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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Balthazar Lunch in NYC!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Balthazar Lunch in NYC!

Katie Holmes and her daughter, Suri, go out to lunch at Balthazar on Thursday (March 23) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress and her 5-year-old daughter were joined by Katie‘s mom, Kathleen. Suri also brought along an Angelina Ballerina doll and a stuffed green dog for the trip!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Suri Cruise

Earlier in the week, Katie, Suri, and Kathleen painted their own pottery at Make Meaning on the Upper East Side.

Katie was very hands-on,” a source at the store told People. “There was a lot of back and forth between mother and daughter. Suri was totally immersed in the creativity.”

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  • Shawna

    How about telling your kid to leave her toys at home. My daughter is 3 months older than Suri and no way would I be toting all her toys around every time we leave the house. I allow her to bring one small thing that she can carry herself and she knows not to ask me to cart around her stuff as I always tell her, “Mommy is not your pack horse”

  • Frozoid

    Boy, I bet Katie’s happy bellbottoms are back in style. Those skinny jeans used to highlight her piano calves.

    By the way: does Suri ever wear jeans or pants?

  • sara

    I think that giant stuffed mouse is her only friend. Poor thing, as we know she has no exposure to other people her size.

  • Mara

    That’s not a happy girl. They are raising her the other way round. Scientology experiments? Katie doesn’t look happy either but she must be dumb. And Tom is never with Suri.

  • Suri Still Using Bottle!!!

    This is just from last month. There’s her newborn baby bottle with a lid on it right there on the tray ready for her when she get’s in the car. Does she eat real food when they go out or just wait for the bottle? Is this what happens every time we see her hop in a car after a photo op?

  • Alia san

    i’m sorry
    I think Suri is a prat

  • Alia san


  • Hamlet

    Nobody asked for your parenting advice, #1. Go mind your own kid.

    He’s busy providing a living for them, #4.

  • Lea

    It was 76 degrees in NYC today. Why is Katie wearing long sleeves and a sweater???

  • Get Ready To Laugh
  • Kelly

    The baby bottle thing is so creepy! WTF? She’s six years not months. Time to quit!

  • Who?

    Just doing her job promoting Tom Cruise.

  • Stop calling the paps

    Tell that PR pawn to change her wardrobe to something more youthful.
    Suri the most pimped out kid in that dress and the dreadful pumps looks like a 65+ yo shrunk lady, clutching to her hand bag, grieving all the way.
    What a sorry and unfortunate look!

    Katie has no brain, no taste.
    One wonders why she subject people in NYC to this bad look parade every day. Sometimes a couple times a day!

    Stop calling to paps to create an illusion that this kaka for gray matter bimbo was still relevant.
    Go home. Enough already.

  • Gigi
  • Frozoid

    @Lea: Hey, thanks for noticing the weather in NYC. Good to see someone else is keeping watch. Usually Jared describes it as freezing there when it’s actually 60 degrees.

  • dani

    Y’all have to admit that all this coverage for a woman who has a mediocre career as a singer, dancer, actress, and fashion designer is pretty amazing. Mrs. Tom Cruise has to hang on to her 15 minutes of fame any way she can even if it means parading her princess pet out for the paps to take their picture. Disgusting.

  • Mary H.

    She’s going to be so messed in the future. I feel bad for her.

  • Dana

    What’s up with Katie’s face? She is seriously morphing into the joker. She needs to pull back on the work she’s been getting.

  • Remember The Shock?
  • @Dani

    Why leave out model and executive producer? Jack of all trades…

  • @dana

    I’ve noticed that also in the last several sets of pictures. She has either had a peel, Microdermabrasion, or a lift plus botox. Her skin is super tight to the point where she looks almost plastic.

  • cookie

    the brat again with her bimbo mom.

    why does a child that is almosst 6 need so many toys? Every day that she steps out….there is a new toy.

    what a mess the parents have created!

  • jo

    she doesnt go to schoo! she homeschooled but i think she’s not learning anything.

  • Jenn

    Nice Canadian tuxedo katie…what is she on?She looks spaced out,like she’s off in another world.I guess I would be heavily medicated too if I had to cater to suri’s demands & my career was going down the toilet!

  • Lexi

    My goodness they eat out a lot. Every day I come to this site it’s like a new story about ‘Katie and Suri out to lunch’.

  • Ann

    That kid will seriously be messed up in the future… Shes apparently old enough to wear heels and lipstick but not old enough to walk on her own, you can to this day still see pics where they carry her arround like a 2 year old! Her facial expressions way of walking…no good no good

  • Holme & Yang Mess
  • Sara G

    Katie taking a moment to dry Suri’s tears and reassure her as you see in this VIDEO. Standing out are Katie’s mom Kathleen, someone else holding that big stuff animal Angelina that has become part of Suri entourage, and another lady holding a bakery shopping bag. At the end of the video you see Suri holding a box. They are at the store Build-A-Bear. I hope that is not the reason why Suri was crying because in the end she got her way. She is clearly being raised with “kid gloves,” Katie walks on egg shells when it comes down to raising Suri.

  • a little turned off

    These two really bore me now… they have the change the whole sulking/ afraid of paparazzi gig. Seriously, it used to be great to look at photos of Suri and Katie when she was 3-4. Always matching looking designer and doing something cute…. now its a fashion disgrace. She dresses like a normal average girl, and she’s always is hiding or looking annoyed. She’s obviously not happy and she should be able to walk around in public not being followed around like a freak show. I feel kind of guilty even commenting b/c it fuels the media machine… but, these people are very weird (always have been) and creepy and now its just getting old. They should do there best to not expose her to this craziness. What a warped crazy life. She has everything materialistically but the best THINGS in life are NOT THINGS..

  • Suri Is Stimming!
  • Selling Suri
  • @Sara G

    That video is horrifying! Suri just wanted the valet to pull up so she could have her baby bottle. Tomkat could have waited indoors. Media whores!

  • WTF???
  • Thelma
  • Stimming
  • Jean

    Katie hasn’t discovered socks. That child has never worn socks.

    And does she even go to school?

  • dell

    Suri is not a cute child. She is just a pasty faced child.

  • dell

    Suri Still Using Bottle!!! @ 03/23/2012 at 6:47 pm #5

    This is just from last month. There’s her newborn baby bottle with a lid on it right there on the tray ready for her when she get’s in the car. Does she eat real food when they go out or just wait for the bottle? Is this what happens every time we see her hop in a car after a photo op?
    Oh my. There actually is a baby bottle right there in the car. That girl is 6 YEARS OLD. Katie is SICK! A terrible mother.

  • Jamie

    @38 – That is why Suri is carrying things in her hands to not draw attention to her hands.

  • Jamie

    #37 – I meant this post for your comment: That is why Suri is carrying things in her hands to not draw attention to her hands.

  • Jamie

    - This started using that tactic of occupying Suri’s hands when they realized she started stimming. That must of been a HARD MOMENT for them especially Katie who signed up Suri for this public charade of happy family.

  • Jamie

    In this video about 47 seconds Suri comes across a young boy and she becomes very shy, even looks back after they pass him and even reverts to a introverted, shy little girl. Clearly Suri is not around a lot of children near her ages or little boys for that matter. Good luck to her. She is definitely overindulged (different stuffed animals everyday EXCEPT that huge Angelina stuffed mouse which has survived over a week, isolated, and very shy. She is also raised to what it appears with very few boundaries.

  • Jamie

    Pictures of Suri SMILING. Surely they (someone) has had a conversation with Suri explaining to her that she needs to know how to behave in front of the paparazzi because when they take her pictures it is only because the world has an interest in her because she is special. Right? Someone has told her something because in these pictures she is WALKING HEAD ON in front of the paparazzis focus and she is smiling for them with her head held up high and walking as tall and picture perfect with her beloved grandmother Kathleen. Imagine the dislusion young Suri will develop because she is going to think she is entitled, special, and everyone wants to take her picture. The day the paparrazi lose interest in her she will miss the attention and will become a hell raiser to get back the attention. Just look at Paris Hilton, the press attention has begun to wane and will soon be gone. She will have to move to Asia to feed her ego. She is popular still in Japan.

  • Jamie

    I would not be surprised if they begin to show Suri these pictures of herself on the celebrity blogs and Suri begins to concern herself at such a young age on how she looks when shes out in public. At such a young age she will become narcisstic, egotistic, conceited, delusional, and feel entitled. At this point, Suri has not shown any signs of a special talent even though she has been priviliged to take ballet classes and who knows what other classes. I know Tom Cruise would NEVER SAY “you have enough pictures, stop it guys.” No way!!!

  • Jamie

    Look, Katie’s mom Kathleen is wearing an identical blouse like Katie wore last summer. I guess if Kate Middleton and her Mom can share clothes why can’t Katie. Her mom is also wearing Katie’s red Roger Vivier shoes.

  • Jamie
  • Paulo

    @Shawna: Sucks to have you as a mom then.

  • Shawna

    @Paulo: Oh yes, my poor, poor child doesn’t have her every whim catered too. What a horrible mother I am. Kids need boundaries and guidelines and to know that the world does not revolve around them.


    stumbled upon descriptions for autism, and came to think of Suri, face it, autism is very common now, Suri shows so many signs, the most obvious being so below her own age-group and shying away from paps you’d thin she got used to, and also her army of toys/things she needs to carry with her, and not letting go of the bottle…
    get her some help, autism isn’t her parents fault, but her life can be made easier with a diagnosis

  • Jamie

    # 33 – You are right. This picture is disturbing on so many levels. I would NOT subject my child to this. However, the marketing of Suri (thanks to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) began when she was months old and is now at a more physical level because the paparrazis are literally a few feet away from her. No wonder Suri is filled with anxiety when she is standing in the apartment lobby about to face this pack of wolves. The paparazi too have no respect for this child all they are thinking about is getting the “MONEY SHOT” and selling it to a media house like Getty, Zimbio, Pacific News, etc. Sad.