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LeAnn Rimes: Bikini-Clad Bocce Ball Player!

LeAnn Rimes: Bikini-Clad Bocce Ball Player!

LeAnn Rimes shows off her bangin’ bikini bod while playing a game of bocce ball with some pals on Saturday (January 7) in Maui, Hawaii.

The 29-year-old singer hit the beach with her hubby Eddie Cibrian earlier in the day for a nice stroll in the sun.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn played her first concert of the year at a corporate event in Hawaii.

“The first show of 2012 rocked! The Hyundai & PGA crowd was a blast and my band & crew are better than ever,” she tweeted.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes playing bocce ball…

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leann rimes bikini bocce ball player 01
leann rimes bikini bocce ball player 02
leann rimes bikini bocce ball player 03
leann rimes bikini bocce ball player 04
leann rimes bikini bocce ball player 05
leann rimes bikini bocce ball player 06
leann rimes bikini bocce ball player 07
leann rimes bikini bocce ball player 08
leann rimes bikini bocce ball player 09
leann rimes bikini bocce ball player 10

Credit: Zeus/Apollo; Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • James

    She would look great if she gained some more weight.

  • Lola

    She has such a weird stomach. It’s not attractive at all.

  • lani

    She’s gross.

  • Libby

    she kind of reminds me of mr. burns from the simpsons

  • Dieta dos Pontos

    I loved.. rss She hasnt such a weird stomach!! Come on!! Rebeca.

  • Justine

    This bikini format is like her uniform in that she’s worn a number of virtually the same cut in different colours in this series of photos – no monokini, no other styles – at least from what the photos show. Sometimes this is when others such as her husband are fully clothed. Apart from anything else, it’s boring. Therefore, you have to ask what is going on here? Is this really her uniform?

  • wicked wench

    Where are her lower abdominals?!

  • Cindy

    Again??!! Do we have to be reminded everyday that SHE THINKS she is hot. Not to mention her nasty personality. There are so many more beautiful women in the world to showcase and she isn’t one of them.

  • cw
  • Mia

    Vacationing on her costs.. oh dear
    No wonder Eddie sticks around.. on other sites you can see that he is flirting with her best friend and ofcourse LeAnn puts on a face (just like she did at the soccer game with Brandi)
    I almost feel sad for her that she is being so materialistic and focusing on her body.. FOR HIM
    Before she was so private and happy with her husband..
    Now all she does is show ”the world” how happy they are..
    Just like on FB.. people who show off too much are most of the time very insecure.
    Why don’t all the other celebrities do this? Like Jennifer Aniston, Angelina & Brad.. Not even Eva Longoria and or Kim Kardashian do this anymore..
    She obviously loves the attention.. and talking about her Twitter talks..
    She wants to show the world how smart and well behaved she is.. And how much she understands everything..
    Dear, you are like a child

  • Mia

    By the way.. does she brought 20 bikinis just to wear all different kinds every day? How sad
    Wonder what it takes for a guy like Eddie to stick around if it wasn’t all about the body……

  • Helen

    She is very confident that she is beautiful

  • Justine

    If you do a close-up on the photos where here b…side is facing the camera, she has some marks on her b…side. And it’s not enough that the bikini bottoms are cut out at the back for more exposure but they’re ruched at the back as well. I mean, how much does she think she needs to expose? Come on!

  • omg

    all she ever does is wear bikini

  • martha

    She performed at a concert in conjunction with a golf tournament on Maui.

    She never saw a camera she didn’t want to pose for, as naked as possible … the “lady” is a media ho.

  • Jane

    Just Jared, it seems that your addict is totally out of control. How long are you going to feed her addiction with these staged camera shots? How does it feel to be her “dealer”?

  • Diane

    I agree she was way more private with her first husband – and she looked a lot happier and healthier too. I don’t get the need to be photographed all the time, and especially with her butt hanging out.

  • Meela

    How many times must we be subjected to her parading around in a bikini? She clearly feels like she has to prove how ‘hot’ she is, but instead she’s constantly showing the world that she’s insecure and desperate.

  • Annie

    Is that cellulite in the first pic… yes it is, ha, ha HA.

    (note, that kind of thing doesn’t usually bother me but Leann is SO, self obsessed and thinks shes SO hot always parading around in thongs.)

  • Toni

    It is funny how her parading around in bikinis should make everyone think she is super confident, but somehow, it instead just screams the opposite. Total insecurity and a really sadly evident desperation for attention. Jared, just get it over with and put everyone out of their misery. Change the name of your site to Just Leann or maybe just the Z-list since z-list celebrities seem to be getting all of your attention now. Accepting cash to constantly post these nothing stories and photos of someone whose career is basically over and that are all exactly the same except for different bikinis and different airports is making this site suck.

  • Hmm yeah

    Give me a break people. As skinny as she is, she looks pretty good in these pictures. Let’s be real, look at her backside, it looks awesome and she does NOT look super skinny from the back. You all just totally jealous, and who cares if she has cellulite… most women do and that is totally normal, and she is still confident enough to parade around in a bikini (if that’s called parading, she is, after all, at the pool/beach), then go her. I will admit her face is not the prettiest but overall she takes care of herself and looks great.

  • Armenianlover

    Leann, switch it up a bit.. A cover up in vibrant color may make you appear trendier. This whole bikini look is boring. Try out a mumu perhaps !

  • Jackie

    She really looks good-Perfection!

  • Dieter

    Best ass in the world. Instant hard-on !!!

  • Bruno

    @Dieter: She is so gross. Stretch marks, horrible boob job & a face that can stop a clock. Her poses are ridiculous. Pulling her bikini bottom up & doing that stretching routine. Best ass in the world belongs to Brandi. EC is a self absorbed slug. Both have no careers. LR is now performing for free vacation trips. Last cd was a bomb, sold only 35k. Money will soon be gone.

  • Lila

    SHE IS UGLY!!!!! Who is she anyway?

  • fast

    I don’t know if she knows how skimpy her bathing suits are

  • calla

    @Mia: LOL. so true! even her girlfriend had clothes on. She so desperately wants to be seen as a sex symbol, and it just cries desperation. They really are the new Heidi and Spencer. I wonder how much Eddie is into it? In candid pics, he always looks bored, isn’t hugging her back, or is kissing her with eyes open, half-$$ embracing her. When she knows the hired paps are watching, he gets a little smilier and lets her hang all over him. This is just really making them look worse and worse. She needs a PR agent STAT. She’s turned into such a huge joke.

  • Jodi

    Ok Jared, I asked you nicely to stop posting so much gratuitous b.s. about her, because she is highly unliked for good reason, and it seems you just can’t help yourself.

    So, I’m done, I will not come back to this website for now until this stupidity with posting daily updates of Leann Rimes stops.

    I really thought your site was better than posting about people like her, but I guess I was wrong.

  • Bruno

    @Jodi: amen.

  • d

    Nice that she likes bocce ball since she carries two of them on her chest.

  • Love the shoes

    It’s massively entertaining watching some of you foam at the mouth over her and him. It’s a hoot in a half. You act like your opinion matters to them; them who are in Maui lapping up the sun while you’re somewhere behind a keyboard beyotching and kavetching about them ad nauseam.

  • speaktruth

    Her stomach and its cuts freak me out. Idk why lol aren’t guys supposed to have those?

  • ohh

    leann must be pregnant – she is finally looking a bit female physically

    a tiny bit of preggo roundness as opposed to the usual masculine body she sports, i see it

  • Ginger

    Wow. She and Brandi both have the same taste in bikinis. Watched RHWOBH and Brandi had the same butt cheeks flashing with the low low low front bottom too… Guess Eddie turned her into Brandi.
    I do like their bodies but i would not want to be that skinny or that cut. I want some meat and some flab on my body as well.

  • Ginger

    And she isn’t fat or pregnant before, where did those big ugly stretch marks came from?

  • hotbitch

    @Ginger: Some people just get stretch marks from childhood growth spurts. I have a few on my butt that are barely visible but they don’t bother me. Hers are particularly bad. The ones on her breasts obviously came from the boob job. I’d be willing to bet she is scared to get pregnant knowing she has a propensity for bad stretch marks. Her stomach might be all out of control then!

  • Gisele

    @Love the shoes:As someone who reads the boards but doesn’t always choose to add my two cents, I must disagree. You may find what posters say entertaining but you are dead wrong. She does care what people say about her. Their opinions do matter. That is what is pathetic, No one who didn’t care what anyone else thought of them would be on the PR blitz she has been on for the last year and a half or so. She wouldn’t pay to have so many things posted about her if she didn’t. Everyone knows that she pays a paparazzi to follow her around. As this is a gossip website with a comment section, people are free to say what they want, within reason of course. I personally am glad that the poster’s who were wishing her death, disease and such are gone as that was ridiculous. but this woman has a phone glued to her hand constantly (as indicated in all of the photos she pays for), tweets all of the time, telling everyone what she (they) are doing, eating, thinking and feeling. As for them lapping up the sun, they have been staging photo ops the whole time. Not exactly a lot of lapping up the sun going on.Just a lot of bathing suit changes on her part. How silly of you to think she doesn’t care about others opinions. That is what is truly entertaining.

  • ESP

    I think she is kind of chubby. She needs to lose about 5 lbs. Maybe 10. Eddie likes’em boney and boobed up.
    Brandi is hanger rack thin too. Brandi is thiner.
    They have not traveled to a lot of palces or anything, anyplace new or expensive either. They went to Cabo , Aspen, and now a working vacy in Hawaii. She really to take Eddie , who is on a permament vacay, to some place. Go to like Fiji. We could get better pics of Fiji Is.

    (trying to be sarcastic here ya’ll)

  • ESP

    I think she is kind of chubby. She needs to lose about 5 lbs. Maybe 10. Eddie likes’em boney and boobed up.
    Brandi is hanger rack thin too. Brandi is thiner.
    They have not traveled to a lot of palces or anything, anyplace new or expensive either. They went to Cabo , Aspen, and now a working vacy in Hawaii. She really to take Eddie , who is on a permament vacay, to some place. Go to like Fiji. We could get better pics of Fiji Is.

    (trying to be sarcastic here ya’ll)

  • JAMC

    LeAnn relationship with Liz revealed

    Eddie likes Liz, LeAnn will do anybody & anything for Eddie.

  • Grace

    She really does look good. you can tell she takes care of herslf. Lots of work- she deserves to wear bikinis.

  • Jane

    @JAMC: OMG—she LITERALLY has “SUNK” to a whole new level.

  • Rick C

    I think that she’s HOT! Is it any wonder that the majority of women’s comments are fueled by jealousy? They complain that she’s too thin — how fat must they be? She’s perfect! Get over it.

  • Rick C


    Yes, I notice the stretch marks too. But, I’ve never seen a full grown woman without some stretch marks around the boobs or inner and outer thigh areas. My thin, but toned ex-wife worked out at the gym all the time and she still had stretch marks and it drove her crazy. She used every kind of skin cream to get rid of them but they didn’t go away. If you don’t see your own stretch marks, you can bet other people do… People gain weight and they lose it all their lives. That’s why there are stretch marks. DUH! Plus, people used to complain about Leann being too chubby. I saw some pics of her from 2008 and she had more weight on her and her boobs looked bigger too. So, yes, she had a fuller figure previously. She can’t please everybody!

  • Jane

    @Rick C: Oh yeah, she’s “Hot” alright—A HOT MESS! But if you are into the fake boobs, spray tan, over-done caps on teeth and squinty eyes, this babe is for you, hon. For the rest of us who deal with a different reality than yours, many of us find her revolting.