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Halle Berry & Nahla: Grocery Girls

Halle Berry & Nahla: Grocery Girls

Halle Berry and daughter Nahla pick up some groceries at Bristol Farms on Monday (June 13) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Last week, the 44-year-old actress held hands with Nahla after picking her up from school.

Shape recently revealed some of Halle‘s favorite workouts that keep her in tip top shape.

Three of her workout secrets include strength training (following trainer Harley Pasternak 5-Factor Fitness plan), kickboxing (which burns calories), and hitting the hills (hiking, climbing stairs, or cranking up the resistance on the elliptical).

She also “enjoys a healthy diet that includes lots of fresh produce, lean proteins, complex carbs, and plenty of water!”

FYI: Halle is wearing an MiH Jeans White Trapeze Tank and Costa Blanca pants.

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  • Mlef

    When people loves each other and forget everything about races (which doesn’t exists by the way, the only race human, is the human race)…
    …So then when you forgot all that bullsh.i.t, you can give birth to a beautiful child like Nahla.

  • omg

    She looks like a boy just like her mother.

  • janie marie

    nahla’s eyebrows make her look mad all the time

  • Mlef

    F.u.cking nazis, you’re talking about a child.
    You must be really ugly to be that stupid, and it’s really kind from me.

  • R.K.

    She’s def not as cute as she use to be, her looks have changed.

  • Madhatter

    That child is absolutely adorable, she just needs some sunglasses.
    (I make crazy faces when I squint, too.)

  • glamorous1

    That kid looks like she has some “issues”.

  • yep…..

    @Tater Tot:


  • Hannah

    Nahla is beautiful, she will be a stunning woman!

  • halle is her mom?

    not cute

  • lillyb

    Yeah, umm…my mom always said if you have nothing nice to say…..

  • o dear

    that kid is as ugly as Suri

  • Jon

    Why does she dress her like a little boy?

  • bambino


    We must not be looking at the same pics!

  • kayla

    Nahla is cute but not pretty and Halle is cute but not pretty.
    I do give her credit she keeps her body tone, something I need to do!!!!!

  • Ak

    Wow – NOT cute.

  • lidstrom

    Nahla is gonna need a nose job in the very near future

  • Max

    That child is perfect just the way she is. Everybody does not need to look like the Housewives of O.C. with the same nose, the same hair, and lips like somebody smacked them in the mouth with a two by four.

  • wailey

    You’re a sick person to say such nasty things about a child. You must look like S***, Nahla and her mom are BEAUTIFUL!

  • Rita M

    @JoseLyn you took the words out of my mouth
    It’s the same UGLY TROLL posting multiple times because she is miserable. Nahla is gorgeous child.

  • Kyle

    Halle is so beautiful, and her child is cute. You haters should not be allowed to have children. Please tell me you’re sterile!

  • Ulike

    Awww….Halle’s upset that people think her kid is ugly.

  • fred

    hi Nahla.

    Nice to you sweetie.Don’t worry momma’s here to keep you safe

  • Hater

    Lots of ugly celebrity babies and this is one of many.

    My list of ugly celebrity babies is long.

    Don’t get me started. I can’t stop.

    This is another UGLY one.

  • Olan

    Seriously! Even for a Troll this chick is pathetic. To write such horrible things about a child, speak volumes. Nahla is a beauty

  • Mason

    @Hater and the many other names you go by
    you’re name suits you well, but I would suggest something like S*** for brains, Nazi, mongrel, c**t!

  • Viva_Brazil

    One word,,,,,,,,,,, FUG.

  • Bradley

    Nahla is so pretty, and the girl that’s writing the mean things probably looks like the troll she is. I hope your life turns around and you seek out professional help.

  • Dionne

    She’s so precious.

  • Zarriah

    You guys are pathetic talking about a child! Nahla & Halle are drop dead gorgeous! You have no lives, I swear! Get a life!! Haters!

  • Zarriah

    You guys are pathetic talking about a child! Nahla & Halle are drop dead gorgeous! You have no lives, I swear! Get a life!! Haters!

  • Ur Sad Girl

    Woah some one’s projecting, we know you look like horse S! Ugly????
    This child is one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen


    Nothing about Nahla is ugly. She doesn’t need a nose job because she has the nose God gave her that works perfect on black people. She doesn’t need white features to be pretty.

    Let’s see a picture of all of you, then we shall judge. You only wish you were pretty like Halle and her daughter!!

  • Jimmy

    She is a cute little girl

  • jake

    Surprised by how the daughter has turned out.

  • staywithme

    She has had so much work done no wonder her daughter looks nothing like her:(

  • CJ

    She looks alot like Hank and Kendra’s son.

  • sunseeker

    Nahla is cute , her mum is OK but nothing as stunning. Halle’s character is not so good, maligning the father of her child shows me she is not the person I thought she was. Nahla will one day know what her mother said about her father and know she lied.

  • Madi

    Nahla is cute, and looking more and more like her dad. LoL!
    I bet its Carma for Halle’s behavior against him…
    Now she can stare him in the face everyday :)

  • Clay

    Everyone with ugly things to say about Nahla, what about you?

  • lilia mazunina



    she looks like Halle’s mother

  • karen

    wow, look at the kid in the shopping cart, turning around, wow

  • Hmmm.

    Uhmm. I will keep my comments to myself.

  • Hannah


    Maybe you’re not a person objectively, or this is different aesthetic taste!
    I think Nahla is a beauty. She’s not a normal beauty, she’s a particular beauty: beautiful hair, eyes, skin, very sweet cheekbones.
    I don’t like envious persons, they aren’t balanced in judgment.
    Nahla is a beauty, I don’t care Halle, but this little girl is really a beauty, and she will be a stunning woman.

  • panwang

    i like nahla

  • Jesse

    Nahla & mom are gorgeous, you are too old to hate a child, your immaturity is pathetic. You must have a horrible life and hate to look at yourselves in the mirror. How ugly are you?

  • italian girl

    Nahla is the cutest baby girl in Hollywood, absolutely.
    It could not be different as her mom Halle and her daddy Gabriel are one of the most beautiful couple.

  • hm

    my mother always told me to never wish something bad for others,but you know… if you can name a child ugly,then I wish you have such a child you consider like one.How can you call a child ugly?! and Nahla is a beauty,her mother is stunning,without mentioning daddy who is a model. Don’t be jealous,let the girl be.

  • newsworthy????

    JJ Halle and Nahla for the umpteenth time at the grocery–HOLD the PRESSES! Recap, Halle picked Nahla up from preschool again—NEWSFLASH–will catch it on the evening news! The bit about Halle using Harvey Pasternak’s diet secrets–is old news. Her name is only mentioned when he’s promoting his book–don’t know if she still uses his suggestions, but long-time known fact, she’s known fact she’s no longer one of his clients. He does the same thing that hack of an alleged acting coach, Ivana Chubbock does when she’s promoting her book or services except Halle still sees her on occasion. Showing every day pix of Halle w/ her cute kid as amusing or entertaining as it may be, is not newsworthy.