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Gisele Bundchen Consoles Tom Brady After Super Bowl Loss

Gisele Bundchen Consoles Tom Brady After Super Bowl Loss

Gisele Bundchen consoles her New England Patriots Quarterback hubby Tom Brady after Super Bowl XLVI at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday (February 5) in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The 31-year-old supermodel got emotional with Tom as he gave press interviews – the Patriots lost to the New York Giants 21-17.

“It always comes down to one or two plays in this game and if you make it, you’re celebrating. If you don’t, then you don’t sleep for a week,” Tom told the Boston Herald. “I give [the Giants] a lot of credit for the plays they made. They deserved to win and hopefully we’ll be back at some point.”

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Credit: Rob Carr; Photos: Getty
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  • xyz

    i just rolllllllled my eyes.

  • jo

    Kind of feel bad for him. He’s a good player. He played really well but his team sucked. He couldn’t play for his whole team could he? Well better luck next time.

  • Asha

    Eww, could she not put on makeup for the game? She looks a mess.

  • wow

    She is a perfect example of the wonders of photoshop.
    Withoutlots of makeup, special lighting, or shopping, she looks more manly than Tom.

  • Eli Manning

    Go Giants! Tommy and the Pats have won enough in the past ten years or so.

  • http://none Hannahlightfoot

    Wow, she looks as bad as me when I wake up in the morning with no makeup

  • elise

    this could have been done it private… did she really need a photo op? blah

  • dre

    I just wish she’d go back to being a real model
    That letter she wrote about wanting ppl to pray for her husband is totally pathetic. Who does that!

  • tay

    @dre: i cant stand people who say to pray for a sports team (etc).. especially after all the innocent deaths in Pakistan today – i just find it so ridiculous.

  • Sean

    Brady needs to go back to Bridget. still hasn’t won since he’s been Giselle

  • Candy

    Tom was an awesome quaternack… with horrible teammates which sucks for him. Whenever he passed the ball over to his teammates, right near the touch down, they’d drop it everytime. They were like amateur players. But congrats to the Giants!

  • nila

    I think she’s cute, he looks devastated, I can get her move. She looks very good for such a skinny girl.

  • blue

    Yea she looks horrible! Because she had been faking crying over her husbands loss. Are you people kidding me? She knew how important this was to her husband and seeing him loose something big like I don’t know? The Super Bowl has got to suck big time and yea she went to CONSOLE her husband. Again there is nothing wrong with what she is doing

  • milla

    @blue: no one said it was wrong its just pathetic. she didnt need 2 do it in front of photographers

  • Sarah

    Guess the prayers didn’t work – maybe her friends and family had ACTUAL issues in their lives that required their prayer-efforts…

  • Cierra

    ok, im sorry, not so much but, GIANTS ROCKED SO HARD AT THE SUPERBOWL.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i agree, something like this could of and should of been done in private. not everything needs to be photographed and documented, especially an upset like this. but hey, can we all do one thing and really pray for the people in pakistan please? and not just them but everyone going through something or has lost someone.

  • just

    She looks awful

  • Soumya

    Another photo-op arranged by Gisele Inc. !

  • so sad

    I just feel bad for him, he looks so sad

  • New Yorker Heaven

    Bwahahahaha New York Giants!! Patriots my a*s!! Ahahahahha
    The best game, even better than the last time!! Thank you thank you thank you, my heros Giants! Ahahaha sorry I’m a bit tipsy now! This great feeling since Yankees won the WS, I feel GREAT Brady & man face Gisellee my a**!!!

  • Larissa

    @tay: You are so hypocritical. It’s easy to criticize Gisele for everything she does or doesn’t do but i doubt that peole here are really caring about deaths in Pakistan.

  • kel

    Go Giants!!!!!

  • tay

    @Larissa: i dont give a sh*t if people ‘here’ dont care. i do. you’re a childish idiot – peoples lives are more important than a fu*ckin game.

  • kingkayski

    She looks old for 30 yrs.old,and looks so manly looking,she’s the epitome of photoshopped magic,everybodys right ,these could have been done privately,now Tom looks more pathetic.

  • Larissa

    @tay: I’m glad that you care about peoples in Pakistan and pray for them and of course that they are more important that a game in USA but the point is…..what do you know about Gisele’s worries about Pakistan? The fact that she sent a PRIVATE e-mail asking for support for her husband…. this isn’t mean that she doesn’t care about lives in Pakistan… as you do…

  • maria

    Such stupid comments. The place was swarming with photographers, who should have let them be. Yeah, it was a devastating loss. This Patriot team had the worst defense in the NFL, was given NO chance all season long, and guess what? They got there by pure determination. They spent most of the season missing KEY players, and still worked their asses off. Gronkowski, one of the best tight ends ever for them, was playing with a very bad sprained ankle, which needs surgery. They dedicated this season to the wonderful Myra Kraft, the wife of the owner, because she was a very special, generous woman. So, stuff it, if you don’t think this meant a lot to Tom, Gisele, and all of us fans. There was nothing wrong with her sending a PERSONAL email to family and close friends, asking for their prayers. Hell, I prayed for them too, as did everyone in church yesterday. Yeah, it’s just a game, but for those 3 hours, it was more important to us, than Pakistan. Today, Pakistan is more important. Everyone needs a break from thinking about the ills of the world. Geez.

  • gd

    Versace.Givenchy,Ferragamo in one season and creating mass headlines from an email and she needs to be a “real model”? it doesnt get much more REAL than that.

    They Giants simply played better. Tom and Gisele can live their great lives in their new mansion and keep donating millions to the poor as they always do.

  • Sabrina

    @dre: LOVE does that ! aha

  • Shauna

    Love you Giselle, but is it really that necessary to be “consoling” your husband in front of all these cameras for the world to see? Really? *Rolls eyes* It would make more sense for you to “console” your him on his recent Superbowl loss behind closed doors in privacy.

  • Laura

    Live them alone!


    they are a great couple. I love the she is so down to earth. She has an amazing kid and still working and doing great as a model, wife, mother etc.

  • Fan of Models

    Gisele has become so skinny, it is ridiculous. Tom should start to worry about her.

  • La sigh.

    Darling couple! She obviously loves him very much.

  • simone

    Wow! I’d still feel like a winner if I were him with this hottie waiting for me.

  • she only did what a good wife would do: to care about her husband… but because she is GISELE…. some people will always crititicize her…

  • Janaina

    For all the Gisele hatters: Pray for peoples lives in Pakistan or anything else instead read news about a person that you don’t like…. I supose that you are better than Gisele….

  • tay

    @Larissa: i’m pretty sure you’re confused.

  • ihi

    i h8t this bitch; her giant head n nose r fug’o ug’o
    ya i took the time 2 write it
    oh no
    now im a hater

  • lilly k

    @maria: “but for those 3 hours, it was more important to us, than Pakistan” ::::: thats fu(ke*d up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fazz

    Someone had to lose…

  • Tracy

    So glad that the little wussy Tommy lost! LOL Looks like he’s about to break down crying.

  • wow

    Wow, she is very hard looking and unfeminine. She looks awful.

  • Sara

    The private and personal words do not exist on the web pages of famous people. She wrote her message to the media, that’s for sure!


    The c0cky b@stard lost. Now go home with your hideous wife lol.

  • IONE

    I love you Gisele

  • Darren

    Aye! Look at that beak on her.

  • @Sara

    Get your head out of your a** with your claims without proof. Also get a life. A wife supports her husband before and after the game. Shocking! At least for some losers here! IF she didn`t do it I bet you would keep yapping about that. Once a hater always a hater no matter what she does or doesn`t do.

  • Aoede

    So sad pretty boy, so sad., ah! I’m from Boston and I’m glad they lost, imagine if that Ocho guy got a ring? Him and his fiance would need anchors to keep them on the ground, their heads would be so big.

  • Sonia

    She earns more money in one day than any of you losers in a month. Get over it (losers!!)

  • boo hoo

    Awwww too bad for tommy girl.