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Jessica Alba: I'm So Thankful For My Family!

Jessica Alba: I'm So Thankful For My Family!

Jessica Alba and her family leave Porta Via restaurant on Wednesday (November 23) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

After lunch, the 30-year-old actress and her hubby Cash Warren took their daughters Honor and Haven to Starbucks and then to Trader Joe’s to do some Thanksgiving shopping!

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“I’m so thankful 4 my beautiful baby girls n loving supportive hubby @cash_warren n my amazing friends -love u all!!! #HappyThanksgiving” Jessica wrote on her Twitter account. “ahh so sweet hon,” Cash tweeted back at Jess.

FYI: Jessica is carrying a Bulgari bag. Honor is wearing Ash “Funky” sneakers.

10+ pictures inside of Jessica Alba, Cash Warren, Honor, and Haven spending the day together…

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jessica alba thanksgiving shopping family 01
jessica alba thanksgiving shopping family 02
jessica alba thanksgiving shopping family 03
jessica alba thanksgiving shopping family 04
jessica alba thanksgiving shopping family 05
jessica alba thanksgiving shopping family 06
jessica alba thanksgiving shopping family 07
jessica alba thanksgiving shopping family 08
jessica alba thanksgiving shopping family 09
jessica alba thanksgiving shopping family 10
jessica alba thanksgiving shopping family 11

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  • Moon’

    Wow they seem so in love ! So cute.

  • lilli

    yes they seem so in love and jessica has always that big smile on her face when she’s next to cash…… uhhhmm no.

    They don’t look happy to me at all. if Jessica still had a career and some charisma she would leave him, i think. But that she’s a family person is the only good thing people say about her since she’s not the hottest hollywoodh*e anymore. I’m pretty sure she thinks, a divorce will ruin her ‘best mom & wife’-image. By the way, this tweet wasn’t really necessary, they live together. She could say it face to face.

  • natalia

    wow some people can be so mean without any specific reason!
    anyway i think they are an amazing family and an example that fame doesn’t ruin everybody.
    even though she has too kids i still think she is one of the most naturally beautiful women! i highly admire her. and as for the ones who think she doesn’t have talent and they keep saying it to EVERY SINGLE post…it seems to me like something is really wrong with them,commenting obsessively to every post!

  • Miranda

    Jessica was cute , but she’s not beautiful.

  • lilli

    She has two kids.. wow…. Even woman with 12 kids can be beautiful especially when they are rich, unemployed and when they have lots of time for working out and visiting the beauty parlor. It’s not like she’s the only mother who looks good.

  • Yas

    Negativity is the new thing clearly.

  • L.A.

    They are a happy family and clearly devoted to one another.

  • patricia s.

    Very cute family. I couldn’t help, but to chuckle at the chunky dude in the black Nike suit with no shirt on LOL.

  • Wow…

    Ok…those Trader Joe’s pics are disturbing. How and why were those ever taken? Suddenly I feel kinda…dirty…being on this site. I’m gone, at least for a while. Hired, legal stalkers – what a world….

  • Michelle

    Thankful for her Beautiful baby girls!? She means thankful for one beautiful baby girl. The other is a hobbit. Haven is a cutie! =)

  • Brooke

    @Michelle: Well said, Michelle! Honor is the ugliest female and ugliest baby I’ve ever seen. Someone needs to knock some sense into that kid that she will never be as beautiful as her mom. Haven looks cute and normal. Haven looks like a boy.

  • kitty

    If honor is the ugliest baby you ever seen then you probably don’t get around much. I feel sorry for these kids when they someday find out all the mean things said about them. It’s not honors fault that she is not pretty people don’t get to choose what they look like. Honor will probably grow up wanting lots of plastic surgery because she will be depressed about he looks and all you will comment how she is plastic.

  • kitty

    @Brooke: Someone needs to knock some sense in to you. she is a little girl like she should even care about her looks now. You are the one who needs some knocking sense into.

  • Michelle

    @Brooke: Haven is a beautiful child and baby! Thank god, he gave jessica at least one pretty kid. I saw a picture of haven the other day and she is adorable! Much cuter than how honor was as a baby. Honor looked and still does look like a monkey. 2nd time for Jessica is a charm. =) Honor will always live in the shadow of her much prettier sister!

  • Michelle

    @kitty: And you need to leave brooke alone! She is speaking the truth! Not all kids are pretty just like not all adults are handsome or beautiful. And besides, i’m tired of people picking on Salma Hayek’s and Jennifer Lopez’s daughters, when Honor is uglier than both of them! Honor is the ugliest kid in hollywood. Everybody else has cutie pie kids, except jessica. But jessica has at least one beautiful kid, and thats haven!

  • Brooke

    @kitty: I do go out a lot. I don’t like to see children as ugly and never thought it was even possible for a baby to be ugly until Honor entered this world to “bless” the world with her ugly presence. Like what Michelle says, Salma Hayek’s and J.Lo’s girls aren’t ugly. They look normal. Honor does not look normal at all. She looks like a tranny. Even the most feminine clothes aren’t enough to make her look like a girl. She always looks like a boy wearing girly clothes. I remember seeing on talk shows of little girls hating their faces and wanting plastic surgeries. All these little girls were beautiful and didn’t need it at all. In Honor’s case, I would support it 100% because she needs it. She should be the one who should appear in those kind of shows. Later on, she will realize how big of a star Jessica Alba was at one point and she will think that even she can be as big. She would have a lot of nerve to even think of being an actress or model. I would think Jessica Alba would be the lat person in the world to have an ugly child like Honor. Honor looks like the daughter of a mexican servant. I hope she does become beautiful later on without plastic surgery. Adam Sandler’s daughter looks great now so I hope the same will be for Honor, but that’s sort of unlikely. From the time she was born to now she still looks like a pig.

  • humanbeing

    @Brooke & Michelle wow look at you girls, i’m sure one day if you had a daughter & someone else say into your face how ugly your daughter is.

    Both of you won’t defend your child but instead yeah my daughter is ugly & i hate her for her ugliness? would you?

  • Michelle

    @humanbeing: Shutup! My daughter would be pretty you fool!

  • Kitty

    Are you retarded Michelle I never said Honor was pretty but she said she wanted to Knock some sense into Honor who is just a little Kid and could give a rats ass about her appearance. Anyway there are many ugly celebrity kids other than Honor I am not here to bash. People don’t choose there looks they are kids.

  • holly g

    so there bashing your kids let them its ok life goes forward not back ass words . upset there not in the spot light. jessica is healthy works out studys may you girls need to get off yor fat asses an come to my house not for a karate session but for a work out slender is in not fat. mc donalds can use you in a happy meal contest or a video game camercial. ps brush your yellow funck breath i can smell you over there

  • holly g

    @Michelle: how can u call her baby a hobbit how dear u. its the same thing as mono in spanish u are a ungrateful …..or in texas they say canadians . im from cleveland ohio word up

  • holly g

    @Michelle: brook is messed up . ill knock some sence in her dont worry jessica i know all about you . you might be richier then me . but i work two jobs an better off then others may be the haters out there need to study other things like a lanage. or get a hobby that encludes moveing around. they probablly have food crumbs all on the key board . and are fat dirty an a sloppy joe hoe .. i got your back !

  • carlos alberto dos santos

    Olá cheguei ate aqui sabe Deus como,
    mais não no que isso vai mudar minha
    vida e minha alma cançada e triste.