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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes - Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes - Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes attend the Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at Sunset Tower on Sunday (February 26) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 33-year-old actress wore a strapless sapphire chiffon gown with a velvet waistband and an embellished bodice from Elie Saab‘s Haute Couture collection.

She finished off her look with a Lanvin purse, Chanel shoes, and her own jewels.

Earlier in the evening, Tom attended the award show where he presented the Best Picture honor to The Artist.

The silent film’s star, Jean Dujardin, also picked up the Best Actor award and its director, Michel Hazanavicius, was named Best Director!

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Credit: Christopher Polk, Kevin Mazur; Photos: Getty, Wire Image
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  • Dina

    Well, they look lovely

  • Chris

    I do believe the length of this dress is covering the Scientology ankle monitor that she wears. LOL!

  • susan

    well, it looks like tom has been “forgiven” for his jumping up and down on the Oprah”s couch and welcomed back into the fold. and quite a welcome back; they allow him to present the Oscar for best picture.

  • well…

    It’s clear why he didn’t want to walk the red carpet with her.

  • Lomp

    THE BEST SHE EVER LOOKED! She looks amazing !!

  • well…

    @susan: You may be right but as for Katie, her career is definatly over.


    Katie looks great, Tom is a lucky man…much love

  • Jodie

    @Lomp: You’re joking right?It’s a catastrophy, it’s ill fitted, she has a very bad posture which doesn’t help, her face is frozen with botox & the hair is horrible. It’s one of the worst she ever looked

  • susan

    to well….

    i think it’s a given that Katie’s career is over.

  • koko

    The bang is terribly unflattering. She has such a weird face weird body type. she can’t pose next to Hollywood beauties, she looks like a weird broken barbie from the 50ies.

  • Lomp

    @Jodie: @Jodie FOR HER she looks good, normally i judge the dress by who’s wearing it, her fashion choices hasn’t been that great, but this one is the best out all that she wore previously

  • Katie’s really not pretty

    Ugly face she has now . why, ! she was so beautiful when she was younger, her face is distorted and bizarre,
    shes so blah tom wont take her with him on oscar red carpet, not eye candy enought

  • Jodie

    @Lomp: OK but she certainly doesn’t look anything near amazing. Her posture is infantile. She stands like an immature teenager, not like a woman.

  • Male Katie fan

    Katie looks beautiful love the new hairstyle the bangs are cute.

  • Sam

    @Dina: they sure do.

    They must be having fun at the oscar afterparty. good for them. Bekhams are there too

    and to those who are saying she doesn’t look pretty, well she looks very very beautiful in that dress.

  • 00000000000

    Love these two. Just like Brad and Angie, the haters are mad these two couples are still together. The stalkers know their every move. lmao

    Angelina the most beautiful at the Oscars!!!!!!!

  • oy

    She’s aging fast and he’s looking younger and younger. Why hasn’t someone called Van Helsing to stop this?

  • Lomp

    @Jodie: Yes the I might have exaggerated a bit, I was shocked she looked good head to toe, tho you are right her posture is a little bit off. but since this is her first in many times ….it didn’t bother me too much

  • Mandy

    Tom is aware she is not eye candy, so again, he passed on the red carpet. She doesnt’ have what it takes and this outfit is not awe inspiring.

  • Mika

    They both look beautiful in my opinion.

  • Aleen

    Wow Tom and Katie are looking so gorgeous and so beautiful together.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Tom looks like a short teenage boy(and of course he’s hetro all the way.)

  • Carla

    i like the color of the dress but that’s about it. it’s very unflattering at the waist line – she looks like she has a little pot belly. and what’s going on with her hair in the back? it looks like it’s just thrown up. she really does look sooooo uncomfortable, and he should stop with the facial work – he looked so shiny and gross when he presented.

  • http://comcast Marj

    Tom knows she isn’t eye candy like Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman,. also Katie cannot act. She’s not a movie star.

  • question?

    does anyone know if katie holmes was actually present at the oscar event?

    or was she just waiting for tom at the vanity fair oscar party??

  • ellie’

    Tom & Katie look great together, also so happy and in love..Love Kate’s gown shes gorgeous , love how Toms looks ..they look stunning in there matching outfits..Big Fan of the Cruise Family…Tom is a great actor..


    The necklace and earrings do not go with the dress and the hairstyle is lame. She never smiles anymore. Always that stupid “Joey” grin. Sorry Tom but your Sweet Kate is no Nicole.

  • Kelley

    We notice her stupid smirk once again………..

  • rmv

    I think she is preggers. She has been hiding her belly a lot lately with a big red bag.

  • Rainy

    Went to bed before I could see what Suri picked for her to wear. Ugh. Color is fantastic on her, but the style, the accessories etc., UGH. And what is with the bangs? Is she trying to morph into Sandra Bullock? Cause it ain’t working Kaite.

  • Congrats KATIE!!!

    On your two RAZZIE nominations. You must be so proud. How do you always manage to pick loser films to be in? You need new management ’cause Xenu is’t working for ya.

  • Carrington

    In picture 5 (the last one) it looks like she has an extension connector sticking out of her head. So I went over to
    to see if they had a close up of this wardrobe malfunction.
    And my eyes. MY EYES. What in God’s name possessed her to put on such a horrendous outfit. OHMIGOD. She is an A lister by association and she is wearing a navy to with red stripes paired with a below the knee red skirt with what looks like white cactus or something on it. And a ‘seen better days’ navy cardigan and horrible brown flats.
    And I really really really hate to say this, but she is either pregnant or those tummy exercises need to be amped up.

  • Gina

    they look wonderful. Keep being jealous! Your 9-5 is all you’ll have ever going on for ya =)

  • Gina


    are you blind? the belt on the dress creates that appearance. GOSH this website has some really brainless monkeys posting on it. Her outfit is great and costs more than your entire wardrobe #facts

  • Carrington


    No sweetie, I’m not basing a supposed pregnancy on this one dress. Go back and look at the last few sets of pics on or JJ and her stomach definitely is pooching out. And although she adamantly denied being pregnant a few months ago, there is nothing to say she isn’t now.
    And sorry, my entire wardrobe definitely costs more than this dress! Unlike Katie though, I look in the mirror before I leave the house.

  • Joel

    all she can do is smirk. crooked little smirk.

  • i think kate is with child
  • to Gina

    @Gina: Katie is unpopular on every celebrity blogs, has been this way for years. She’s not somebody that the public loves. Tom maybe, but she herself has no grace, no presence.
    She is the one seen as a brainless monkey by the general public.
    She doesn’t even have one fansite. tells you something about her inexistant ‘fanbase’…

  • Sandy

    Katie is pretty but she has no presence. You don’t get starstruck when you see her.

  • Anna

    I used to think she was so pretty, well maybe that was cute? Anyhow, zero nowadays….
    I bet this didn’t go over with TomCat very well either!

  • debby

    Love Them Both!
    Katie looks stunning, Tom is very handsome as usual, Such as Best Couple of the World!!!

  • http://comcast Dee

    Little Tom did everybody a favor by handing out the last Oscar of the night?? He didn’t attend the Oscars but ran in at the last to hand out that Oscar, why didn’t he just stay home. He and Katie didn’t walk the red carpet , I can understand that, he doesn’t have Nicole Kidman Or Penelope Cruz anymore. Real Actresses !!!!

  • http://comcast Marj

    Look at the size of Toms head compared to the rest of his body., it is huge.He still looks short even though he has his heels on. Nicole and Penelope are good friends now, I’ll bet they are glad to be out of that now.

  • Cari


    I think you are right. She has mediocre talent, but doesn’t have the charisma to pull off the roles unlike say Aniston (who is more talented than her).

    Unfortunately for Katie, her dress sense and style is so bad that the clothes wear her instead of her owning the carpet and the outfits she chooses.

    She said in some interview that she appreciates being able to take advantage of the opportunities that being Mrs. Tom Cruise brings. Unfortunately, despite whatever expectations she may have had for her career–she has chosen her roles unwisely and has performed poorly in them. People criticize Kidman’s acting all the time and love to point out when her films bomb here in the states, but overseas she sells well. Golden Compass is a prime example. Made about $100 mil here and $300 mil overseas. Katie’s films neither meet financial expectations either here or overseas nor financial expectations for blockbusters (supposedly Jack and Jill) or indies–a string of financial failures.

    She looks awkward on the big screen and her not being able to act doesn’t help. She was much better on the small screen. Unfortunately she also seems to think she can dance and sing and judge and model and design a clothing line. These opportunities have come her way because of being Mrs. Tom Cruise, but I think studios and whatever, after her string of bombs and less than stellar reviews, would rather offend A lister Tom than to hire her without financial guarantees for in case of failure.