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Gerard Butler: Beach Time!

Gerard Butler: Beach Time!

Gerard Butler gets ready to hit the waves as he walks to the beach on Saturday (September 3) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor, who packed his wetsuit, met up with some pals and walked over to a popular surf spot.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier that same day, Gerard hung out shirtless on the balcony of a Malibu home and took in the beach views.

Machine Gun Preacher screenwriter Jason Keller recently spoke to the Los Angeles Times about Gerard‘s dedication to his character.

“During the sessions, and even when we were filming, I saw him going deeper and deeper [into the role]. It was an incredible burden [for him],” Jason said.

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  • she

    Wow Jared easy with Gerry’s threads, let us breath between them

  • Anna Butler

    So sexy i miss him

  • dready

    Fake and ugly. Two of his best qualities, I’m sure.

  • bystander

    Perhaps Gerry should give his friends/hangers-on/yes men a little fashion advice before we get the wrong idea about ‘sicky dicky’!

  • ann

    So sex!!’Afflu~ent Single.’* c’0M — that’s all serious dating. Millions of members with good economic condition and high quality. Someone suitable is here waiting for u.

  • Liv

    So sexy … Like it!!!

  • legends

    What more can one say . . . I mean, one JJ post after another on the man, so . . .

    Don’t get me wrong – keep those pictures comin,’ but as for comments . . . uh, how ’bout, “He continues to be totally desirable, yet unattainable, darnit!’

  • legends

    OMG – I, stupidly, commented on the recent Brad Pitt post/thread about Brad not even coming close to Gerard Butler in sexiness . . . and I inadvertently turned a 44 comment thread into a 140 comment thread of brannies (Brad fans?) reacting to this with venom spraying! I definitely stirred the pot, and now Brad’s thread has more comments than G.’s. How could I have done such a thing! ; )

  • bystander

    @bystander: why the red flags? It’s a joke, on the guy with the pink towel’s hat.

  • Canera

    I’ve been in the wrong ocean. Need to get to the west cost.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    I just can’t get enough of Gerry—and his man bag! He’ll have that thing forever!! Glad to see new pics of our boy yesterday and today! Have a great day JJer’s!!

  • http://ad slig o lambert ^_____^cute

    butler eyes

  • joan

    Oh leave the guy alone he looks thoroughly peeved and so would I if I had a camera on me all the time.
    Really looking forward to Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus. Both are getting lots of praise.

    Well done Gerry Brilliant as ever.

    Joan (HUG) xxxx

  • gwyneth

    Where are the photos of JJ Rodrigo santoro , he was also there and very beautiful by the way, please put a gallery with pictures of him only to please my day. Hahaha!

  • ha ha

    attention w hore

  • GFW

    Ride those waves Gerry! Practice makes perfect.
    With that said, it’s sad he can’t simply just BE and go about his business without people snapping photos of him. That being said, I think part of it is a way to keep in touch with someone… me. KIDDING!
    who thinks the other thread should never have gone up and shame on Jared for doing so who thinks if it were him being stalked like that he wouldn’t want them up

  • Manny

    Good Lord… quit whining about Butler’s lack of privacy.
    He CHOSE to move to Malibu.
    This is a normal sight there…
    He knew exactly what he was getting into. If he wanted his privacy he could have rented anywhere else but Malibu and had all the privacy in the world. Geeeeesh….

  • Rose

    ever since this guy did that movie with Jen Ain. his rating in hollywood went way down. he used to be a hot actor people wanted in their movies, but now. not so much.

  • Earlyautumn’s Eve

    I’m just happy he hasn’t been caught smoking. You notice I said “caught” but I’m hoping he’s quit. Why do I feel a confrontation with the photogs coming in the near future? I guess because of the look on his face. The tension is building. Even though he signed up for this, I do feel for him.

  • Earlyautumn’s Eve


    Where the heck did that pic come from? LOL! Is that some kind of joke? I would think that everyone getting the same shot would lessen the value!
    I’d hate it if I woke up in the morning and walked out on my deck to have my morning cup of joe and was faced with that view! Not to mention the sound of all those shutters going off like a wave of locusts swarming down on a bean field! It would drown out the sound of the waves!
    Gerry should have never given that interview at the Malibu house if he wanted privacy. He made it too easy to find him. Silly boy!

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Glad Gerry is getting some beach time :)…

  • Barb

    He looks so old – what happened to him?

  • Manny

    @Earlyautumn’s Eve:
    Malibu has been that way for years. Last time we were in Malibu, a few years ago, they were like that on the beach, the street, around the convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, etc. There are hundreds and hundreds of them there.
    Like I said, Butler knew exactly what he was getting himself into whether he did the interview at the house or not. He has been there prior to renting there and knew the scoop.
    He signed up for it. He could have lived in Los Feliz and driven to a beach to surf or whatever and the paps would have been none the wiser. But no, he not only picked Malibu but rented as close to The Colony as he could it seems.
    Like I said, he wanted it now he has it. I’m just crying thinking of it… oh excuse me, was I giving an interview???????

  • Malibu Babe.

    I agree with you.
    People quit whinning about Gerry’s invasion of privacy,the paps are only doing their job and it seems that they have reason.Word is everyone is trying to find out who the mysterious “secret” GF is/was, it is certainly a secret no more.Are they still together?.I don’t know if this has anything to do with those articles on the phone hacking.What do you think?.
    Well the sun is out,think I’ll hit the beach.Have a good day y’all.

  • Tina

    @Malibu Babe. So jealous! I miss Cali, but won’t be back there until December. :(

  • Me2

    Malibu Babe.=brooke…. shit ,she’s back .

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @Me2: Yes, you are 100% correct. If you pull up the JJ page “Gerard Butler Strolls the Beach with Lolita” and you look at her posts, you’ll notice that the punctuation is exactly the same. Please ignore Malibu Babe JJer’s.

  • Tina

    @legends: We should say that Brad Pitt and Gerard Butler are both cuties and just leave it at that. :-D

  • Malibu Babe.

    Hi, but no I am certainly not that crazy loon.Blabbermouth of the year, is probably to blame for it tho’.God she just didn’t know when to shut it, did she?.She just went on and on and on.No wonder others started talking and the pap peeps got wind of it.
    Have a good day, babe : )

  • Malibu Babe.

    Punctuation seriously???
    No you are in fact 100% wrong but it’s Ok with me.No biggie.I’ve been lurking over the threads but I haven’t posted for a while.The last one I posted on was the ATM thread ,I think.

  • hmmm hmmm

    Well if you make inferences from pap photos you almost always see Butler alone or with guys, hmmm. Oh I forgot the pug.

  • trying to figure it out

    Enough with the daily pictures. It’s time for a reality show – “Keeping Up With the Butler”!

  • 30rocks

    new thread!

  • .

    @Malibu Babe.:
    Georgia/Brooke … seriously fuuck off.

  • Malibu Babe.

    Sorry in advance this is going to be a long one.
    @ . (post 34)
    I’m neither babe.
    I have been reading this site for over a year now and I must say what a change from this time last year.They were much nicer people,shame some of them are no longer posting.They got along much better,no they didn’t always agree but they respected each others opinions and views.Now everyone is paranoid.If someone dare post something the majority don’t agree with, they must be so and so under a sock.No they just have a different opinion,which they are entitled to have.Some do post under a sock, as was the case with OBND recently.But instead of attacking her, why not ask her why she felt the need to do that?.Why did she feel that she could not say what she wanted to say under normal circumstances?.
    I have posted under this moniker before and it was in reply to the @Georgia* poster in the ATM thread.Now after hearing certain things and finding out who the real person of this name is,I know that it wasn’t her posting here.This person would never post the things that ,that person posted.It is not the @Brooke poster either.
    And no I am not “in the know” but here on the club/party scene people do tend to know people who know people and so on.Basically if there is any goss, you find it out.It is well known here that Blabbermouth Brooke has been talking and certain people are NOT happy.
    Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day.

  • Truth

    @Malibu Babe.:


  • kelly

    omg i cant keep up with all the gerry threads jj i need some time in between but not bitchen i luv my gerry!!!

  • Malibu Babe.

    As I said PARANOID.
    Look I admit, I do know who the @Brooke “Blabbermouth” poster is.
    I also know that people are not happy with what she’s said and done. I have also seen the supposed GF,not for a while but then you already know the reason why.I don’t know if they are still together,getting back together or done and quite frankly I personally don’t care.I’m not going to keep on arguing about it.

  • Malibu Babe.

    @. (post39)
    “idiot” oh isn’t this nice.
    First of all I haven’t really said anything.So what am I lying about?. Secondly it seems that it is you who can’t let it drop and keep bringing them both up into the thread.

  • Maggie P.U.

    Peeps, not taking sides in this….. but if everyone is that curious then go back to the ATM thread. Malibu Babe went up against and challenged Brooke….. they only posted the one time and that has been it. Word!!! Elsewise, I would not have said what I did.

    @Malibu Babe..(40) I am sure you can understand where everyone is coming from. Brooke/Georgia kept sayin’ crap yet not validate or backup…. and then the 2 “disappeared-well so far quit posting then u came on posting. Of course they may get defensive…. alright?! Have a great evening, Mali…



  • silva

    @Maggie P.U.:
    Maggie, smarten up! You’re wrong!
    Brooke has stolen Malibu Babe’s moniker. That’s why she posted that little tidbit about the ATM thread and you fell for it.
    When she was posting as Georgia* she did the same thing. “In the Know” was a frequent poster here many moons ago. Georgia* got in a rut with her lies and stole “In The Know”s moniker and starting posting as her. What she didn’t realize is her posting style was radically different than the original “In The Know”, so we could all tell it was Georgia*.
    Georgia*-Brooke is the queen of scams on this board. DON’T FALL FOR IT.

  • Malibu Babe.

    @Maggie P.U
    Hi Maggie,
    I understand where you are coming from with the point that they all think that I’m @Brooke because she has recently disappeared off the threads,but I am not her. I do however know who she is and I know that there are certain people, I’m not mentioning any names who are NOT happy at her blabbermouth.She didn’t know when to shut up and said far too much.If she has any sense at all, she won’t be posting here again.People are NOT happy.
    In regards to the first part of your post it was in fact the poster @Georgia* that I went up against on the ATM thread.Now I know after hearing certain things that the poster here was not the real person of that name.She would never post here and she certainly would not talk and post those things that the poster@Georgia* did.
    As for @Brooke she is not the same person as the real Georgia.Whether she was the fake poster here @Georgia*,I don’t know.Brooke is known as someone who likes to spread gossip,tell everyone peoples business that kind of thing.
    Anyway I said that I won’t go on about this any more, so I won’t .I just wanted to reply to your post and let you know what was going on.

  • silva

    @Maggie P.U.:
    Maggie, come one. Read post # 35 and post # 43.
    Maibu Babe is claiming to know about the real Georgia, the real Brooke, and the real In The Know. But these people don’t actually exist in the real world. They are one person’s deluded invention and that is Georgia*-Brooke’s. The fact that Mailbu Babe is claiming to know who they are in real life gives her away as Georgia*-Brooke right out of the gate. She invented these names and personas. They’re her monikers. They don’t really exist. That she is claiming they’re real exposes her as Georgia*-Brooke.

  • Maggie P.U.

    @44..Ok…Sil see where ya are coming from. My bad… playin’ catch up…. classes just started back up. Noticed he is carrying his man bag-wonder if he has any yellow towels in there and a few cokes…. if not Can’t get Enough or I are going to have to get into our supply of the 2 and “share”…… What do ya say Can’t get…. do we share our stash of yellow towels and cokes with the “G-man”?



  • silva

    @Maggie P.U.:
    No harm done! LOL!
    Just so you know, I’ve read all of Mailbu Babe’s posts on the ATM thread. She wrote quite a few there. The writing style is radically different than the person who is posting today. Like night and day.
    Also, Georgia*-Brooke has a “tell”. It’s a formatting tell. It shows up in all her socks. The Malibu Babe at the ATM thread didn’t have it, but lo-and-behold the one today does have it. Georgia* did the same thing to “In The Know”. She stole her moniker. Now she’s done it to “Malibu Babe”. Georgia* only has a few cards up her sleeve so she keeps playing the same ones over and over gain.
    The trouble is, even when she steals someone else’s moniker her “tell” shows through, so we always know when it’s her. She also has a very specific “voice” that she speaks in, that we got to know very well in her mountain of posts as Georgia*. It gives her away every time.

  • Maggie P.U.

    @ 47 ah!!! I just read the one of Malibu Babe’s… and you are right….many don’t think when they change monikers they need to change their “techniques” also. They all do have the same pattern…

    K… now I think I am up there again with the “Jones” :)



  • XXX.

    WOW 3 new threads in just 24 hours.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @Maggie P.U.: Well I wouldn’t mind sharing with G, would you?? =) and Silva is right. You can “hear” the similarities. Look at my post #27 as well. If you look closely at Brooke, Georgia, and Malibu Babe’s (the new one) posts, you can spot what I’m talking about.

    See you in the gutter friend!!

  • Boo

    First of all, I love you, JJ!!!! Keep these Butler pics coming.
    Secondly, I am so bored with these posters who talk about anything other than Butler hijmself. kThe “regulars” who merely attack each other and go back and forth are dull…I skip their osts. I am also tired of the inane speculations about women who ost here…who cares? Just give me GB news, photos, and such. I feel grumpy, and I don’t like seeing the badmouthing nonsense here…I repeat: just give me things about Gerard.

  • legends

    Couldn’t have said it better, myself!!!!