was unfaithful in the relationship and you get the truth.

  • lala

    @Ken: Over the internet? Not a chance. Your experience is not my experience.

  • Jane

    My cousin used to be her secretary or similar some years ago, and she claimed Rachel was horrible. Mind you, I don’t think my cousin’s very nice, so for all I know she’s lovely. I hope things work out well for her and her son.

  • Diana


    No offense but i doubt you even had an experience.

    @Questions of a fan:

    Come on, you have to be blind if you think Darren is innocent after those pictures.

  • Diana


    Jane=lala=same person.

  • Themam

    I’m not surprised one bit if Darren was the cause of the break up. His speech at the Baftas came across rather oddly.

  • Questions of a fan

    @Ccxman: I don’t believe rumours that have no backing what so ever clearly you do. I’m not gonna argue with anyone here about it, but I don’t believe that Darren or Rachel were ever unfaithful to eachother. He is a very dedicated person and when seeing him with rachel I know he must have felt like one of the most luckiest guys ever. I know I would. He had his girl and his kid, why need else more. I’ve seen the way he used to look at her. He really loved her.he truly admired her and even his connection with her…you can’t say someone was unfaithful based on factless rumours dude.

    Some one earlier said something about him and the beautiful Emma Watson I can assure you he wasn’t flirting with her look below:

    At the W, early Monday morning, Emma was perched on a banquette between Darren Aronofsky and Mark Ruffalo and his wife Sunrise.

    Certainly, Aronofsky listened intently to what she had to say, and perhaps he’ll toughen her up in a year or two in a movie about a ballet-loving female wrestler (OK, for you slow ones at the back, he made The Wrestler and Black Swan)

    It’s professional trust me.

  • Diana

    I don’t believe Darren was hitting on Emma Watson at all.

  • Questions of a fan

    And guys, I’m checkin’ out for the night, but check the date on those pics at X17 won’t ya. It was November or December, I remember cause I was one of the first to check them out.

  • Diana

    @Questions of a fan:

    It does not matter what date they are, its still pretty incriminating.

  • lala

    Yeah and Diana & Ken are the same person.

  • Noodle

    Ugh, Darren looks creepy! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • 76

    @DavisR: Oh dont try to f****** bring Emma Watson in on this. She’d never hook up with this creepy loser.

  • to questions of a fan

    look, Sammy is right, unfortunately. i asked someone i know in LA, who i trust because he works not only in the industry but he has never been wrong.. apparently, everyone there knew that Darren and Rachel were over long before the official announcement was made. As Sammy said, Darren like women a lot. now, you may choose to believe that Darren was completely faithful to Rachel, but people in the industry who were there know better. you say, that he loved Rachel by the way he looked at her. i have no doubt he did in his own way, but it’s also appears to be true that he was exactly mr faithful all the time. and my friend says this is not the only couple in Hollywood this is happening to.

  • to questions of a fan

    i can’t seem to spell tonight; what i meant to say is that it appears that he was not exactly mr faithful all the time.

  • to Questions of a fan

    Fan? Who’s your fan? You look like the PR team of Aronofsky. Hell despicable cowardice…….

  • to friends at industry

    Does Rachel swing the other way, too?

    Daniel is bi, right?

  • Kara

    I wonder why Darren grows a mustache like Hitler. They both are a Jew. Surely Rachel would be afraid of his looks.

  • blub

    Let get some things straight, Darren Aronofsky is not a looser!!!!!!!!!!!
    hes incredible successful with his movies, BlackSwan TheWrestler..
    The only looser here is mumble Craig and his rubbish movies, he will never win an award and he knows. hes a known bi and i still don’t get why people freak out about it. I think everything was fine with Rachel and Darren until hunky Craig came along.

  • to 36

    you noomi is a gay troll. gross.

  • Micky

    Look at pics. Darren has a sour expression.Because he knows that Daniel and Rachel was having steamy hot sex!! Poor man. LOL

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Hows hot sex??

  • Celia

    Lol @ the Emma Watson mention. Random. I’m sure they were just talking about movies. That’s usually what celebs do at those events.
    Plus, I doubt Darren or Emma would be interested in each other considering the 22 year age difference.

    But I didn’t know Darren and Rachel were never married. Hmmm. Learn something new everyday.

  • Goop

    How does he feel spending time with the ex who cheated on him?

  • to Goop

    He’s feeling great, for sure, suddenly is able to understand how she felt all the time when he has done that to her in the past

  • wanderlust

    Funny how their relationship ended the same time Natalie Portman became pregnant. Time will tell.

  • to friends at industry

    @ 02/19/2011 at 2:22 am

    for the last and final time; Daniel Craig is not gay nor is he bi. Daniel is one hundred percent straight. as for Rachel, there is no proof that she is not completely straight as well. when it comes to actors who are gay/bi you people are focusing on the wrong ones.

  • to blurb

    of course Darren is not a loser; no one says that he is. calm down a little. as for Daniel, his is not a known bi. everyone in the industry knows that the man is completely straight and always has been. no, Darren and Rachel were NOT fine until Daniel came along. everyone, i repeat, everyone in LA knew that Rachel and Darren were over long before the announcement was made. do you understand??

  • ashley

    i swear she was just with daniel craig

  • DavisR

    Oh come on, People. Daniel Craig left his girlfriend of like 10 years at the same time Rachel and Darren split. Then they were photographed holding hands and spending Christmas together in a romantic little cottage out in the woods. Seriously, how much evidence do you need?
    She left him for Daniel. Or she was cheating and Darren found out and left her.

    But why all the hate for Mr. Aronofsky? Yes, he does look like a pedophile, but he’s a very talented and well respected filmmaker.

  • Markus


    For one, Daniel Craig was having problems with his girlfriend and it was reported way before he hooked up with Rachel Weisz and second, it was reported that Darren Aronofsky was not faithful in his relationship with Rachel and the pictures posted here backs up that claim of him being a womanizer. Whispers of his infertility is running rampant and that speech he did for Natalie Portman at that British award show kind of gives you the sense that there is something wrong with him.

  • to DavisR

    Daniel Craig left his girlfriend of like 10 years at the same time Rachel and Darren split.
    you really are dense. pay attention here! those of us in LA, who work in the same film industry, know better. how many times can i tell you this; Darren and Rachel were OVER LONG BEFORE THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT WAS MADE. as for the Daniel and the former girlfriend. they were not together for 10 years. secondly, it is NO SECRET that there were problems in the relationship. Daniel and girlfriend were also over LONG BEFORE THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT WAS MADE. do you need this engraved in stone?

  • to45

    hahahaThe people in the industry know Daniel is not gay?! Do you mean his friends Anderson Cooper and Hugh Jackman?
    Since when does anybody know anything about Craig, hes an outkast in hy.