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Maria Shriver: Malibu Dinner with the Family

Maria Shriver: Malibu Dinner with the Family

Maria Shriver smiles from ear to ear as she leaves dinner at Tra Di Noi restaurant on Sunday (May 29) in Malibu, Calif.

The 55-year-old estranged wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger dined with her children, Christina, Katherine, and Christopher, as well as a few friends and a bodyguard.

Maria has reportedly hired a divorce attorney but hasn’t decided yet whether or not she will choose to end her marriage, a source tells People.

15+ pictures inside of Maria Shriver leaving dinner at Tra Di Noi in Malibu…

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Credit: Epa/Alex; Photos: AKM Images
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  • Lynn

    Her pictures look scary and I don’t mean to sound offensive. She looks physically and mentally exhausted. Things she is going through right now have scarred her for life…

  • friscosangel

    not a big fan of her usually…but i feel sorry for her…you can tell all the personal stuff is getting to her…she does not look as good and healthy as she used to…hope she will get over her stupid husband’s affairs and find happiness

  • Becky

    Why won’t she end her marrige, when her husband has made another woman pregnant and been unfaithful several times?!!!

  • ****

    She’s looking more like her mother every day. ;)

  • sillyme

    Kennedy women don’t age well. She and Caroline Kennedy look like they are almost 70 due to all the wrinkles.

  • Go Ask Alice

    All of you are right. End her marriage…seems her marriage ended a long time ago and it was a lie and Arnold just forgot to tell her.

    She used to be so pretty when she was younger and even a few years ago. She is the body type that needs fat. Her face is long, thin and makes her look 15 years older.
    The girl needs to look her best. On Oprah , she looked too thin, but ok. She has been under a rock. Unloading that 300 lb. albatross around herneck, named Anrold, should help her.

  • shimmy

    Great to see her out and about and trying to maintain a normal life. Great example for her kids~

  • bobbi

    The Kennedy women typically don’t get plastic surgery. The are not afraid to age and develop lines and wrinkles as is normal with aging.

    People are so used to seeing 70 year old actresses with no facial lines. That is not normal.

    Lastly, I would tend to think finding out you lived under the same roof with the other woman who bore your husband’s child and being the last to find out would be unbelievably stressful. It has to make her question her life, her marriage, her own family.

    My heart goes out to this woman.

  • Annie

    She’s the spitting image of how Eunice looked around 1980. You know I still think Maria is beautiful, strong Irish features, wrinkles and all. People are so quick to judge Maria because of her family background and looks, but when you actually listen to this woman she has a lot of humility considering who she is. Look at how she even made a youtube vid asking for advice and was willing to admit she felt scared of not knowing what she was going to do next. Unlike Arnold whos ego has always been out of control and even when he tries to pretend to be down to earth it just seems fake. Best of luck, Maria.

  • Brainy box


  • Lilly

    I feel sorry for her but then I don’t when she hasn’t decided if she will end the marriage????? is she that catholic? That’s probably why she stayed around with his cheating all these years in the first place. I feel sorry for the kids.

  • sheila

    Kennedy women were never the prettiest (all the good looks in that family seem to go to the men) and don’t age well either. But Maria usually makes the best with what she got looks-wise, but, poor thing is going through a sad difficult time with that douchy husband and the stress is showing on her face, so think why she looks rougher than usual

  • anonymous

    Surprised that extra-fit Arnold would have (and allow) such a chubby son.

  • bess

    where have they have been hiding this chubby kid all these years. they must have photoshopped in another child for publicity photos – this boy looks really bad

  • boston61

    What’s wrong with her son? He is a mess. I thought Arnold was a fitness guy. WTF? Arnold is a fraud. He did too CA what he did to his son.

  • mason

    scary-looking. but she’s not pretty even with makeup on.
    the kennedy women are not lookers.

  • cherysh bradette

    maria should get some botox and fillers then breast implants and go after the pool boy!!! cause she still could be a knock out !!! as for their son the youngest one about ten years ago he was adorable still is maybe stress eating happened just saying!!! so maria take my advice and make arnold jealous with your new gorgeous self good luck baby!!!

  • torrance

    @mason: the men werent/arent lookers either.
    i dunno women back in the day were all about them.
    they all have wonk eyes and horse teeth.
    the only one that was goodlooking was jfk jr.

  • torrance

    @mason: the men werent/arent lookers either. the whole family has wonk eyes and horse teeth.
    i dunno why women were all about them back in the day.
    the only one that was goodlooking was jfk jr.

  • kelly

    @Brainy box: i dont think that song really matches because she did have arnold………………. for like 20 some years………..

  • Zoe

    She doesn’t have any makeup on and hasn’t botoxed and fillered her face. To me she is graceful and doesn’t look like a clown. She dresses her age and not like some 20 year old. She has an excellent figure. The problem with our society is that we have become used to 16 year olds dressing like 25 and 50 year olds dressing like 20 year olds. It is ridiculous!

  • elizabet

    Is that really Arnold’s son? Does not look like it.

  • julie

    She looks just like her mother did at that age. She needs to put on some weight to fill out the wrinkles. That will make her look younger. . I remember thinking that Mrs Shriver looked way older than she really was so Maria is taking after her. Maria looks at least 65 to 70 years old. Hope Arnold’s daughter don’t take after their mother and grandmother. Caroline is taking after the Kennedy’s and JFK,Jr. was taking after his mother’s family.

  • Sweet Pea

    Glad to see you smiling, hon’. Keep your chin up.

  • cece

    god she is ugly

  • http://job Looky

    Maybe I need my eyes checked but she looks pretty good to me. Yeah she does have the Kennedy face that does not age well that all of the ladies have in that blood line but she’s in great shape and carries herself well, that goes a long way for men.

  • really

    LOVE HER STRENGTH! Go Maria!!!!!!!!!!

  • auzeee

    Maria looks just fine, considering the level of stressors on her at this time. To all the Hollywood Model Agency comparers, try looking respectable for the paparazzi’s camera 24/7.