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Gerard Butler: Starbucks Stop with Lolita!

Gerard Butler: Starbucks Stop with Lolita!

Gerard Butler takes a stroll with his little pug pup Lolita on Saturday (August 27) in Malibu, Calif.

During their walk, the 41-year-old Scottish actor stopped off at a Starbucks for a jolt of caffeine.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

The day before, Gerard spent the day at the beach and took some surfing lessons! Gerard was taught by two separate instructors before hitting the showers.

Earlier this week, Gerard went on another walk with Lolita!

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler hitting up Starbucks with his pup Lolita

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gerard butler walks pup 02
gerard butler walks pup 03
gerard butler walks pup 04
gerard butler walks pup 05
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gerard butler walks pup 07
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102 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Starbucks Stop with Lolita!”

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  1. 76
    justsayin'too Says:

    I realize after looking at the picture of Sean Penn that GB doesn’t have the arms, neck and chest that would balance out his proportions. He is a tall guy and his upper body is what is making him look so skinny in my opinion. Sean Penn is not a handsome man, and lord knows he has been a heavy smoker and womanizer, but his body looks fit and healthy.

  2. 77
    so gullible Says:

    Oh Sean out jogging with the girlfriend. Imagine he does that, what’s wrong with him. He should be hiding his women. Oh right he’s not married anymore. He can stop that.

    Yeah he looks like he’s been making an effort. Pretty good for 51. I’ve always considered him a wiry guy for as long as I can remember, wiry not the type I consider attractive as a rule He seems to maintain a pretty constant weight for most of his career, he will buff up a bit or lose or gain a little weight as a role requires but nothing drastic, not like Christian Bale. He looked like he gained a little weight to play the role of Joe Wilson in Fair Game. I imagine cigarettes help you keep a constant weight.

  3. 78
    Manny Says:

    Just stopping by real quick to check on our East Coast peeps… have we heard anything from our darling Lolita and others???
    Just got off a double and headed to bed and wanted to make sure everyone was alright. Finally got a few minutes to really take in the news and it is devastating. God bless you all on the East Coast. Night JJers…

  4. 79
    so gullible Says:

    @bystander: Don’t let Eve scare you away. The reality is you are expressing a very valid opinion that is shared by many fans of GB publicly and privately, privately lest they get pounced on by the “you can’t question anything Gerry does ever” brigade.

    Many on this board have expressed concern that for whatever reason it seems like the promise of the early career has not quite been realized post 300. Or to word it in another way, we have still not seen the true scope of his talent we believe he has yet. That could change this year. Different fans have different theories about why it seems GB lost his way a bit after 300. It seems he is on the right track now. Fingers crossed.

    But I am too tired to further the discussion tonight.

  5. 80
    Kyle R. Says:

    He likes ‘em very tall – over 5’8. But he’ll flirt with ANYONE and anything. It’s only “real” if he attempts to get to the girl in a semi serious way, like wants to get a date or two in. Otherwise – its alllll just Butler-Flirtation = BORING

  6. 81
    Dummy Says:

    @As usual:
    No JACK/A/SS we don’t ‘pummel’ anyone who keeps their mouths shut: like someone mentioned last thread – we hate the wannabe FAMEWHO/RES like laurie, piggy chops, martina and anyone who feels the need to talk. No one cares – you are just trying to get a rise out of people when you do that. There are plenty of women Gerard had schtupped that havent felt the need to tweet or tell the news.
    The Low Class who/res suuuure have though.

  7. 82
    Enough Already Says:

    Oh shut up Latesummers Peeve.

  8. 83
    gto Says:

    Are you serious>???
    That whole hype was a fucnking JOKE. It rained. SO?
    Read the ‘net – whole thing was a crock of sh

  9. 84
    Sockpuppet Says:

    These threads give me major indigestion.
    As if the rest of you fools here don’t have a few socks or more.
    niknoks is one of the worst along with Eve. Both Sock it to ya on the regular basis

  10. 85
    Butler Flirting = SO WHAT?? Says:

    Agreed. II flirt with whomever I want whenever I want. Doesnt mean a thing sometimes – 99% of the time, I am just beign coy. So?
    And I do not think Gerard gives a sh*t about one of his many 6 months pieces of tail when he’s cavorting with the 5’10 hotties at the Playboy Beach House. Lets be real.
    Im young but even Im not that stupid as some of you old ladies with blinders on.

  11. 86
    Trisha Says:

    I have to agree, I think Butler is full of hot air most of the time as far his flirting. He’s like a big kid who likes to tease the girls. I don’t doubt he gets laid when he wants it, but not as much as peeps think. As the guy up top said, “I am just being coy.” If some chic tweets that Butler was hitting on her, it’s just for bragging rights. “I got hit on by a hot movie star.”

  12. 87
    YIKES! Says:


  13. 88
    Gay Mike Says:

    those are some really gross nasty feet on that man! did u see the size of that fat toe? shieht!!! beard ain’t helping either.

  14. 89
    Lawrence Says:

    Age has not reduced this man’s hotness!.

  15. 90
    niknoks Says:


    Poor, sad, OBND/Sockpuppet, she got caught out and is now deflecting her pathetic behaviour onto other people. I don’t ‘sock’, never have, never needed to.
    My opinions/comments may not be popular but I do have enough integrity to express them under the one and only moniker I have ever used on here, same name as my Twitter account and the nickname I’ve had since I was a kid.
    You didn’t have the guts to say what you thought without using several different monikers and you got caught, the least you could was take it on the chin but it seems you’re too spineless to do that, you have to point the finger and project your flaws onto others.
    The saddest thing about you OBND/Sockpuppet is that even after you were caught, you’re still using both monikers it would be funny if it wasn’t so desperate.

  16. 91
    Yuck Says:

    Hell yeah he’s full of hot air – fartin’ fool Gerard

  17. 92
    cubfan34 Says:

    Page Six,

    Jon Favreau, Gary Busey and Gerard Butler along with retired NHL player Chris Chelios belted out their favorite tunes at Cafe Habana’s karaoke night in Malibu last Wednesday. Busey kicked the evening off with Buddy Holly’s “Rave On,” followed by Habana regular Chelios, who sang the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” at Rande Gerber’s summer spot. Butler ended the evening by getting a standing ovation for his cover of Oasis’ “Wonderwall.” zz1WPMtVAt9

  18. 93
    eyesonstalks Says:

    @so gullible: thanks, i won’t. Sad that these threads always deteriorate into personal abuse rather than constructive discussion, camaraderie and saucy humour! Not sure mgp and coriolanus will be enough as the latter is a revisit not a stretch, and will be followed by ptf, mavericks and a possible remake (ugh). Would have liked to see him in tinker tailor, along with former colleagues hardy, strong and hinds. Hisbest work has been ensemble with British casts. He started so well on stage and screen with Weiss, fish, dench, connolly, jacobi, ager et al. Latterly aniston and heigl . Qed.

  19. 94
    GFW Says:

    Lolita is 5 now! I admire his commitment to her. He loves that little dog. She, without a doubt, knows the same.

  20. 95
    lolita Says:

    @Manny: Manny, thanks for your concern. The storm didn’t reach me in WNY. We had clouds and wind but no rain. So much damage and so many people without power for possibly a week. Hope everyone is doing ok.

  21. 96
    Appilonia G. MontiNegro Says:

    I am so glad that Gerry is looking happy and healthy!, I just love to see Gerry out with his best girl, LOLITA, LOL…She is just so cute, just like Gerry. lol, lol, What’s up with all the roar with Gerry going out to the Playhouse club. So What! GERRY IS ALL MAN! and he is as sweet as a boy as well, If you can not handle the HEAT, don’t get near the pan, LOL….Gerry is very playful and funny, he also is very charmastic and charming….If he chats up the girls, GREAT for them, they are blessed to be in the same room as Gerry. I for one like him the way he is, GERRY IS HONEST! VERY HONEST, and requires the same. You should never keep a good man on the bench!, let him be who he is, if you don’t like Gerry don’t look! LOL…And Gerry did some singing this weekend , wow, I just love to here him sing LA Woman….I wish he would make a CD of his music that he likes to sing, You know like Gerry’ Juicing It Up! LOL,,,,,I would be first in line. lol…Gerry is happy now and I am so glad for him. Love to see him with Lolita and on his walks with her, Just love it. Appilonia G. MontiNegro

  22. 97
    Appilonia G. MontiNegro Says:

    @angelsrock: I have to say I was taken in by your post!…LOL…Yea Gerry is very playful, funny, and acts like he is in his teens, GOOD FOR GERRY, who wants to be OLD….And the STD MANWHORE, remark..Well just shameful, you would be very sorry If you really knew him. I have watched Gerry progress from a young man to and OLDER YOUNG LIKE MAN, LOL, because he is just that. And as for the girls, well Yea! They are all over him, what do you what him to do,Gerry is all man…..He is honest with them, And I would never believe that Gerry would hit a women, NEVER, ….. And I do agree with you on this one thing, Yea he does go out, but at the end of the day he is very lonely,…..Gerry can have anyone anytime he wants them, lol, and that gets very old! very quickly! Getting laid or f….. as you would say or makiing love or having someone to make love to, is a different ball of wax!lol….. I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED OPTION NUMBER 2 FOR GERRY! A famous basketball player said it best! I F…. 1000 women but I never knew what love was until I made love to my wife!, the key is LOVE! Gerry is a love person, he loves deeply and until he finds the right person he should just be Gerry! Appilonia G. MontiNegro

  23. 98
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Still without power in NJ! Thought the worst was over! From what I’m reading here on my phone, it looks like someone was making rude comments using my old moniker EnoughAlready! Definitely not me! Maggie please save my spot in the gutter! Hope to be returning soon!

  24. 99
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    IM GETTIN’ THERE….My #10 posts is at 8 reds….. !!! Gonna beat certain peeps record!!! Sad and pathetic at the same time….same individual yet different monikers and I did not do anything to these peeps… Like Enough Already/Can’t get enough and I joke around certain posters can not stand others having fun yet they post what they do. Go figure….

    Glad to hear Irene eased up on the East Coast. Hope everyone is doing ok. Prayers. Can’t Get…spot is always there!!!! Business as usual.



  25. 100
    Latesummer's Eve Says:


    Gullible was talking to “bystander”. So I guess you just screwed the pooch too! LOL!

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