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Kristen Stewart: Topless in 'On The Road' Trailer!

Kristen Stewart: Topless in 'On The Road' Trailer!

Kristen Stewart goes topless while sitting in a car next to a shirtless Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley in the trailer for the upcoming flick, On The Road.

Here’s the film’s synopsis: Dean (Hedlund) and Sal (Riley) are the portrait of the Beat Generation. Their search for “It” results in a fast paced, energetic roller coaster ride with highs and lows throughout the U.S.

In case you missed it, check out the poster for the film, which features Kristen, Garrett, and Sam!

The film’s outstanding ensemble cast also includes Amy Adams, Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst, Steve Buscemi, Terrence Howard and Elisabeth Moss.

The Walter Salles-directed film will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival later this year.

Kristen Stewart: ‘On The Road’ Trailer
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  • Jasmine

    As always, Kristen Stewart is looking stoned out of her mind, which she probably was

  • Courtney

    The movie looks like a renter at best

  • ha ha

    a future classic…NOT. Predict Cinescore F-

  • EMA

    This looks like a movie worth watching, but why don’t the show Kristen speak?? Second trailer where she doesn’t speak. Oh well. Hope this proves she’s a different sort of actress on this one.

  • anne

    i wanna see this movie

  • EMA


  • Sara

    the trailer makes it look soooo boring and its only 1:45 min

  • http://singapore anna

    i love the movie its very interesting kristen is amazing with garrett on the road

  • Alaia

    Right, and ‘Kristen Stewart topless’ is this film’s unique selling point? Seriously that title, Jared?

  • Cyn

    Little bit excited to see this movie!

  • Dee

    Who cares? She has the body of 12 year old boy

  • blankman

    she is a horrible “actress”

  • jolie

    I find it funny that filmmakers are making sure Kristen doesn’t speak any of the new trailers for Snow White and On the Road.

  • lol

    Kristen has a nude scene in the film… save our eyes.

  • Raquel

    Walter Salles is an amazing director

  • In your dreams

    Kristen believes this will get her an Oscar. Eye roll.

  • k

    Very excited. The story is mainly from Sam’s character POV.
    It is not Kristen’s character’s story to tell.
    The fact she appears in the trailer more than necessary shows she’s a huge box office draw.

  • k

    Love Kstew with blond hair!

  • sara

    way to ruin a beautiful book


    that is a great cast–the movie sounds interesting.

  • aquarius64

    This is how they’re promoting this movie….watch Bella get buck naked and get buck wild with two guys at the same time? Is there anything more to her character? If this is suppose to sell her as a solid actress, by the promos it’s a fail. The articles are making it sound like they could have gotten the current “It” porn actress to do her part.

  • Gorum

    go sam go!

  • Babi


  • musician

    Score by Gustavo Santaolalla

  • lola


    this looks like a renter to people who usually watch useless, meaningless movies like “Immortals” etc.

  • Nika

    My favorite book for years and I was hoping it’ll be the most amazing movie i’ll ever see but honestly it seems kinda boring. I don’t like the guy who portrays Sal Paradise b/c he seems like bore. I also hate Kristen in this movie because if you read the book then I’m sure you pictured Marylou differently. The only one I liked is Dean, its kinda how I pictured him. Kerouac wanted to play it himself and asked Marlon Brando but he refused…can you seriously imagine Kerouac and Brando in one movie?! That’d be sick!!!

  • speaktruth

    Dude. This movie is about Garrett’s character, not Kristen’s. I don’t she’s as pretty as he is hot. So, if you’re trying to use her to get more views, I think you chose the wrong person. I’m not a Kristen hater. I just think Garret & Kristen or just Garrett would get more views and stay closer to what the movie is actually promoting.

  • marq

    What a fabulous trailer. And why fault the headline of this post? This is monumental news. This is wonderful news, spectacular news. Kristen Stewart is one of the most both talented and beautiful actors of our day. It is such huge news, I was sure I could go straight to Google News and that Google News would herald the same glorious announcement and it did: Kristen Stewart Goes Topless in On the Road Trailer.

  • Courtney

    @lola: Nope, just looks like a really bad movie

  • Ron

    Do you people even know what On the Road is about? Kristen is oozing s ex but is not about her! This a cult, an icon of the film, we are witnessing a leged here. 30 years awaited to be filmed!!

  • aquarius64

    @marq: Articles that are mentioning the nudity are using it as the sole point of her contribution to the film: she shags 2 guys that are not a vampire and a werewolf.

  • Anna

    I loved the book and I know one 92 years old beatnik myself. He is in a wc now , acting coach , what a character. So happy for the film. By the way for the role in it even I can get naked, and you most of you woouldn’t like it. It is an honor to strip for J.K. classic.

  • Nana

    I heard a lot of the actors took a pay-cut to act in this film.
    Sounds like Oscar gold.

  • lee

    LOL @ some of the haters.

    1) JustJared posted a stupid headline. Obviously the highlight of this movie is not Kristen naked. But there is nudity from several of the cast.

    2) Kristen not speaking in the trailer. So what? The trailer focused on the two main characters. Her character is heavily featured. If they wanted to diminish her presence in the film they wouldn’t have featured her so much.

    3) To the losers saying she looks stoned. Do you know what this book is about? These characters are supposed to be stoned half the time. Educate yourself.

  • Blo

    I got better things to do. I don’t care to see another movie about boring white people.

  • Nika

    @Blo: obviously, you didn’t read the book b/c those characters are everything but boring! They just live their lives not caring about the next day…btw there should be great jazz in the movie b/c it’s an important part of the book.

  • Jackie

    I suspect some of you are those desperate twi-hards who are obsessed with Rob Pattinson and post negative stuff about Kristen Stewart on numerous website (here’s a hint, when you see the exact same comment, word for word, it is pretty easy to tell it is the same person). I’m not a fan of Stewart myself (she’s kind of meh in my opinion), but I adore Sam Riley and think he will be great in this film. Walter Salles is fantastic. Anyway, it is stupid to trash a film simply because you hate one of the actresses in it.

  • Noel

    @blankman: @k: But Kikis is a epic fail in all her movies out of Twilight. She is not an actress.

  • Noel

    @Jasmine: Hahahaha YES!! She and her joint

  • Noel

    @Dee: Hahahahaha Best comment! His/her boy body is something that people not want to see ever!

  • Noel

    @In your dreams: In her dreams…

  • Noel

    @aquarius64: You are so right!


    WHY MAKE THIS ABOUT HER AZZ AGAIN? GAHHHHH this movie is not only about her!!!!! you should’ve put up a pic of them all, not her!!!

  • Noel

    @lee: Oh Krisbian… Get out!!! Kristen is stoned all the time. You just have to see her pics. She is the worst “actress” that exists and whether she or her obsessed “fans” believe that she will be nominated for an Oscar, she will have a MTV. All her movies are a epic fail cos she is not an actress with her vinegar face and her open mouth.

  • Noel

    @Jackie: Oh man… Are you obsessed with Rob and Kristen? @Noel: Well I have news for you: it’s all a circus to sell Twilight. Maybe you should go elsewhere to mourn. Another Twi Hard saying not to be it …

  • Noel

    @Courtney: Why? I think that book it’s a little boring bit i like it! Sam is the perfect and choice and Garett can show all his talent. I don’t see an Oscar but I hope is valued as it deserves. Many years waiting for should be worth.

  • Sun

    @Jackie you’re a twi-hard son it seems… they always say that hatred to Kristen is for Rob Pattinson. What has one thing with another? Kristen is a bad actress and nothing more. As her is known for Twilight, I must say it’s a good actress?

  • R

    it’s a shame, I like Sam Riley and Walter Salles, but just thinking that I must undergo KStew with her mouth always open , stonefaced and naked, not to mention the profound stupidity of her fans who will invade all sites talking about the film, crushing all the other actors and the film itself, I would not see it for sure;

  • cyx

    @Ron: yes and 2 hrs to ruin an amazing book that shouldnt be made into a movie. go watch twilight.

  • V

    @R: You are such a hypocrite…it’s not actually Kristen fans who crash these sites and take away attention from the movie…but Kristen haters like you. You can see from just this post that most of the comments have been negative towards Kristen. Now why would that be? Unless of course it’s Kristen haters ready to spew shit about her and the character she is playing without actually know what OTR is actually about. So really is it her fans which are the problem or haters like you? I will probably get thumbs down for calling out haters like you. :)