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Jennifer Aniston: 'Horrible Bosses' Red Band Trailer!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Horrible Bosses' Red Band Trailer!

Jennifer Aniston shows off a ring on her finger as she arrives at the The Daily Show to tape an appearance on Monday (June 27) in New York City.

The 42-year-old actress (in Nina Ricci) stepped out earlier in the day in a tank top and jeans.

A red band trailer for Jen‘s new movie Horrible Bosses was just released!

The film, which hits theaters on July 8, is about three guys who conspire to murder their bosses who treat them awfully.

Horrible Bosses will get a premiere at CineEurope later this week in hopes of attracting the attention of theater owners in Europe!

Jennifer Aniston: ‘Horrible Bosses’ Red Band Trailer
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jennifer aniston horrible bosses red band trailer 02
jennifer aniston horrible bosses red band trailer 03
jennifer aniston horrible bosses red band trailer 04
jennifer aniston horrible bosses red band trailer 05
jennifer aniston horrible bosses red band trailer 06
jennifer aniston horrible bosses red band trailer 07

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  • OMFG

    I love charlie day. Jeniffer Aniston isn’t even the star of this movie just a side character so the movie has hope.

  • OMFG


  • aninie


    A man said another man: hello, you can’t forget the past, you will always be a loser

    One day, two days, three days, a year, two years, three years.. Six years

    Forever, they refuse to let other people to live a good life

    She smiled, and they said she was in tears

    She went out, they say, she never forget the past

    What did she do all wrong and they say they know her, than her, see

    Ha ha ~ ~!!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! This is ridiculous

    Who is a loser?

    Look at Jennifer, six years, she has a new life, she appeared almost every time in order to work.

    Now, they accused her, every time is hidden in a computer later

    The darkness to say: you are mental illnesses. You are always in secret and someone competition! You not content to lose!

    Oh, god.

    Can’t forget the past is who?

  • http://deleted Angelic

    Aniston is like an ageing leach whose survival in the media gaze is a product of her failed relationship with Pitt. Add Angelina Joli and Aniston’s interest factor is ignited. Although the total lack of plausability in any connection between this faded frauline and the megawatt duo Brange is now becoming cartoonesque. The puported fan base of Anuston is primarily composed of those who loathe Angelina rather than have any real interest in JA.

    Facts rather than fiction are evident to the discernible reader. Aniston is a natural brunette, at 42 her blond die job is also hiding quite a few grey hairs. Botox and facial fillers have contorted her face, there’s no symmetry in her features, rather she is typical of the pillow face side effect of injecting collagen or restylene under the skin to fake a fullness that is lost with age. The real Aniston is nowhere to be seen, she’s all plastic, fake tan and died blond, straightened hair and a gym body that is more masculine than feminine. She’s a short woman and the hormonal changes in the 40s results in a redopositing of fat to the stomach, the apple syndrome. Her daily workouts and strict diet are a necessity, very quickly her true body shape would emerge. I guess kudos for trying but her obsession takes up a large portion of her day, what kind of a life is that. John meyer complained about the hours she takes each day trying to fight the ageing process.

    Although a lifetime of sunbaking, smoking and yoyo dieting has played havoc on her skin, despite the fillers, lazer etc she looks older than her years and her look is growing more bizarre. I don’t envy her this obseession, how she copes with the rapid body changes after menopause will be a disaster. At this stage a therapist would be encouraging other pursuits, interests and activities that give her a sense of worth not linked to appearance. Unfortunately her acting talent has proven quite limited, her intellect average and her self obsession ruling out a genuine interest in helping others.

    So are we doomed to watch her morph further into a bitter, grotesque weathered barbie wearing teenage clothes with little girl poses and weird facial expressions, her mouth is like an eel, smiling at one end, frowning in the middle and open at the corner, all she needs is drool to really scare the kids away.

    In contrast Angelina has already achieved every award possible for her acting and she has acknowledged that some genres are for the actors in their 20s. Her commitment to her role as UN ambassador is far more than tokenism, a great article in the Huffington Post cited her many, many visits to refugees around the globe, where ange lives in the same conditions as the other aid workers for weeks, she donates aprox a third of her income to this cause. One example was the 14 milll for the shots of the twins, all donated to the various programs she and Brad have put in place for sustainable infrastructures to effect long term change rather than a band aid result.

    If Aniston focussed on the world and gave more of herself she would grow so much, and actually lessen the dissonance between who she wants to be to who she actually is. If not soon, I’m afraid her shallow existence will ultimately destroy her. A lesson for us all really. And to the media, please move on to people who inspire rather than cause an emotional implosion, Aniston depresses. If you need to fuel rumours about Brad and Angelina, there are many other parties to choose from, far more interesting exes with more talent, beauty and personality.

  • ellie’

    So looking forward to seeing this movie..Looks so all the actors….

  • mandw

    Six years, JOLIE got the child, the man, fan, everything

    But she is still not forget JEN

  • ia

    i love her ….she is hottttttt

  • jen fan

    looking foreward to her blockbuster

  • OD

    Funny people

    So you have a purpose

    You leave a message against her, tell everyone, she is sketchy with. And then? What can you get? Satisfaction?

    I was surprised

    They said Julie do a lot of a lot of charity, so they love her. So why are they not friendly to others? I see their comments, it’s really quite a shock, “JEN is simply nothing!” They shouted loudly. Oh god!!!!!!!!!! This let me shock. Indeed, you hate her. You can hate her, but you can’t deny all her. Everyone has their own value, true side, and false side, is normal. Everybody is the person, have their own work, we all want to live in this world, some mistakes is inevitable, some faults could not hide, but everyone has his living value. This is life. Why deny a person’s all?

  • vera

    she is gorgeous indeed

  • ace

    Not her fans

    But that’s really too arrogant to criticize her

    Support jen

  • Clara

    She’s awesome

  • Homewrecker anorexic


    Are you the real Angelina being all philosophical throwing flowers at yourself lol!!! real charity is not done in front of cameras for everyone to see, you do it it from your heart privately no one even have to know, everytime Angelina does charity it is conveniently all over the news, ohh she is such a lady now! Jen had Brad at his best when he was a sex symbol and every women on earth wanted him, now he looks old and tired, I am sure she is not interested in him anymore

  • mdwoe

    Jen looks very happy
    i respect her

  • daily

    Jennifer is a peach, she’s such a wonderful amazing woman .Her reputation is well justified.

  • caso

    Her movies will be shown

    So they are jealous 、anger
    Their fragile and sensitive nerve again at the moon “JEN to fight!!!!!!” LOL

    I find that their message was stupid

  • Isaa

    “White Trash”…….copycat …now her favorite color is BLACK….wears it all the time now…..ummmm..who do you think she is copying.

    But as much as she’ll try to copy AJ, Aniston will never have style, class, poise and elegance.

    Don’t think she owns a MIRROR. Probably can’t stand the sight of herself.

  • Isaa

    “White Trash”…….copycat …now her favorite color is BLACK….wears it all the time now…..ummmm..who do you think she is copying.

    But as much as she’ll try to copy AJ, Aniston will never have style, class, poise and elegance.

    Don’t think she owns a MIRROR. Probably can’t stand the sight of herself.

  • SadHag

    Her one fan, that posts repeatedly is a joke just like Hagiston!!! Word to the wise, if you want to disguise yourself, don’t change your name, use spellcheck and proper English!

  • dwoeoo

    I think she’s the best she’s ever looked. She looks amazing, good for her.

  • mada

    she handles her fame with extraordinary grace

  • mada

    I think she handles her fame with extraordinary grace

  • So Happy for Jen

    “Horrible Bosses” will lead to new opportinities for Princess Jen.

  • fangf

    Her emotional discipline is extraordinary, and I really want to compliment her for that



  • Charice

    All she needs is an apron to complete her waitress outfit in a Mexican restaurant……..bwahhahahhahaha… roflol…bwahhahahahhahha

  • Stock Up Now

    If you think the sloppy JP cows are PO’d now wait until the inevitable success of Jen’s new movie. The unwashed lezbo swine are going to eat their feelings and empty out junk food isles across America.

  • YeahRight

    If the movie is a success Maniston will claim it’s her movie, if it tanks she’ll blame the director, the scriptwriter, her co-actors, the weather, her dog, etc, etc,etc, etc, etc.

  • mweoo

    what’s really important is that women want to hang out with you. That’s what I love about Jennifer Aniston

  • baoka

    Jennifer Aniston is going to be on.

  • jennifer

    When you see her physically, it makes sense. I was just like, ‘Yeah, perfect, great casting’

  • ray

    I would love to be Jennifer Aniston.she is cute and sexy in a genuine way.

  • cldfergr

    Oh my Gosh. I mean like stare at her body. I have such a girl crush on her。

  • What???????

    mweoo @ 06/28/2011 at 2:38 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    what’s really important is that women want to hang out with you. That’s what I love about Jennifer Aniston
    She likes to hang out with the likes of Chelsea Handler, the man stealing Laura Dern, Joe Francis and the creepy Terry Richardson.

  • Amy

    WOOooohoooo Jen is looking amazingly stunning :D

  • Sorry but

    She’s just happy because it’s been a long time since she’s gotten any action, now that she’s lowered her standards and finally got someone to suit her level. She will never get anyone as good as Brad and her fans KNOW IT. So they are trying to find good things to say about this new guy, who we all know will dissappear like all the other men in the last 6 years. This is Jen pattern always and forever. Poor thing will die a lonely old woman with no one to spend her friends money with. On a much more happier note, have you seen the Jolie Pitt family pics lately?? There’s a lot of happieness over there :)

  • susanda

    Life is pretty good for her right now, she has such a good structure around her

  • hot

    I can completely understand why half of America has a crush on her. Not when [she's making] that scrunchy face, though.

  • Sorry but

    Haha , half of american can care less about this sitcom actress..

  • Sorry but

    Haha , half of american can care less about this sitcom actress..
    Stumpy legs and frumpy outfit. She looks like a waitress at El Toritto

  • da

    She’s a real comedy genius.

  • Poor Jen

    I’m suprised she didn’t bring her teddy bear from that one photo shoot she did to this premiere! LOL. She is such a joke this woman..No other female actress needs the support of her fans as much as Jen. It’s like she’s a child with special needs. “You can do it Jen!!” You look so happy Jen!!” Be yourself Jen!” Lmfao…..

  • lovejen

    she’s so sexy and funny and such an amazing business woman.

  • cute

    She’s just like a normal girl.She’s quirky and funny, and she doesn’t take things too seriously.

  • She IS a COMEDY

    Doesn’t she know people ARE Laughing AT her!!!!

  • Sorry but

    America = Laughing at Jen. So many millions but don’t know what to do with life.
    America = Praising Angelina Jolie for her contributions in hollywood and achievements with UNHCR. Recieves fan adrimation for setting example of balance for work, charity, family life. And not to mention her iconic and effortless beauty.

    I’m sorry Jen fans but it’s the truth.

  • superyoung

    I think she is the most lovely woman on the planet..she is a beautiful person and she always has been.

  • uncle sam

    Jen is the All-American girl next door with a manicured lawn, beautiful garden and neat house.
    Ang is the freak next door with the 3 ft. tall grass, tarp on the roof, peeling paint, and plastic on the windows.

  • fan

    she has emerged with like this really tight great group of women friends.I have never met someone as genuinely kind and selfless as Jennifer.

  • lc

    love jenn!
    she looks so pretty!