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Katie Holmes & Suri: Crafting Cuties!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Crafting Cuties!

Katie Holmes holds hands with her adorable daughter Suri as the two ladies step out on Sunday (March 25) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress and her 5-year-old daughter went out to spend some quality time together doing crafts.

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Katie and Suri have been busy lately — earlier in the week, they met up with Katie‘s mom, Kathleen, for lunch.

They also went to Make Meaning to paint their own pottery. According to People, “Suri was totally immersed in the creativity.”

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  • Carol

    i think i never saw Suri looking so…. normal.


    what a beauty…Tom luckiest guy on Earth

  • Anon

    What is this? Buy 10 Just Jared postings get the 11th free week for Kat(i)e’s people? She’s been on this site way too often in the past week. Like more than obviously so and it’s noticeable. What project is she ‘getting on her own merit’ that her people are throwing her out there again. LMAO!


    This is just from last month. There’s her newborn baby bottle with a lid on it right there on the tray ready for her when she get’s in the car. Does she eat real food when they go out or just wait for the bottle? Is this what happens every time we see her hop in a car after a photo op?

  • Question

    Is Katie retired?

  • Another Question

    Is Suri retired?

  • It’s alien sci

    It is unfortunate, but Suri has her father’s nose. She has lost her cuteness. Now she looks just like any other child with the exception of her million dollar wardrobe and toy collection.

  • http://justjared POLO

    Cuties????????? MY ASS

  • Suri is stimming

    @Another Question:

    The better question is:
    When will Suri retire?
    Is Suri mentally challenged?

  • Another Question

    So true. She’s dropped out of school so she can work full time in PR.

  • cookie

    quality time my ass.

    she spends way too much time as if they are joined at the hip.

    abnormal child rearing is what she is guilty about.

  • Stop calling the paps

    Another question:
    When will Tommygurl buy Katiebot another part to keep her away?

    What’s the purpose of this trip, more like long stay for this kaka for gray matter bimbo in New York?
    To open the clearance bins for her Homely and Yuck fashion line?

    Go home! You are retired! Katie Holmes spends bad luck for any movie! BO toxic!
    Bomb after bomb!

  • Stop calling the paps


    Katie Holmes SPELLS bad luck for any movie…

  • cruise

    @Stop calling the paps:

    All you jealous losers are obsessed with this stunning family and you should get a life. Tom Cruise is the biggest movie star in the world, and you need to deal with it. Suri is a gorgeous young girl and you need to deal with it. Katie Holmes is a lovely wife and you need to get over it.
    It’s not a “trip”, they have a home in NYC and have the right to go stay at their other home when they want to. GET A LIFE, LOSER.

    They are a gorgeous, kind family and the haters are all jealous.

  • whatever


    I completely agree. These people on here are teenagers or just plain dumb. It’s “unfortunate that she has her fathers nose?” Giving the thumbs down to anyone who calls this CHILD beautiful? They can deny it all they want, but these idiots have created some fake competition between Suri and the Jolie-Pitt kids. No one can say anything bad about those kids, and yet, here they are talking negatively about Suri.

    Get over it and realize that she’s a CHILD!

  • Sue


    Your talking about the other post going from post to post saying the samething yet her you are again saying ” but these idiots have created some fake competition between Suri and the Jolie-Pitt kids” bring up the Jolie-Pitt kids for no reason. This has to be the 3 time you have post the it this week.

  • Alia san

    sorry but i think Suri is a brat

  • jo

    she is not learning anything even if she’s homeschooled or tutored

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    You know, I’ve come to the conclusion that Katie Holmes just isn’t on this website enough – hardly ever see her!!(Pardon me while I puke.)

  • pr person

    WTF?! Quit calling the paps!! NOBODY cares!

  • WAlterBisho[

    I am kinda tired of Suri and Katie. they are just photographed for the sake of photograph

  • Gigi
  • vision without glasses reviews

    +1 this if you want to see katie getting less coverage on JJ.

  • whatever

    @pr person:

    You cared enough to click and post though!

    The disdain people have for this YOUNG CHILD is beyond sickening. Get a life!!

  • Pippa

    @SURI STILL USES BOTTLE!!!: what is this now? The 5th time you’ve posted this video? We got it. Quit.

  • LALA

    Suri is getting more beautiful everyday!

  • jaspisgirl

    this is ridiculous !!!!!! how many articles are about her and this suri-kid and her ,,life”?????? what is this ,,justkatieandsuriandthemanyimportantthingstheydojustlikeshopingstrollinghavingsnackbecausekatiedoesnotneedaregularjobandthebratdoesnotneedtobepropereducatedbecausedaddyisahugeactorinhollywood????????????????????

  • ransom

    Katie’s hair is so long and pretty! I always like her style. She was so cute in Jack n Jill. I watched that movie in the theaters and laughed and then i watched it a 2nd time and really LAUGHED.

    The Cruise family has been making NY home lately. Where’s Tom @?

    It’s time for him to make a COMEDY but not Tropic Thunder comedy.

  • jaspisgirl

    pretendingtobeanactressskippropereducationtokeepmommyinyellowpressandpretendthatitisgoodforakidtobef…… or what??????????

  • proof suri not that pretty
  • diane

    That child never wears pants, socks or any covering on her legs.

  • diane

    Yeah, Suri definitely has Tom’s nose.

  • Stop calling the paps

    @proof suri not that pretty:

    That’s a very funny freak show look!
    And Katie Holmes literally carried it out for all the paps to snap pictures.
    What an idiot!
    What did they put on the stimming suri’s lips? That most pimped out kid through out the human history apparently was on the verge of another public meltdown!

    I honestly ask, what’s the purpose of this daily freak show this time?
    That bimbo has nothing to do in NYC, no project. Tommygirl is too cheap to buy her another part. He prolly spent all his money on Kaka’s botox.

    Another speculation may be that Tommygirl wants to enjoy some quality time with his boyfriend in Louisiana.
    Or they cannot bribe and invite enough paps to move to Baton Rouge to make sure the freak show must go on.

  • lucy2

    I think that “Suri has her father’s nose” refers to Josh’s nose…not Tom’s as the odds of Tom actually being Suri’s bio dad are about a trillion to 1. Suri was already on the way before the Sci brainwashing in April ’05, and was born long before April 18th.

  • diane


    That is definitely Tom’s nose.

  • Jasmine

    Why didn’t you show this picture of them later that night???

  • Lost a tooth?

    Looks like Suri lost a tooth….in the pic above and in the pics from celebrity baby scoop and dlisted. Merely an observation. Don’t go ragging on my comment, like I’m excited to see a 6 yr old I don’t know lose a tooth. Just sayin. There are a lot of pics from another trip to build a bear (I swear, they must have an entire wing of their mansion just for her toys!) where she covers her mouth several times when she starts to crack a smile. U heard it here first! :)

  • jaspisgirl

    @jasmin its not a nice pic!!!! :-) a six year old girl,to young to have a full-build-personality and therefore depended on her parents and this poor one must be outside in the dark ,not to visit some friends or to come back from a day full of games and fun nooooooooooooo she must go with supermom in high class restaurants just to keep mommy in the press,its sad !!!!!!!

  • koolaid


    oh my gawd! Apparently, Katie has no clue to what it looks like!

    this brat is almost 6 and she is carrying her like an infant ????

    This woman is beyond bimbo!

  • koolaid


    yeah…its hilarious and pitiful at the same time.

    i notice now WHY katie bimbo has that specific smirk on her face.. It is actually when she is feeling insecure or uncomfortable about the situation she is in. She does not realize when she smirks that way…..there is a reason. So phony baloney nutcase.

  • kel

    does tom ever take care of the kid?

  • Nancy

    Wonder who this lady is that is with Katie, Suri, and her mom at the gym. They also took her to dinner and she appeared to be someone special because the mother is walking behind them when they are walking to the restaurant.

    See the video’s link: 36 seconds into the video you see them (Suri, Katie and her mom) walking with this lady who accompanied them for the weekend.

  • Nancy

    These two just can’t get it right. Either Katie is seen carrying the 6 year old Suri or Suri is seen holding on tight to a blanket looking pissed. Maybe Sur was upset Katie refused to carry her? Whatever the case, Suri just can’t give up the infant things: bottle, blanket, her mom carrying her, her tantrums to get more toys, etc. Poor kid she’s in for a rude awakening when she gets older and not everyone does what she wants.

  • Nancy

    Suri and her bodyguard – A very rare picture of Suri with someone that is not her parents or nanny. As you can see, Suri does not look happy that she is without her mother or a nanny. In these series of pictures of “Suri and her bodyguard,” Suri looks serious, probably mad because he is holding her hand while Suri is carrying a basket, occupying her hands so she doesn’t stim. I think its a good idea that this bodyguard is escorting Suri because I think she would rather WALK on her own then insist he carry her in his arms. This is the same bodyguard that accompanied Suri to Germany in 2007, and is mainly Suri and Katie’s bodyguard. X17 has a video where Suri is yelling at her mother when they are getting in the SUV because this bodyguard wanted to take Suri’s stroller and put it in the back. Suri yelled “I don’t want him to touch it (the stroller).” You would think for the time this bodyguard has been with them Suri would refer to him by name Mr. Nelson or Joe. Instead she refers to the bodyguard as “him.” They should probably have him escort Suri more so she can get used to walking on her own.

  • Anna

    @It’s alien sci: Um, Suri can’t have her father’s nose. Tom Cruise doesn’t even have his own nose anymore. He has had multiple facelifts over the years – some very, very recently. (If you look at pictures of him in his late twenties and early thirties, totally different nose.) Cruise is a facelift addict. I am surprised the man can still move his eyes or even smile anymore.

  • ndskr

    @Nancy: just fyi: the bodyguard’s name is Sheldon. Don’t ask me how I know that. I think there was a whole article on him on one of the other sites but I don’t want to look for it right now (or really care too much.) :)

  • Jamie

    Suri & her bottle – Inside Suri’s basket of “toys” is a doll, a folded purple blanket and Suri’s baby bottle (not for her doll) for Suri. How tricky.

  • Jamie

    Rumor has it that Katie is rehearsing for a Broadway show and that might explain why we are suddenly seeing her bodyguard take Suri to gym classes at Chelsea Piers. I think this is actually a good thing because it doesn’t look like Suri is going to ask this bodyguard “carry me” the way she taps Katie’s stomach to lift her and Katie obliges her. I don’t think Suri is going to try that with this bodyguard. She rarely smiles when she is with him and will realize she is getting too big to be carried and walk.

  • Jamie

    Here’s Suri arriving with her nannies and bodyguard and is thrilled the paparrazi weren’t able to get any good pictures. She is jumping up and down at the end of this video. Suri learned NOT to dart out of the car but wait for the bodyguard to walk her over to the door. This is actually better because she going to learn to stop asking to be carried in someone’s arms. Notice how the nannies always make sure they don’t walk out with Suri but discretly enter the building without fanfare.

  • someguy


    Tomkat haters are classy and patriotic, althoughm your sock-puppet “whatver” might not agree.