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Halle Berry Searches for Rental Home

Halle Berry Searches for Rental Home

Halle Berry walks on crutches as she visits a few homes and schools on Thursday (February 9) in Malibu, Calif.

TMZ reports that the 45-year-old actress is in search of a temporary rental while her home in Hollywood is repaired.

Halle is hoping to move to France with her fiance, Olivier Martinez, and her daughter Nahla, but a judge has to okay it first. Halle and her ex, Gabriel Aubry, are currently engaged in a custody dispute.

Earlier in the day, the poster for Halle‘s new movie with Olivier, Dark Tide, was released.

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  • haha

    No wonder why she was setting up her baby daddy. She wants the full custody of the kid so that she can take the kid with her to France. What a conniving and manipulating B****!!! And she wonders why she’s so unlucky in love.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s unlucky in love b/c she’s crazy. She should leave the kid with her father for a few weeks and go live in France with Oliver – he’ll break off the engagement pretty quick once he realizes she’s crazy!! Doesn’t Oliver have a house where she can stay instead of her hobbling around trying to gain public sympathy?? She’ll live with him in France but not here in CA??

  • kate

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    Halle Scary is a psycho. Men need to STAY AWAY from that crazy ho!

  • I say…

    Now what is the drama all about Halle???? Seeking sympathy??? Hahaha!!

  • She has no class

    What a conniving bitch! She makes women look really bad. Especially black women when she plays the race card so it will benefit her. Now she’s dragging the kid to France so Gabriel can never see the kid. Yah that’s really putting your child first!
    I wish Hollywood would blacklist this lady! And calling her a “lady” is being kind. Look at all the men she’s been through.

  • Helen

    Oliver should be careful cos he might be next with that crazy woman

  • Tazla

    I’ve grown to dislike this woman so much with her antics regarding how she treats her child’s father that there is no way I’d go to see any movie with her in it. It would not be a pleasant viewing experience. At least the courts seem to be realizing now that she’s unstable and what her motives are, to eliminate Gabriel Aubry from his daughter’s life.

  • Noir

    What the eff are you people talking about? Lots of people have custody battles, point me to some evidence of her crazy b*tchiness.

  • elly

    watch out here comes ms CRAY CRAY.
    she is seriously frightening.
    i bet she keeps olivier locked up in a basement and just lets him out when it’s time to show face for the paps for lunch somewhere in LA.

  • http://website david ouellette

    I see that Halle is walking around on crutches- was her engagement to Oliver Martinez really that traumatic???!!!(I wonder what she’ll look like AFTER they’re married!!)

  • anybody?anybody?

    I hope the courts see all this drama surrounding this custody battle is manipulated by her to strip Gabriel of his rights as a father. Her reason for moving to France with Nahla— that she has stalkers and living in LA would be unsafe— is BS. Hire a bodyguard, move into a gated community, quit arranging paparazzi shoots at beaches and parks so people can see you 24/7. I don’t see Gabriel being overdramatic about taking care of his daughter. I really want him to get full custody and for the restraining order to be against HER.

  • stream

    what the heck happened to her leg? She’s in that cast for more than five months! A fracture would have healed long time ago..

  • karen


  • Anna

    I hope Nahlas’ dad gets full custody, I no longer like this psycho. Her career sucks anyway and I hope she loses all of her looks, that’s all she has left of her career.

  • meeeeeee

    Yeah, I was a fan but she’s being pretty selfish. I hate how women put the fathers through hell like they’re the only parent. She’s just mad Gabriel didn’t want her anymore. “Halle, grow up and get over him. Stop using HIS baby to torture.”

  • Tell Me Why

    I’m sure Halle could care less what any of you losers think about her! Now walk back to your kitchen, open your freezer and get that third bowl of ice cream, it will make you feel better.

  • Tell Me Why

    If you are not black you really make white women look bad. Do you hear yourself?

  • angry model boy told truth

    Angry Model Boy aka Gabriel Aubry did tell the truth Gabe’s ex nanny filed a fake report/committed perjury.

    New nanny was already in place before report was filed by ex nanny who still may be in Halle’s employment.

    Does he need anger management probably. Does Halle need intensive therapy-duh. Do they need serious co-parenting classes for Nahla’s sake.

    Total bs about monitored visits and no overnights. And I don’t even think he’s a saint but do think he’s a good father and Nahla’s not a threat.

    I would be more concerned with the chain smoking drunk kissing the kid who doesn’t seem like the nurturing paternal type.

    Let’s see how much longer they’re engaged after a smart judge doesn’t buy the flee LA to Paris story. Like many have noted, this isn’t the first or last time Halle has been stalked, gotten death threats or had someone tresspass on her property.

    Good point why isn’t she staying with Olly boy or at her beach house. Spending money she doesn’t have. BTW that’s the new nanny with her.

  • 3/5

    @angry model boy told truth: New nanny is in photos 3 & 5. Halle pulled a good one on DFCS. I hope she’s fined.

    If she doesn’t watch…pretty soon this is going to be like her movie “Losing Isiaih”

  • Gimme a break!

    If Halle were that nutty, Olivier wouldn’t want to marry her. And she swore she’d never marry, but she’s found like most women who want children, that raising a kid alone is not in the best interests of the child. I think the way he he treats Nahla has won Halle over. Think about that jealous black women who love to hate her. Most of you don’t have relationships with your dads and that’s why you’re so bitter at this lovely woman.

  • Gimme a break!

    I don’t understand why so many black women across the planet are so interested in praising someone like Angelina Jolie, yet dissing Halle Berry, someone they should try to encourage and wish the best for since she is black like them.

  • WH RIP

    One thing is for sure…Halle Berry isn’t going to be the topic of conversation or the tabloids for the next several days/weeks etc.
    RIP Whitney!

  • Sad

    Once you cute through Halle’s and Model Boy’s bs, it’s very sad that both have been suggested to get individual counseling, group counseling says a whole heck of a lot when their almost 4 year old child is suggested to do therapy and needs some one to mediate for her behalf. Says a lot about the parents.

  • OM’s using her

    You know Halle’s invested money in his restaurant like she did Gabe’s and we all know how that ended up–no bailout and paying ex partner to lie about calling racial slurs. Beware Gitane boy! You meal ticket may be over sooner than you think when a judge denies Halle to take Nahla to Paris and if Gabe doesn’t agree it’s no go. She’s not gonna marry him if no trip to Paris. Guess he’ll have to find someone else for a green card.

  • sei

    @WH RIP: Not to be insensitive to Whitney’s passing, you point is…mark my word she will still find a way I am sure to stay relevant in the tabloid entertainment news no matter what more lies she has to tell.

  • sei

    @Sad: Very true. Halle -therapy & co parenting classes. Gabe-anger management. Nahla therapy and her own lawyer acting on her behalf. She not even 4 and she has to deal with two selfish parents.

  • sei

    @OM’s using her: no more like they’re using each other. speculation-halle invested in the bfs new eats, gabe’s old eats, paid off his ex biz partner to perjure himself in the media and a deposition, going to get married, going to paris, green card—all speculation.

  • we know

    Angelina Jolie needs therapy, she just fools everybody that she doesn’t. Brad Pitt needs to find out why he was on a couch, despressed and smoking dope. He never got help for that. He just started flying around the world and raising kids so that he doesn’t have to concentrate on himself.