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Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Christmas Day Walk in Boston!

Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Christmas Day Walk in Boston!

Gisele Bundchen and her husband, Tom Brady, go for a walk together on Christmas Day (December 25) in Boston, Mass.

The 31-year-old Brazilian supermodel pushed her son, Benjamin, and Tom‘s son John in a stroller.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gisele Bundchen

Late last week, Gisele was spotted giving a friend a big hug as she left her place.

It was recently reported that Tom and Gisele‘s palatial home in Brentwood, California is nearly ready to move into – the huge home reportedly features eight bedrooms and a lagoon shaped swimming pool.

FYI: Gisele is using her BOB stroller!

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  • LO

    Why didn’t they build the mansion in Boston instead?

  • Love the shoes

    I think she has an amazing body but if not for that, she wouldn’t have made it because she looks like a horse i the face. She is not in my opinion beautiful, striking or pretty. She looks like a horse… my opinion. He’s not a looker either “in my opinion.”

  • deandra

    Gisele is gorgeous bc she doesn’t look like a fake cheap plastic clone. She is a striking unique beauty. Her success says all. Haters if you can do a better job, be my guest…and I flag too rude of comments Jared kindly deletes. I think after Christmas you should be doing more than finger exercising…

    “There are no supermodels today except one. She is of course, Gisele Bundchen” – Naomi Campbell

  • aww

    Beautiful fam. Love how they are so freakin rich and powerful, yet so private and do so much charity work and don’t blab about it. Refreshing in holly-weird!

  • QU

    I love them as a couple and its always a good sign (imo) when they grew up in households with parents who remain married and in love. Both their parents are still together. I wish them the best. Gisele looks just like her mum imo. Here are her parents still together:

  • lisali

    They have the cutest family,like,ever!!

  • wtf?

    Okay here’s the worlds highest earning supermodel, can live any place on earth…and here she is in cold boring gloomy Boston! wowwwwwwww Brady is not worth ittttttttt

  • hi

    @lisali: You’re like a stupid illiterate cow.

  • http://lis Letícia

    @BRITTA:German, german, german…. Do you not get tired of writing the same stupid thing all the time?

  • Wow!

    I would bet a million dollars this was a photo op. What camera person would stand out all day and night on Christmas “hoping” to get a photo of the Brady’s as the go for a walk, supposedly not knowing if and/or when they would be outside…that is unless of course, they knew when the Brady’s would be outside. Duh!

    I hate the fact that they pretend to be private yet always have these supposedly “private” moments photographed.

  • tara

    @Wow! you are sooooooo stupid know nothing
    maybe it was a normal people not a paparazzi and he sold the pics

  • Lysle

    I’ve seen Gisele in person here in Boston and she is a natural beauty. Not exotic, but tall and pretty and unique – she stands out in a crowded sidewalk, lol. Plus, Benjamin is adorbs!!!

  • carrie

    @Wow!: yes that’s why they share their whole life on their twitters and facebooks,attend every red carpet together,sold their wedding photos, and paraded their child for a cheap OK tabloid shoot . NOT! Oh and they’ve also turned down multiple Vanity Fair etc cover shoots. Actually, for their mega A list,rich,powerful, at the top of their game statuses they are beyond private.

  • umyeah

    wow please keep that million dollars; you don’t have. Do you know Tom is like a God in Boston? From what I’ve seen, everything he does is heavily documented there. Of course everyone knows where he and his wife live and areas they frequent, his every move is tracked in Boston…

  • Wow!

    @umyeah: Actually, uh, yeah, I do have the million, so stop making assumptions – not the millions that Gi and Tom have, but yes I do have a million. Regardless, do you really believe what you and Carrie are saying??? If so, why don’t we see photos every day if they are that popular.

  • Carol

    @Wow!: You are seriously sick. Please get help!

  • Carol

    @Lysle: I saw her once at JFK airport and ask her for a photo . She was so nice and sooooo beautiful !

  • bitterbeer

    ummmm Tom is America’s most famous/recognizable Football player in the US. Gisele is an iconic supermodel who does not even need a surname….. They are friggin richer than Posh/Becks,Beyonce/Jay-Z.They do not need attention lol. She doesn’t even share her personal life on her twitter. Her team only uses it to promote her work or causes. In fact she doesn’t hardly even tweet and when she does she isn’t sharing photos of her and tom making out, her child etc like many celebs… You sound bitter probs bc your fav model is not that in demand or Tom didn’t choose you (lol). Get over your hate. It’s F’ing this world up!!!!

  • Jk

    Sorry but, there is nothing remotely attractive about this woman. Tom must be gay to even sleep with her, she’s MANLY!

  • Bella Vella

    @bitterbeer: They’re not richer than any of those people. They earned more money between 2010-2011. Btwn 2009-2010, Beyonce and Jay-Z earned more money,

    PS. The General public does NOT know who Gisele is. She may have earned more money this year, but those other people are better known and better liked than her. Sorry.

  • maria

    I live in Boston, and it is far from boring or gloomy. And I can tell you, the only photos we ever see of them are ones like these. They are very private when together because they have very hectic schedules. She obviously has quite the career of her own, and he’s getting ready to end the regular football season and start the playoffs. I think they relish these times together with their boys.

  • giveitupdreamss

    Gisele Bundchen has reigned as the world’s top-earning model for seven years in a row and has been a staple on the Celebrity 100 since 2001 — but could she become the world’s first billionaire supermodel (and also the first Brazilian female self-made billionaire)?

    Aside from being a fashion icon and starring in high-profile campaigns for labels like Versace and Dior, Gisele is in the process of “branding herself” — licensing her name to products ranging from jewellery to eco-friendly cosmetics and lingerie. Her line of sandals with Grendene, one of the world’s leading makers of synthetic footwear, is a success both in Brazil and abroad, today rivalling the world-renowned Havaianas brand. According to Grendene’s annual report, the Ipanema line accounts for 63% of the company’s annual exports (R$ 394.8 millions, circa $250 million), with 25 million pairs sold in 2010 alone.

    But Gisele’s biggest potential money-maker is yet to come. Eyeing Brazil’s growing women’s wear market (the sector’s earnings surged by 22% to $3.45 billion last year, according to ABIT, the Brazilian national association of textile industries), last May Gisele launched her own lingerie company in a joint venture with Hope (Brazil’s version of Victoria’s Secret), where she’s already a spokeswoman. Instead of licensing her name to the company, like most celebrities do, she created her own brand, Gisele Bundchen Brazilian Intimates, which since last week is being sold exclusively at Hope’s stores (the company operates a network of 61 owned stores and over one thousand sales points). She’ll also own a stake in the company, a savvy move few celebrities make. According to a recent report in Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, Gisele could add as much as R$ 30 million ($19 million) per year to her estimated $45 million annual income.

    In addition, last year Gisele founded Sejaa Pure Skincare, an eco-friendly cosmetics company based in Phoenix, AZ. Sources close to Gisele tell me she is in talks to sell a stake in the business, of which she owns 100%. That’s not to mention the cash she rakes in from her role as creative-director to fashion retailer C&A’s Gisele Bundchen Collection.

    Since Forbes began tracking Gisele’s numbers for the Celebrity 100, her estimated total earnings over the last 10 years have passed the $250 million mark. Assuming she’s been managing her cash, spending wisely and making smart investments, the number will likely continue to add up. We know she’s diversified into real estate: her portfolio includes a hotel in the south of Brazil, land in the posh northeast city of Trancoso, Bahia, a villa in Costa Rica and a multi-million dollar house that she is building in Brentwood, CA, with husband Tom Brady.

  • NEAL


    Who are you trying to convince? This broad is still ugly

  • wren

    Welll given her personal success, not to a good percentage of humanity. She has parleyed her looks – dubious or not – in to an extremely lucrative and influential stratospshere. She’s very smart – 5 years ago, she wouldn’t take payment in American dollars….I thought it was interesting as well as stinging. She clearly has some strong priorities. I hope these two last as a family.

  • giveitupdreamss

    I’m not trying to convince a soul. Someone posted illiterate info with no proof to back up their biased “opinion” and I had simply backed up my opinion with written, published FACT.

    Get out your anger while you can troll. I flagged the mean comments. They’ll soon be deleted.

    Love the attention she can still get after 15 years of fame, WOW. Go Gisele! Most late 90s/early 00′s “it” celebs are long gone by now… I hope you know she’s also the only model on Forbe’s celebrity 100 list because of the media impact she can still create. You clicking on her links only makes her more relevant with each passing day, lol. Kinda funny considering the haters keep contradicting themselves. Want her to go away? not gonna happen. Not with the power she still (obviously) has.

  • Ravali

    Would I rather be Gisele or a mean anonymous JJ stalker the day after Xmas??? hmm tough one…

  • heather

    ewwwww….they both gross me out. You can tell she wears the pants in the family, not girly Tom lol.

  • Julesy

    damn, she is FUG.

  • Wallace

    Her career is incomparable. She’s the Meryl Streep/Oprah, president/CEO of modeling.

  • Mary

    loveeeeeeeeeeeee gisele! if the quality of the pics were better u could think it was a magazine photoshoot

  • bostonj

    @heather I live in Boston and see they often. Tom wear the pants she made everthing what he say

  • Kyle

    I love these two.Two very smart humble individuals.They’re perfect.

  • IONE

    Beautiful family

  • giovanna


  • Brito

    love gisele

  • Jess

    Why are you obsessed losers thumbing me down when everythIng I said is accurate. I guess you idiots don’t like FACTS do you?!


  • ewwwwwww

    ewwwwwww bostonnnnnn yuckkkkkkkk ewwwwwww

  • LOL

    Jess flagged. Who the F cares how much they’re worth. All I know is many will take Forbe’s a highly reputable business magazine, info over a meaningless internet trolls”info” anyday. Her net worth was supposedly 150 way back in 2007. She has like 5 more successful businesses since then….if its possible, you do the math. Can’t you read? so funny you can argue petty opinions all you want but you can’t argue written facts, yet these trolls still try. get a life.

  • http://lis Forbes

    @Jess: they are named the richiest couple by Forbes, that’s a fact

  • falalalala

    Facts? where are your sources to back up your info? hmm?…loser.

  • josue

    i love you gisele

  • falalalala

    that last comment was directed towards jess, the ill informed troll.
    If you want to judge so much why don’t you do some actual reading before you spew false facts.

    Assuming makes an A** out of U and Me. No one takes name calling immature trolls seriously, you do know what right? The reason for your comments being flagged and thumbed down. Happy New Year, I get the feeling you need one!

  • elionete

    i think she´s awesome!

  • Carol

    @Jess: Why are you so angry ? Did Gisele ever did something to you? I hope you know that only hurts you because she doesn’t eve know that you exist.

  • Carol

    When I saw her at JFK she was so nice to me . She has a beautiful smile and a lot of charisma. I could tell she was a ver nice person with a good heart. I am sure that is why she became so successful .

  • Jess

    You are an idiot. There might be one single year in which Gisele out earned Beyonce/Jay-Z and the BECKHAMS… But that’s one single year. BECKHAMS and Jay Z and Beyonce are far richer than horsey and her dumb husband.

  • Jess

    Look for NET WORTH not one year earnings, dumbasz

  • Jess

    Look at Gisele’s house. What a nasty woman. Who needs a 22,000 sq ft house in crappy LA. Repulsive. Ther are far richer people than her that down own anything close to a 22,000 sq ft house. Disgusting gluttonous s l u t. Hope it burns down.

  • Carol

    @Jess: UAU! please get some help. why so much anger?