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Molly Shannon Joins 'The Talk'

Molly Shannon Joins 'The Talk'

Molly Shannon has joined the cast of the daytime talk show The Talk, according to The Wrap.

The 46-year-old comedian will serve as a guest co-host for the month of September, along with Kris Jenner and comedian Sheryl Underwood. The gals will join returning hosts Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, and Sharon Osbourne.

Molly also partnered up with Skinny Cow for the release of its new line of treats – Skinny Cow Candy!

Pictured inside: Molly making an appearance at Universal City Walk on Thursday (September 1) to reveal the new product.

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Photos: Chris Weeks/WireImage for Skinny Cow
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  • teri

    First I like The Talk and Molly Shannon so it’s a win win.

  • kie

    So my girls Sharon O , Holly and Leah wont be on next season ?! WTF ?! i wont tune in to S2

  • Gracie

    Chris jenner! Come on u replaced leah and holly for that…. Im done im not watching it .i nog like molly either but chris omg! What a joke!!!!

  • BeyonceLover

    Does anyone even watch this show!?!?!?!??!

  • Elena

    The problem is Boring Chen and Gilbert. They got rid of the ladies that made the show interesting. This is not going to work.

  • danny

    The trophy wife is never gonna like anyone that outshines her so their will be rotating hosts until it’s cancelled.

  • teri

    Leah won’t be on next time? I guess my brain didn’t click on the first post, that’s not good at all, she was one of my favorites. boo

  • Cara Borton

    I did watch the show all season even though I had no respect for Julie Chen. As we all know, she destroyed CBS boss Les Moonves first manage and he hired her for Early Show, Big Brother and The Talk. None of her success was by her own merit. Ironic, but Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert are the LEAST liked co-hosts. Sara never brings anything to the table, and Julie is not much better. Leah, Holly and Sharon were the talent. I cannot BELIEVE they fired Holly and Lea for talentless Chen and Gilbert. I will NEVER watch the show again. I hope CBS STOPS hiring Julie Chen because she wants to be on TV and is the bosses wife. Julie Chen is an ABSOLUTE joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marieme

    Elena #5 I could not agree more. They are sooo lame. Unfortunately neither can be fired. I just hate this show now. It’s too bad because I think Molly Shannon’s going to be great. I’d love to hear HER. Not anyone else.

  • VictoriaGirl26

    Now that the scientology freak is gone I might actually watch this show now. I’ll definately watch when Molly guest co-hosts, she is so funny.

  • psdfdwerwrwrewr
  • laverdadduele

    I liked Leah in the King of Queens, but she was too loud and all over the place in The Talk. I was hoping she would tone it down this new season, but they didn’t give her a chance. I have an idea, cancel The Talk and bring back The King of Queens!!!!!!!!!!

  • John R.

    ‘The Talk’ is crappy and booooring.

  • Eloise

    Julie Chen is the VERY LEAST DESERVING person to be on ANYTHING!!
    The only reason that witch was promoted to cohost on The Early Show is she lured Les Moonves (married for 30 years, with children), in bed. She is NO better than a prostitute!!!!!! She got The Early Show, Big Brother and The Talk because she spread her legs for a man!!!!!!!!

    I hope Holly, Leah and Sharon run to another network and start their own show. It’s obvious CBS caters to BAD BEHAVIOR – a CBS employee who breaks up people’s marriages and gets PROMOTED for doing so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Marina

    Julie Chen is who should have been given the boot. She is on an all woman talk show and yet comes across as one of those women who hate other women.The looks she would give the other hosts were scathing. She is boring, controlling and seems to have and over inflated opinion of her journalistic prowess. Sadly her husband is the big boss guaranteeing her the job. Nepotism at it most nauseating.Why don’t they just get rid of all the other hosts and call it the Julie Chen show. At least it would be more honest. I won’t be watching the show this year. Good luck to Holly and Leah in their next endeavors.

  • Elizabeth


    I agree with you 100%. The SNEAKY way CBS went about this is what infuriates me. They act like Julie Chen was saved ONCE AGAIN from a CBS show because of her talent. If the RATINGS were not good, it’s because of Julie and Sara bored the audience to tears. It had nothing to do with Leah, Holly or Sharon. Sara couldn’t be more boring. Julie Chen couldn’t be more of a controlling, manipulative, conniving narcissist, the only talent she has must be in the bedroom. Why else would she be on CBS morning, noon and night?

  • The Do gooder

    @Cara Borton: First of all, no-one has the power to ruin a marriage except the 2 people in the marriage. Secondly you obviously don’t know anything about Julie Chen’s career and the hiring process at CBS!! You sound jealous of her beauty talent, or maybe you are the ex-wife?? Get a life and be happy because I assure you that she is!!!!

  • Ariana

    To The Do Gooder,

    Well, the brain-dead would understand that CBS has a different set of rules for Les Moonves’s mistress/wife than he does for all the other hard-working women employed at CBS. It’s about time Julie Chen was questioned about her career. Should have happened a long time ago. It appears it’s catching up with her that she gets special favors from CBS for being the bosses mistress and then wife. It’s terrible. She’s a disgrace. So what if she’s good-looking and happy? Who wouldn’t be happy getting all sorts of favors because you’re good in bed? I will never watch The Talk. I only tuned in for Leah, Holly and Sara. I couldn’t care less what the bosses wife or the boring door mat, Sara Gilbert thinks about anything.

  • Boycott CBS

    I am beyond furious with CBS. As woman and a mother I am appalled that Julie Chen started working at CBS, lured Les Moonves into bed, I believed he was married close to 30 years when she broke up his family. In most companies a woman like that would surely be fired for immorality/unprofessionalism. Not Julie Chen!! She got the moon and stars handed to her by CBS even though she stunk at everything she was in. She was okay on The Talk as long as Leah and Holly the REAL talent were on the show. I ignored Chen’s home wrecking past, constant bragging about her perfect life and her very important boss husband because I wanted to enjoy Leah and Holly. The brazen audacity of Julie Chen is something else. The show is obviously going to be canceled. I hope Les Moonves throws Chen out on her ear for embarrassing him at CBS. The Talk had so much promise, it was a great show until Chen’s ego DESTROYED it. Just like she destroyed Les Moonves first marriage and family. That woman is a witch.

  • ann

    I will be at least boycotting anything on CBS that has Chen at the helm. A real piece of lowlife. She is one talentless bitch and very difficult to stomach when I watched BIG BROTHER this summer. So nauseating and not surprising now on learning about her history. Hope her jerk husband reaps what he sows cuz he got himself one dumb broad and hope it falls flat on trying to turn her into a talent…JOKEs on him. She is SO BORING and appears she is threatened by real talent, brains and professionalism.

  • Natasha

    She is on an all woman talk show and yet comes across as one of those women who hate other women.The looks she would give the other hosts were scathing.