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Vanessa Hudgens: Jessie J 'Has Mad Cool Swag'

Vanessa Hudgens: Jessie J 'Has Mad Cool Swag'

Vanessa Hudgens indulges in some retail therapy on Tuesday (October 11) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress picked up some items from Wasteland and also stopped by Urban Outfitters.

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Vanessa recently updated her official blog and featured Jessie J under a post titled “Today’s Tune.”

“This girl has a set of lung[s] on her that I haven’t heard since Christina [Aguilera]. Not to mention she has mad cool swag. What’s your fav Jessie J song?” Vanessa wrote.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens shopping in Studio City…

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vanessa hudgens shopping spree 01
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 02
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 03
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 04
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 05
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 06
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 07
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 08
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 09
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 10
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 11
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 12
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 13
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 14
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 15
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 16
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 17
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 18
vanessa hudgens shopping spree 19

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  • wen

    I love this girl!! Shes so damn georgeous!! Cant wait to see her in Frozen Ground :D

  • gglover128

    Vs lookin good as always :)

  • magda tenšek

    she looks good ;)

  • BOJI

    Her hair’s growing real fast. Must be taking advantage of the warm weather here by the looks of it ’cause she’ll be all wrapped up in freezing cold weather for the next 2 months or so, I believe.

  • johnjoseph

    I like her style…And you know i thing…. Vanessa Hudgens Latest Hollywood Star To Get Om Tattoo

  • Ka simply amazing

    Mila or vanessa?

  • Ka simply amazing

    Yahh vanessa. Not mila
    Mila has frog eyes and many wrinkles

  • Emma
  • thenextbestthing

    @BOJI: one word- extensions.


    something about her disgusts me. I don’t know what it is. maybe her pussy shot

  • OverHim

    @Emma: Vanessa has been caught smoking in pics before but she’s not smoking in these pics. These pictures are at Vanessa’s house after she and Austin got back from picking up food as he’s still wearing his wet coat and hat when he’s out on the balcony. Apparently a pillow caught fire inside the house and the pics are of them putting out the fire.

  • OverHim

    @Emma: These pictures aren’t new. They’re from early or middle of last week. Vanessa has been caught smoking in pics before but she’s not smoking in these pics. These pictures are at Vanessa’s house after she and Austin got back from picking up food as he’s still wearing his wet coat and hat when he’s out on the balcony. Apparently a pillow caught fire inside the house and the pics are of them putting out the fire.

  • florence

    Big deal if she does smoke her ex was seen where he is currently filming buying cigarettes with his gf from the film and apparently in real life to who is only 17 Buying the cigs and then going by a hotel to smoke them, so if efron can smoke why can’t she.

  • http://fanpopgirl anna

    Efron is a douche bag

  • http://fanpopgirl james


  • http://fanpopgirl PETER

    efron should go out with betty white they would make a cute couple

  • http://fanpopgirl adam

    This girl has the most amazing smile:)

  • OverHim

    @florence: Huh? How does Zac play into this? No one brought Zac into this. You did. And no one ever said he doesn’t smoke. Who cares if he does? It’ll cause premature aging for him too. Not everything has to be tit for tat between them.

    And who said it’s an issue if Vanessa smokes? No one was making moral judgments about it if she did either. It was a question from someone based on what someone thought they were seeing in some pap pics.

    It’s her life. Her choice if she does. I don’t get it since, among other things, it causes premature aging which is counterproductive for an actor, but it’s her choice. I don’t like her less for it. It means she’s human and has vices and flaws like everyone else on the planet.

  • slig o lambert^_____^cute

    iwant her love love love

  • http://facebook me

    florence why are you bringing zac here i dont care if he smokes good for him if you have a problem with that then you are stupid i smoke too its not a problem and if he has a girlfriend he is single he can date if he wants like vanessa and by the way i love vanessas outfite here . and i find it kinda sexy that she smokes i want to see a better picture of her with a chigarete in her her arm she 23 legal can do what she wants and he is 24 he can what he wants too they are not the hsm kids anymore they are adults so its their problem and they can do what they want and i dont give a shit if youngs kids are looking up at them kids have their parents to tell them what is right and whats wrong

  • BOJI

    This thread is about Vanessa. Smoking is a bad habit but those who smoke find it relaxes them and I’m not one to preach. As Overhim says It is a matter of choice and if her ex smokes, so what? Vanessa smokes so what? So does Miley, Hayden, if I’m not mistaken and Nina Dobrev whom I also like. This does not make them painted or tainted ladies if you get my drift.

  • maria

    I honestly think Florence was defending her from the inevitable snide remarks about smoking, using Zac as a comparison. Lots of celebs smoke, not that they should, but they do. Like someone said, I don’t think differently about her if she does. Eventually, people figure out how it affects your skin, teeth, lungs, etc. In V’s case, I tend to think she only does it socially, but whatever.

    And she looks great, BTW! I hate when people think all she does is shop. She is leaving for 2 months in Alaska……ya think she might need clothes for that?

  • magda tenšek

    @Emma: no but there was a fire in her house couple days back

  • me

    are you going buy someone’s twitter?

  • loo


  • loo

    Vanessa <3

  • loo

    Lool i read that hahahaha

  • loo

    I love her outfit!

  • loo

    @ magda tenšek

  • johan harith

    @OverHim: Still makes my heart sink when I think of it. Yeah everyone has flaws but when those flaws harm you indefinitely it makes fans like me fell sad… peace

  • yets

    she is pretty!!!

  • Lola

    This will probably ve one of the last post We will see about vanessa in a while, since she’s living for the frozen ground very soon!


    zac, was buying sig’s at wallgreens, he bought them, then his costar, heather gram, smoked out side the hotel they were staying,alot of hotels don’t allow smoking, heather is not his girlfriend, she plays his girl friend in the movie, and besides they both smoke, when most of your friends smoke, you are about to pick up the habit, most of ho;llwood smokes, they use hang around britany snow, and ryan as a couple, they both smoke, when alot of your friends you hang out with smoke, most likley they will too. you pick up the habit, both of them try, not to be seen smoking, thats why vanessa was really mad of the pap, who took her picture, doing so, but it is there life, if that is want they want to do, it is there buisness no one elses, and yes cig, age your skin, and it’s bad, for there singing, i’m sure they do it to relaxes them,.

  • gglover128

    OmGosh why does someone always have to bring Zac’s name into a V post. Whether he or V smokes or not who cares! I dnt see his name or his pic in the post.

  • carmali

    that’s not new it’s from last week, and no is not a cigarette is a pillow

  • carmali


  • carmali
  • carmali
  • carmali

    she is still wearing some short extensions she got in New York

  • carmali

    since years she is really into yoga and yeah she is a really spiritual person <3

  • carmali

    @Ka simply amazing:
    Vanessa <3

  • carmali

    @Ka simply amazing:
    i like Mila too, but Vanessa is just gorgeous!

  • carmali

    it’s funny but a lot of people said they don’t like her, but when they meet Vanessa, fall in love with her hahaha

  • carmali

    no one cares about him

  • Marsha

    @maria: But she does shopping so well and she is good at it. Now if she could just get some fashion sense. according to the fashion police she has none.

  • ME


    Heather Graham doesn’t play the GF of Zac’s character. A 17 yr old girl named Maika Monroe plays the GF. I think Heather plays the other woman in the Dennis Quaid character’s life.

  • florence

    Love vanessas engagement ring and wish her and Austin all he best.

  • me

    are you delusional?

  • kami

    ♥ vanessa has the most beautiful face. i think it’s her eyes. ♥

    i know this post is about vanessa and not smoking, but i’m surprised at how many young ppl smoke. when you’re young, you don’t realize or care that smoking damages your lungs and skin. i know i smoked for 5 yrs. and the reason i stopped was because an older relative of mine who had smoked for yrs was always coughing up phlegm and clearing his throat. it grossed me and everyone else out. i so did not want to end up doing that.

  • Haters Suck!

    an engagement ring, seriously? You’re kinda crazy you know that.