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Alexander Skarsgard Hides in His Hoodie

Alexander Skarsgard Hides in His Hoodie

Alexander Skarsgard tries to keep a low profile in a blue hoodie while running errands on Saturday (March 26) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 34-year-old Swedish actor recently grabbed a bite to eat at Joan’s on Third – not once, but twice!

Earlier this month, Alex attended a party for Nylon magazine’s March issue, which was hosted by girlfriend Kate Bosworth.

At the bash, Kate told the L.A. Times with a wink that she’s “of course” excited for the June premiere of Alex‘s show, True Blood.

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206 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard Hides in His Hoodie”

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  1. 101
    Africanuck Says:

    @Merrick: Yes, I did know his brother was there for several months, since he took him to several parties and had pix taken with them. No doubt helping get him some publicity.

    For all you or I know, he HAS been going to Equinox for the past 5 years, he HAS been doing his grocery shopping at Bristol Farms and he HAS been eating at Joan’s etc. It’s quite possible that these places have been part of his regular routine for the past 5 years, only now that True Blood is a hit TV show, he’s a pap-worthy target whereas before, nobody bothered to take his photo while he was out and about. Now they do, and as is evident from these photos, it’s obviously not something that he enjoys. You’d think that if he was going there deliberately to be papped, he’s look a bit happy about it.

    I wonder if you have any idea of what it’s like to no longer be anonymous? A year or so ago, that was pretty much the case for ASkars. Do you suppose that one just miraculously develops the thick skin that is no doubt needed to just brush the paps off? Personally, I think it’s a learning process like anything else and he’s in the midst of it. This is, after all, the guy who quit acting once already when he was famous as a teenager because the attention made him uncomfortable.

    Reading over your comments, it seems clear that the big beef that you have is that he hangs around with Bosworth who you seem to have a big hate on for. I’d also say that she can’t be that much of a “joke / pariah” in HW if she still gets invited to industry parties, still gets roles, still gets awards (no matter how obscure or undeserved) and still gets magazine covers. Sounds more to me like she may have friends who are trying to help her, so she must have something going for her.

  2. 102
    MERRICK Says:


    “Reading over your comments, it seems clear that the big beef that you have is that he hangs around with Bosworth who you seem to have a big hate on for. I’d also say that she can’t be that much of a “joke / pariah” in HW if she still gets invited to industry parties, still gets roles, still gets awards (no matter how obscure or undeserved) and still gets magazine covers. Sounds more to me like she may have friends who are trying to help her, so she must have something going for her.”

    What does she have going for her?Her friends that showed up to her Nylon party? Ten years in HW and no A/B listers that she’s worked with in the 20 people that showed up for her Nylon party .The covers as you well know are designed to help sell Tackymint. ,the investors want it to succeed. What industry parties has she been to recently that she wasn’t Alex’s plus one or business related.? She has some sort of Burberry and CK contracts, therefore went to their shows. If you haven’t notice recently some of the fashion shows are lacking the A/B listers that showed in previous years, so that ‘s not such a big deal. She went to Sundance because of bit parts in two movies that still haven’t found distributors.

    Regarding her fake award that I’m sure everyone is nudging themselves over…I would be embarrassed to accept it. I’d rather get a Razzie than that thing.Then again, she really has no pride or shame …some people are like that . The thing with Skars , pretty as he is I wouldn’t trade places with her being with a guy that’s never called her his gf after all this time…despite her telling all and sundry he’s her bf . Yeah, I know neither Bradley Cooper or Renee Zellwegger said a word…perhaps if Khate had done the same there would be a comparison. She obviously wanted everyone to know while he kept mum.

    Kevin Spacey and Ryan Kavanaugh can buy her all the awards and movie parts they like, she’ll still be a joke. It shows in the caliber of work she’s now getting or lack thereof. There really doesn’t seem much more they can do to help her…nothing’s really interest in what thy’re trying to sell.

    Btw, Tackymint may have gotten Nylon to put her on its cover but it didn’t get them to invite her to their anniversary party that prior cover girls went to. This person has gone to every party in the past , her lack of presence at recent events just denotes how off the grid she’s fallen.

    If Skars continues being pointlessly papped at pap hangouts after Khate , I’d just really have to throw in the towel. Still hoping he’ll turn it around. OBloom is on here JJ so often I find it distasteful as well.

    Yes, I dislike Khate. Her reliance on favors, lack of talent , stupidity, disingenuousness, arrogance and smugness really rub me the wrong way. Her constant need for male companionship along with morphing herself to every man’s interests is nauseating.

    Many are going to say it’s just my opinion of her but I stand by the fact that the turnout at the Nylon party proves me right. Not to mention that she has not one gf or co-star like Michelle Rodriguez, Ginnfer Goodwin, Live Tyler, even LL that wear her Tackymint to help her in the venture. That’s what friends or people that like you do, they help each other out. I find it very telling that she has none of those kind of contacts. They are too many things from Chris Martin to her lack of friends that I don’t like about her.

    She really should step back and perhaps go to college to gain new perspective. it can only help her at this point. Maybe she should look into directing or producing since acting is not her thing. There are a whole new crop of “it” girls that are actually on magazine covers without the aid of their business backs. She’s been replaced by them.Her contemporaries are either in hit movies, tv shows or have numerous accolades, nominations and awards. She really has nothing positive to show for her time in HW. She needs a new game plan. Perhaps if she achieved something on her own she can actually develop into someone interesting and independent. that doesn’t need men for her existence. Maybe she’ll find someone who’ s willing to change for her or at least meet her half way. Nobody likes doormats except to wipe their feet on.

    Btw, as I recall, Gustaf was at The Audi party with Stellan and Skars. Khate was there along with Bjorne. No picture with the family…iust by her hot mess, drunk/cranked self. There was Gustaf leaving from Chateau with Bill, Khate , Skars(?) and then he went to the Scandinavian Film Festival with Stellan, Bill and Alex. Doesn’t seem like much partying except hanging with his family. The way you make it seem like they were pictures of him hitting tons of events , parties and clubs. Except that it was 3 outings with his brothers and father in 3 months. Facts are your friends.

  3. 103
    rusty_belle Says:,,20476977,00.html

    “Over the weekend, the Chateau Marmont was equally star-studded: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale enjoyed an evening with a large group of friends, including Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgard and lots of Brits. Stefani and Rossdale stayed by each other’s sides for most of the night, while Gwen got chatty with a female who sat next to her. Skarsgard was pretty social, too, as he sipped on a beer and bonded with male friends, while Bosworth did her own thing, hanging out in the lobby and mingling with revelers at the hotel.”

  4. 104
    @rusty_belle Says:

    Ha, that’s a pretty pathetic way of spending a night out with your boyfriend!

    Anyway – about Tackymint; how well does it sell? There are only about 500 ‘likes’ on FB – the number went up because of a competion but still.

    Also – I cannot imagine that she’ll get the part in Total Recall. Can you even imagine? But then again they’re also looking at Jessica Biel so clearly they’re not going for good acting.

  5. 105
    rusty_belle Says:


    haha! i know! i’d rather go home than sitting at the lobby when everybody else is having fun :D

  6. 106
    MERRICK Says:


    What’s the excuse for them standing apart at a party full of more famous celebs? The old ” they don’t want them to get a money shot excuse”? Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    She was hanging out in the lobby? Are they sure she wasn’t stalking him?

    I need to start hanging out in lobbies where celebs parry…I too could be dating _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

  7. 107
    Cara Says:


    I agree with you in part. Hate the game not the player.

    However, I think that things are now much …worse… (not sure if right word)…than he ever thought they would be. I don’t think anyone expected things to get this out of control.

  8. 108
    MERRICK Says:


    ITA.Whatever he thought it was going to be, it not what he got. It’s nice to see that he has some of his old Swedish friends here to bolster him. Of course, he has his Americans in his corner as well. Says a lot about his character, how loyal his friends are., just like he is.

  9. 109
    Lacy Says:

    Um, I thought he was filming nights both on Friday and Saturday so when did this party take place? Weird.

  10. 110
    Lacy Says:

    Also, doesn’t sound like KB is “friends” with anyone if she’s hanging out in the lobby. LOL! More fodder for the rough patch?

  11. 111
    LoserInTheFoyer Says:

    Thats the saddest f****ing thing I’ve ever heard. Did no-one wish to be near her? She’s like King Midas in reverse. Everything Bosho touches turns to s**t.

  12. 112
    Cara Says:


    I just hope this all ends soon. I think it will do too much damage if it continues much longer.

  13. 113
    LOL Says:

    Ok, this sounds suspiciously stalkish. So he was inside at the party and she was outside in the lobby…Was she even invited? There were moments in the past that they at least went to parties together but now it seems that she shows up in places when she knows he’s there. This is too funny. And weird.

  14. 114
    Africanuck Says:


    Well, if “the way I make it seem” is that they were all over the place, how does a statement like “Did you know Gustav was in town for three months? No?” sound? Obviously I did know, as did anyone else who saw them in pix, contrary to the impression that you were trying to give off, aka: no one knew. They were also papped several times out with KB, if I remember correctly.

    Much as I would love to hate on KB since she’s boinking the guy on the top of my “freebie list”, I can’t. Mostly because I really wouldn’t want to be in her shoes, a 28 yr old woman in HW with a waning career and dependent on being a GF to be noticed. Well, except for the boinking ASkars bit ;)

  15. 115
    kiki Says:

    I have a feeling that the boinking part is not really happening anymore…

  16. 116
    Africanuck Says:


    Yeah, and sadly… my phone STILL isn’t ringing, lol

  17. 117
    Rachel() Says:

    @kiki: “I have a feeling that the boinking part is not really happening anymore…” Yeah, b/c he would have to actually let her in the same room w/ him.

  18. 118
    Rachel() Says:

    Funny how Kate is always “doing her own thing”. On outings she’s always talking to random ppl. instead of the ppl. she’s “with”. I had no idea she was so independent.

  19. 119
    @Rachel() Says:

    It really makes you wonder: where are her friends? Seriously! Does she have other friends than Cher (who is also employed by her) and Alex? Alex still has and is seen with his load of friends from back home and nex friends from the US but we never see Kate with friends (or family for that matter). Very, very strange since the paps always follow her – to the doctor, when she shops, to the hair dresser, when she’s out eating, when she’s at parties – all these outings, not a single friend..

  20. 120
    She is so Vanilla Says:

    Haha! She is in the lobby at CM, she appears at Joan’s where he is eating lunch with people that he wanted to be with.

    Yeah she is Stalking him, just like she did OB. They are broken up because she is trying to hard to keep it (together). Too sad.
    BTW I don’t hate the player either I just hate the game. I just can’t stand KB though.

  21. 121
    MERRICK Says:

    Does anyone else get the idea by how the narrative has Skars not paying attention to her but always looking grumpy is set to make her seem like the victim? I find it strange that JJ posted the grumpy pictures with him at Joan’s with Tarik but not the ones of him smiling at the fan that came to speak to him during lunch…..Odd…

    Just seems like an effort to make him look douchey like when poor Khate smiled adoringly at the mean bf and walks away forlornly.

    Regardless of whatever BS is playing out, he’s still nice to his fans and other people. His co-workers and friends love him and are very loyal to him. Says a lot about who he is, despite the pap game.

  22. 122
    Ladybug Says:

    @Cara: That’s what interests me: He’s in a relationship with KB, whom he seems to share nothing in common with, in terms of interests. He’s never admitted to being her boyfriend, and now when they’re in public together looks like he’s in total misery.
    So why maintain it?
    Contract signed in blood?
    Family members held hostage?
    Feels sorry for her?
    Totally fooled by her and now can’t figure a way out?
    Really, really bad taste in girlfriends?

  23. 123
    @MERRICK Says:

    Like anyone but her hardcore fans will side with her if/when they breakup, ha ha :D I predict a massive and loud cheer from everywhere when/if it happens.

  24. 124
    @Ladybug Says:

    To be quite honest; I think they both like to drink. A lot. Also I think she’s *very* good at adopting the interests of whoever she’s with. He might have fallen for that, I guess.

  25. 125
    Ladybug Says:

    @Follow the money: That must have been an interesting meetings: So, we’re going to invest several millions of dollars into a jewelry venture who’s public face is known (if she’s known outside HW at all) for being the worst Lois Lane ever and for maybe boinking the Viking Vampire from True Blood. Sure! Where do we sign over our money!

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