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Taylor Swift's 'Safe and Sound' - FIRST LISTEN!

Taylor Swift's 'Safe and Sound' - FIRST LISTEN!

Check out the premiere of Taylor Swift‘s song “Safe and Sound,” which comes straight off of the soundtrack to the upcoming film The Hunger Games.

“Something I’ve been VERY excited about for a VERY long time is going to be happening VERY soon,” the 22-year-old singer teased on her Twitter account just a few hours before releasing the ballad, which also features vocals by The Civil Wars.

“Just close your eyes The sun is going down You’ll be all right No one can hurt you In the morning light You and I’ll be safe and sound,” Taylor sings.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor’s latest song “Safe and Sound”?

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  • Rose

    I loved the book, so I hope with all my heart that the movie captures its essence.
    The song is cute.

  • Esther

    Beautiful song from Taylor, as always. Love it!

  • Robin

    Two of my favorite things coming together, Taylor Swift and The Hunger Games :) It’s amazing.

  • popo

    this song reminds me of rue :((

  • lisa

    Love the song. It suits the movie perfectly.

  • Facts

    What a way to ruin the appeal of what looks like a great movie. Taylor Swift just swiftly broke any interest I had for this film.

  • ashleigh

    It’s a beautiful song! I’m even more excited for the movie now :)

  • yep

    awesome! looking forward to the movie!

  • Annabelle

    Waw! so beautiful and I’m not even a fan of Swift! good job :)

  • Swiftie

    Let me start off with this. I am probably Taylors #1 Fan (Don’t believe me? You should check out my room or ask my friends) and I am obsessed with THG too. When I heard that she was doing THG song, I was a little scared at first. Cuz I love them both so darn much that if one messed the other up I would be in tears. Well, now I’m in tears….Happy Tears! Its perfect!

  • raluca

    I don t like this movie or taylor swift.

  • ashley

    When is the album out?

  • ashley

    When is the album out?

  • http://@Aroik Araik Danielyan

    Oh my God a very beautiful song is very very beautiful song I was the first time in my life heard such a beautiful song well done Taylor I Love You!

  • ashley

    When is the album out?

  • justsaying

    I am not a fan of her either…but I think this is one of the best done songs by anyone…..really great. Beautifully done. I gotta go listen again.

  • lisa

    @ashley: If you mean the soundtrack to the movie. It will be out next year. This is just a single release from the soundtrack in anticipation of the movie. I can’t wait for the rest of it.

  • effy

    i’m not a fan of taylor, at aall! but i loved it, great song

  • speaktruth

    Jared, mention the Civil Wars! They’re doing the amazing harmonies in the background and were nominated for four Grammys this year. You guys NEED to go check them out! I saw them in concert this year, and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen!

  • Carla

    This is one of the few Taylor Swift songs I have listened to and I really do love it. The movie will be great :)
    To those who think this song will ruin the movie just because it’s sung by Taylor Swift, it won’t.

  • willanka

    I love this song! Taylor did a gret work.

  • Kiera

    This song is really good! I haven’t read the books yet, but I want to at least read the first book before seeing the movie. I’m excited:)

  • thg

    I concur. Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars was one of my favorite albums this year and has topped many ‘best of” lists. In addition, not only did they do the harmonizing, they also wrote the song. If you listen to their CD, this song is HEAVILY influenced by their sound.

  • speaktruth

    @thg: Exactly! I really think the majority of the work and credit is due to the Civil Wars, but Taylor Swift will get all of it and it sucks….big time. Grr! lol

  • stan

    Coming for Oscars?

  • Daticc77




  • Diana

    Well, the writing credits are: “Taylor Swift, Joy Williams, John Paul White & T Bone Burnett”. Of course the song is heavily influenced by TCW but Taylor has some credit too. Actually I would give most of the credit to T Bone Burnett, he is the man behind this song.

  • Diana

    Well, the writing credits are: “Taylor Swift, Joy Williams, John Paul White & T Bone Burnett”. Of course the song is heavily influenced by TCW but Taylor has some credit too. Actually I would give most of the credit to T Bone Burnett, he is the man behind this song.

  • Mac

    sorry, but this should be an epic harry potter like soundtrack and now it’s some romantic twilight tune. what the hell…

  • charlotte

    taylor is the best singernever i am sooo happy how by how high she is soaring she deserves this u go taylor

  • raluca


  • MissPoshWitch

    just because you don’t like the singer, doesn’t mean you have to slate them, and not watch the movie. In fact that is an incredibly immature way to look at things.



  • Me

    I LOVE this song
    I think that this song is about Katniss and Petta
    I’ve always loved Taylor Swift and The Hunger Games

  • Natalie

    This song displays how life is so beautiful. I almost cried. May the odds be in your favor.

  • http://taylor taylor


    Dude you have issues Taylor Swift worked hard on that song and its not her that ruined the movie it was all of the haters out there that just love to insult people and bring them down!

  • http://taylor taylor