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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Yacht Cruise Couple

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Yacht Cruise Couple

Eddie Cibrian and his bikini-clad wife, LeAnn Rimes, share a smooch aboard a yacht on Thursday (May 26) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The couple enjoyed another day of their honeymoon by taking a private cruise on the Sea of Cortez.

“Wow, Eddie surprised me w/ a day on a gorgeous yacht!!!!! It’s a stunning day! Honeymoon officially amazing!” LeAnn, 28, tweeted about the boat, which was named “It’s All Good.”

Earlier in the week, LeAnn and Eddie spent some time taking a stroll on the beach and relaxing in a jacuzzi.

FYI: LeAnn is wearing a Luli Fama Cha Cha Cha bikini.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian on a yacht…

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121 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Yacht Cruise Couple”

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  1. 76
    Viv G Says:

    From Limelife site:

    Why on earth is Eddie Cibrian hosting LeAnn Rimes’ benefit show? Does Cibrian have the energy or the public admiration to amp the crowd? And we know LeAnn Rimes is over the fact that she had an affair with a married man, but honestly, some of her followers aren’t. Maybe leave the devil out of the deed, LeAnn? Just a suggestion. We’re kinda thinkin’ LeAnn’s just totally freaked out to let Eddie Cibrian out of her sight. You know what they say about the once-a-cheater thing…

    Say’s it all really………………..

  2. 77
    Annie Says:

    They have the male and female versions respectively of the “Yeah, I know my busted face is a lost cause so I’m gonna obsess and obsess over getting everything below the neck to fit society’s mold of sexy” physique. Now I think about it, this is probably the reason Schwarzenegger first got into bodybuilding. I like the lean muscular look but it’s easy to take it too far and just look obsessed and ED-ish.

  3. 78
    Viv G Says:

    There’s a Q and A at the benefit show. Hope that they are prepared for any questions about fidelity and child support etc…

  4. 79
    Viv G Says:

    Ha ha – I love the whole – “next episode” theme. However – I think that we will see a few pics of them out with their new “friends” who have come to surprise them. FYI – Leann – a surprise is just that.

  5. 80
    mae Says:

    They aren’t good people and for some reason everyone can see it even in pictures. Weird how peoples energy just gives them a good or horrible ora. They have a crazy bad energy.

  6. 81
    Stacee Says:

    Who has another couple come to their honeymoon? That’s a little strange. Never wanted or needed anyone else at mine. Is this your idea of romance Eddie and Leann?

  7. 82
    Sam and Shells Says:

    @Viv G
    Eddie has been told to attend and host this show. You think that he has any choice? Man was bought and paid for and if he wants to cash in, he needs to perform. Leann may not be a pretty girl but she has the AMEX that Eddie needs.

  8. 83
    Katey M Says:

    Ha ha ha…. Fake and so clearly staged. They are looking at the paps and standing where they are told. So funny. We are supposed to believe this pap show? Eddie’s looking a little soft now that he’s carrying a few more kilos. Could these two be any more hated?

  9. 84
    gwen Says:


    You can always tell when things have backfired for WEWE and EC because the usual suspects come out of hiding.

    @KATHY: Of course you think that WEWE and EC look hot, you also seem to think that a baby will convince people that all is well in WEWE relatoinship with EC. Oh please, you spend your time on here because WEWE fanbase is VERY LOW. Why do you spend your time reading our posts if you are so upset over WEWE and EC being bashed? WEWE and EC were wrong. WEWE shouldn’t have tipped off the paps. People will leave WEWE and EC alone when they leave BG, EC kids, and the public alone. As long as they continue to stage these pda photo-ops and then use charity events such as storm victims to whitewash their image, they are going to get slammed. So WEWE should just cancel her next staged EC loves me because photo-op, because it’s just going to be worse than now.


    TRANSLATION: Since WEWE is getting slammed for this photo-op , she has to show up on JJ and write nice things.

    Thanks JJ for showing us just how much money WEWE and EC waste on trying to make people think that they are a REEL couple. They are asking people to donate, while they waste thousands on staging pda photo-ops to hide the fact that EC is cheating on WEWE.

    I’m still baffled as to why EC would surprise WEWE with a yacht adventure when he knows she has motion sickness and has to take meds that make her drowsy. Why put the woman he loves so much through all that trouble? Probably because the yacht trip wasn’t EC idea. It’s amazing what you learn from WEWE staged photo-ops and tweets. She is her own worst enemy.

  10. 85
    gwen Says:

    @Viv G:

    Wait, EC and WEWE have a Q and A at the benefit?

    And why would a benefit for STORM VICTIMS require and Q and A session from EC and WEWE?

    That is right because as we have been saying all along this charity benefit wasn’t for the STORM VICTIMS, but just another attempt for WEWE and EC to promote themselves.

    That is sick that they would once again make the misfortunes of others about promoting their relationship.

    Who wants to bet that People mag or US WEEKLY(since WEWE is jealous of the fact that ML and BS got the cover) will do the exclusive?

    Seriously, WEWE should find another host and cancel the Q and A because after this staged photo-op, she and EC are the most disliked couple in HW.

    Just when you think that WEWE and EC can’t stoop any lower, they do. Seriously a Q and A so that they can talk about EC kids because EC doesn’t want them exposed to the media and press, their trip in Cabo, how EC picked out WEWE bikini, her album/single, how EC bought and designed her ring, how she is such a stalker that she had t of her bands designed for two little kids as if she is marrying them, and of course her wedding and honeymoon.

    Pleaser NBC/Lifetime/CMT, you had better intervene with this charity show because EC and WEWE are making a mockery of charity. Who does a charity event by using Q and A about their relationship? That is just sick. More backlash for EC and WEWE will follow.

  11. 86
    gwen Says:

    Blake S and Reba RAISED 500,000 for charity.

    Way to go BS, he did a charity event and he didn’t once call up JUST JARED, Dailymail, People mag, US Weekly, popsugar, radaronline, and the Celeb gossip site so that they can get “candid” shots of him and his NEW wife making out on yachts and beaches while on their honeymoon.

    Odd how NONE of the celebs wasted thousands of dollars on staging pda photo-ops because as you can see what was more important to them was that these people get financial and emotional support for what happened to them. That is what counts the most, when celebs do charity work without turning into a “LOOK AT ME, EC loves me and I can prove it by having EC host the show and then do a Q and A so that we can gush about our REEL lovEand share it when we are supposed to be focusing on others” session.

    Did Blake S and Reba have a Q and A? I guess not, their focus was actually on the victims of the storm. Q and A are only for charity events where famewhores like WEWE and EC use charity to promote them and their relationship.

  12. 87
    Charlene Says:

    This couple is the most pathetic pairing ever. Do they think that the public are completely naive? Everyone with firing brain cells knows that every picture taken of them is staged. Nothing they do will change the low opinion that almost everyone has of them and these PR stunts aren’t making matters any better. I almost feel embarrassed for them. You have no control over other peoples opinion of you but you do have control over your own personal behavior and they seem to be choosing to display the lowest class they can. Are they really that immature and self involved? Do they really think that they will garner public favor with this behavior? From what I read here and on every other board with stories about them, their PR siege is an epic fail. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetically sad. I have said the word pathetic a lot in this comment. It is the first word that comes to mind when I look at these pictures.

  13. 88
    gwen Says:

    So how come we didn’t see tons of photos of BS and ML on their honeymoon?

    Kate M and Prince W are 10x more famous and liked than WEWE and EC, did anyone recall seeing photos of them on their honeymoon?

    BTW, didn’t Reese W and Micheal B go on their honeymoon and were ONLY spotted for ONE DAY? Strange, so celebs are usually spotted on their honeymoons, yet it’s NEVER a DAILY or mutiple DAY thing like we are seeing with WEWE and EC.

    Wasn’t Paris H in Cabo and there was ONLY ONE photo of her?

    So how odd that WEWE and EC are being spotted DAILY on their honeymoon or mutiples time during the day while on their honeymoon, which is strange because they are not even in demand as evidenced by the fact that EC and WEWE are not even included in the top celebs lists on these sites?

  14. 89
    Esther Says:

    How asinine, utterly stupid, and hypocritical of LeAnn acting like she is the one being stalked by the paps when in fact she is the one that hires them to follow her around.

  15. 90
    Eve Says:

    After the “honey moon” comes the voluntary check in to a rehab facility for eating disorders. This woman has obviously got either anorexia nervosa or bulimia. When your teeth start looking too big for your face, kind of like a skeleton on a corpse, there’s something wrong!
    Sorry but this is not an attractive look.

  16. 91
    elaine Says:

    2 of the biggest ****** in Hollywood, Eddie Cibrian and Arnold S. both men cheating on their wives while they were pregnant. then we have Leann chasing a married man with kids like a BIT** in heat. now, that she has gotten what she wanted, everyone should just forget all of that mess and support her and go out and buy her records. Her career is toast. burnt toast

  17. 92
    elaine Says:

    and it is true in the picture of her on her side, she has zits on her a.s.s

  18. 93
    Esther Says:

    @ Elaine

    I have to agree with you on that she really does believe everyone should forget all of her horrendous acts (even though she still continues them) and now just support her and love her. She IS bat sh** crazy!!!

  19. 94
    Theresa Says:

    DARLING – DARLING – DARLING – DARLING. Jealous people …get a fricking life!!!!

  20. 95
    Theresa Says:

    Gwen…you are the most jealous person I have ever seen. You comment about her tweeting all day etc? Your rude comments added up, equal more then she types in a year! GET A LIFE OLD AND UGLY JEALOUS ONE. :)

  21. 96
    gwen Says:


    Hi Frannie plate/athena!!

    I was wonder when you were going to make your appearance. What’s the matter, are you upset because these photo-ops are not going over well with the public? So will I need to start saving my posts now that you are “officially” back?

    1) “DARLING – DARLING – DARLING – DARLING. Jealous people …get a fricking life!!!”

    WEWE and EC. It must have hurt WEWE very dearly to see Kim K on the cover of People mag when all she got was a section off to the side.

    WEWE is the most jealous person I have ever seen. Who paps themselves out this much?

    WEWE is upset because people comment about her tweeting all day and point out that things must REALLY be bad in WEWE relationship.

    WEWE rude comments added up, equal more then what we type in a year!

    WEWE needs to GET A LIFE instead of coming here to JJ to pose as her own fans.

    Poor WEWE, so EC is verbally abusing her again. This time he called her OLD AND UGLY JEALOUS ONE. :)

  22. 97
    gwen Says:


    Speaking of getting a life, how come WEWE and EC are using the misfortunes of others to promote their relationship?

    BS and Reba were able to raise money for the storm victims and not once did they put their personal lives ahead of the needs of the victims. Go Figure.

  23. 98
    gwen Says:


    TRANSLATION: WEWE and EC are going to release yet another moment of them famewhoring in Cabo in 3, 2, 1.

  24. 99
    Charlene Says:

    @Theresa: No one with a fully functioning brain is jealous of Leann Rimes. In fact on one board people were commenting on how she looks like she has a specific genetic condition that I will not name as it would be unnecessarily cruel and calling her a yodellngi yokel.That may not be nice but the constant BS photo ops and classless behavior have brought this on. She is literally hated for her behavior and her inability to say that what she did was wrong. Her constant PR push is pathetic. Honestly, if she just went away and laid low for a while and stopped the CONSTANT tweeting, I think that people could eventually forgive and forget. In this day and age of the constant scandal, if you are smart and disappear for a while, a new one will come along and take over yours. You can’t try to shove your relationship down peoples throats and demand they like it. This is not Leann Rimes fan page, it is a gossip comment board. She is behaving in an extremely immature way and her new husband isn’t helping matters at all. Maybe he is behind all the BS and she is just the innocent in love with him, going along with what he wants. Regardless, calling people who don’t like her or them as a couple which basically covers 99 percent of people here jealous and ugly is ridiculous. If you are related to her or a friend of hers, I suggest you stay away from the comment sections of these gossip sites because you aren’t going to read anything positive unless you put it there yourself. Saying you do not like the way someone conducts them self certainly does not indicate jealousy. She needs to get a grip on herself and stop this stupid fake PR garbage or she will lose the few people that she has left on her “side”, except for maybe the ones who call anyone who doesn’t like her ugly and jealous which kind of paints an unflattering picture of her “fans” and therefore her.

  25. 100
    betty Says:

    @Charlene AMEN to that.

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