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Johnny Depp: New Year's with Vanessa Paradis & the Kids!

Johnny Depp: New Year's with Vanessa Paradis & the Kids!

Johnny Depp rings in the New Year with his family on Saturday (December 31) in Hollywood.

The 48-year-old actor celebrated 2012 with his partner Vanessa Paradis, two kids Lily, 12, and Jack, 9, and extended family.

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On Tuesday (January 3), Vanessa took Lily and Jack to the LA Guitar Center in Los Angeles sans papa Depp!

Next up for Johnny is 21 Jump Street, out on March 16. The film also stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

For more pics of Vanessa, Lily, and Jack at the guitar store, head on over to!

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  • wow

    His daughter is GORGEOUS!

  • Torrance

    Omg I couldn’t see Vanessa at first and I thought the kid was the wife what the fudge, that is an inappropriate outfit for 12 year old!

  • BEAN

    His daughter looks WAY older than 12. I don’t think that ensemble is quite appropriate.

  • ha ha

    It’s appropriate in the fake Hollywood world……..

  • bonna

    that 12 y.o needs to dress her age, why do kids wanna wear short shorts?

  • I dunno

    I have always loved Johnny Depp, but the longer I watch him, his entire wardrobe “get-up”, the haggard looks of Vanessa and her rotten teeth, and the types of women Depp has always dated (like that major drug addict model), I’m thinking, Druggie! And he loves Keith Richards so much… in fact, idolizes him. I think drugs are a problem. His daughter has that look of girls when their parents are into the wrong things and they are usually headed out the door too early and into the arms of a low-down boyfriend. I hope I’m wrong, but something seems amiss.

  • Cissy

    aww, is that his or Vanessa’s Mom?
    How sweet!
    I hope Vanessa & Johnny’s marriage is OK.
    my parents divorced when I was her age & it still hurts.

  • snake eyes

    I don’t know a single parent that would allow their 12 year old child to dress like that. 16 fine but 12 isn’t even teenager yet – she’s just a child. Eh, that’s how things are I guess.

  • josie

    I’m not a hardass but I would never let my 12 year old step our of the house looking like that.

  • LaCroix

    That is Johnny’s mother Betty Sue. Agreed on Lily Rose’s choice of outfits of late show too much skin..but Vanessa was quoted as saying when she was her daughters age she too dressed risqué.

  • jessie r

    That child ALWAYS dresses like that.

  •!/AnaQuinteroA ANI

    she is beutiful

  • sarahhh

    i never want to ‘speak’ ill of a child but that is not an appropriate outfit.. i know young-teens are wearing this kinda crap but with all the creeps around why do parents let them ??
    i mean the reason i liked johnny depp so much was that he kept his kids away from the hollywood bullsh*t but now it seems his daughter is going to be popular on all those stupid blogs!

  • lala

    @jessie r:
    “child” being the key word. shes a baby.. in australia ’12′ isnt even high school age..

  • christy

    the older lady looks like roseanne barr.

  • @13

    You’re not speaking ill of the child. You speaking ill about her parents. And they deserve it. Any parent who lets their 12 YEAR OLD daughter dress like that needs to see a counselor. But I guess that Johnny thinks that it is OK. After all, he likes Roman Polanski. And his daughter is just about old enough for Roman to date. UGH!
    Johnny keeps revealing his true self, and it isn’t pretty. I’m certainly no longer a fan.

  • Kirsten

    Wow, beautiful girl but I agree with everyone else. I am not a prude at all but she could pass for a 16-year-old. I wish they would buy her more sensible clothes.

  • me

    The daughter looks like an early 20s hipster. They really allow her to dress like this? Kids are exposed to so much today

  • bobbyweiner

    wow Lily is a hottie

  • jessie r

    Ididn’t say I approved,just that they let her dress like this often Recently the kid had on another pair of booty shorts with fish net stockings.They look like trailer trash. Sorry.

  • claudia

    His daughter is breathtakingly pretty … :-)

  • Nano

    In Europe, kids wear short shorts, and it’s only inappropriate on an older girl, who has hips and boobs. It looks “strange” on her because her face looks “mature”, but she’s a kid so nothing sexy here!

  • different

    His daughter is really pretty. I bet children her age are already jealous of her lol. She’s going to have a nice ass but wait!! She’s Johnny Depp’s daughter don’t be so mean kids!

  • taxgirl

    Their daughter is quite pretty. Welcome to the world of parenting a (almost) teenage girl..Johnny and Vanessa…you are in for a ton of fun(yikes). So glad that my daughter(and I) survived those years!! Good luck!!

  • yep

    beautiful family! especially his daughter who is dressed like a normal pre-teen! 12 and 13 years old is a very hard age you are to young for this and to old for that! (short shorts has been in for years – even see elementary school and pre school wear them the real issue is she wears the very very well!) so i guess we can start judging a young girl for being too whatever when she is dressing like the rest of America!

  • hi

    you know i don’t mind the way lily is dressed and i’ve actually seen the actual photos of her clothing back 2 front only because i’m actually use to seeing girls her age or even younger dressed the same as her and maybe even worse with shorter short shorts she’s just like any other girl i’ve seen around where i live (nz) especially when its summer or hot season. johnny or vanessa could do something about it but they shoudn’t have to hide how she dresses because her fathers famous and the cameras are always following them just let her be a kid doing or even dressing and acting like any other 12yr old kid. by the way im 22 and i too use to judge parents on how their daughters dressed surprisingly when i was in my mid teens then, i was totally ’90s kid got use to seeing kids in jeans lol

  • kallie

    @yep: no one is judging her.. they’re judging the parents.. and shes not in elementary school or pre-school.. shes at an age that she shouldnt be showing her bra or short-shorts in public

  • mwannir
  • brenda

    Yeah..I dont like Lily’s clothes..she is too young for that, man is in bad company as Keith Richards…please Johnny stay away for that evil man.!!!..I never liked keith..because he likes too much the drugs,women and many things more…!..I’ll pray for you Johnny and I hope you will be okay with vanessa…I love you 4ever and God bless Johnny,and I hope the people support him in this now..

  • Margie

    I don’t really see anything wrong with the way she is dressed. And I’m a pretty strict parent with my teenagers. If you think about it, her butt is not hanging out as is the case with a lot of girls in shorts, her shorts are not low waisted where you would see the whale tail in the back, her boobs are not hanging out. I mean I think it’s pretty tame for Hollywood.

  • ali

    that what happens when you let the kid run the show
    in the house , no boundries etc…

    sad .

    a 12 years old kid shouls not dress like that .

  • Lena

    Why is Lily wearing make up?? Please don’t turn into Miley Cyrus Part 2.

  • Suri

    Suri Cruise will look at 12.

  • Kevin

    His daughter is not dressed inappropriately. That’s how kids dress and super strict parents usually have kids who rebel and act out after they’re 18 or whenever they get the taste of freedom. We all need to find ourselves. Better to do it when we’re young and don’t have too many cares in the world.

  • Oh Gawd!

    You ppl will say anybody is pretty! I wonder what YOU must look like! She’s not pretty. Not ugly either. Cute. I would also expect such a young girl to have much fuller, shinier hair, especially with the Cherokee blood. Her hair already looks damaged. I hope she’s not bleaching it. And I agree, this family looks like a poor American family living in a trailer park. Johnny doesn’t look healthy and vibrant. He looks old-manish and… greasy. He’s let himself go, for some reason. And get rid of that DANG hat! His hair must be unkempt. His longtime girlfriend (not wife, ppl) looks kinda harsh, like she should be working on cars, not feminine, sexy and French. Just because America has kids who are out of control doesn’t mean Depp’s kids have to look that way too. Depp and Vanessa are rich! They look far from it! There is no “good” excuse. When I look at that young girl, I’m reminded of the film “Pretty Baby.”

  • Fanfan from France

    You know, Vanessa, here in France, did not really have a good image at the beginning of his career. She was treated every name, slut, prostitute and so on. she turned her first film at age 16, totally naked, you can not really say she was a model of virtue at the time for a girl of her age.
    Personally, I never understood what someone find in her, she sings badly, her play acting is not terrible, and yet she has become fashionable after his performances for Chanel …. after, with on the maintenance of his daughter, actually nothing shocking in this age to wear short shorts, but now must admit that this way to wear what is more doc martens with the feet (which is rarely worn by young people of this age), and although in the end, it gives it a sexy side that is actually not appropriate for his age.

  • ohh

    she only dresses like her mother, and there is nothing wrong with it,

    a child could run around naked and a normal grown up would not react, it is the pervs that need to wake up and leave the kiddies alone until they’re 18 and can decide for themselves..

  • um

    Her mother doesn’t dress well either. Is that a muscle shirt? Eek! Poor child needs another role model.

  • pinata

    oh pls. they live in france most of the time and europeans are not prudes. and i’ve seen skank middle school girls in la intentionally wear volleyball shorts (which are more like hiphugger underwear) to westside pavillion after school all the time. chill the f out.

  • Nicole

    That outfit is so innappropriate for a 12 year old…she looks like shes about 16 and she isnt even a teenager and she has the most dirtiest look on her face. ugh well I guess thats hollywood for ya

  • Appliances

    Beautiful girl but I agree with everyone else. I am not a prude at all but she could pass for a 16-year-old. I wish they would buy her more sensible clothes.