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Jennifer Garner Flaunts Her Baby Bump

Jennifer Garner Flaunts Her Baby Bump

Jennifer Garner shows off her large baby bump in a form-fitting purple shirt while at the beach with her daughters Violet and Seraphina on Saturday (February 4) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 39-year-old actress and her girls spent time at The Jonathan Club, playing in the sand, as well as a quick game of foosball!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Garner

Earlier in the weekend, Jen and Sera got brunch together at Caffe Luxxe.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner at the beach with the girls…

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jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 01
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 02
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 03
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 04
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 05
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 06
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 07
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 08
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 09
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 10
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 11
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 12
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 13
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 14
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 15
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 16
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 17
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 18
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 19
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 20
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 21
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 22
jennifer garner flaunts her baby bump 23

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  • K

    Now how do the paps find her at this completely random place? I’ve never seen pap pics here before!
    The paps just always manage to find her every single day!

    Wait, don’t answer how they find her….those of us not blinded by her dimple parade know the answer. She has them on speed-dial…it is just not normal to see the paps everyday while others manage to go weeks and months.

  • LenLT

    Is she having a boy? She seems glowing and prettier than compare the last two pregnancies she had. She always looked tired and dull. In my culture, when a woman is having a boy, she looks radiant and her skin glows.

  • Asha

    When is she due? It seems like she has been pregnant FOREVER.

  • Karen

    @K: Well, pregnant celebs get followed by the paps. She doesn’t have to call them. They follow her. She’s pregnant at the age of 39. They ‘re probably curious about it.

  • Milly

    @LenLT: Maybe it’s because of Rachel Zoe. I read that Rachel’s like her pregnancy fashion advisor.

  • Cari

    She has to be one of the worst dressed pregnant women around. She doesn’t even look like she is comfortable wearing those clothes.

  • Yikes

    She’s only in her thirties and already getting the Mom roles .

  • LL

    Come on now. This is PR overload. So what if she’s pregnant. It’s not like she’s an A-lister or a tabloid fixture. How in the h.e.l.l. does the paps know where she is on a daily basis? She (or her peeps) calls them. No doubt about it.

  • Sara


    So what?
    It is very possible to avoid the paps in LA! Lots of celebs (even pregnant ones) manage to get around and not be photographed on a daily basis. She is like a D-list star..Paris Hilton etc. who the paps always manage to find.

    Jen makes it very easy for them, in fact she parks her car blocks away so they can photograph her parade. They always find her in the most random places, and her pics are not worth enough for them to be following her.

  • Charade

    IS THE MEDIA ever gonna investigate Beyance’s obviously faked pregnancy.
    Nothing wrong with surrogacy but to lie about it andgo through that hoax was disgusting.

  • Thelma

    Agree with all (a) she seems to have been pregnant forever! (b) for someone who’s not a megastar, she gets papped an AWFUL lot! Still remember how she broke Michael Vartan’s heart…

  • Danica

    @Thelma: Happily Michael has finally moved on with someone who really loves him and who, unlike Jennifer Garner, did not use him to gain publicity. Good for him!

  • Cute

    @Charade: Why in the heck are you talking about beyonces pregnancy that ended about 2 months ago get the F over it already and all use saying she calls the paps grow up they most likely stalk outside her house then follow her in her car wherever she is going she seems like a great mum and i VERY MUCH doubt she is wanting to pimp her daughters out in front of the paps damn use like to bitch about her go back to bitching about rihanna at least she deserves all the negative comments the way shes acting.

  • Joe Blow

    Be glad the paps follow her everywhere, what else would your trolls have to complain about? Get a life and STFU!

  • Joe Blow

    @Danica: Michael Vartan is a loser with little or no ambition. If she had waited for him to get his act together, she would not have those beautiful little girls and another one on the way. She made the best decision. Just be happy she didn’t take Tom Cruise’s up of his offer. Her like could really be a nightmare. Good luck to her with the new baby.

  • http://justjared Patti

    She said on ‘Jay Leno’ she was due in March. Having 2 babies myself you can tell she has ‘dropped’ and is due shortly.

  • Raichill

    I don’t see why people expect Jennifer to be dressed up with full make-up on when she is spending time with her children playing. She is not Victoria Beckham. No need for heels and designer clothes in the sand. When the occasion calls for it, she steps up to the plate and dresses up.



  • deke

    I bet her back hurts!

  • Tazla

    To the Loser Trolls: She does not call the paps. They wait in cars outside her home and wait for her to leave. Then they follow her. She can’t avoid them. They follow her wherever she goes. So STFU. You shoot your pie holes off and have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • http://Smurfie Boogie

    looks like she will have the baby in Feb!

  • Kate

    @Joe Blow: You are soooooooooooooooooooo annoying! On every single post. And your. And is so stupid. Go away!

  • G

    Can’t believe she is gonna pop another one of those monkeys out.

  • Shelly

    HEEEEEEY, STOP MAKIN KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • sam

    awww she┬┤s so cute and sweet

  • ah

    god, do they have to post pregnant pictures of her everyday….is she just patrolling around pregnant looking for the paps

  • Molly

    That’s all she’s good for…is poppin out kids. Ok we know you can make a baby. Congrats! Now learn how to stop.

  • Mii


  • Joe Blow

    @Kate: At least I am not a closet Jen Garner lover who follows her post and make silly comments because she dumped Michael Vartan for a real man. I am a fan and proud of it. Now STFU and get a life.

  • Joe Blow

    @Kate: Stop stalking me clown, I am not a celebrity.

  • Courtney

    @Mii I doubt it ‘s twins her or Ben would’ve said something had that been the case and considering she didn’t use fertility help and they probably don’t run in her family or Bens she’d have a 15% chance of naturally conceiving twins and twins almost always come prematurely most commonly because mommy has had complications during pregnancy. just look for example at Mariah Carey who is a few years older than Jen G. is and nearly died to have her twins 5 weeks early last April. granted she had to use assistence due to a prior miscarriage and the surgeries that came after it

  • Maura

    @Courtney: how do you know she didnt use fertility help? shes almost 40!

  • Lauren

    OMG ! she’s like be careful baby’s about to jump. :D

  • OCFoosball

    It’s never too young to teach your baby how to play foosball.

  • Kyle Livingston

    I would probably think it’s another baby girl for jennifer garner and ben affleck’s third child and i would probably say it’s another little girl and please let the baby be another little girl.

  • danica

    @Joe Blow: Well okay, if your definition of a “real man” is a guy who cheats, gambles, drinks and goodness knows what else, then by all means, call Ben Affleck a “real man!” And if you define a “loser” as someone who adopts a low-key lifestyle, stays clear of publicity and has no desire to get ahead by squashing other people, then by all means, call Michael Vartan a “loser!” Personally, I don’t think much of a woman who basically slept her way to her current position, but that’s just me. The nice thing about being American is that we can all have our opinions and it doesn’t matter if we agree with each other or not. I respect your opinion for what it is….but don’t agree with it one bit. You’re a loyal fan, regardless of how misguided (IMHO) lol !!

  • Joe Blow

    @danica: If you don’t care , why are you here? Are you and Kate the same troll? Michael Vartan is the REAL gambler and is wasting his talent by not using it to its full protential. * No ambition* and I stand by comment. He is a loser and Ben Affleck is a real man (supports his wife and kids) and tabloid lies about his cheating were started by the media , JLo and her sister when he wanted out of their over exposed relationship.

    Ben is the man she loves and she has stated that she would do anything for him because HE DOES NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED.

  • danica

    @Joe Blow: Um…in case you hadn’t noticed, the media is usually responsible for “tabloid lies.” Glad you like Ben, I’m sure he appreciates your loyalty (even if he has no idea who you are, LOL!!!). Excellent that you stand by your comments but let me stand by mine too, without being called names because I don’t agree with you. Learn to appreciate diversity of opinion especially when it concerns celebrities none of us knows or is ever likely to meet…as I said before, freedom of speech is what makes us a great nation and the envy of the rest of the world! Now run along and have a nice day.

  • Belle

    What in the world is wrong with what she is wearing? The purple sweater is cute, and a lovely color for her… and jeans. Good Lord, the woman is VERY pregnant, has no need to totter around town in itty bitty dresses and 6 inch heels, so why the hate? Oh, and for the ‘she doesn’t even look comfortable’ comment… no one is comfortable at that stage of pregnancy! I’m sure she is feeling miserable at this point, and is doing quite well to be out and about as much as she is with her girls.

    Oh, and for the questions about how she ‘just happens’ to be photographed at a place like this?? Think about it. The photogs know where she lives, probably camp out around her house. Of course she is followed when she leaves the house. They all want to catch her heading to the hospital when she’s ready to give birth. Despite the vague due date she gave, I think she is due earlier. The idea that she would arrange for these photos is ridiculous, and the idea that she should move, hide… or worse, not go out and about, doing the things she enjoys (taking her kids out, going to the farmers market, etc.) in order to avoid paps, is even more ridiculous. If people don’t want to see photos of her, then why look at them??

  • Samantha

    Where on earth did the term “baby bump” come from??? What a stupid thing to call a pregnant woman’s belly! And at Jennifer’s late stage of pregnancy, it’s more of a boulder than a bump anyway. *cringe*