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Mario Lopez: Engaged to Courtney Mazza!

Mario Lopez: Engaged to Courtney Mazza!

Mario Lopez is engaged to Courtney Mazza!

The 38-year-old entertainer and host of Extra popped the question as he and Courtney were on the beach in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico with family and friends.

“I’ve come to the realization that I’m never going to meet another woman as special and amazing as the one I have and I think she’s finally succumb to my pressure and will take me,” Mario told Extra.

See how the proposal went down on an episode of Extra airing TONIGHT (January 4)!

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  • Lilian

    Marrying the mother of your child, oh yes, you are a big man … NOT! Let us see how long it lasts … See Ali Larter for reference.

  • wandalismus

    she looks evil

  • wandalismus

    she looks evil

  • XYZ

    She looks evil and ugly. She looks as she is, certainly. Bad choice of beard, Mario, sorry for u…

  • mel

    Woah thats a scary face.

  • Victoriana

    I’ve seen her on t.v. and she is very pretty. It’s this hairstyle doesn’t compliment her as it doesn’t many women, the skinned back look. The only thing is she seems to be quite a nag, hounding him constantly, at least watching their t.v. show and he didn’t seem all that enthralled with her. They bicker constantly and he doesn’t seem to have much respect for her. Hopefully, they will last a few years at least, which is a lifetime in Hollywood years.

  • mimi

    @Lilian: lol you mean ali landry right? lol it was not ali larter but you are right about the rest

  • testingtona

    “I’ve come to the realization that I’m never going to meet another woman as special and amazing as the one I have and I think she’s finally succumb to my pressure and will take me,”

    That is one of the least romantic things I’ve heard in a while.

  • Oh Well

    Dido testingtona! Basically, he said no other new ass has come my way so for now you will do. I would be offended if I was her. They probably will never make down the aisle, he’ll draw it out for 2 years and then call it off. i think outside pressure from being asked all the time brought this on and to keep from continuing looking like the jerk he is he proposed with no intention to seal the deal. JMO

  • ms Pickle


  • Faith Hill FANATIC

    Does Mario do anything without a camera crew around? He is becoming like a Kardashian in that sense. A marriage proposal is suppose to be intimate and shared with family and friends. NOT the entire world. To me the marriage proposal doesn’t seen authentic enough. Mario should have take Courtney to a nice, romantic dinner. Take her home where the floor should have been covered in rose petals. He then should have gotten down on one knee and proposed to her. It should have been a more intimate setting between them two. Not captured for a television show and their ratings. Its just makes me sense. Oh, yeah and its about time Mario proposed. They have been together forever and have a daughter together. What took him so darn long?? Personally, I adore Coutrney. I think she is a wonderful, intelligent, silly, king, giving, caring and loving woman. I just don’t think that Mario is good enough for her. She deserves a lot more and a lot better. Regardless of his “celebrity” or the amount of money he has in his bank account(s). There is so much more to a marriage than the superficial things. If they are truly in love I hope it lasts a lifetime. I also hope he doesn’t cheat on her like he did his first wife, Ali Landry. Good luck Courtney….you are going to need it with a man who thinks he is prettier than his own wife. :-)

  • Dana

    @Oh Well: Quite the contrary. Mario rushed this whole relationship. Courtney moved to CA from NY within months of dating Mario, then one month after moving in with him, she had lipo and breast augmentation. 9 months later she was pregnant. I think he will rush into this and then regret it terribly. Courtney will have to be involved in all his decisions now and he will have to account for his whereabouts 24/7. I think she is a very demanding and nagging person and getting married will ruin the relationship. Personally, I think she looks older than she does. She is only 30, but she looks his age-38. I think she is very phony in real life and snobby. But they deserve each other-both love the paps and to be photographed.

  • Guest

    It’s like everything in Mario’s life has to be documented for the cameras. What a famewhore he is, and she is no better!

  • Guest


    I totally agree! It’s all about Mario 24/7.

  • Guest

    Why do I have the feeling she is going to be one worn out, put away wet gal when she is 40? You can see how much the sun is doing damage to her skin already. She is only 30 and she looks 38! She just has this older gal feeling to her. Not the young girl he first started dating. Google it, you’ll see what I mean.

  • Guest

    You can see how much damage the sun is doing to her face. She looks 38 and she is only 30. You can see pics of her on the web when Mario first met her and she looked youthful and fun. Now she looks so much older. In a few years, he will still look youthful and she will look like an old hag with a boob job.

  • Guest

    I think Ms. Mazza is as phony as they come.
    I agree with the above-she is totally a wanna be celebrity.
    I hope Mario’s lawyers make her sign a prenup.
    Use your head Mario!

  • Destiny

    Never cared for Courtney. I hope Mario wakes up before he ties the knot. Stay single Mario!

  • Donna

    Love Mario, don’t care for Courtney. She seems too phony for me, like she is trying to be someone she is not……

  • Guest

    Mazza, you phony.
    Why do you pretend that you are famous?
    You are the girl Mario knocked up with fake boobs and who had lipo.
    What other plastic surgery did you have?

  • Guest

    “Thank you to all the haters who continue to be a source of entertainment for us! You make us laugh! Sad unfulfilled lives” quote by Courtney Mazza on her Twitter account

  • Guest

    “Some people are just like trees, they take forever to grow up.” ie Courtney Mazza

  • Guest

    “There are some crazy mo-fo’s out there-I feel bad, it’s sad when someone else consumes your life.” quote on Courtney Mazza’s Twitter.

  • Guest

    This marriage will never last.
    Courtney is as much as a famewhore as Mario is.
    Personally, I think she is just as phony as he is.
    No doubt she is in it for the money and the fame, and to further her own career. I hate how he constantly tries to get her on his show Extra. It’s not your show Mario. If it was it would be called the Mario Lopez Show. You don’t see any of the other hosts have any part of their personal life on the show and now with his latest comments on Twitter I have “unfollowed” him. I can’t stand either of them. His tweets are all about him. That is probably why Ryan Seacrest has so many more followers than Mario and always will have. Ryan will always be more successful and have more money than Mario. Mario needs to learn to leave his private life private. We don’t care! His Financee stated on her Twitter they are planning to televise their wedding. Can we say losers?
    Oh by the way, Mario is rarely at this radio station at the Grove. Most days he prerecords everything so that he can have his picture taken at fundraisers. If his radio show is supposed to be on from 7-11 pm California time, how can he be at a fundraiser at 8 pm? He had to do a radio show to keep up with Ryan. I went to the Grove one time and Courtney was there with Gia and she was acting like she was an A lister. Honey, you are nothing but the Gal Mario knocked up and decided after so long to settle for. You are nothing and will always be nothing. They both are legends in their own minds……

  • Guest

    How pathetic is it that Courtney created a Twitter account for their dog?

  • Guest

    Don’t like either one.

  • Desiree


    Never been a fan of Mario’s.

  • Missy

    Good advice for Mario: “Never lie to the Girl of your life for the Hoe of the night.” Remember him cheating on Ali Landry before the wedding?

  • Dana

    Mario, The karma for screwing over a good girl (Ali Landry) is the B you end up with…. (Courtney)

  • Sara

    Who really gives a sh-t about these two? She’s nobody and he is a D-lister.

  • Sara

    With a scary personality to match! Good luck Mario!

  • Sarah

    Ryan Seacrest is so much classier, has more money and the best girl! Go RYAN! Ryan doesn’t need to have his pic taken at every stupid opportunity. His radio show is fantastic and people respect him. Mario is a famewhore who takes every opportunity to get his pic taken and some of them are stupid-like shopping for candles with Courtney. Do we really care? Sorry Mario, but Ryan will ALWAYS win. Ha!

  • CristianStan

    Ryan doesn’t need to have his pic taken at every stupid opportunity. His radio show is fantastic and people respect him. Mario is a fame whore who takes every opportunity to get his pic taken and some of them are stupid-like shopping for candles with Courtney.

  • Kim

    Everybody knows all of these comments are killing Courtney she knows it’s the truth without him she’s a nobody be thankful to him. Can’t even afford to rent a apt for her mom so sad. Has her living in the back of their house!Courtney is just a fame whore! Thinking she’s pretty with all of those surgeries on her! Get a job!

  • Kim

    On tweeter always posting pics of his daughter nor cute at all.always trying to get the attention! Get a job Courtney no one knows who you are except marios baby mama. Without him you would still be living in the one apt with a bunch of other girls. You couldn’t afford to buy a pair a shoes you forgot that. And now you wanna act like a super star Change your face and fix your your mommy her own place quit using Mario for money!