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Vanessa Hudgens: Purple Yoga Pretty

Vanessa Hudgens: Purple Yoga Pretty

Vanessa Hudgens carries her purple yoga mat back to her car after a relaxing workout on Tuesday (October 4) in Studio City, Calif.

After yoga, the 22-year-old actress carried her purple laptop into a local cafe for a pick me up.

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The day before, Vanessa did some Halloween shopping!

“Halloween horror nights consisted of a lot of screaming, smoke and my best friends. Oh and falling down from being so scared. Hahahaha,” Vanessa wrote on her blog about the spooky October celebration.

FYI: Vanessa is carrying a Linea Pelle Dylan mini crossbody bag.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens leaving yoga class…

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vanessa hudgens yoga visit 01
vanessa hudgens yoga visit 02
vanessa hudgens yoga visit 03
vanessa hudgens yoga visit 04
vanessa hudgens yoga visit 05
vanessa hudgens yoga visit 06
vanessa hudgens yoga visit 07
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Photos: GSI Media, Fame Pictures
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  • Gaby Lang

    I like her ring! (Canadian Style)

  • unknown

    Stomach pooch.. wow that sunlight really highlights it lol

  • sophie

    she is so gorgeous!

  • So&So

    What has she done since HSM??? Why paps still following her around..she ain’t with Zac anymore. What’s the appeal???

  • Keeping it real

    Damn, how much did she have to gain for her recent movie?

  • annii
  • annii

    next year: Journey 2, Gimme Shelter and Frozen Ground

  • annii

    @Keeping it real:
    i read she had to gain like 20 pounds

  • annii

    @Keeping it real:
    i read she had to gain like 20 pounds, Vanessa is a really petite person, so just 5 pounds will be very noticeable in her.

  • Real people

    my dear child, your are just 22 yrs old, yoga is not for you yet, you need to put more calories burning excercise to burn all those late night cookies, coke, cakes, pizza. walk EVERYDAY, move that lazy butt off your sofa or clean your own room! 2 hrs of intense yoga once a week gonna put more fatty on those tummy and thigh!

  • annii

    @Real people:
    you clearly don’t know nothing about her and her life and WHY SHE DOES YOGA

  • Jess!

    @Real people:
    she was hiking with her sister last saturday and it looks like she going at least 5 days a week to the GYM and 2 days to yoga

  • ?

    What’s wrong with the way she looks? She looks just fine and perfectly HEALTHY. Just because someone is not a size 0 or 1 does not make them overweight. Some people.

  • Jess!

    I really love this girl, she is so gorgeous and has a really great body shape… i love her body, is so fit and looks so healty, not like that toothpick legs girls who we all are used to see

  • http://da slig o lambert ^______^cute

    vanessa in party dont eat more food

  • http://j ivanka

    perfect body, she is recovering her past weight

  • Ka simply amazing


  • annii
  • peggy

    @Real people:

    My dear child there are other pics with no stomach on X17.

    And she also hikes, bike rides and goes to LA Fitness and most definitely does not sit on her couch eating cookies in fact last night she eat at SunCafe you patronizing bitch.

    How fat is your ass I wonder

  • annii


  • Lisa

    Vanessa is sooooo AWESOME !

  • kami

    ♥ purple must be vanessa’s favorite color. ♥

    the ppl who are calling vanessa fat and saying she has a stomach . . . i’m betting they are girls who weight about 300 lbs and are soooooo jealous of vanessa’s petite body. yep.

  • kami

    ♥ vanessa is in great shape. and she looks super healthy. ♥

  • lily

    you ppl are so mean! She looks good, its just in pics it adds like 10 lbs, in person she looks tiny

  • Xox

    @Real people: Have you not seen her posts over the last few weeks? She goes to the gym almost everyday, rides her bike and goes hiking with her sister, and regularly attends yoga classes.
    @So&So: She’s filmed five, soon to be six, films and did Rent. She’s also the face of Neutrogena and Candies. But you’re right, she doesn’t do anything SMH

  • http://facebook yeah

    if she want to eat she is going to eat she doesnt give a shit about what you think even with 10 pounds fatter she always going to have the men so dont worry about her and her weight

  • Boring

    Boring this beauty.

  • @_@

    Hows care??

  • BOJI

    Looks like Vanessa is working out big time, must be getting ready for Frozen Ground. Sounds like an action packed thriller.

  • http://facebook me

    ???????? you still disnt kill yourself do it

  • yets

    i love her!!!

  • Barbra

    I love it when they pretend they’re ‘busy’ on their iPhone.. FAKE!!

  • Tamara

    @peggy: Oh, so YOU are Vanexssa’s personal stalker. … You are sick. (AND fat, I bet.) You know that, right?

  • http://facebook me

    oh and you know what vanessa is doing everyday too because you are here everyday bye loserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • BOJI

    ValerieQ grow up! You’re pathetic.

  • ValerieQ

    @BOJI: Oh, come on, everyone knows you’re doing it. And THAT’s pathetic.

  • ValerieQ

    @me: No, I’m just here to pi*s you off. I couldn’t care less about your virtual girlfriend, loser. ;-)

  • http://facebook me

    valerieQ you are that bitch ????????? you dont even have a name that tells me what a loser you are

  • Danielle

    like to know about her =)

  • annii


  • ValerieQ

    @me: And your name is “me”. ROTFL

  • catherin

    ValerieQ, congrats on getting their panties all tied up in a knot! Bunch of dykes, that’s what they all are. – And, yeah, losers – I can’t stand this fat wannabe either! Eat me.

  • jr

    You talk pretty tough from behind a computer screen. I bet vanessa could kick your ass.

  • Haters Suck!

    wow seems like someone forgot to take their medication. Now run along back to your mamas basment where you belong and will stay forever. Mean while Vanessa will be in her nice house, lots of money, surrounded by friends and family and people that care about her.

  • ?????????

    excuse me ladies but ValerieQ is certainly not me. i have enough hate for Vanessa myself.

    So please don’t go confusing me with her.

    and @Me no matter how evil i am to Vanessa i would never wish her to kill herself or anyone for that matter. No need to be so evil.

  • http://facebook me

    ValerieQ you stll didnt kill yourself i thought you would go go girl you have no life so why loosing it on make some people like ME laught do it for you

  • http://facebook me

    ValerieQ you stll didnt kill yourself i thought you would go go girl you have no life so why loosing it on make some people like ME laught do it for you

  • http://facebook me

    ValerieQgirl you have no life so why loosing what yiou have on make some people like ME laught with you because thats what i do ?????????? you have been more than evil to vanessa believe me you have called her so many names that i cant explain fat, whore ,slut, bitch and others names imagine that if you were her how would you feel huh people that dont even know you calling you names tell me why you have so much hate inside of you she hasnt done anything .ok you dont like her we get it why coming here everyday and writing insluting comments for her why ? you are obsessed with her and the worst thing its that you dont know anything about her

  • http://facebook me

    what you have i meant

  • ?

    Yes same old same old. You hate vanessa because she hurt zac, again you can’t prove that’s what happned. Just curious what are you going to do if we find out zac hurt vanessa or nobody hurt anyone it just wasn’t working? I’ve tried to be nice to you and reason with you but you just won’t have it. Ill say it again zac would be disgusted to have a fan like you.