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Nicole Kidman & Faith: Gym Gals

Nicole Kidman & Faith: Gym Gals

Nicole Kidman carries her adorable daughter Faith as they step out on a sunny Thursday (March 8) in Studio City, Calif.

The 44-year-old Australian actress, who is set to appear on the big screen later this year in The Paperboy, took her 14-month-old to a kids’ gym.

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Earlier this week, Nicole was in France for Paris Fashion Week! She attended a private party for Tod’s on Monday night.

Over the weekend, it was announced that Nicole will replace Rachel Weisz in the upcoming film Railway Man.

FYI: Nicole is carrying a Tod’s signature tote.

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138 Responses to “Nicole Kidman & Faith: Gym Gals”

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  1. 51
    Lisa Says:

    Stop making excuses for your idol. She could see her children if she wanted to, she could have a relationship with them if she wanted to. She gave them up when they were children, even though Tom and she had joint custody. She chose to go off with Keith, and start a new family and abandon her older children. She did not even show up for Connor’s 17 birthday bash recently.

  2. 52
    denise l Says:

    Nicole the botox queen.

  3. 53
    lulu Says:

    Ha ha .. things must be looking too good for Nicole and Keith!

    They have to drag out the old old old tired well used arguments.

    They look silly !

  4. 54
    Roger Says:

    @Lisa: Riiight. Stop living in your little hateful world and watch this video:

    That’s what Scientology does to families. Hopefully Connor and Isabella will wake up and leave the cult one day.

  5. 55
    @an opinion Says:

    How do you fight for your children when they have been taught to stay away from suppressives, and that’s what you’re considered to be?
    Their formal schooling was at a Scientology academy. Their friends are other Scientologists. Bella’s boyfriend is a Scientologist. Their dad is one of the highest ranking Scientologists. They seem happy in their insulated world. Do you force them through the courts to be with you? Do you go public and alienate them forever or do you keep a dignified silence and leave the door open for them, hoping that someday things will change? If you want what’s least disruptive to the lives of the children you choose silence, even though it’s most painful for you and makes you the target of people who say you’ve abandoned your children. There are so many stories online of people who have lost their families through disconnection. That’s what’s happened to Nicole – for those who are really interested in truth.

  6. 56
    lulu Says:

    The Urban family is reaqlly busy and having the time of their lives. Let the good times roll!

  7. 57
    toby Says:

    Yes old fat mimsy getting her well used silliness pretend opinion, out today.

    Keefy must be hitting a nerve with all his success… Always happens when good thing are found at every turn in their haunted crazy road at E!

  8. 58
    an opinion Says:

    @@an opinion:
    Wait Nicole says she does see them. So you agree with me that she is lying.
    What a good mother does not do is MOVE TO NASHVILLE. If she thinks her kids are being hurt. She stays in CA. She lets them know her home is where they are and when they are ready to leave she will be there to stand and fight for them.
    What Nicole did was start a new life and basically said the hell with my older kids.

  9. 59
    Liz Says:

    I know you won’t believe me, but I honestly am a fan of both Nicole and Keith. If you could see me, you’d have a laugh, because I’m older than both and certainly not yearning for Keith. That said, I’m a victim of too many gossip columns (mostly dentist and doctor’s offices), and I read in one that Nicole was not going back to live in Nashville. There was no ‘presently’, and yes, that did set me off on a ‘dear girl, don’t get those kids messed up in LA”. As far as the younger co-stars. Again, I’ve been reading gossip columns concerning what Zac Efrom and Matthew Goode had to say. So admitting to my weaknesses (gossip rags), I apologize to all. I want these two to make a go of it; and as I said, I just wanted you all to help me out (and you certainly let me have it – that’s fine, I needed it).

  10. 60
    Eve Says:

    What Zac and Matthew said is not gossip. They are on video saying positive things about their time filming with Nicole. Gossip sites take that material to supplement their sites when they have nothing else. Coming back right after an opinion – denise l – Lisa – james – Leah tries to have a conversation with her five personalities is plain stupid. Stop trying to fool everyone. You’ve failed for 7 years and attempts to post as a fan instead of a skeptic drone won’t work either.

  11. 61
    dianna Says:

    dolls! :)

  12. 62
    rene Says:

    beautiful lady ,outstanding actress, and an amazing mother

  13. 63
    guily Says:


  14. 64
    Sean Hourigan Says:

    Plastic surgery personified. Odd person. Not good actress.

  15. 65
    Traverse City Mich Says:

    Skeptic Rule #67: When desperate bring out an old user name and no one will notice.



  16. 66
    Been There Says:

    Nicole has a home in LA. She does see her children. Get a clue, haters. The wackos at Scientology don’t want any pictures of Nicole with Connor or Bella. Tom doesn’t want any pictures of Nicole with Connor or Bella. Maybe if you stopped googling Keith and Nicole everyday and did some research on Scientology, we wouldn’t have to read your stupid comments everytime there’s a picture of Nicole.
    @Liz – I’ve talked to lots and lots of Nicole fans over the years and not one of them is concerned about her hormones. But thank you for proving once again exactly what ‘skeptics’ are; liars. They make up stories and change usernames. They’re also incredible dumb to think anybody would believe you.
    And thanks to Leery on E for proving once again that she’s a fraud. Keith never build a house in Cool Springs. Not even close.

  17. 67
    hugo Says:

    Jesus…After 7 years skeptics still have the strenght to fight a lost war? Yes, Nicole has sex with Keith Urban every night…It’s tough, but it’s true. Get over it and let people enjoy a discussion about Ms Kidman for once..I’m so sick of these comments.
    Anyway: Nicole Kidman + jeans + shirt + ballerinas = perfection

  18. 68
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @toby: The only thing Mimosa accomplishes by posting is bringing Loony Leery out of her hole to make them all look dumber than rocks. So Leery’s worked since she was seven to support her family? I take it she was born in 1905 in “KU Country” whatever the h@ll that’s supposed to mean!

  19. 69
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @Been There: Those nuts are so concerned for Nicole’s oldest but never for Suri and Katie. It’s laughable. Tom wants what he wants and he definitely doesn’t want any of his kids in the same photo with Nicole anymore. Katie and the kids go where he says and do what he wants. Bella doesn’t get to go to design school or university, she works under Katie. Connor attends events with his dad but he doesn’t have to show up for his son’s movie premieres. Tom’s sister brings the kids to Australia for their mother’s wedding but there isn’t one photo of her at any of the events, only at the airport. Katie produces a movie and her job, as she told it at a press conference, was to watch how things are done and bring the crew cupcakes. This from a 30 year old who has been in the business almost 15 years. Nicole produces a movie and she selects the director, is hands on in every way, and gives a dynamite performance. Tom has to have everyone under his thumb. Nicole leaves the door open if her children ever get out of that situation. That may take years past their 18th birthdays when all their friends, activities, and schooling are linked to Scientology. Despite being extremely well off, Sunday and Faith’s parents are making sure they are well-rounded, well-adjusted, kind considerate girls. The image of Sunday playing with another girl she didn’t know at a public water park speaks volumes. They go to classes and preschool just like any other kid their age. It’s beautiful to see.

  20. 70
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @hugo: The shot of Faith in profile is absolutely adorable. Similar day bags / diaper bags for the girls I think

  21. 71
    Missy Says:

    Yeah you’re a fan just like the “new” poster on E ‘tropicalflower’ is a fan. You dou chebags say you want Nic’s name on your hate thread and voila, a new poster arrives asking why Nic’s name isn’t on the thread. Seriously, you haters have some dumb as a rock issues.

  22. 72
    Pickles 'n Ice Cream Says:

    That’s the Central Park Toile pattern on the bags the Urbans are carrying. Extremely popular for baby products. Dad has one with plaid accents and Mom has one with stripes. You often see it paired with gingham as well.

  23. 73
    taco Says:

    Mimosa said it best….they don’t know anything and anyone on their thread has no inside information. She’s just too blind and too dumb to see how that invalidates every day of their hate crusade.

    It’s the Donner Party on the Negative thread and the Myths blog. Again, they are just too blind, too stupid, and too full of hate to see the implosion.

  24. 74
    Bahaha! Says:

    I’m LMAO at Leery’s perpetual big foot in her mouth. Maybe she should ask fellow skeptic Old Hickory where Keith’s house was before she keeps blabbing on about Cool Springs. I’m surprised other haters haven’t called her on it since I KNOW a few have stalked it. Including his backyard.

  25. 75
    Because Says:

    Because Leery isn’t Leery

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