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Bar Refaeli: Diamond Are A Girl's Best Friend!

Bar Refaeli: Diamond Are A Girl's Best Friend!

Bar Refaeli hits Chopard‘s “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” Party on Monday (May 16) at Nikki Beach in Cannes, France.

The 25-year-old Israeli model wore a strapless blue and black sequined dress by Roberto Cavalli to the bash, which was held during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

“I really wanted to tweet a cute photo of my 14 year old bro… He said he’ll get mad and, guess what?! I’m actually scared. Ugh,” Bar recently tweeted.

Last week, Bar squeezed in some retail therapy with a pal in Berlin, where she launched her new Escada fragrance campaign.

Reports also surfaced that Bar and longtime boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio called it quits.

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Credit: Pascal Le Segretain, Venturelli; Photos: Getty, Wire Image
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  • nothanks

    can she ever look classy?

  • stump

    Real Housewives of Israel

  • Nicki

    GORGEOUS! She is a real gem!

    So Bar “and” Leo happen to be in Cannes at the same time…? What a funny coincidence…..LOL, LOL, LOL!!!

  • Sly

    Hey babe, if the girl is supposed to be back on the market, I don’t think she will remain single very long. The guys will be waiting in line to just getting close to her.

  • Pitt

    Go find yourself a D lister now Barfie. you will have more in common.

  • SashaT

    Holy cow, the woman is getting better and better. Bar, please do yourself a favor: next time you choose a man, try to find a grown-up one.

  • Fan of Beauty

    Thanks JJ! What a true beauty. Love her looks, but her dress is a little too short.

    She looks very happy…………..I’m sure she has plenty of guys who want to date her.

  • Not going back to stinky!

    @Nicki: And Leo has also been hitting the clubs flirting and dancing away. Saw the youtube clip of it… Don’t worry he’s not getting together with stinky Orange!!!

  • umwtf

    This is Cannes, NOT the vegas strip!!!
    learn some class!

  • Anonymous

    didn’t we just read that DiCaprio is in Cannes? OK, now I get it. NYPost Page Six is full of it…. as usual.

  • Anonymous

    isn’t DiCaprio supposed to be in Cannes? And Page Six is considered a reliable source of news. Yeah sure.

  • dumbA

    wtf she’s stalking him now? we know she has no reason to be there. Oh wait I forgot, walking red carpets is the only “modeling” job she can get. LMAO.

  • Nah

    @Anonymous: No, Bars full of it and she’s full of sh*t! Leo dumped her sorry a** and now she’s stalking him like a pathetic b*tch!!! I bet you will hear of no sightings of them together!! Her a** will soon be back in Israel talking to herself self on twitter!!!!

  • sourpatch575

    She looks like a little kid trying to dress all slutty!

  • Spandex

    I hope Bar has lots of fun in Cannes and gets to meet intersting people. I wish she meets a fine man who has other interests in life than party, drink and smoke cigars at the age of 36.

  • yellow

    did she lose some weight from this breakup? she doesn’t look like a stuffed mushroom as much. still ugly and cheap as F*k though.

  • Bibi

    Thanks Jared for the new pictures. I was hoping to see her in Cannes this year.

  • someone in the know

    Heard from a friend that knows her that she’s very needy and constantly begs Leo to take her back and that she has stalker issues. I’m not surprised Leo is trying to avoid her like the plague!!

  • BrightOne

    UGLYYY legs! cover those stubs up.

  • kaitlynZ

    y she’s always this TACKY?!

  • yuck

    Leo loves blonde models; Hello Candice Swanpoel! she puts Barfie to utter shame! and has a career.

  • sumo wrestler body

    holy cow, look at the size of her arms and shoulders??? and those gams are not to be shown off Barfie, you are not Blake Lively or Gisele ROTF

  • anon

    Yes Leo is in Cannes and having too much fun without the ball and chain called Bar. He’s looking for a new girldfriend. An old girlfriend of his Naomi Campbell put on a charity fashion show in Cannes so maybe the new girl will be from there.

  • sumo wrestler body

    she has a professional wrestler body, she would be perfect for wrestling.

  • Oh – My, My

    sorry – she just represents the “cheap” model to me. Her jobs, clothing, and bright makeup is on parody.

  • diamondsNOmore

    Not a sumo wrestler body but the problem with these stubby short limbed girls, they just make everything look cheaper. a Tall,slim elegant beauty like January Jones or someone would rock the S*IT out of this and make it look like a million bucks. Bar makes it look SO cheap. She looks like she took the wrong flight and missed the porn convention in Vegas instead.

  • LeoLuv

    so manly. big beef cake. BARF is right.

  • she can’t be 25??

    more like 30. her legs are not to be shown off in miniskirts.

  • fashiondont

    Sorry she does not have the bod to pull this off at all. Real models make clothes look expensive (hence why they are hired to model expensive clothes and sell it) Oh boy not this one! Let me guess its some designer dress? but on her it looks like its from Forever 21!

  • Ronnie

    I think her face is ugly! Looks like someone smashed it in!

  • ummm

    Did she get porcelain veneers or something? Looks like she’s got rabbit teeth smile going on. hmmmm…

  • Dem

    “Diamond” Are A Girl’s Best Friend? did she write the headline?….

  • JamesShec

    I think she looks amazing! :)

  • Envy is a disease

    and it ca be cure, you know. Coming on a forum behind a computer trying to say disgraceful things about a celebrity is quite pathetic. Girl, if you have so much time and energy to lose on someone you pretend to dislike so much, then you need help. And fast.


  • giseleugly

    gisele is ugly like a horse

  • sarah

    I love her! she’s so beautiful. amazing….

  • boom

    stalking leo?? gosh.

  • donie
  • woozle

    the following posts are written by the same person who works for bar;
    “nicki” is a known, usual alias.

    3,4,5,7, 15, 17. It’s really funny/sad how they are already trying to rumor a “reunion” between the two of them. Get over it! She’s not with him anymore, do you see HIM crying about it???

  • woozle

    @someone in the know: is she begging him to take her back THIS TIME too? It was said last time he was blocking her calls. Please dont let this horrible bitch back leo, please.

    the dress is AWFUL too, total vegas strip hooker.

  • woozle

    @Envy is a disease: JJ, Bar isnt even a model. We all know that. We also know her Monster Mommy paid you for this post. I know maybe the Starbucks people arent paying enough for the service, but puhllleeeze….

    I’m envious of Leo going to Cannes and hanging with DeNiro, I am not jealous of the Hoochie of Babylon. I’m a tad jealous cameron diaz looks so great on the cover of cosmopolitan at 41 or however old she is, but not of the 26 year old who is dressing like she is posing for an underwear catalog as evening wear. sorry!

  • woozle

    @giseleugly: No she is just a real model with a real career that barfie girl doesnt have. sorry, you lose. same person again.

    Attention all advertisers: all the positive remarks on this thread are from either

    a. bar’s personal assistant Adira
    b. her manager Scott Lipps
    c. her crazy mommy.

    we hate her here, and not just here, she’s considered trailer trash all ova the place.

  • woozle

    @sarah: nope.

  • woozle

    @Fan of Beauty: Fan of Beauty @ 05/16/2011 at 11:39 pm -3
    Thanks JJ! What a true beauty. Love her looks, but her dress is a little too short.
    She looks very happy…………..I’m sure she has plenty of guys who want to date her.

    I am sure she has plenty of guys who want to screw the same hole dicaprio did, but that’s it. here’s a memo guys, hitting it with the same ho doesnt make you him.

    I am sure she has guys to bang her, but no one wants to put up with her for the long run. There are better looking hoochies.

  • woozle

    that smile looks a bit forced to me…the lines around the mouth are harsh.

  • woozle

    @Sly: Sly @ 05/16/2011 at 11:35 pm -6
    Hey babe, if the girl is supposed to be back on the market, I don’t think she will remain single very long. The guys will be waiting in line to just getting close to her.

    Just like most hookers, her “mama” is probably already trying to set something up…

  • Rhiannon




    still cant believe they call her a model ! wtf!

  • marcia

    filene’s basement, anyone?

  • beef cake

    she has the worst legs of any model and she look old for her age. It’s true she look like 30 years old.

  • hootenanny

    my god, did she hear “trailer park” not “chopard?”

    does she think its spelled “shop hard” and it applies to all the crappy name brands she buys to look legit?