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Miranda Kerr: David Jones Fashion Preview!

Miranda Kerr: David Jones Fashion Preview!

Miranda Kerr rocks an animal-print top while attending the David Jones Spring/Summer Fashion Preview on Wednesday (August 10) in Melbourne, Australia.

The 28-year-old Aussie model flew in from Sydney, where she had been spending some time with her son Flynn the day before.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda told the Sydney Morning Herald that she didn’t expect Flynn to be so big – but her grandma did!

“I put on 40 pounds (18 kilograms) but I wasn’t fazed. I was eating so much and my grandma was like, ‘Love, you had better stop eating. You’re going to make a big baby and I don’t know how you are going to push it out.’ I was like, ‘Nan, it’s fine,’ but she was the only one who knew,” she shared.

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Credit: Graham Denholm; Photos: Wire Image
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  • jk

    She is so beautiful and sweet I don’t mind here photos :)

  • LC

    Miranda is so pretty and I love her personality but damn JJ really over exposes people. It seems like there have been a barrage of posts on the same people over and over again. Oh well I guess those are the people with publicists that pay.

  • http://@MirandaKerrNews

    She looks great

  • allyouhaters

    I’ll take Miranda + Flynn pictures over Katie + Suri. why are there so many Miranda haters out there? She seems like a genuine person. She needs the attention to make money to support her kid, isn’t that the entertainment business?

  • LC


    If you are referring to my post then you must be blind because I wasn’t hating on her. Read what I wrote again, Miranda is not the only one being over exposed lately on JJ Brad Pitt, Blake Lively and Katie and Suri also are. Not a day goes by without a post on one of these.

  • xx

    I LOVE Miranda and I think her son’s adorable but she’s mentioning the baby a little too much. I’m like Flynned out and tired of hearing about it–never thought I’d say that.

  • @4…..allyouhaters

    It’s the same person who posts over and over again on any Miranda pics and they do it because their insanely jealous of her being married to Orlando……it’s beyond creepy to be so full of hatred over a person they have never met and don’t know all because Orlando loves her.

  • cierra

    she finally looks nice and matching. i like the outfit.

  • @2,6….

    Your new tatic is not going to work, commenting that Miranda is overexposed over and over again will not stop JJ from posting pics of her……..nice try…

  • gorgeous…

    Miranda looks as beautiful as ever, love the shoes!

  • Izzy

    @xx: I agree. Lol @ “all flynned out”

  • just doing her job…

    Miranda is in Australia working, she’s the Ambassador for David Jones so naturally there will be more pics of her than usual. It’s the same when actors are promoting their films around the world, there is lots of photos of them as well. I like seeing pics of her as she’s so stylish and classy.

  • @12

    Classy? This double chin famewh*re is far from classy.

  • Hey guys

    I think it would be interesting to know if Miranda is well-liked or much hated as haters said. If you like her, give me a thumb up, if no, give me a thumb down.


    SHUT UP WITH YOU’RE STUPID LETTER TO Miranda on giving birth. WE like her, you don’t have to so stop posting the same ‘letter’ to her every time. You just look like an idiot and being hypocritical saying the same shit over and over again. If you don’t like Miranda, LEAVE.

  • absolute

    Like Gisele, she talks about labour and motherhood like shes the first to do it.

  • yes!

    She looks gorgeous!

  • @15

    And do we need to get in Mike’s “fugly chick”, too to spare bealze the trouble?
    She may be sedated.

  • @2

    He posts threads about people who get a lot of hits. And when Miranda gets hundreds of posts in just a couple of threads, she is sure to get even more. Supply and demand. Certain haters whine about seeing her pictures everywhere, but they then post multiple times, giving her even more hits than her fans. And giving JJ even more reason to post.

  • @16

    And where exactly did she say that? Put up or shut up.

  • Random29

    i love her fashion she is always dressed nice

  • @19…..

    I agree, I can never understand their logic. Their so incredibly jealous of her that they can’t help posting nasty comments about her over and over again thereby ensuring people will defend her and that just gives her more hits which makes JJ post even more pics of her……lol.

  • absolute

    @@16: Please point out where I quoted her? I said she talks like she is the first to do it. Always going on about labour and stretchmarks and pumping and breastfeeding, balancing her work and motherhood. Its a bit self-important, considering she doesn’t have a 9-5 schedule like most people and shes well off.

  • Bee

    She looks a little tired to me. She’s usually a lot more smiley. Though I guess I’d be tired too if I was going back and forth like she does! I wish I could get my hair to wave like hers, she makes it look like it’s nothing.

  • @23

    She isn’t bragging, she’s just relating her personal experiences because people are asking her about it. You are reading too much into her comments.

  • Me

    She is very cute and pretty but why are there so many posts on here in this blog? Does she pay JJ to get so many posts about her daily?

  • @26

    The more people posts, the more threads there will be.

  • @26

    825 posts (and counting) just since she arrived in Australia, and you guys are still wondering why JJ posts about her?
    Well, OK then.

  • sash

    She looks gorgeous!

  • Elina


    And who’s photos do you want JJ to post….yours? She is beautiful and people like seeing beauty, don’t click her if it bothers you

  • no fashion

    It is all so eighties. I don’t like this old fashion clothing. Only shoes are ok, skirt is for my grandma and terrible leopard top is for no one. After Prada and Balenciaga I wonder what Miranda is doing in this “creations”.

  • Elina

    I don’t mind seeing posts about her, I like her.

  • @31

    It’s called ‘retro’, dear.
    Have you worn low cut jeans? Those are fashion from the 60′s and early 70′s.
    Tie-dye? 60′s
    Wedge heeled shoes? 40′s
    Fringed purses? 60′s
    The return of the shoulder pad? 80′s
    Platform sandals? 70′s
    And your grandma would have to be one hot older lady to pull off a body hugging pencil skirt like that.
    If you don’t understand fashion, you really shouldn’t try to comment on it. A simple ‘I don’t like her outfit’ would have sufficed.

  • sammie

    Even outside on a cold, rainy day, she shines.
    She is gorgeous!

  • ta

    Reports say that she and Flynn headed over to NZ after this show.
    I’m sure that Orlando will be glad to have his little family back in his arms.

  • Mary

    Why do we have to have the same comments day after day about this woman? The haters and shippers alike simply copy and paste from one thread to another.

  • no fashion

    Dear, she is supposed to be high fashion model, right? Or at least she wants to be. This is not high fashion for sure. This is common fashion for common people to go to shopping centre like DJ is. And yes, my grandmother is skinny lady and usually is in skirts like this one- looking not hot, but very according to her age. Your understanding of fashion is outstanding- pencil skirt?! I like it and I will remember it. As you said, I don’t like her outfit. It is so under her level.

  • Who Cares!?!?

    So tired of the word haters. Aren’t we all entitled to our OWN opinions.
    Some people like her some don’t. Oh well. But we ALL should be allowed to express our opinions. It’s a message board open to everyone.


    she’s so dumb…

  • @38

    Well what word would you like to call someone who dislikes everything about a person and claims they’re sick of hearing about them, but finds every opportunity to talk about them nonstop?

  • @37

    But she isn’t walking a high fashion runway. She is representing the lines carried at DJ’s, a store for normal consumers, or what you call “common people”.
    She needs to be relatable to the average consumer, not Anna Wintour.
    PS: If you’ve been on the cover of three Vogues and walked for Prada and Balenciaga, you ARE a HF model. Not a wanna be.

  • @38

    Sure if you say you think she’s ugly, that’s ok. You may and most likely will find disagreement. But it’s ok.
    But some of the so called ‘haters’ don’t give opinions, they lie which is very different. Opinions can be shared or disagreed with, lies must be shut up.

  • @43

    Caps, insults, vein of forehead probably about to explode…me thinks it’s you the one who cares way too much and the one who needs to get a life. Just sayin’
    P.S. I can say whatever I want wherever I want as many times as I want, but just so you know, 42 was my first comment on this thread.

  • @43

    Uhmmm, actually there is more than one person posting those comments. I know because I posted at #41, and it was my first post on this thread.
    Are you just mad because everyone recognizes the hater sockpuppets for what you are? Desperate people consumed by their hatred for a total stranger? Is that why you are yelling?
    BTW, i don’t care if someone dislikes her. But I do care if people lie and try to spread their delphi filth here.
    Why does it bother YOU so much that people like her?
    If you stopped spreading lies and posting such vulgar insults, her fans would not feel the need to respond.

  • Lynn

    Who the hell kerrs?

  • Me

    Why are you snapping at me weirdly? I don’t have anything against her but I don’t think she does much to warrant so many posts. It is my just my opinion so deal with it.