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Victoria Beckham: Barneys New York with Romeo & Cruz

Victoria Beckham: Barneys New York with Romeo & Cruz

Victoria Beckham gives her 8-year-old son Romeo a kiss while shopping at Barneys New York on Thursday (April 7) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 36-year-old pregnant fashion designer also brought along her youngest son, Cruz, 6, for the shopping trip.

Earlier in the week, Victoria and hubby David Beckham enjoyed a date night at Fogo de Chao with celeb chef Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana.

Vic also had some fun on Twitter, posting a pic of David sunbathing with a Justin Bieber cardboard cutout!

10+ pictures inside of Victoria Beckham shopping at Barneys New York…

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victoria beckham barneys 01
victoria beckham barneys 02
victoria beckham barneys 03
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  • Lalalove

    She barely looks pregnant.
    She looks so effortlessly chic, as always.

  • Porsche

    She looks gorgeous! I love the longer hair.

  • Patricia

    Isn’t it dangerous to wear heels like those when pregnant? What if you had a bad fall and injured the baby?

  • Raichill

    I don’t know how the hell she walks in those shoes. They look incredibly uncomfortable and I don’t like to see pregnant women wearing them or women carrying babies or toddlers while wearing them.

  • ljh

    She looks a lot better with long hair.

  • irons


  • Fake

    She’s so vain she has to make herself taller because she feels fat… even if it puts her baby at risk.

  • kerri

    I like that she is pregnant because she seems to be more sweet to her kids.

  • Brains

    For those who said she is not pregnant, or doubt her pregnancy, or WORST, accused her of using a surrogate, can’t you see her BIG PREGNANCT BELLY there??? She’s just so good at concealing it with loose shirt especially those black silk shirt that all of the stupid people were fooled easily and fast! But to those who have great eyes and not stupid enough to believe what the media have written, we can all see her protruding pegnant belly, not to mention that she’s put on pounds at all the right places i.e. thighs, butt, and breasts. Those who doubt her pregnancy were stupid enough to not know the difference of her body before this pregnancy, which is skinny as hell and now with more meat on her bones, not to mention a very big belly for her.

  • What is that?

    man i love my time i would die for these niggas uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • jill

    Yes it’s dangerous to walk in heels when pregnant especially when you don’t know how to walk in them BUT were talking about Victoria Beckham. She have worn heels everywhere even in soccer fields but haven’t seen her trip once plus she always got a bodyguard nearby or always holding her son or her husbands hand. Anyway, I agree pregnancy suits her it makes her human and emotional. Since her pregnancy I’ve seen her cry, angry, laugh(Jimmy Fallon show) and now kissing her sons.

  • kelly

    Its funny how Cruz has a bad boy look going on while Romeo is so cute with his yellow shirt and fedora hat. he’s gonna be a stylish man like his dad or become the next marc jacobs.

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    Take her in shcool

  • gigi

    man, pregnant and wearin those kind of heels, just plain stupid.

  • joweyyy

    she is used to it already wearing high heels…so what’s the problem wearing high heels when she is pregnant? it’s not her first pregnancy anyways.

  • Anastasia

    I love this family!Victoria looks so beautiful and i am sure she’s going to keep on wearing those high heels as much as possible while pregnant..i don’t know how she’s doing it but she pulls it of like she’s wearing flats…great to see her with her children and with David,they are such a loving family!
    And please i don’t what to hear people saying that’ she isn’t really pregnant and that they’re using a surrogate instead..God,i can’t believe there is actually people who believe that nonsense??

  • linna

    I am so thankful vic has now more meat on her bones.. this girl is incredebly thin and she looks so much healthier and happiere now.. I love her

  • adrian


    uhmmm what belly?

  • Zoe

    All I can think is what a relief it must be to take the heels off! It’s so unnecessary, especially during pregnancy! :|

  • Grandma of Four

    I must say, Victoria hides her pregancy very well! I do wish she would put some more weight on as OB-GYN’s no longer suggest a small weight gain! That is out! As for the heels, I know she is very comfortable in them and has worn them for a long time….even in her previous pregnancies but I wish she would lower them some. She could wear “slides” and still look wonderfully chic! Even “ballerinas” would look stylish with the tight at the ankle pants she likes to wear! Wonder if she (or her people!) ever read these sights and see that folks out there are concerned she could fall?

  • abby

    Before, everyone was saying she wasnt pregnant at all but now people are getting mad because she’s wearing heels! What’s wrong with haters? Did you see rachel zoe when she was pregnant!!! She was also wearing sky high heels!!

  • Courtney

    no it’s not she’s famous and knows she going to be photographed everywehere she goes and she’s average height so the heals help destribute the weight she’s gained while pregnant. Stars have always worn heals while pregnant particularly at award shows album launch parties charity events and things like that unless their in a high risk pregnancy and were told not to by doctors or their concerned husband. and Victoria’s is considered a high risk pregnancy because of her age and history with Polycystic ovarian syndrome but she doesn’t care so risks wearing the heals. and by the way at this point if something happened to the baby it would be a still born so labor would have to be induced and she’d have to give birth to a child that isn’t living

  • http://j ivanka

    my idol! she looks amazing

  • Angus

    @ courtney you sound like you expect her to have a miscarriage. Shame on you! I’m sure she wouldn’t do anything that can harm her baby Jesus its her 4th pregnancy. Besides you cant walk in heels like she does in fact nobody can walk in high heels like Victoria does. walking in heels is Victoria’s number 1 talent. I mean I have seen pics of her carrying 6 year old romeo in 6 inch heels.

  • Lynn

    As I said before, Gosh it is so pleasant to see a pregnant woman taking her time to look so chic. She is truly an icon and a wonderful mom.

  • Redo

    Slut ho

    dumb ho

  • kASSIE

    I like her a lot and her fashion line. What I don’t like is women who put anything before their baby. Yes, heels can wrap the cord around the babies neck. Reaching and pulling while pregnant can do this. So I have to think that she cares about her child and someone else is carrying the baby.

  • Moon

    @kASSIE: Someone else is carrying the baby? Who? Again with the surrogate mom thing? What, are you suggesting that her baby bump there is fake? How cruel can you be? How cruel can you be to her kids who are so excited that their mom is pregnant, that they are going to have a sister out of their mom? You just didn’t help yourself with your stupid theory there either about the heels. How can heels itself wrap or caused the cord to wrap around the baby’s neck? That is the most illogical and ridiculous, not to mention untrue theory at all! For you to say hurtfull thing like she’s faking her pregnancy while there is an obvious baby bump there just goes to show that you don’t like her at all! You are her hater who PRETEND to be or say that you like her just to make her that we don’t vilified you for your idea.

  • anybody?anybody?

    I LOVE this family. David and Victoria are soulmates, you can just see it. Theirs is a pure and just plain magical love. And their family is just precious. They’re such good parents and their kids don’t seem ill-behaved or spoiled— nothing but normal! I’m so excited to see them with their baby girl, they’re going to be too adorable for words! There’s such few families in Hollywood who are this real and loving (the Afleks, Wahlbergs), and they’re the ones who deserve praise for raising responsible kids and not letting the fame wreck their homes. Can’t wait for that baby! And HOW does Victoria still look thin and handle those heels??? LOL

  • hate this family^^^

    The EGO on this woman is Immense, such an arrogant, narcissistic Sk*NK! No hope of this 4th beckham brat being anything but U-G-L-Y, she’s about as UGLY as it gets and the 3 boys wouldn’t even garner a 2nd glance if their last name wasn’t Beckham. This family su*ks! Go Away, Go Away, Go Away!

  • desiree

    Adorable boys with stylist mommy. And Vic kisses Romeo…so CUUTEE..

  • p

    people who hate on her because she wears heels are most likely fat moms who are still fat even tho their children are already in college.

  • mrada

    She is already a mom of what 3 or 4 kids? I don’t know. I mean she is not new to it. No pregnant mom, even uber fashionista like Victoria Beckham, would take a risk to hurt her baby. So I guess her doctor gives her an OK to wear heels. I’m totally sure about that.

  • mrada

    I forget, every psychologist said that this is not a good way to kiss your kid. Really. I mean, it is not Victoria B only who did that but even my neighbour so it is so common.
    You can kiss your child but not the same way as you kiss your hubby.

  • bless

    I totally agree with you #32 these fat women would scrutinize Victoria because it probably makes them feel better . So what if Victoria wore heels she’s not the only pregnant women who does that! I bet Victoria knows more about pregnancy than some of these “experts who says pregnant women can’t wear heels” its her 4th pregnancy after all.

  • Chanell

    I totally thought the kissing picture was Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber at first glance! X)

  • Gabby

    why are both parents always french kissing the brain damaged kid?