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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Craig's Bar & Grill Date Night!

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Craig's Bar & Grill Date Night!

George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler make their way out of Craig’s Bar and Grill on Thursday (April 26) in West Hollywood.

The 50-year-old actor and Stacy, 32, were joined by Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber for dinner at the American restaurant.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of George Clooney

This weekend, George and Stacy will be attending the annual White House Correspondents Dinner as the guests of Time magazine.

The couple will be seated at a table with Steven Spielberg and his wife Kate Capshaw.

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  • Cookie

    He’s weird looking. But not bad.

  • Hang In There

    Still together? This relationship is lasting longer than J-Low’s many marriages.

  • Helen

    Men think that dating younger women ,makes them young..look at Alec Baldwin and the way he’s trying to look young,his hair and clothes,it only makes them look old even older than thier real age

  • GerrysFascinatingWoman

    They look like they’ve just had “the talk”! Like maybe he’s told her, her contract has expired? Or that she cannot attend his Obama party? That he wants the Machine Gun Preacher who inspired Obama (along with others) with his impacting performance and Sam Childer’s story star Gerard Butler there beside him with Obama on the other? ;o)
    who says George has a message at The American on IMDb :o)

  • Paulie

    Tick tock…Time’s running out on the contract.

  • jillyro

    Surprised they are still together past award season. She seems sweet but so flaky and like an airhead. Strange that an intellectual, political guy like George Clooney dates down when it comes to brain.

    LOL, Cindy Crawford must be sick of having to once again make small talk with one of George’s silly temporary GFs.

  • George Clooney

    This guy I know,,, is stuck in in living hell in South America, ,,,,What’s– his– name?

  • Jaime

    @jillyro…..I was thinking the same thing about Cindy Crawford makeing the small talk and getting to know “yet another one”. She and Rande probably take bets……

  • Sane

    Actually – Stacy has known Cindy Crawford for a long time predating her time with George – there are also photos of Stacy/Cindy and other models on a beach together way back 2010, so doubt any small talk has to be made as they were already well acquainted.

  • AmberWaves

    LOL! Looking at their expressions, I was thinking the same thing, that they had “the talk” and the contract may be expiring. Notice the stiff grin on Cindy’s face as she kisses George?

  • Mr. Porter
  • Hi Cindy

    We all know he loves his best friend’s wife

  • cayenne

    George’s expressions go a little deeper than what you are posting here…he probably wishes that’s all it was about but in reality he has worries about North Darfur! He’s a busy guy outside of this hollywood spotlight.

  • Had enough yet?

    George is a cover up for the thing SK has for Randy…
    I am guessing this was a pre dinner on how to behave at the Correspondence dinner..I wonder how much longer SK will be willing to put up with the humiliation for the almighty dollar?

    If anyone on here sees this so called relationship going anywhere but down oh please share!!!

  • just sayin

    @Hang In There: Wow people who constantly have Jlo on their mind are jealous of her lmao!!!

  • liar

    @Jaime: Who cares what cindy thinks..she is a flake. She should come out of the closet!!!!!Flake because she is pretending to be straight!!!

  • Bar

    @liar: What do you mean? She’s a lesbian?


    George looks angry and not feeling it if you know what I mean… Something got him ticked and Stacy looks like a deer in the headlights.
    Something’s up. Tension is all over the place. He also looks like he doesn’t want to be there as well. Hmmm…….

  • Had enough yet?

    My theory is the dinner was meant to give Sk the opportunity to bail on the Washington thing..(I think George realized that he made a big mistake inviting her.)
    That’s why they called in reinforcement..Kim Kardashian, Lindsey Lohen, all the other goof balls to deter the attention away from the former wrestler…What do you think????? Well anyway Washington DC is becoming quite the Joke!!!

  • Comedy Hour

    Oh Timekeeper, such projection!
    Look, he likes what he likes, and Stacy happens to fit the bill for the moment. Stop reading things into things that aren’t there.
    Get over it. Stop making yourself sound foolish.

  • baugh

    good for them.

  • Frozoid

    Uh-oh. I see discontent on both their faces. I believe Clooney is a big time boozer who avoids dealing with his demons by drinking.

    He’s got some issues, and I hope he figures out what they are before breaking another woman’s heart.


    Comedy Hour go F*U*C*K* yourself you uneducated w*h*o*r*e*! It is obvious and shut your own pie hole! People are not stupid but maybe you are the exception to the rule! Bugger off!!!!

  • Had enough yet?


    I was thinking the same thing Kinda of ( listen you f….. there is a clicker on that key ring)…and then the look in the car just like someone is reading all the comments on these blogs…

  • Comedy Hour

    Aw, poor Timekeeper. :(

    Why get so upset by the behavior of total strangers?.

  • Comedy Hour

    Here’s a nice pic of Stacy and George for you, all happy and content and just out for a night with their friends.

  • Shut up comedy!!

    Leave Timekeeper alone!! STUPID, you don’t need to know someone to disagree with their comment. Grow up, STUPID COMEDY!

  • Shut up comedy!!

    You don’t need to personally know someone to disagree with their life style either. Timekeeper can comment all she wants!! si capisce, you boring comedy.

  • signage

    Skeezbler is just an escort who was contracted for Clooney’s failed Oscar campaign and is NOT Clooney’s girlfriend. This is common knowledge. The only reason he has not ended the contract yet is that for whatever reason, he seems to think he can save face by not making the contract end at the same time the awards season ends. It’s beyond ridiculous. Skeezbler is a two bit white trash hooker who flashed her gigantic butt for beer money before she slept her way up the WWE and her agency.

  • signage

    @Comedy Hour: Um, they’re not looking at each other. Whatever they’re happy about, it’s not each other. George loathes the giant rodent.

  • signage

    @George Clooney: Say hi to the ants for me. They are visiting their cousins down there and looking for new leaves to cut and carry back with them.

  • yep

    I like them together! Stacey is a beautiful lady!


    Stacy Keibler is one of the ugliest women in showbiz, if you can call it that.
    Just look at that hideous face!
    Anyone would agree.
    Round, old, wrinkled, feature-less.
    Awful sickly bleached thin hair.
    No lips. Nothing to kiss.
    A broken nose.
    Tiny beady eyes. A massive forehead.
    And the body of a huge Man. Massive big-boned .
    Not feminine at all.
    Just HUGE.

  • Ah…Bite Me!®

    I think the loser who posts as Sane might be Stacy Keibler herself, or KatieKunt of PR network behind the bulllshit publicity agreement.
    She’s the only one who argues an obviously ugly woman like Stacy Keibler is attractive.
    That’s why no one is giving her commercial contracts.
    Total financial loss of gargantuan proportions to back that Giant Freak.

  • Phys Major

    I wonder what George Clooney has done that he’s forced into these fake publicity arrangements.
    I’ve heard Stan Rosenfield has compromising photos of George Clooney that he uses as a threat to force him to do these publicity arrangements. Something that can destroy his career. Happened years ago. Not sure if the photos are with George Clooney’s hair stylist Waldo Sanchez, who is gay. Though George Clooney is straight (maybe bi or experimental). Hmmmmm…..
    Charlie Sheen actually told a few close friends about the blackmail against George Clooney by Stan Rosenfield last year.

  • Jezebel

    OK, Cindy Crawford has aged a bit, coz of her Botox overload. Botulism is a virus that eventually ravages the face.
    She’s looking a bit Jocelyn Wildensteinish and she’s gained some weight.
    But Cindy Crawford is WAY MORE BEAUTIFUL and younger looking that Stacy Keibler.
    Cindy is a lady. She’s respectful & courteous to everyone but there is no way she’s friends with Stacy Keibler. She looks down at her as a low life.

  • David G

    Stacy Keibler has such an ugly face.
    Like a Teutonic Nazi beast! Herman Goering’s twin

  • Horst

    @David G: ja, doch!
    Sieg Heil!
    Stacy Keibler looks SO Schutzstaffel!
    Hässlich Schlampe Stacy Keibler.
    What a loser George Clooney is!!

  • Kirstie

    That’s right. No one is giving Stacy Keibler any commercial contracts based on the fact that she’s too overgrown, old to pull off the sexy vixen image, and has a very ugly face. No features to promote other than massive sturdy wide legs. Big bones.
    Maybe she can promote growth hormones for wrestlers??

  • ash

    can you imagine being their server? i would probably spill something.

  • Sane

    @ash: why are you ret’arded?

  • Sane

    @Kirstie: oh, be quiet, Timekeeper/ Kirstie Alley!
    Stacy cannot help the size she is. She just kept growing due to a thyroid problem. You should understand.
    George selected Stacy last year as his next girlfriend.
    And he will remain with her until further notice.
    Don’t act like you’re against it.
    I’m a lawyer and I work 80+ hours per week!

  • bemused

    George Clooney is a loser. His last two girlfriends are so ugly.
    A gelding followed by a giant.
    What’s wrong with him????

  • Love The Shoes

    Isn’t her time almost up?

  • Mr. Colin

    Very bored with Canalis it was more fun
    I haste of the change


    Whose upset? I’m not the one acting like frantic workers bees. Someone is feeling threatened. Thanks for the confirmation drones.


    Sane-Whatever. So you are educated trailer trash. BIG DEAL! Just because you have a grad degree doesn’t detract from the fact that you are nothing. Thank you for showing your weaknesses and the weak link in all of this. What’s the matter? Stacy crying in her beer like the good lush she truly is? It is obvious there is tension. I became disgusted seeing Keibler in that YouTube video dancing like a s*l*u*t* for some beer.

  • Sane


    Until this particular post – I have not posted at all on this subject so whoever is pretending to be me, so boring, could you not do better?.

    There is nothing to read into the pictures of GC/SK other than they have been out to dinner, like any other regular couple and are probably tired and eager to get back home to GC’s house.

    As for you tossers who are so jealous, grow up, SK cannot help how tall she is, just like you can’t do anything about your low intellect.

  • KatieDot

    @Sane: No Stacy Keiber cannot help her gigantism. George Clooney didn’t mind when he selected her as the next publicity escort. You’re right.
    He dropped her off at her West Hollywood condo where Geoff Stults frequently visits her. Stacy Keibler still loves Geoff Stults. But her vag’ina is so loose and wide given how tall she is, so he’s gone for a petite sexy beach babe blonde who he sees casually.
    George Clooney then went to his Studio City home – ALONE.
    He doesn’t have sex with Stacy Keibler. Not his type.
    Accept it. Kirstie Alley advises Stan Rosenfield on the best PR strategy for George Clooney. Kirstie Alley usually posts on my blog as Cinderella and as Timekeeper here, amongst many other names.