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Gerard Butler: Shirtless Boat Ride in Ischia!

Gerard Butler: Shirtless Boat Ride in Ischia!

Gerard Butler goes shirtless while spending time on a boat with a mystery girl on Saturday (July 9) off the coast of the island Ischia in Naples, Italy.

The 41-year-old actor spent time with Pascal Vicedomini, founder of the Ischia Film Festival, earlier in the day. Gerard is in town to receive the Actor of the Year Award at the festival.

The 2011 Ischia Film Festival kicks off on Sunday (July 10) and will last one week. Among the events at the festival will be a premiere of Nicole Kidman‘s film Trespass.

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gerard butler shirtless boat ride in ischia 06

Credit: Gigi Iorio; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • oldbutnotdead

    @Anna K.: No clue what this is about….

  • Drive Bye

    Those glasses are Dame Edna, but they are also every woman drawn on “The Far Side”. Remember that comic? LOL

  • oldbutnotdead

    @Who Dat: I bet it would look great long, if he kept it gray!

  • Hmm….

    But he has sausage fingers!

  • vegas

    Welcome, obsessed. Maybe we are all a bit obsessed or we wouldn’t be posting here? Could explain the couple of thumbs down, They don’t want to admit why they are here. I like his hands, too. Not the end all, and be all, but part of the package.

  • CJ

    I never comment about the women who sit near him but this one so looks like a man in drag….between the face and the big hands…I don’t know….and “actor of the year award”..?????…he hasn’t had a movie come out all year….but this is an Italian award so maybe one of his movies over there was out this year….

  • oldbutnotdead

    @Hmm….: Many women love them. I was just on another site, and they referenced his “big paws”, very lovingly….LOL.

    I hate small, smooth skinned hands on a man, so nasty…men’s hands should always look like they could use a hammer and build something with them.

  • Who Dat?

    I am so glad others are saying the woman in the boat looks like a man. That was my first reaction, but I didn’t want to be rude. Gerry looks good as always, wish he was not so slim. Miss his big broad shoulders, they have disappeared.

  • Minnie

    @Who Dat?:
    I miss his shoulders too! And his sexy thighs. They are gone as well. :(
    And yes, lady looks like a dude, that’s for sure. I hope there wasn’t any ‘oh mama’ going on between her and Gerry that night, LOL.

  • chris

    When will Gerry ever stop hiring beard as mistery girl? It will be a waste of time.

  • Agnes

    ♥ He’s ok

  • she

    @CJ: Hi love, good that you had the need to comment about the woman because it’s a chance for me to say hello. how are you these days?

  • Natalie

    OMG, I remember the last time he was at the Ischia Film Festival. A woman who was there, some Italian journalist, said that GB was acting like a dog in heat LOL.

  • postwatcher

    He looks like an old man….body totally emaciated. Trying hard to look like a 20 something…ha ha ha jokes on him.

  • Who Dat?

    I wonder how different he will act this time around at Ischia. The last time he was there was before 300 came out, a few months before he even began filming 300. Now he is a real movie star.

  • Miranda

    Something’s not right with Gerry. I think he’s ill. There just seems to be something wrong.

  • Alexandra

    Gerard Butler is not a real movie star!! He is a gossip boy.

  • partycrasher

    Hey I love the cherry bathing suit with rhinestones while swigging Orangina, it screams “fu/ck me” in Italian

    there is more than one way to rock the boat on board the Gerry Ferry!

  • Mr Major

    What happened to his hair?
    He looks like my grandma…. or Margaret Thatcher!!!

  • Agnes


  • CJ

    @she…I’m doing ok…hope your doing good also…

  • partycrasher

    hey newbiegirls maybe we should talk about the flavor of his gerry juice to get the thumbs going up,
    or maybe we could rip on Gerry’s mystery girl

    guess thats ok on JJ………..LMF/UCKINGAO at his fans

  • yikes

    Boy, he owed someone a BIG favor to get fixed up with a woman whose nose is bigger than his. Perhaps she’s related (unmarried sister) to someone in the festival hierarchy?

  • she

    @CJ: Doing O.K? That’s all? You deserve much more from the world. Hugs from me ♥♥♥

  • Me2

    “Gerard Butler goes shirtless while spending time on a boat with a mystery girl”…. Mystery girl?!… more like mystery granny to me!


    Blah blah you sad women.
    He is greaaaat in bed that’s all that matters.


    ….but none of you will ever know.

  • ew.

    that woman he is with is like his mom, please, gerard dates women who have some cache
    attractive only apply. and not ones with guts like the she-beach beast from malibu.

  • Mavis

    I thought it was Bradley Cooper hahaha

  • angelsrcock


    LOL!! He could very well be envious, but my god he looks good in that pic.

  • hellotheregb

    @MEGAN: Tru’ dat!

    by the way what happened to Georgia? we should be hearing from her or is that her with the classy glasses and beach jewelery?

  • Who Dat?

    megan probably is Georgia

  • hellotheregb

    ur right!

  • SNL

    those glasses look they may be the ones Gerard wore in that skit where he wears the white suit, may he lent them to her

  • niknoks

    @Who Dat?:

    I reckon she is, Georgia* can’t come back because she exposed herself as a fraud when there was some false information about GB being in South Africa when in fact he hadn’t left Malibu.

  • oldbutnotdead

    Fascinating! over one hundred posts of nearly total snark! By everyone! Even posters I like.

    I understand it is a gossip board, so I gather “gossip” always translate into slamming someone unknown, as well as a person just sitting and staring out to sea?

    After a while, it becomes boring. Feeling self-righteous I suppose, it is Sunday here….see you later. Maybe there will be a change of subject.

  • oldbutnotdead

    I lied…again… I am back with a vid just for fans. G and the paps, by Engchickie.

  • niknoks


    Have to agree, poor woman sitting within a few metres of GB and she is being completely eviscerated. I admit I commented on her ‘funny’ glasses but that’s it.


    I get particularly annoyed with people who make their b!tchy comments under a different name because they’re are too much of a coward to do it under the name that everyone on here knows them by. I have made somewhat snarky comment on here, I admit, I don’t think anyone is completely innocent of that, but I least when I do it, I don’t use a different name, I have the guts to use the one everyone knows me by.


    Also, the people who start their insults with “I don’t mean to be rude but….” as if that somehow makes their comments more palatable. If you don’t want to be rude and you know your comment is, then why make it? No different to people who start their comments with “I don’t mean to be rac!st but…. ” or “I don’t mean to be homophob!c but….”, you know they’re about to say something rac!st or homophob!c.

  • CJ
  • CJ
  • oldbutnotdead

    @niknoks: We actually have a new thread as well! Another shot from Zimbio shows a huge wedding ring on her left hand, and on the new thread, it states he was on the boat with Pascal, the director of the festival, so I am guessing that she is his wife.

    NEW Thread! Yay…try to play nice all….

  • so gullible

    interesting the DiCaprio thread shows the posters attracted to his threads are not too different than here, LOL, calling Leo’s mom a butterface, gee I don’t think the GB lot has stooped that low yet.

  • http://@kirstyrawrpaige kirsty

    He looks like bradley cooper with his long hair, however Bradley is better looking

  • Hot Mess

    @kirsty: Entitled to your opinion, of course, but Butler is much more gorgeous to me. Nothing wrong with Cooper, but no Butler, darlin….

  • justsayin’too

    who dat and old but not dead- That picture from 05 showed a healthy looking GB. I like seeing him like that, I think it is his best look except with hair just a little bit longer. Salt and Pepper or totally gray wouldn’t matter as long as he looks rested and like he feels good. I am beginning to wonder if he is having some health issues myself.
    It seems on every other celebrity site, they trash the women too. Clooney’s woman was always being called tranny, cokewh0re, etc… No sense in all the “mystery” because it doesn’t matter, the internet boards will always contain snarky comments. If I were one of the women involved with a famous guy I would just ignore it because I would want to spend time with the person I cared about not read a silly board. Got that Georgia!


    I hope he wears sunscreen, would hate to see him get skin cancer and people should just leave him alone so he can enjoy a vacation.


    @oh no!:
    Whomever he is with is his business, I wish people would leave him alone so he can enjoy his vacation. I hope he has a good sunscreen on, would hate to see him get skin cancer.


    I hope he can enjoy his vacation, without too much photographer interference and please my he wear sunscreen, to help prevent skin cancer.

  • Grapevine

    @hellotheregb/@who dat/@niknoks@justsayin’too
    That wasn’t the real Georgia* poster last weekend.Just some silly folk having a laugh at her expense.She has never spoken about GB in that way and has always said that she wouldn’t disclose any details.So I don’t think she talk like that about s/ex and what not.JMO.

  • RuthVaillette

    -Trying to figure it out- Me too. That is one wierd looking rubber-faced female. But probably a host-ess. Not his…I hope. But he looks good.