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Christina Aguilera & Adam Levine: 'The Voice' at TCA!

Christina Aguilera & Adam Levine: 'The Voice' at TCA!

Christina Aguilera beams on stage during The Voice panel for the 2012 Winter TCA Tour held at The Langham Huntington on Friday (January 6) in Pasadena, Calif.

The 31-year-old entertainer, who looked lovely in a Thomas Wylde dress, was joined by her fellow The Voice coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Cee Lo Green.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Christina Aguilera

The Voice recently added some new guest mentors to the roster, including Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, Robin Thicke, Lionel Richie, Alanis Morissette, and others, according to Reuters.

Be sure to tune into The Voice, premiering February 5 after the Super Bowl!

10+ pictures inside of The Voice coaches at the TCA panel…

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christina aguilera tca the voice judges 01
christina aguilera tca the voice judges 02
christina aguilera tca the voice judges 03
christina aguilera tca the voice judges 04
christina aguilera tca the voice judges 05
christina aguilera tca the voice judges 06
christina aguilera tca the voice judges 07
christina aguilera tca the voice judges 08
christina aguilera tca the voice judges 09
christina aguilera tca the voice judges 10
christina aguilera tca the voice judges 11
christina aguilera tca the voice judges 12
christina aguilera tca the voice judges 13

Credit: Frederick M. Brown; Photos: Getty
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  • http://google Christina

    I love Christina Aguileraaaaaaaa <3

  • Leo

    o m g. she’s bigger than Adele right now. Disgusting. Xtina, you shouldn’t “Love Your Body”…

  • Paul Rivas

    If thats a “fat” woman, then she is the most beautiful curvy girl I´ve ever seen in my life. You gou, girl.

  • ian

    ITS Getting bigga Xtina its getting bigga. … Xtina is gonna explode !!

    PS: iieuch she is braless…

  • LadyB

    I remember her “What a girl wants” video, I was hoping she could gain 5 pounds. She bettered me and gained 50. And I’m sorry, it doesn’t look like food weight, it looks like booze weight.

  • Sayer

    She needs to start losing weight.

  • rahrahrah

    But she loooked so good in her Burlesque movie! lol. No matter what, there’s nothing that could change her beautiful voice. She really has a strong powerful voice. Still a fan :)

  • quinc

    When will this garbage go off the air???

  • Sayer

    Well, her mom is fat.



  • BEAN

    She looks giant. Wowzer

  • BEAN

    You cannot wear a dress like that with boobs like that, without a bra. That’s actually offended my eyes lmao.

  • Pickles

    She looks wasted, and I agree, it’s from drinking not overeating.
    She isn’t sexy anymore. Now she looks sloppy. I have hated her hair for a long time but it is looking really bad since the divorce. You can tell it’s not her natural hair.

    Adam Levine OTOH looks amazing. He is a serious hottie.

  • mas


  • cindy

    Christina Aguilera I love you for not caring what others say about you. You are so confident and I love that. Your right heard the conv it’s okay for Blake to drink and he’s gets laughs but if it’s you negative stuff at you. Double Standards in this world.Your one amazing talented artist. Keep being amazing. Can’t wait to see you back on The Voice and gettting your new album. Your the voice of the generation and your not using auto tune like many artist now a days. To bad people always underrate you and never see what you say and what you bring to the world with your music and charity work. Keep being a fighter!!

  • Queen Aguilera Best Forever

    Love Beautiful Girl LOve LOve Goooooooo 2012 Best <3 N1 LegendTina

  • Rosie

    Christina should exercise. She looks great all but from afar she kinda looks like the girl who SUNNY D AND RUM lady on youtube. I’m just sayin.

  • oxcarlima

    she is fat and beautiful…. and a real talented woman… & adam is damn sexy!!

  • E. Norma Stitz


  • Glam

    She is so woman ! I love her

  • BEAN

    @Rosie: Why can’t you people be real and say what you really feel without giving a shiz what everyone else here will say?

    You’ve just said she looks great YET compared her with Sunny D and Rum? What a MASSIVE contradiction. She looks a hippo. Damn just say it.

  • nikki

    jesus christ christina looks terrible. its one thing to be healthy and “curvy” but shes unhealthily lard-ful. so nasty.

  • kayy

    this is going to get hate but.. whatever..
    why is it when jessica simpson gained weight, britney went nuts and lindsey acts like a mess people crucify them but cristina aguilera comes out looking like a saint??
    couple months ago she was drink driving, passed out at a party in the home owners bed (a party she wasnt invited 2) and is looking extremely over-weight ( in reference to the way she looked a year ago ).. im confused as to why she doesn’t get the same bad/degrading treatement the other women get?

  • Giani

    I love Christina but she looks like a bleached Rosie ODonnell..get a stylist girl and fix your damn hair!

  • My eyes!!!

    I don’t care if her physique is not super slim. But she needs to start dressing appropriately for her fuller figure. If she would, then her excess weight would not be so obvious and people would not criticize her so much for her size because right now, she looks like Snooki in a blonde wig!

  • baltax


    what are you talking about lmao. Adele is bigger than Christina.

  • M martell

    Heavy or not heavy she can still sing better than most.


  • divagirl715

    I’m just in shock. SHOCK I TELL YOU. What in God’s name happened to Xtina???????? Her arms look like massive sausages! Her boobs are down to her navel & all floppy. People on here keep rambling about her talent, DUH, no one questions that! whY IS SHE FAT?! WTF happened to her body in one year?! I didn’t even think it was her at first. OMG, I’m stunned & horrified. For a girl that tiny to gain enough weight for her arms to be obese, it’s like 60lbs+. Horrifying. Girl, you pulled the opposite of J.Hudson! WHY?

  • Ginger

    I… uh…. Hmmm… uh…. She is now a big girl and should not wear that kind of dress without a bra. She is probably happy right now but she shouldn’t let loose like that. It seems she is gaining more and more weight. Once she loses control, she will be like Kirstie Alley who will always be fighting with her weight. Then all those extra skin if she did lose a lot of weight.

  • Liz

    @cindy: I really appreciate your positive comments about Christina… but I will say, your inability to differentiate between YOUR & YOU’RE unfortunately makes them seem less valid. Still love her, though.

  • christinalover

    christina looks stunning, her boobs are sexy and not floppy, the most women dream of having titties like her. Haters gonna hate, but christina aguilera is still the woman with the most beautiful curves!

  • Sheena

    @Leo: you’re so PRESSED… She can lose weight, but your fave with a MONSTROUS face could nevah. That sucks more… smh

  • Elina

    phahaha Christina, you need a little diet…oh, and a bra!



  • Brazilan xixa

    She’s preggo!!!

  • John

    It really speaks volumes how much the media affects our sense of beauty and body image hearing all of these judgmental people claim that she’s fat here. If Christina would walk down the street, people would stop and stare at her because she’s gorgeous and completely healthy looking. The girl has always weighed under 100 pounds, which is what people are used to seeing, so when she puts on a few, people act like she’s obese, when she really looks completely normal. It really saddens me to see the double standard. Cee-Lo can be an actual obese person and no one says anything, but Xtina adds a little bit of padding to her ass and tummy and people act like she’s the fattest, most disgusting person in the world. Very sad.

  • Taylor

    She needs to put a bra on those sagging water balloons.

  • Taylor

    She needs to put a bra on those sagging water balloons.

  • Voicelera voice of reason

    LMAO are the imbecile haters still crying about Christina’s weight?

    You poor f*cking dumb@sses. Do you cry and yell at all the fat people you see in your everyday lives? I would hope not… LOL Otherwise, you a f*cking nuts. STFU already.

    Christina Aguilera herself says she is comfortable in her own skin at any weight. You mad and jealous at Christina’s gigantic self-confidence, you foolish haters? Well, you can stay mad and bitter.

    Here’s the bottom line : Skinny, Fat, Blond, Brunette, Makeup or no makeup CHRISTINA MARIA AGUILERA REMAINS THE BEST, MOST BAD@SS VOCALIST. Her pop music and discography remains the best of all her peers.

    Stay nervous, envious and stupid, f*cking clueless, brainless haters.

    New Xtina album 2012. I can’t wait to buy that!!!!!!!!!

  • Blue Whale Song

    Xtina is the best badass, culture stealing wannabee and that is all she is. She is a parrot, a copycat and not a true R & B artist and she never will be Adele owns that crown. Xtina was never the best she was better at copying I’ll give her that but her over-the-top- acrobatic screeching promotes second hand embarrassment from everyone who is tortured listening to her so-called style. Stick to your own kind of music Xtina and stop being a thief and for criss sake’s PUT ON A DAMN BRA YOU ARE HANGING TOO MUCH TO GO BRA LESS.

  • xtina makes haters mad

    Most musicians in the music industry praise the sh*t out of Christina Aguilera’s voice.

    Most people with a functioning brain recognize what an amazing vocalist Christina Aguilera is.

    The haters are extremely angry and jealous over this. ROTFLMAO.

    They will remain that wait, because Christina is here to stay. She says so herself in Back To Basics.

    Poor demented haters.
    smh LMAO

  • xtina makes lady caca fans mad

    Lady Caca is the wannabe.


    Do not get things twisted, you clueless newbies.

  • xtina makes ugly people mad

    Christina Aguilera has been singing incredibly since she was a child under the age of 10.
    She’s been singing like a dive since 1993, in the Mickey Mouse Club.
    Xtina is now 31.
    Christina’s haters have now been mad and bitter for 20+ years.

    Poor Christina Voicelera haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Truth

    It’s really sad that some people on here have such low self-esteem. It shows considering your taking it out on Christina and posting such horrible comments. It’s also sad that society has affected your views on what is considered “beautiful”. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors – If you can’t accept that move on and stop feeling the need to hurt others with your senseless comments.

  • TheVoice

    I cant wait for the season 2. This show is the best !

  • lollypoop


  • Jenna

    She looks chubby and orange – as basically always…

  • Love the shoes

    Everyone isn’t reed thin or wants to be but that isn’t a good look on her. She’s headed to Kirstie Allen “Kaftan’s by Omar The Tent Maker” land if she doesn’t watch out. She looks dumpy. Just because you have weight doesn’t mean you have to look dumpy.

  • Appliances

    Christina looks terrible. its one thing to be healthy and “curvy” but shes unhealthily lard-ful. So nasty.