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Gisele Bundchen: LAX Lady

Gisele Bundchen: LAX Lady

Gisele Bundchen arrives at LAX Airport to catch a departing flight on Monday (April 4) in Los Angeles.

On Friday, the 30-year-old Brazilian supermodel got in another workout just a few days after hitting the gym.

Gisele currently graces the April issue of Claudia magazine, in which the writer, poet and columnist Fabricio Carpinejar, had nothing but nice things to say about her.

“This is the first time a curious, avid, attentive, and feminine icon has emerged. She is not everything; she can be everything, which is a lot better. More than a chameleon, she is an infatuating ambiguity that allows different forms and tones, different nuances and shades,” he wrote.

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  • lookin good

    damn she looks good here… Now that’s what a model is supposed to look like to me!!

  • Jess

    She looks amazing. Damn that hair! Wow.

  • Sweet Justice

    GORGEOUS! Love her so much.

  • AJJA

    She’s the best model out there Bar none.

  • Rosie

    I wish I had her hair. It always looks so beautiful and radiant.

  • Gisele

    I can never get enough of this woman. she has a fabulous life I bet.

  • Observation

    The best looking Vic Sec model, hands down.
    Alessandra is a UGH Mexican,
    Adriana is built like a tree stump and her days are OVER
    Chanel is a fug twig
    Candice Swinepoel is a starving tranny

  • mama

    She is going to Turkey for the launch of her sandals, the most sold and popular in the world. Rock it business icon!

  • wonder woman

    Her sense of style is amazing. She always wears simple, neutral colors but they look very modern and trendy.

  • kiki

    um please spare the comparisons. Gisele is incomparable. At least her career/power and prestige sure are….bish in a league of her OWN!

  • http://j carlota f.

    so precious

  • Mara

    She always looks like she is in a photoshoot without even trying! Some models look like they are in candids catching double chins,looking bloated etc…. This could be straight up outta Vogue!

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Very cheap rough

  • Frozoid

    Is she headed for Boston – the town she always snubs and ignores?

    What a self-important uneducated ignoramous this “woman” is.

    She’s a MAN, baby!

  • Frozoid2

    @Frozoid: hi HKL. no she is headed to Turkey to launch her #1 sold flipflops. what’s it to you?

  • Boston Schmoston

    It’s so nice that we live in a democratic country and people have the right to live and stay wherever they want to. That being said I’ll take Gisele posts regardless of where they come from.

  • leave Gisele alone you haters


    and you’re a barfly, cabbage patch face lover… she’s as ugly as they come that Bar refaeli… stop dissing gisele in all her posts and go take a good look at that fugly bloated face u seem to idolize so much… with her beady little eyes and ugly bloated face of hers… ewww, makes me wanna BARF!!!

  • Ipanema

    I want some of those. Do they sell them outside Brazil?

  • Frozoid2

    @Ipanema: Yes her sandals are sold worldwide through boutiques around the world and so comfortable, I can see why they are such a hit.

    Gisele has the perfect beach blonde hair color! She helped make the “bronde” hair very popular.

  • LOL

    Boston Freaks are here. Gisele is in Boston they say go back to Brazil, she leaves Boston and she is “too good” LMFAO.

    She lives in Boston from late summer to late winter. She lives in LA during Toms off season and in the summer they vacation to costa rica. does she have to ask permission from you guys next time?

  • alexander mcdood


    Dammmnnn, what an UGLY “woman(?)”

    Looks like a he-she. Gross!

  • giselle is a ho


    she’s in LA because she so desperately want to become a celebrity. lol.

    i mean, her first excuse was “tom’s son lived in LA,” but Bridget and the kid moved to NYC soo…

    I mean, she should just admit that she loves fame and get on with it…..

    man up giselle. she looks like a man afterall….lol

  • Brian

    world’s #1 Supermodel! Paycheck says ALLLLLL.

  • auntbridget

    @giselle is a ho:

    “she so desperately want” …..nice sentence structure.

    Tom is from Cali and his family lives there. He goes there in the off season. Alot of photo studios are in LA where she works….Boston isn’t rampant with Supermodels so….Gisele is private. if not you would be seeing her on OK covers wh*ring her child out like the proper D listers always do. Gisele is an A lister, thats why she has American Vogue.

  • YAWN

    God imma scream if I have to come to a Gisele post and see bridget’s name written one more time!!!! Its like the only time you ever even hear or see her name! Gisele and Tom keep her relevant. Without them you would only have natasha and coyote ugly from 1999 to reference.

  • guess again.


    No, Tom’s family is in the San Francisco area where he grew up and that’s… 400 MILES AWAY… Might as well be in a different state.

    But Tom would never go there, where his family never lives, because guess why?

    Celebrities don’t live there. There is no media/press/paparazzi in San Francisco…he lives in Hollywood because that’s where people will notice him. There are no paparazzi in Boston and he can’t handle that. His obsession with extravagance isn’t a thing that flys well in Boston (even though Boston is wealthier than Los Angeles), but in tacky Los Angeles, his lifestyle is looked to as a good thing. Giselle can’t stand that quiet, simply Boston lifestyle either, which is why it had to be LA right after she left NYC after marrying Tom. She has to be in NYC/LA limelight or she’s not a happy camper.

    They are simply addicted to fame, and so desperately want to be noticed.

  • auntbridget

    oh yes and thats why we see so many pap pics of Tom….shut up HKL/cece/soumaya/gayle/laura….
    Gisele stayed in Boston her whole 9 months of pregnancy. They are celebs they don’t have to stay in one boring a** place like you do and work dead end jobs. Last time I checked a big part of a models job was to travel…. I would choose LA anyday over lame boston. From what Ive seen the people seem to have horrible attitudes. I mean if they can’t even support their quarterback!!! what is that?? horrible people. I will never visit that unfriendly place, even if Gisele speaks fondly of it. No thanks.

  • Kate Moss

    Wow, she looks so much better with big hair and big sunglasses hiding her ugly face.


    Speaking of HOUSES, I agree with the poster above that Gisele and Tom love the over the top lifestyle which is why they live in Hollywood.

    I mean, a couple with NO kids…(and yes, Tom’s son doesn’t count because he doesn’t really live with him much) building 30,000 square foot house?!!!? Isn’t that a bit ridiculous? What a trashy couple.

    That’s exactly why they live in Hollywood. LOL!!! They love living large and the limelight. Feel right at home.

    For Goodness sakes, their house is 4X the size of Brad and Angelina’s main LA house (and how many kids do Brangelina have? LOL). Their house is bigger than Tom Cruise’s house. Tom is a true A list celebrity….and HAS 3 KIDS!!!

    What a nasty ridiculous couple Tom and Gisele are. Yuck!

  • fashiondreamer

    @Kate Moss:

    Reese Witherspoon,Heidi and Seal,Arnold Schwarzenegger are some of Tom and Gisele’s soon to be neighbors. Shut Up. they are all huge homes around there. SO what now the worlds richest supermodel and quarterback have to live in a shack to be considered “nice” people? LMAO. Gisele just donated 1 million to Japan, what did you do?

    I think your words are far more nasty than their actions so w/e HIPPOcrit.

  • Lawdy

    So Kate Moss’s smashed up coke face is nice? and she is not nasty for humping dildos in porn shops?. You make a ton of sense.

  • Kate Moss


    Kate Moss is richer than Giselle could only dream of being. LOL.

  • brandy

    ermmm If Gisele were Over the top you would see her dipped in diamonds and furs each time she leaves her house. Not messy hair,no makeup,jeans and tshirts. She is effortless.

  • HKLlovesGisele
  • Kate Moss

    Kate Moss Net worth after her new 80M deal with Simon Cowell (Look it up): 210M U.S. (140 million British Pounds)

    Giselle’s net worth 150M USD

    Kate is richer.! Hah.

    210M vs 150M.

  • longchamp

    Love her top!

  • Junie

    Gisele didn’t sell her wedding pics. She didn’t sell her son’s baby photo to a tabloid. She has never done photoshoots with any of her boyfriends (Tom or Leo) Her and Tom aren’t at every movie premiere or awards show, you only see pictures of them one time a year at the Met gala…..
    When you you can be recognized by one name alone and are referred to as the ,worlds richest supermodel I seriously doubt you have to seek fame.

  • Plachj

    Hey Kate Moss wannabe; are you team edward or team jacob? you sound like such a tween.

  • she’s an alien

    @Kate Moss:

    kate moss looks like an Alien, and an ugly one at that…

  • From Paris with Love

    Gisele is hot and she has a great casual, effortlessly chic style.

  • Sofia

    @Observation: Ummm Alessandra is Brazilian dumbass! Their all great models.. I bet you look like a tranny haha

  • h

    @ guess again GISELE LIVES IN BOSTON SINCE 2007 she sold her apartment 2009 in NYC; since 2007 she is only for work in NYC for couple of days

  • Bosh

    @Kate Moss:

    You’re clearly trolling which is a shame when you’re smart enough to form a comprehensible statement. But no.

  • TheLastSupermodel

    Excuse the immature model fans for the Gisele hate..They are just immature and think if you don’t look like a pornstar you are ugly. Its cool, we all know they have narrow minded tastes when it comes to models. If you don’t look like a dead fish you are atrocious. (thats a compliment to gisele btw) so keep hating her all you want. Doesn’t change her status as being more in demand and powerful than your so called models and never will.

    Now I think the most disgusting Gisele haters are these Boston/Bridget freaks! they really hate her and want to see her falter. Its pathetic you can hate someone so bad without even knowing her!! Some advice; its 2011, not 2006, Time to move on hunny bunny. Worrying about Tom and Gisele is only going to give you premature stress lines around the eye area and I’m sure you don’t have Gisele’s money to fix it. Get well soon couch potatoes.

  • Kary

    Go Gissele, you are the best.

  • getalife

    All the stigma on Gisele’s character brings me back to this famous quote: “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.”

    so speak up ALWAYS Gisele!!! Its better than being a fake PR product like 85% or more of the celebs out there who everyone thinks is nice.

  • lisali

    I like her travel style..comfy but still chic.

  • kimmy


    Yes when Gisele is papped in NY its for work (Steven Meisel and many other photographer’s studios are in NYC). She shot Vogue Italia and Balenciaga campaign there. When she is papped in LA its also for work (since she doesn’t live there yet) She shot Roberto Cavalli,Vogue Korea/Mexico there. so I assume she is probably just shooting another 100+ Vogue cover while she was in LA.

  • sea

    I want her legs and face, but not her waist (sorry).

  • leah

    “I’m aware of my responsibility, but really I am like everyone else, and my opinions are just mine. There’s no reason why I’m more right or wrong than anyone else.” Gisele Bundchen

    take her damn interviews with a grain of salt and quit expecting her to say what you want to hear!!!!!!!!! everyone is different!