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Justin Timberlake: 'Liquorville' SNL Sketch with Lady Gaga!

Justin Timberlake: 'Liquorville' SNL Sketch with Lady Gaga!

Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga harass Kristen Wiig in the Saturday Night Live sketch titled, Liquorville.

The 30-year-old entertainer reprised his famous “Bring it on Down” sketch, where he dressed as a beer bottle, Lady Gaga as a wine bottle, and Kristin Wiig as a tea bag!

The three end up singing parodies of various songs, which included, “Rude Boy” by Rihanna, “All I Do is Win” by DJ Khalid, “Tipsy” by J-Kwon, “Airplanes” by B.O.B, and “Endless Love” by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross.

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  • angela

    bahahahaha i love justin.. gaga ruined it.

  • GG

    this first makes me miss justin as a singer…make a new album!!! #2 why does gaga always look so demonic and creepy!? ugh she’s so annoying

  • lucy2

    I thought Justin was awesome. Gaga jumped right into the fun. I don’t really get Gaga(we’ll just blame that on my age), but I respect that she is a talented songwriter and doesn’t just sing what others create.

  • anon

    I loved this skit, justin is awesome! Too bad he doesnt host SNL more often

  • me

    ehh justin was funny but gaga just ughh she just have to act like she is better.

  • James

    Justin was awesome as usual. Lady Gaga is some Yonkers trash and every time I see her it makes me want to turn the channel. I’m sure she’s nice, she probably has some capabilities somewhere.

  • yaya

    I have no idea why I always find this skit funny but I do.

  • S

    I really loved this skit! I loved the Tea Lady and Gaga!! She was good! JT was good…at the singing. But I just dont beleive him as an actor yet.

  • jt

    I thought Gaga was good!

  • yaya


    I agree. He’s Ok at acting, but great at skit comedy.

  • An

    Jsutin’s good at acting..he’s great,and the funniest one up there..xDD he’s great,,but Gaga is not that much

  • Interesting…

    I actually didn’t mind seeing Stefani in the skit. It was a nice surprise to see her not really as her stage persona “Lady Gaga”.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …He seriously owns that show. He’s gold every time.

  • Sabrina

    Justin Timberlake was really amazing and funny on SNL.
    I love Justin Timberlake.

  • MondayS*cks

    Totally agree with comments about Justin. He did a great job as always. He’s taken over for the previous generation in the 5 timers club, but we need a few more youngins who love what they do enough to give it the energy that JT does. Everyone knows that you don’t do SNL for the paycheck (flashback to Lorne Michaels and George Harrison having the conversation about Lorne only paying him 25% of what George thought he was getting because he was only 1/4th of The Beatles :-)
    As for Gaga. She is quite odd and I actually had to change the channel towards the end of Born This Way, but I still find her to be very very talented. Maybe it’s just the Mom in me, but don’t forget that she’s only about 24 years old. Maddona was singing pop fluff at that age for Jellybean Benitez. I think Stefani has a long career ahead of her.

  • *

    I heard the Lady copy n paste leak. the album should be called MADONNA re-visted cause its 80% Madonna 20% other artist absolutly nothing innovative at all. It was innovative when Madonna released her American Life & Erotica album thats why it wasn’t embraced as well as her others, it was sonically new in 1992 & 2003. GAG takes from the songs Mother Father, Im so stupid, american life & nobody knows me… Gag also uses the sound of Madonna confessions album ..specifically Electric chapel sounds like M song let it will be. Scheibe is “inspired” by the erotica album specifically songs Erotica & Waiting. Americano sounds exactly Madonna’s la isla bonita from the confessions tour. smdh.. n Fashion of his love which I expected to sound like M’s song Dress you up in my love cause it has almost identical tittles sounds just like whitney houstons song I wanna dance with somebody. Then Government hooker sounds exactly like NEW Orders song Blue Monday seriously when does it stop! hopefully soon cause your album sucks! Im sure I left out other artist she stole from but i think everyone who is over 25 gets it now. it will be #1 thanks to the lil retards & the double album counting as 2 copies sold cause she added a bunch of remixes the lil retards bought to make it over 100 mins. yea she doesnt care about the money lol.

  • :)

    @MondayS*cks: Madonna was singing her own songs she wrote her own songs on that album as well as all her others. check your facts. lady GAG was also dating guys in the industry Rob Fusari who created her name and image off of a really talented beautiful girl named LINA MORGANA … GAG & Rob were helping her break into the industry with that same image that GAG adopted. The poor killed herself and GAG took the image or what I believe happened GAG stole the image !st and then she jump off the building. I believe the second cause she killed herself when the FAME album got noticed. Either way Karma is a B GAG

  • July

    Justin was awesome, miss him!

  • enough already

    I’m sick of these spammers coming on here and going on and on about Lady Gaga being a Madonna clone. I know people love Madonna, but let’s get real…she lip synched her entire career until she put music out in 1998 when she didn’t have the real singer to do her vocals. There’s no way you can listen to “Papa Don’t Preach” then “Music” and say “oh that’s totally the same singer”. One major difference between them is that you can put them both in t-shirts and jeans and only Stefani could actually sing her ass off without frills. You act like Madonna came up with her “image” all on her own..BOTH Madonna and Lady Gaga got inspirations from artist from the 70′s – including Elton John…but Madonna certainly didn’t “pioneer” any look and Lady Gaga hasn’t “stolen” her look. Get over it. I don’t see you spamming Beyonce post going “oh she stole Tina Turner’s style!!” when there’s a lot more of a comparison between that then that of Gaga/Madonna. In fact Madonna pushed the envelope a little with cone bras and promiscuity …omg cone bras. I think we can all agree that Lady Gaga has gone above and beyond “strange” when it comes to what she wears. Let the artists be the artists and stop trying to pit fans against each other. Your comments won’t kill Gaga’s career.

  • enough already

    and @ :) if you think Madonna did ANYTHING on your own…you’re so mistaken it’s ridiculous. Madonna did not write her own music…that’s such a joke. But you know what…anyone can write a song and a singer can say they wrote it, that gets printed in wikipedia, and people like you believe everything you read. So yeah…run with that. Madonna’s image? I highly doubt she came up with a bow in her hair, high tops, jewelry, lace, and bleached hair in the 80s LOL. Joke.

  • :)

    @enough already: hahaha Madonna didnt write her music here is a link to the song writters registry Madonna uses,s,w,p,b,v&results_pp=25&start=1

    dont talk if you dont know wtf your talking about! look whos collecting royalties on her songs MADONNA and maybe a 1 co writer. Go to BMI were GAG registers and see up to 5 co writers on most songs collecting royalties. Hardly God sent lyrics like she says. btw the writers registry is official on dont read winki like u

  • :)

    @enough already: Madonna’s 1st tour LIVE and dancing which GAG cannot do

    Madonna’s last tour LIVE again

    so whats your point dont act like GAG hasnt been caught with lip sync or play back when live she sounds like she dying she cant hold a candle to xtina or mariah

  • http://@ottoman73 Otto

    Can’t stop laughing :) you guys made my day!

  • :)

    @enough already: On GAGs style that wasnt copied according to you LOL thats Victoria Beckham 2008 with heelless shoes

  • :)

    @enough already: lady gag copying Paulina rubio caution tape outfit

  • :)

    @enough already: Lady GAG copying what you call Madonna pathetic cone bra which happens to be on a muesum tour

  • :)

    @enough already: Madonna with the hand symbol in 1999 that you monstards claim GAG invented. didnt you lil retards claim xtina stole that symbol when hers was clearly a C for christina. GAGS is eaxctly like Madonnas

    madonna 1999


  • :)
  • :)
  • :)

    on the left kylie 2001 album cover on the right copy paste artist lady xerox

  • :)


  • :)

    @enough already: And lady xerox felt it was necessary that she emulate Fashion icon Isabella Blow. Bet you thought Lady xerox was the genius that came up with the lobster hat & Lace masks . btw isabella died in 2007 so you can’t say she copied your Queen of imitation.

  • :)
  • :)
  • :)
  • :)

    @enough already:SO stfu cause you have no clue and I can fill this page 100 more x with shit GAG jacked from roison murphy to Loli lux to grace to bowie to kylie to kerli to cyndi lauper and so on even her songs are copied take away all her “inspiration” and what the hell is left LOL

  • :)

    @enough already: btw if you watch Madonna’s Erotica video you can clearly see GAGS new direction from Madonna pointy nails sex & religous imagery, over the top extensions singing style. its beyond ridiculous now!

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