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Angelina Jolie: Style of Jolie Exhibition!

Angelina Jolie: Style of Jolie Exhibition!

Check out this video preview of Angelina Jolie‘s new jewelry collection, Style of Jolie, in collaboration with designer Robert Procop.

“This is a collaboration between Angelina Jolie and myself in designing beautiful jewels as a piece of an art form,” Robert said. “What we’re showing here is a collection that Angelina and I have been working on for the last nine months or so.”

The collection was displayed in a museum quality exhibition earlier this week for an invitation only crowd.

Angelina Jolie: Style of Jolie Exhibition

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796 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: Style of Jolie Exhibition!”

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  1. 776
    busted Says:

    OH Wow..

    Thanks for all the tweets. Love how excited people get from seeing them. They are big stars and also they are not seen that often. So yes there is a lot of excitement when they are seen. Just goes to show what happens when there is a TRUE STAR sighting.

    So they had a date night.. SWEET.. OK they just announced that Tree of Life will be shown in competition at Cannes. There had be so much speculation that it would not. Well now we know, and we will so see Brad and Angie there. Brad I believe is one of the Producers not to mention on of the stars, and this is Terrance Malick we are talking about so yes they will be there.

    So exciting and so much to look forward to. The Photo call will be madness. They have had some wonderful interviews in Cannes.

    Do you all remember what Brad said about Angie at The Mighty Heart press call.. He was so caught up in listening to her and watching her he could not answer a question that was directed to him..

    well hope we get more of that.. mmmmmm

  2. 777
    gracie Says:

    #762 Doris, you’re killing me. That is hilarious, I have tears in my eyes. Thank you for the laughs at Anuston’s expense, you’ve made my day.. Anuston, the stalker hiding in the bushes by Brad’s house – Brilliant! Desperate ho.

  3. 778
    busted Says:

    @Passing Through:

    PT.. the dance began a while ago.. He told the hoard of fools that he “got a phone call”..

    they of course think it is true and that they are being watched so they have decided to be “careful about what they say: but don’t despair because they are still standing by the PIG and believe he will not be intimidated. That he should not back down.. LMAO

    but I guess he has moved the break up announcement back again. I thought it was coming in Jan.. no April.. I get confused.

    They really are a barrel of monkeys. I wish there was a law against being such idiots. But nope

    I wonder what song he sings or chooses when he does the dance of fools. I know he is laughing his flatass off at them.

    OK done .. I have to clear my head of the image.

  4. 779
    anustin Says:

    good one, doris. keep it up!

  5. 780
    phool Says:

    @doris god you are soo funny made my day loving your write up brilliant

  6. 781
    lurker Says:

    @doris: Funny!!! Some more please. Lurks a lot and I refuse to read the trolls/haters posts.

  7. 782
    AWHODAT Says:

    O! M! F! G!
    Did you guys see this? Watch the vid:
    CC is not even trying to hide her famewh0ring at all! The biitch is BLATANT and SHAMELESS. And its all soooooo cringeworthy!
    Have mercy! Is this what desperation-to-be-relevant in HW looks like? There is a disinct attempt on CC’s part to say: ‘okay biitches, its my turn. No more propping up that other fame-fattened tick 9and being a mother to a grown-azz man) at the expense of MY time in the sun.’
    And now that she’s gotten rid of her hubby and is feeling free and feeling the creep of middle-age, this is CC’s time to try grabbing that brass ring.
    It is desperation like this that makes you appreciate soooo much, B&A’s approach to the whole fame thingy…….you create a whole other life, firmly anchored in the real world and know that is your true reality.

  8. 783
    Lara Says:

    ————————-New Brad and Angie Thread—————————–

  9. 784
    LOlSS Says:

    LOL when I heared the stories about Maniston AKA the losers idol and Bradly dating I believed it. I mean she is cheap. The second, the third or the forth etc pick for love, He didn’t choose her then now she go back to him It looks true to me. It is just like her But it was a plant and a deny. Don’t blame me for beliveing it though. She is a cheap I mean she is relvant because she was dumped and riding the years ago divorce isn’t she? She is also a woman who going back to john mayor for fauxromance a second time after the most embarassing break up they had had him saying I don’t want her basically?hahaha It is like her she is truly a losers Idol. She deserve the badge for it.
    She is the only woman out there who monopolize over divorce because the ****** media make money attaching her to jp in one thing or another.. If they quit doing that she will be put down in her place and live life like EVERYOTHER NORMAL WOMEN.
    Many woman who break up or divorce after her includinig the ones who were claimed to be cheated on living their life, finding love getting married and moving on. She is the only weakst link case who reman relvant because you know why…so she will talget, calculate, suggest and talk around through losers like her, and herself. She is a true she deserve a badge for it.
    .The other funny thing is once a man accidently attached with her means he will always be linked to her. Guys stay away from her if you need your carrier and wants to live your life in peace. She can’t go away from you.

  10. 785
    doris Says:

    I’m glad some of you ladies enjoyed reading my little story. It was all I could do to stop developing hypertension whenever I see the posts by Aniston fans. I realized these trolls could actually “inspire” me, help make lemonade out of these lemons.

  11. 786
    MD Says:

    I wouldn’t buy anything that ugly heroin addict, husband stealer promotes.

  12. 787
    jitterbugg Says:

    @doris keep up the good work we praise your “insparation from the trolls keep squeezing them you will get the bitterness out ” well maybe not lemons are lemons after all.

  13. 788
    sammy Says:

    @MD i didnt realise you are aheroin addict may be its time to go back to your looney bin they are missing you and by the way take Maniston with you she one short of a screw like you

  14. 789
    Miya Says:

    She sucks so bad….
    and her spouse….

  15. 790
    Tazzy Says:


    Yeah we know you suck, Miya. You don’t have to keep telling us.

  16. 791
    Marcus Says:

    Guys there have been some questions about their homes

    Angelina did have a home in England. She sold after Zahara came home

    They have a home in California and New Orleans

    They did buy the chateau in France. That is where the Brangelina Bunch will settle.

  17. 792
    SophieUna Says:

    I like Angelina but I hate Bradley.
    Ange should take her kids and run!!!!!!!

  18. 793
    neer Says:
    Angelina Jolie’s Jewelry Collection is Mad Expensive
    By Sarah Lindig
    April 14, 2011 6:15 pm
    This is not one of your typical celebrity-turned-designer stints. But then again, has Angelina Jolie ever been typical? Aside from her roles as A-list actress, mother of six and more or less wife to Brad Pitt, the ever-evolving Angelina is now a jewelry designer. But don’t expect to find her bling popping up on QVC or HSN anytime soon. The collection, Style of Jolie, is a fine jewelry line with bold gemstones at the focal point of each design (à la her emerald earrings at the 2009 Oscars) on display for viewing by invitation only at Julien’s Auction House in Beverly Hills.
    The jewels will be sold through Robert Procop, Jolie’s collaborator for the project and all the proceeds will go to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict charity. Click through to see some of the pieces in the Style of Jolie collection.

  19. 794
    neer Says:
    Thursday, April 14, 2011
    Angelina’s Jewels: Style of Jolie
    By Coco Loren
    The images and memory of Elizabeth Taylor is a hard post to follow. But the images of her infamous jewels made me think of another women famous for her acting, relationships, humanitarian efforts, and now her jewels as well.
    Angelina Jolie teamed up with Robert Procop to create a line of fine jewelry:’Style of Jolie’. These amazing specimens of precious and semi-precious stones are set in simple yellow gold to feature the beauty of the stones. Emerald, diamonds, rubellites, white quartz, citrine, black spinel are just some of the jewels that make up the collection. Of course, as you’d expect there is a charity aspect to this partnership. Funds from the collection will go to the Education Partnership For Children in Conflict to build a school in Afghanistan.
    Jolie and Procop must have been working on this collection for some time as she has been donning the designs on red carpets around the world for months. Take a gander these designs below, some modeled by the Jolie herself.

  20. 795
    neer Says:

    Angelina Jolie’s jewelry line
    Style of Jolie (AJ’s jewelry designed collection)
    A Robert Procop necklace, part of the ‘Style of Jolie Exhibition’ are seen in Beverly Hills on April 6, 2011. The exhibition showcases the artistic jewelry collaboration between Robert Procop and actress Angelina Jolie with all proceeds from the collection benefiting children living in regions affected by conflict or the devastation of natural disasters.

  21. 796
    neer Says:

    AJ- A Real Gem

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