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Megan Fox Replacing Lindsay Lohan in Elizabeth Taylor Movie?

Megan Fox Replacing Lindsay Lohan in Elizabeth Taylor Movie?

Megan Fox tries to hide her face from photographers at LAX Airport on Tuesday (January 17) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old actress is reportedly in talks to play the late Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime movie – a role that Lindsay Lohan is also eying.

“I’ve been talking to Lindsay Lohan directly, and with her reps, and have been in conversations with other actresses, including Megan Fox,” Larry Thompson, the executive producer of Lifetime’s Liz and Dick, told E! News.

FYI: Megan is carrying a Theodora & Callum Teal Multi Navajo Blanket Scarf.

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox at LAX Airport…

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megan fox hides face lax 01
megan fox hides face lax 02
megan fox hides face lax 03
megan fox hides face lax 04
megan fox hides face lax 05
megan fox hides face lax 06
megan fox hides face lax 07
megan fox hides face lax 08
megan fox hides face lax 09
megan fox hides face lax 10
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  • Asha

    It is a freaking LIFETIME movie. I don’t know what either of them has to be excited about.

  • tt

    Megan is a talented actress and gorgeous. She would be PERFECT to play Liz!

  • vi_1004

    Megan is gorgeous, but let’s be honest: she can’t act…. and I just don’t want to see her ruining this movie. It’s a serious part – to play Elizabeth Taylor. She shouldn’t be in the movie at all, neither should Lindsay.

  • superfly

    Take Lindsay!!

  • abc

    Kate Winslet expressed interest. Why are they still looking? Make this a real movie.

  • reed

    Is Megan so desperate for acting work that she would do a Lifetime movie? .

  • vool

    both are crap actresses

  • chris

    this is bull spun by the producer to drum up interest for his Lifetime movie….megan fox would never do it and lindsay is a joke

  • Creed

    What a slap to her face. “The only person to play Elizabeth Taylor is Elizabeth Taylor”

    Screw Lifetime!! Really! Angelina Jolie should play Liz IF it would be a STUDIO movie! But no on in hollywood will make it because they RESPECT Elizabeth.

  • Creed

    Besides, it is insulting THAT ONE OF HOLLYWOODS FINEST ACTRESSES TO DATE has the possibility of being played by 2 of the least respected and worst actresses to date.

  • me

    Megan has very cat-like, small eyes and Elizabeth had very big, round eyes. That alone makes this a very poor choice. Megan can’t act either. It’s a lifetime movie though, I’m sure it will be very campy and ridiculous anyway

  • shyla

    god she looks comfortable.
    eff it. im just gonna dress like that every day of my life.

  • wilhemina

    who do u think would be good?
    kate beckinsale?
    jennifer connelly?
    but im just thinking of them because theyre brunettes.
    connelly would actually be way tall for liz.
    beckinsale is much shorter.
    or maybe an unknown.

  • naylah


  • snakeeyes

    ARE YOU kidding me?! That woman is the woman my dreams and this HACK of an actress thinks sh’es going to be playing the great lady?? Just no.

    Liz Taylor had CURVES meaning she was NOT SKINNY there was MEAT on her; and her skin wasn’t sickly nor was her hair artificially colored black and her lips weren’t injected and teeth corrected, nor was her nose done – or was she a plastic surgery fanatic.

    Meaning she was a NATURAL stunning beauty.

    Irony too is that she was JEWISH and would NEVER have wanted an actress who compared a Jewish director to Adolf Hitler playing her.

    Not Lohan and DEFINITELY not Megan Fox.

    Oh and she could ACT.

  • LadyB

    Asha, took the words out of my mouth. I love Lifetime Movies. They are my guilty pleasure but since when did you hear top actors gearing for lifetime roles. I mean, if it was HBO, it will be a different story but Lifetime is where you find actors that were popular in the 80s and early 90s. If I were Fox, I won’t take the role. She can do better. And Lifetime don’t spend a lot of money for their movies, so I’m not how they can make an Elizabeth Taylor movie with a lot of conviction.

  • Kari

    I wouldn’t say her eyes were large or round

  • snakeeyes


  • Michael Bay

    It seems as if she wears nothing but sweatpants and Uggs. Class.

  • -.-

    @vi_1004: hahah maybe she’ll do good but im not watching it either way.

  • Lola

    I think they’re mainly using her name to garner publicity, but Megan over Lindsay any day for anything.

  • LaCroix

    Srsly? yes because to play a legend you have to be a no talent actresses? Liz Taylor deserves more even if it is a LIFETIME movie.

  • juli
  • sneg

    Elizabeth Taylor was an adulteress and a slut from beginning to end!! So a Lifetime movie would be appropriate. Really who would pay to see a movie about her in the theaters? As for Kate Winslet or Angelina Jolie playing her, they would fit the bill personality wise but don’t you guys think they are a little old? Because if they are considering two 20-something year-old actresses suggesting two almost 40 year-old actresses seem a bit ridiculous!!

  • Sharon

    Still stuck on your headline. No one is replacing Lindsay Lohan. She was never signed to play the role. Even a Lifetime movie must have some standards. Lohan has done nothing but mugshots for several years now. There are far to many working, talented actresses to consider her, let alone replace her.

  • snakeeyes


    Since when does age matter in movies? I don’t know a single guy that looks at a woman because of her age. Megan Fox doesn’t even have a rack or anywhere near the bust size liz taylor has. She’s got saggy tits TOE thumbs and hair color of shit.

    No guy cares about a woman’s age – just as long as she’s got MEAT on her. Not muscles – MEAT. Something Megan Fox never had.

  • bella

    I don’t think Megan is a wh*re.
    She’s been with 2 people the last 7 years.
    That hardly qualifies.

  • Jenna

    Trashy woman! No class at all.

  • sami

    considering that both of them can’t act for their life, i’m not hoping for the best on this one…

  • ck
  • Lena

    Whether it’s Lifetime or not it is an insult to consider Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan for the role. Neither of them are even decent actresses.

    What’s worse though is that I can’t even believe they would consider low-life Lohan. Elizabeth Taylor was a classy lady and a unbelievably great actress – just watch her in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf- she was brilliant! Lindsay is a mediocre actress at best and doesn’t look anything like Liz,. The only people that should be considered playing Elizabeth Taylor should be top actresses like Kate Winslet or Angelina Jolie, who could pull the role off.

    I’d rather Lifetime cast an unknown actress who can act and give someone the break they deserve than these two. Give it to someone who deserves it!

  • sorella

    It’s not exactly prestigious, it’s lifetime, home of the LeeAnne Rimes of “actors” so who cares. But if it’s a choice, Megan over LL as Megan at least is insurable, responsible and stays out of trouble (he main problem was loose lips), why give a self-entitled, take-no-responsbility, spoilt person like LL a job, she needs to prove herself and climb back from the gutter first. One month of good behavior is not enough.

  • AJ

    First, get rid of that jacket, your a gazillionaire Megan!!! If the little people can afford Canada Goose’s so can you!! Second, PLEASE DONT do a “LIFETIME” movie!!! I know your not doing much and clearly your not the best actress….but thats such a huge step down!!! To be categorized with Lindsay Lohan is bad enough!!

  • halle

    @AJ: i dont think she’s quite a gazillionaire.

  • Lilian

    Well, neither can act … I wonder who hates Liz Taylor so much …

  • Katherine


    My pick is Catherine Zeta-Jones

  • tsh

    @Lola:tooshayy fox over looser anything..but this elizabeth movie needs to stop until it can be made with style in her honor…she was one of the greats afterall.

  • megansaysthat

    It would be great for lindsay’s big comeback!