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Gisele Bundchen: Bikini Babe in Brazil

Gisele Bundchen: Bikini Babe in Brazil

Gisele Bundchen rocks a teeny bikini as she makes her way to the pool at her hotel on Sunday (March 6) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The 30-year-old Brazilian model is in town for Rio’s Carnival – she’ll be featured in one of the local parades!

Gisele and husband Tom Brady landed in Rio on Saturday and are eager to take part in the festivities!

15+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen in a bikini in Brazil…

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gisele bundchen bikini hotel pool brazil 01
gisele bundchen bikini hotel pool brazil 02
gisele bundchen bikini hotel pool brazil 03
gisele bundchen bikini hotel pool brazil 04
gisele bundchen bikini hotel pool brazil 05
gisele bundchen bikini hotel pool brazil 06
gisele bundchen bikini hotel pool brazil 07
gisele bundchen bikini hotel pool brazil 08
gisele bundchen bikini hotel pool brazil 09
gisele bundchen bikini hotel pool brazil 10
gisele bundchen bikini hotel pool brazil 11
gisele bundchen bikini hotel pool brazil 12
gisele bundchen bikini hotel pool brazil 13
gisele bundchen bikini hotel pool brazil 14
gisele bundchen bikini hotel pool brazil 15
gisele bundchen bikini hotel pool brazil 16

Credit: Gabriel/Alex; Photos: AKM Images
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134 Responses to “Gisele Bundchen: Bikini Babe in Brazil”

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  1. 26
    dfdf Says:

    I am 20 pounds away from summer so God help me, it’s around the corner lol.

  2. 27
    GG Says:

    At least she is thin and toned and not thin and flabby. that’s the worst! ala Kate Moss/Alessandra Ambrosio/Paris Hilton.

    I think she looks perfect! Like she was made to live on the beach and wear a bikini. What I do know is she made me wish spring weren’t right around the corner, that’s for sure!!!!

  3. 28
    Vanessa Says:

    I am thin and skinny like Gisele and trust me, fat girls hate on me constantly too. Its nothing new. they wish they could rock a bikini,short shorts and skinny jeans without ripping them.,

  4. 29
    Player Says:

    @lola_uk: and we care about some anonymous poster’s life because why?

  5. 30
    Grace Says:

    @XYZ: Please don’t refer to her as just another “sex symbol” hot body blah blah type. she is SOOOOO much more than that. aka an icon of all models. Let the other girls be “hot” Gisele is above that.

  6. 31
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Sweet, Jesus. the haters are going to H-O-W-L…..!!!!!!!! LOL

  7. 32
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Vanessa: I’m 6ft and thin too and I get plenty of hate from women of all ages. Haters gonna hate. G looks amazing. Top model in the world no one can touch her success.

  8. 33
    Glamourous Says:

    All you hear is:
    -She’s too skinny.
    -She’s manly.
    -Guys hate this body type.
    I think the guy’s expression in the black shorts says it all. His eyes don’t leave her body for one second because it’s so beautiful. Men want her badly.

  9. 34
    forcheapsake Says:

    @CanadaGirl: first thing i thought too! LOL haters are gonna hate these pictures!!!!

  10. 35
    did Says:

    has this always been her body? i swear i saw a waist on the photos my gos if you cover her boobs she look like one skinny man, not saying to hate so save your comments about it, anybody has to be crazy or blind to say she has curves

  11. 36
    bleepep Says:

    You haters say the same old same old. WE GET IT ALREADY! It doesn’t change the fact that she is The Last Supermodel and richest one on the face of this earth. Enjoy looking at pictures of a person you don’t like! what a life! must be fun. lol

  12. 37
    JJ Says:

    She has no waist! she’s straight up and down.
    Sorry but her body here is gross and no i’m not fat, far from it and i like being thin and i like models such as Elle because although they are skinny they have curves!
    We are not jealous or haters just because we think her body looks gross here (in magazines she looks better), her face however has always been manly and too strong for my liking, i like soft features such as miranda kerr’s because it’s more feminine.
    I guess I could say to all of those who object that you probably look like men since you take offense as if someone had called you ugly personally! see how immature that is? don’t dish it out if you can’t take it, that is all.

  13. 38
    Ehm Says:


  14. 39
    bfd Says:

    I don’t recall anyone saying she had tons of curves here, where did that come from? She has a perfect body for her profession which is Modeling. She isn’t a Plastic Playboy model or cheap 50 cent video model where having lots of curves is important. She is a friggin model who has to look graceful and fit small sizes. chill out with the “she has no curves stuff” no one even said that, lol.

    Yep fat mama brigade is here indeed!

  15. 40
    bfd Says:

  16. 41
    bfd Says:

    EXCLUSIVE: 14th Annual America’s Most Wanted Celebrity Body Parts

    When it comes to figures, Jennifer Aniston’s is pretty flawless. But for those looking for some help from the scalpel, long, lean and supermodel-y beat out the petite “girl-next-door” look in 2010.

    Aniston came in second for the “Most Desired Female Body” on the 14th Annual “Famed Hottest Looks” survey, compiled by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Toby Mayer.

    Even after giving birth in December 2009, Brazilian-born supermodel Gisele Bundchen was the most requested body by the doctors’ patients.

    “Different body types are represented on the list because most women are shaped differently and want to look naturally beautiful,” explained Dr. Fleming. “Some women want the lean look like Gisele, while others want to retain their roundness – just not too round. Men, on the other hand, all want a six-pack regardless of their body type.”

  17. 42
    xout Says:

    Elle????? she is straight up and down too, lol. Miranda???? she is so tiny. stfu. Cabbage patches will never have a Gisele like career.

  18. 43
    bfd Says:


    British women were always more interested in their bust than their bottom until Latino curves, as seen on Jennifer Lopez and the supermodel Gisele Bundchen, burst on to the scene in the 1990s.

    The US singer of Puerto Rican descent and the Brazilian model were the trigger that led American and European women to shift their attention from their front to their behind, following the example of the Latin countries, according to plastic surgeon Luiz Toledo. “Women started turning up in clinics with pictures of Gisele Bundchen saying they wanted to look like her. She started the trend,” he said.

  19. 44
    knowitall Says:

    She has the perfect shape for a model. No curves, no breasts no hips..the clothes are suppose to fit like if they were on a hanger..the designers don’t want curvy on their runways. It’s all about the clothes not the body.

  20. 45
    Heather Says:

    I had a fansite for Gisele back in the day; almost every one who wanted added was a man. at least 20 a day with a sprinkling of girls in between.
    Probably the same men who vote for her every year for 10 years on and all those other stupid hot lists every year.

  21. 46
    Isabella Says:

    What Giselle made to you hate her?? Oh c’mom, her body is much better than your. It’s not you that is famous, rich . . .

  22. 47
    yes Says:

    The Meryl Streep of models.

  23. 48
    A cup Says:

    this is what a model is supposed to look like, no doubt about it. But i also don’t like her body. It is very masculine, whoever doesn’t see that is just lying to themselves. And what happened to her chest? she’s like an A cup nowadays.

  24. 49
    pill Says:

    Brazilian Barbie

  25. 50
    Clara Serdoura Says:

    @Vanessa: Maybe a too much strong comment, don’t you think?

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