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LeAnn Rimes: I'm A Wife, Bonus Mom!

LeAnn Rimes: I'm A Wife, Bonus Mom!

Newlywed LeAnn Rimes is all smiles while arriving at the airport on Tuesday (April 26) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The 28-year-old singer is in town to begin production on her new CMT Original Movie, Reel Love.

“Amazing people! Wardrobe fitting done! Incredible hotel….gonna be a great shoot!!!! Just settling in. Drink and wrk over script time,” she tweeted.

On Friday, LeAnn tied the knot with boyfriend Eddie Cibrian at a private residence in Malibu.

LeAnn has since changed her Twitter account to read LeAnn Rimes Cibrian with “WIFE, Bonus Mom” added to her bio!

FYI: LeAnn is wearing Ippolita bangles and hoop earrings.

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  • Kel

    Stop already with this ugly corpse bride.

  • zaraaaa

    oops she forgot to mention a closet anorexic

  • pigbearman

    bold faced homewrecking famewhor!

  • laverdadduele

    No, you are a home-wrecker worthless piece of garbage. What goes around comes around.

  • tami

    Well that is an unattractive outfit.

  • DC

    Make her go away. Sickening.

  • Heather

    It’s official: This whore is paying this site to post about her. Everyday a post about her! Why? She’s not famous anymore, she’s done in the entertainment industry.

  • Polly

    You can see her ligaments through her pants! How desperate is she for Eddie? Really…

  • Deanne

    I don;t care about the cheating or how they got together. They are married now and hopefully they will stand the test of time as I would never wish divorce on anyone, but she has got to stop this “bonus mom” crap. She is not their mother and she is totally overstepping her boundaries. That really seems to be an issue for her. When you step into a family that is already present, you don’t get to take over. I don’t understand why she is so insensitive to that. It seems really narcissistic and immature. I don’t think she would appreciate it if the same thing was done to her. No one would. It is just so totally inappropriate.

  • A

    She has the ugliest face…yikes! And her teeth are too big for her mouth.

  • Amber

    I just saw her twitter….she has less than 200,000 followers! Wow. Even that dumbass Kim Kardashian has 7 MILLION followers. I guess LeAnn isn’t THAT famous after all is she. There should be an un-follow Leann day…just like they had a un-follow Charlie Sheen day. Poor girl…only her family members are following her on Twitter….so sad.

  • !

    She looks more like 48.

  • Pat

    Eddie Simian must be swinging with some other chick tonight.

  • Putter

    Honeymoon must be over. That was fast. Who goes to work 3 days after they’re married? I suppose if you haven’t worked in two years any job is more important than a honeymoon.

  • Marcy

    I have a question. Why so many posts abut Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian? Seriously, I am not trying to be insulting but other than the cheating scandal and twitter war, what makes them interesting? They don’t have hot careers at this point. Not to say that they aren’t working, but they certainly aren’t an “it” couple or anything. Is it just that they want the publicity? This is a serious question. Why are they on JJ so much? She even told what was in their wedding rings on the People magazine page. Isn’t that something precious that you would want to keep to yourselves? Just wondering.

  • gwin

    Just so many perfect people out there…hope you hold all those near and dear to you and yourself to the same standards.

  • Guest

    mysterious 67 is claiming leann is actually his 3rd wife because he got an anulment from the first one after cheating on her..if this is in fact true than WOW le got herself a real winner

  • Amber

    Is that you Le Ann? (Gwin)

  • ashley

    can we please move on from her?

  • Marcy

    @Amber: Does she actually post on these boards? I was serious in asking my question about why there are so many items about them. I guess posting positive things about yourself and attacking anyone who didn’t gush about your or believe your PR would be tempting if you had a lot of time on your hands.

  • hmm…

    *From Norbit*

    Rasputia: “I’m sayin’ you too damn skinny. Look at you! See, most men like a woman that got a little ‘mmm, mmm,’ a little hey, hey. You ain’t got nothing. You just skin and bones, just sitting in that chair all bones and skin. I feel sorry for you.”

    LeAnn: “Well I believe we are suppose to look the way God intended.”

    Rasputia: “Uh-uh I’m a christian and you are not going to sit there and blame God for the way you look. You’re the one who pushed that plate away.”

    LOL… Girl, imma need someone to fix you a plate!

  • Britt


    Yes, that’s LeAnn, she posts under that name all the time.

  • hoezac

    What a treat if her Twit account reads: Sngle, White Bride, Wife

  • bobbiebee

    I am not a fan or hater..

    but I have to say I laugh at how she does not seem to give a sh*t about what people think about her.. She just keeps on going..

    and it seems to drive her non fans insane.. Why in the world so people care so much about someone they claim not to care about. Following her tweets and every move she makes. YOU all are feeding the beast. You give her lots of attention. Not many other celebs get this kind of traffic. I can only really name about 3 or 4..

    So LeAnne keep going girl.. you seem to be WINNING.. at least at this game.

  • Fake

    Gwin, if that’s you Leann, please will never live to see 40 at the rate you are going…you look like you have Aids dear.
    And stop pretending that you eat..that’s a dead give-a-way that you’re anorexic, they all lie about their food.

  • bobbiebee how she is showcasing her ring.

    girls has talents.. LOL

  • wild

    This b i t c h is disgusting.

  • wild

    @bobbiebee: lol!

  • Vanessa

    I really feel like Leann has no respect for Brandi role as mother Leann will forever and always be know to those two little boys as the woman who broke up there parents marriage she is no bonus mother she is no prize she the woman who destroy those two little boys family the sooner she accpect the role the sooner people will stop disliking her So much it’s like enough Already

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    bobbiebee If Leann didn’t care she would not have you and all the other so called Leann fans trying to post positive things about her since most are negative. She has just about showcased everything about the wedding she can but no one seems to care. Her relationship with Brandi kids will be next she will try to play that up that bonus mom but we know Brandi is the number one person in their lives and Leann is just a fill in. Since she claims to love them like her own she should just be a caretaker and friend and not try to take over that will not work for her the kids know the difference and will let her know.

  • mmmmmmm

    @Marcy: You could say that about 90% people who make the cut with JJ.

    Also, 100% agree that she should shut it when it comes to Bonus Mom bit, truly is so insensitive especially regarding the circumstances.

    HOWEVER, remember the following people have also cheated, Julia Roberts and her husband (forgot his name), Prince Charles (Royal Family is the norm) on Diana – Charles wedding day Camilla sitting near front row (before Diana decided to cheat on him later on), Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Abbie Cornish and Ryan Phillippe, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, Tiger Woods and every other girl etc.

    The list could go on and on. They are married now and we all know what goes around comes around but in the mean time their married so it’s not worth hating on them, time will tell.

    They haven’t done anything that most Hollywood stars have undertaken in the past and sure will continue to do so in the present and in future as well as normal folks out there. Stop acting as if it’s the first time and most shocking.

    It doesn’t make it right but some people seem to make excuses for other stars and hate on others. Enough ready….

  • gwen


    Hi Frannie Plate/athena.

    So using my name in every thread on E wasn’t enough, you have to now come to JJ and use a variation of my name?

    You see everyone Frannie Plate is throwing this HUGE tantrum because I outted her on E for hijacking my name.

    1) “Just so many perfect people out there…”

    Why does this sound familiar? Because you use to make the same posts when you were posting as RACY/CBME?

    2)”hope you hold all those near and dear to you and yourself to the same standards.”

    Oh WEWE, you are upset because people won’t fawn over your famewhoring the way that JJ and People mag does?

  • gwen


    Actually, WEWE has been using Frannie Plate /athena these days to make posts on JJ.

    She is using gwin because I caught her in another lie on E.

  • Lela

    Any integrity she ever might have had she’s just thrown out the window. She is not even ashamed of having cheated with a married man who has children and now she is appropriating those children. I don’t know how Brandi made peace with her, she’s just disgusting. She’s not the children’s mother, they have a mother, she’s the stepmom and she has to respect those boundaries. But I guess if she doesn’t respect the boundaries of marriage, why would she respect the boundaries of a mother-child relationship? Sickening!

  • wow

    she needs an intervention b/c I am pretty sure she’s got an eating disorder..

  • Samm

    ha. I love how all these people are bashing her from behind a computer screen lol None of you people know her! People follow her around so if you don’t like it STOP COMMENTING AND READING!

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1) “I am not a fan or hater..”

    Sure, how many times have we heard that line?

    2)”but I have to say I laugh at how she does not seem to give a sh*t about what people think about her.. ”

    So is that why WEWE sits on twitter boo hooing about the “haters” because she doesn’t care what we think about her?

    3)”She just keeps on going..”

    Of course WEWE keeps going on, she surrounds herself with people who tell her what she wants to hear.

    4)”and it seems to drive her non fans insane.. ”

    Projecting much? So when the public responds negatively to WEWE staged photo-ops, it drives WEWE insane?

    5)”Why in the world so people care so much about someone they claim not to care about. ”

    Perhaps you should give us some insight on that. You are not a fan or an hater, yet here you are sitting on a gossip site asking people why do they care? If you don’t care why are you even bothering to pull the “I so above it all” post?

    6)”Following her tweets and every move she makes.”

    Wait, don’t WEWE “fans” follow the tweets of BG and the BBs? So then what do you make of that? Why would WEWE “fans” follow BG and the BBs?

    7)” YOU all are feeding the beast. ”

    Wow is this your damage control? Argue that it’s all out fault that WEWE keeps staging these photo-ops? Nope, it’s Dailymail, JJ, and People mag fault because they feel WEWE head with all this nonsense.

    8)”You give her lots of attention.”

    And yet this lots of attention does nothing to help WEWE.

    Is WEWE included in JJ top 5 celeb lists?

    It took 4 DAYS for WEWE name to trend on yahoo.

    If all this attention was helping WEWE, why did her song drop off the Billboards and why isn’t her song in the top 20 on ITUNES?

    9)” Not many other celebs get this kind of traffic. I can only really name about 3 or 4..”


    Check out Just Jared most popular posts threads of 2010.

    Let me remind you that WEWE threads were hitting higher numbers than what we are seeing now, she was in the feature column all the time, and JJ posted about her EVERYDAY.

    So please explain why WEWE name is not in that list if JJ was benefitting from the traffic?

    10)”So LeAnne keep going girl.. you seem to be WINNING.. at least at this game.”


    Hi locke!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gwen


    Is this the REAL samm, or RACY/CBME making posts in samm’s name?

    Then you must be head over heels when WEWE “fans”, bashing BG, the BBs, and any of us from behind their computer screens. Afterall, None of then know any of us!

    People don’t follow WEWE around, she CALLS them.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Samm I could tell her in person if I could.You can tell she had no decent upbringing so someone needs to tell her especially since she has two kids that are not hers living in her household thats needs to be taught decent behavior.I hope when Brandi gets on her feet she can petition for full custody because neither Leann nor Eddie has the tools to teach these kids anyhing.

  • gwen


    There is something wrong with your theory. You are saying that JJ posts about WEWE because her threads bring in HUGE numbers, in other words her threads have lots of posts in it and that is what JJ values the most, right?

    Not according to this “most popular post ” lists that JJ compiled at the end of 2010, and keep in mind that WEWE threads were hitting posts in the 700s. I won’t tell you what number value is REALLY valuble to JJ, I’m going to see if you can figure it out.

    50. Lady Gaga – Grammys 2010 Red Carpet
    49. Rihanna: ‘What’s My Name’ Premiere feat. Drake
    48. Angelina Jolie: Fort Knox!
    47. Miley Cyrus: ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ Album Cover!
    46. George Clooney: Emily Blunt & John Krasinski’s Wedding Guest!
    45. Miley Cyrus: MuchMusic Video Vixen!
    44. Jude Law & Sienna Miller: Ponza Pair
    43. Shakira & Nadal: Gypsy Video!
    42. Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Umbrella’ Premiere
    41. Kris Allen: Shirtless Sexy with Wife Katy!
    40. Rihanna & Matt Kemp: Mexico Mates
    39. Valerio Pino: Ricky Martin’s Boyfriend?
    38. Jennifer Aniston: Hawaiian Luau Lovely
    37. Anna Paquin’s Wedding Pictures with Stephen Moyer
    36. 2010 Oscars
    35. Jake Gyllenhaal & Anne Hathaway: Shirtless for ‘EW’
    34. Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress — Born This Way!!!
    33. Amanda Bynes Covers ‘Maxim’ February 2010
    32. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Super Bowl Kiss!
    31. Rihanna: ‘Rude Boy’ Video Premiere!
    30. Katy Perry Tops Maxim’s Hot 100 2010!!!!!
    29. Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Kissing in the Car!
    28. Britney Spears – Grammys 2010 Red Carpet
    27. Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth: Holding Hands!
    26. Gisele Bundchen Covers ‘Vogue Italia’ December 2010

    25. Britney Spears: Hot Pink Bikini
    24. Eminem & Rihanna: ‘Love The Way You Lie’ Video Premiere!
    23. Lea Michele & Theo Stockman: Kissing Couple!
    22. Heidi Montag: Liquid Bikini Babe!
    21. Rihanna’s Red Hair — HOT or NOT?
    20. Christina Aguilera: ‘Not Myself Tonight’ Video Premiere!!!
    19. Lady Gaga & Beyonce: ‘Telephone’ Video Premiere!
    18. Jensen Ackles’ Wedding Pictures with Danneel Harris
    17. Ian Somerhalder & Meghan Auld Couple Up
    16. Ali Lohan Models Lindsay’s 6126’s Line
    15. Rihanna – ‘Only Girl In The World’ Video Premiere
    14. Jared Padalecki: Wedding Pictures with Genevieve Cortese!
    13. Sarah Palin Headed to Discovery Networks?
    12. Miley Cyrus & Avan Jogia: Kissing Couple
    11. Heidi Montag: Plastic Surgery Overload!
    10. Rihanna: ‘Te Amo’ Video Premiere!
    9. Megan Fox: Bikini Abs of Steel!
    8. Megan Fox Donates Music Video Fee To Charity
    7. Emma Watson: Short Hair Brave!
    6. 50 Cent: Skinny Scary for New Movie Role!
    5. Hilary Duff: Wedding Pictures with Mike Comrie!
    4. Willow Smith: ‘Whip My Hair’ Video Premiere!!
    3. Miley Cyrus: ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ Video Premiere!!!
    2. Carrie Underwood: Wedding Pictures with Mike Fisher!
    1. Rihanna & Eminem: ‘Love The Way You Lie (Part 2)’ Premiere!

    This is the most popular celebrities on JJ from 2010 , once again, where is WEWE Rimes name since she brings in TRAFFIC to JJ?

    25. Bar Refaeli
    24. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
    23. Taylor Swift
    22. Leighton Meester
    21. Hilary Duff
    20. Jennifer Garner
    19. Megan Fox
    18. Miranda Kerr
    17. Blake Lively
    16. Jake Gyllenhaal
    15. Kate Middleton
    14. Katie Holmes
    13. Kristen Stewart
    12. Miley Cyrus
    11. Rachel Bilson
    10. Wentworth Miller
    9. Rihanna
    8. Alexander Skarsgard
    7. Gerard Butler
    6. Robert Pattinson
    . Brad Pitt
    4. Jennifer Aniston
    3. Zac Efron
    2. Vanessa Hudgens
    1. Angelina Jolie

  • pattyerb

    She is so desperate starving herself and getting breast implants, reminds me of angelina jolie.

  • gwen

    Of course WEWE rimes is all smiles, she STAGED the photo-op.

    Does WEWE Rimes really think that being WIFE will make people belive that EC isn’t cheating on her?

  • Esther

    There’s a saying that goes like this: LISTEN UP LEANN!!! The first time you marry, you marry for love……Brandi. The second time you marry, you marry for money…….Leann. And the third time you marry, you marry for convenience/companionship……..??????? Only time will tell who Eddie marries for convenience. This saying is actually pretty true, the perfect example of this was Jackie Kennedy Onassis Templesman. Kennedy for ‘Love’, Onassis for ‘Money’, and Templesman for ‘Companionship’. Oh Leann, what awaits you.

  • jasmine

    She needs to shut the f*ck up about those children. They are never hers nor will they ever be. F*cking creepy media wh*re.

  • Dani

    This chick has lost a lot of weight.

  • Sofia

    LeAnn is so damn ugly!! Nice body..ugly ass face!

  • hh

    WOW SHE’S DISGUSTING thin now.

  • Marie

    How can a person be this skinny and ugly!!! She has no lips!!!! She looks like a pig.

  • gwen



    Mission: Deflect from WEWE bad behavior by bringing up other cheaters.

    Flaw in logic.

    EC and LR constant famewhoring, even going so far as to pimp out EC kids, which WEWE was asked not to do.

  • Ruth

    Heather @ 04/26/2011 at 8:08 pm +10

    It’s official: This ***** is paying this site to post about her. Everyday a post about her! Why? She’s not famous anymore, she’s done in the entertainment industry.
    Have you only just realized that Heather! It’s been obvious to me for months and for that reason I try to avoid posting on this thread despite my disgust for her.

    She must be extremely stupid to imagine that this infantile PR is going to whitewash their behaviour.