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Rachel Bilson: Casual Lunch Date!

Rachel Bilson: Casual Lunch Date!

Rachel Bilson keeps it casual as she steps out to meet up with friends for lunch on Thursday (March 10) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress made sure to avoid a parking ticket by feeding the meter before heading off for lunch.

Late last month, Rachel was seen leaving a salon rocking some new bangs in West Hollywood.

FYI: Rachel is wearing Jimmy Jimmy Boyfriend shorts by Paige Denim.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson meeting up with friends for lunch…

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rachel bilson casual lunch date 010
rachel bilson casual lunch date 02
rachel bilson casual lunch date 03
rachel bilson casual lunch date 04
rachel bilson casual lunch date 05
rachel bilson casual lunch date 06
rachel bilson casual lunch date 07
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  • SHNL

    i love her style!

  • jaeger

    Another shopping/walking/ doing nothing post.
    Trust this vacant-vessel-ho and JJ. As she always walks in front paparazzi camera to earn easy money and whatever fame.
    Isn’t she always charming?! – insert finger in mouth to show gagging reflex!!!

  • srt

    She is so boring, her style is boring, everything about her is boring.

  • arri kangis

    Wow I really hope you’re right! I love Rachel Bilson, I reckon she’s perfect for the show and could play a character perfect for Ted. She can be funny, charming and sweet all at once…. That would be great if she ends up Ted’s wife!

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  • blairite

    Looks like that her check/s is/are just been cleared already, so its time for the “paparazzi-ing” thing all over again…
    Instead of being caught up attending an acting school (even for once) on how to even practicing the proper pronunciation of those medical terms “now” that she’s going to play a doctor (?!) on her new show “given” by Josh Schwartz; her sole, remaining connection & the only one who believes that she’s got an it factor & acting talent to make it or even be exist in HW.

  • http://Ja Kaz zimply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

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  • chauncey

    A loser’s face that only her connections & paid tabloids/paparazziwould pay attention to.
    And oooh she looks lost & doesn’t look “happy”. Probably because she’s still trapped being a TV stwatlet when we all know how she’s very, very damn trying very hard to be a movie star.

  • Katsume.

    Are you stupid? If you are jealous of Rachel Bilson,
    Why do you continue to comment on her photos?

  • Joseph Halvorson

    nice shorts i like it.

  • echos.

    She definetly calls the papz more when her friends are around, probably trying to impress them with how “desired&followed” she is.

  • http://Ja Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!

    Kaz sexy moron

  • lexy hates bilson

    Guess she’s back from Canada! Hopefully she’s gotten herself knocked up. Her acting skills won’t keep her in Chanel so she’d better pop-out a Darth Vader Jr.
    BTW can’t we be jealous of successful actresses like Oscar-winning Natalie Portman or Mila Kunis or Keira Knightly??

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    yeah i love handsome leonardo,but im not insult for sligo and adam lameprt

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    I meant adam lambert,lol

  • Lo

    Kaz that not game to player here

  • An

    Me and kaz love leo pretty &sligo love average guy

  • Fandango


    Where was it even stated she went to Canada that was some assumption on the Rayden fans. Josh Schwarts acting more like her manager then her BFF I don’t think he would want her out of the country while he is landing this TV Pilot which he needs to start shooting soon. And with the way she has issues with dialogue and rehearsing her ass needs to stay put. Now the on and off showmance b/f is never around for the press so his lack of appearances is not surprising in the least.

  • Carey

    @ Lexy

    Why would RB have to leave the country to get knocked up she can do it right in LA for free. Besides the only MIA person around is HC but as @22 said he is never around to start with. I just get some feeling that eventually they too shall end again look how long Sienna and Jude they were on and off for many years, SM even went back to JL after he had a kid with another woman. I do think HC will knock up some woman it just won’t be RB.

  • gilmorie

    The last time that the usual m.i.a. bff comes out hiding is when his movie is about to be release that got bomb anyway amidst donning some photo-ops & press releases (i.e. photographic evidence). How clever – NON!

  • verity

    And/But… Jude & Sienna were “genuinely & always together” huh!
    But w/ these two; more like if the press would give them even a bit of more attention, they would still go w/ it but if not; its eventually & predictably a goodbye.
    And btw, how long have we all heard that Prince William & Kate M. is already engaged? Not too long ago isnt it? And now, its already 50 days or less right before their wedding – just some thoughts…

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    “Rachel Bilson wants to quit acting and start a family… ”
    I love how she prattles those tabloid lines before… and its not yet or not/wont really happening at all just like her HW acting career!

  • Carey


    I do agree with you about the real deal version of together yes Sienna and Jude were really with each other. Just saying that they were on and off for many years. Be it the way RB copies others I wouldn’t doubt she would try to make even the faked together shots of MIA B/.F look as if they were always back on. The one thing with Prince Wil and Kate is that they were in college together and dating for over 8 years they did split but not for more then a month. Plus they are genuinely in love. Something you never see for real with HC/RB.

  • Carey

    @ 26

    She also said that she wanted to have kids but not feeling that she had to get married to have kids. Then she said she wanted to have kids and remove them from the HW scene take them someplace where there were no paparazzi. Now she is scared to turn 30 WTF is wrong with this chic all I can say is she best NOT have kids any time soon b/c she sure is F*cked up if she can’t decide where, how or even when to have them be it married or unmarried. Kids are a commitment full time and she is so naracissic that kids would cramp her style.

  • http://twitter annie

    jealous of this nasty looking no talent girl,i doubt anyone on this blog has reached that,lots of really talented and gorgeous women out there for that.hear that HC get with it already.

  • mailey

    she didnt need bangs, she’s in serious need of a color job. stat.

  • Super Cool

    she has my shoes!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Quit acting?? She’s lucky Josh gives her jobs so she can keep her SAG card. No need to quit.
    Of course she was in Canada. Where else has she been all this time?? You know she pays the paps or they “wait outside her home” like they do Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan…and you know JJ LOVES her. If she’s not on JJ usually means she’s not around.

  • Carey

    @ Lexy

    I doubt she was in Canada she has the press follow her to the a/p each time she leaves. Unless you know for sure I don’t think you should assume anything. As for why we didn’t see her for 2 weeks gee the last time press made fun of her besides other actors were making the news including the Oscars so she would take the back burner to all of them besides the fact she has to pay the paps and until she lands a regular paycheck or has someone pay them for her I don’t think they care enough about her to really wish to follow her around. Be Real she isn’t the money shot, all she has is some pilot tv show which is on some cable station honestly it should be on Comedy Network b/c it’s really just a joke as to how she got this to begin with, I see Josh as more her pimp or agent then the ones she has working for her who can’t seem to get her one ounce of work JS is the only one who actually sold her untalented self to the cable network.

  • CanD

    Why does this girl get so much attention on a daily basis. SHE DOES NOTHING!!

  • kosher

    @ 28 – Make no mistake when its all coming from RET@RDchel!
    @34 – She looks & thinks NOTHING as well.

  • The Truth

    @lexy hates bilson:The paz do not wait outside Briiney spears home like they do hers if they do hers.Briney be going to the store and others places with her kids. As for her it was all an act and you should know this.As far as them being back on don’t think at all. Rachel copied everyone instead are moving on with herself after the break-up.Now she wants to move on without hayden . Hayden has moved on without her and do things on his own.Isn’t that what she wanted anyway?Agree what carey said. She probabaly didn’t go to Canada at all.And its probably over anyway. If it is it time to move on anyway when its still the same.

  • Leslie

    I can’t wait to see the new pilot. I’ve been waiting for her to come back to tv or another movie. I think it’s great we might get to see her every week it the pilot works out. The cast is looking pretty good so far.

  • 29 going on 17

    I can’t believe this girl is already 29! She still looks like she’s 16!! LOL. Shes so lucky to look like so young like that.

  • Kimb

    Luv her style :)


    Touching coins to feed the meter BEFORE going to eat?! Not very hygenic at all! Grosssss!

  • Rachel and her BAD KARMA

    @29 going on 17:

    Yes she looks retarded as usual. Plus when you look at her skin, it’s far from a youthful one : wrinkles around the eyes, zits on the chin…greasy hair on the roots, brittle and over processed lengths.
    When the list is long.
    But worse she has zero talent and parade as if she would worth an oscar.
    She should thank her secret lover Schwartz for letting lend a role. Nothing can save her, she has zero talent and just can play herself (wow we are all impressed here).

    I do believe she is karma sucker, stealing people’s shine (look what happened to her fiance then boyfriend, he became the shadow of himself when they started dating. Brody was right dumping her, he would have followed the same path .

    She should take acting class and stop counting on connections to let roles, to get free clothes. But she is not humble enough to recognize that she needs lessons.
    She takes everything for granted.
    This is not an independent woman and there’s nothing “cute” in a 30′s young woman trying to use people for the fame, money, connections.

    She is not a go-getter but a blood sucker.

    PUK. Shame on her. She will end with an old guy who we support her living and expense.
    She is doomed. And anyone who connects to her will follow the same path.

  • @41

    She might do better getting married to an older man who can support her habits. God only knows HC can’t really afford her he himself is struggling to keep himself relevant in HW. Which isn’t really working out for him he isn’t filming one damn thing. He should have stayed gone from this woman I think she is toxic to any man who she comes in contact with. As for Josh S. sounds to me that he might be two timing his wife with RB b/c he sure as hell is spending a ton of time trying to get RB work and making her some joke of a celebrity.

  • Ley

    @Super Cool:

    hey whats the brand of the shoes? Thanks! :)

  • Dzorifgins

    she looks amazing :)