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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Sunday in Studio City

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Sunday in Studio City

Justin Theroux opens the car door for girlfriend Jennifer Aniston after having dinner on Sunday (May 20) in Studio City, Calif.

The 43-year-old actress’s ex, John Mayer, recently spoke out about those controversial comments he made about her in a 2010 interview.

“I had nothing to say – I was going through a time in my life where I didn’t really want to share what was going on, but I didn’t want to be boring,” John told NPR‘s All Things Considered about the TMI quotes, which also involved his other ex, Jessica Simpson.

In case you missed them, check out three new pics from Jennifer‘s latest smartwater ad campaign!

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jennifer aniston justin theroux dinner studio city 01
jennifer aniston justin theroux dinner studio city 02
jennifer aniston justin theroux dinner studio city 03
jennifer aniston justin theroux dinner studio city 04
jennifer aniston justin theroux dinner studio city 05
jennifer aniston justin theroux dinner studio city 06
jennifer aniston justin theroux dinner studio city 07

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  • Yes

    Nice to see them again

  • EM

    haha…Isn’t there a particular Cannes premier tomorrow???
    It is not just a coincidence that she is not photographed for awhile then suddenly shows up!

    Like clockwork for her & her Eddie Munster boyfriend.

  • nani

    hehehe… And now he opens the car door for girlfriend…This is Huvane’s damage control. He actually read what people said about Theroux’s lack of kindness.
    And JJ writes exactly what Huvane tells him to do. ODD!

  • brenda

    Wow, that’s a shock. She must have decided to get someone else dress her today, she is not dressed identical to him. Puppet.

  • Geography

    Yeah, that’s definitely West Hollywood, not Studio City.

  • Puhlease

    Oh please
    Considering you can barely see anything here, and her smart water ads came out last week, stupid observation.

  • There She Is

    The Amazing Jennifer

  • love JA

    lovely JA and her awesome BF……bless them

    suck it haters

  • nikki

    that’s west Hollywood was eating there that day, guess i went at the wrong time

  • Kate

    Glad to see they are still going strong. Great couple.

  • lol

    he has the same profile as Beavis

  • The Real Emma

    Just like clockwork, they come out of hiding when the Jolie Pitts are going to be everywhere in the news in a matter of hours.

  • baugh

    I’ve notice the same thing.

  • fairplay

    Her fans were so thinking she was pregnant.

    I don’t get it. First they say how fab her life if without children because she is not “stuck” with them, then the minute a rumor of her being pregnant starts they go all crazy.

    If she wanted kids she would have them. and does JT even want kids. They seem happy as it is. So there you go. Some people are meant to be parents others not so much

  • 8

    eww she dated John Mayer ewwww..I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole..why does she always pick the slimiest guys?

  • Elz

    Love this couple ! I missed them so much !! JA and JT forever :)

  • jentin

    I see she is still not pregnant.I thought she was not seen for a long time because she is pregnant.The fans assumed she is.Now we are again disappointed.She is already 43 years old. It will be difficult to have her first child if she doesn’t try now.

  • Heidi Bivens

    Cheaters! Homwrecker!

    This relationship is her karma, now shes the evil rich witch haha

  • okay

    these pics don’t give ANYTHING. hilarious.

  • jane

    They look good.

  • louis

    Jdr. I’m obsessed with justin, I just love him so much. Jen and he made ​​a beautiful couple.

  • Ummm..

    why is he wearing a Crass shirt?? I used to wear Crass shirts and patches in 10th and 11th grade, and I’m 30 year old woman now!
    They are so embarrassing together…

  • Tamzin

    Poor Heidi, wonder how she’s doing. Her gold digging ex didn’t even tell her it was over. TV girl knew he was in a relationship when she made a play for him. Her fans are so heartless they don’t think it matters even though they were spitting venom just because she was divorced. Poor Heidi I hope you are ok and find a decent man for a change.

  • Kikicohen

    Probably because hes a narcissistic douche bag

  • Peapo

    Love him. Her…not so much. I wish he would dump her like they all eventually do and move back to NYC where his life is, nit in fake LA, where they have fake relationships like theirs. More pics of Justin. Less of Aniston!
    okay I’m ready for the thumbs down!

  • jilly

    They look pretty happy together. Hanging out, having dinner while all the jealous people are saying that they broke up. Well, here they are, looking great!

  • jilly

    I’m so happy for them both. They look lovely together.

  • Lame

    Poor Heidi? You delusional Brangelina fans weren’t crying Poor Jen when Angelina CHEATED with Brad. If Jen is a “Home-wrecker” than Angelina is definitely one as well.

  • TheDudeAbides

    I don’t always have to be the first. But jeez, do I really have to be, like, the 29th… ?

  • TheDudeAbides

    Dear no.1 on this thread; Yesterday morning at 5:18, I woke up shouting, “YES!.. YES..! YES!!!” and then I had a flash vision of a string of colorful old fashion Christmas tree lights.

  • Ummm..


    I dont think of her as “Poor Heidi” because she’s probably laughing her bum off at these 2. Now her ex has to deal with paprazzi the rest of his life. She;s probably single, and loving life!

  • Ummm..

    Not me mention she probably got a kick out of Wanderlust poor box office figures. Sweet Karma…

  • JL

    Wanderlust in the past.
    Big deal.

  • karen

    Wrong city! They are not in Studio City. That is West Hollywood.

  • guest

    glad to see the greatest looking couple. surely, she was missing cuz she tried to do what she always wanted but failed. hope she achieves her goal sooner.

  • nope

    can’t even get a halfway decent picture….wow…nice work out there..

  • Chitta

    @guest: Achieve what with poor box figure movies? Bad start as a couple with a bomb movie.

    I am just sorry for Eddie munster man to have to deal with a string of her exes! Jon Mojo has arisen next will be Paul Sculfor or Vince?

  • pumpkin

    my, oh, my. this is not a fine looking man. short legs, big head. really looks like Beavis. well, it seems finally she found someone that matches her as far as the looks go. in the end they will probably succeed as a couple, because when he is around her, she doesn’t have to be concerned about her looks. he is even worse looking than her, if that is possible.

  • Peapo

    Oh my!!!! What a coincidence! Brad is at Canne today promoting a film. Is that why Aniston has come out of the mud and called the paps to promote …well herself and the fact that someone is dating her (I wonder for how long. The clock is ticking on this relationship). Pathetic,

  • The ORIGINAL Miami D.



    WHICH ONE IS IT???????



    L O S E R!!!!


    In any video or picture of Brad and Angelina entering or exiting a vehicle Mr. Pitt the gentleman that he is always hold the door open for his woman the mother of his children his future wife. Boyfriend for sale wasn’t doing it for his old prune, until her PR people tell her that it would be a good idea if he does


    Aniston mega w#ore alert
    huge supply fawp
    Aniston biggest w#ore ever
    hazmat suit
    thickest rubber
    radioactive tart

  • Nothing But Love

    Miss seeing these two.

  • Rose

    So SS is going to her car is a reason to have a thread. Can it gets any clearer that this woman will never leave Brad alone, just like a sad spook.

  • Christy

    She is obviously pregnant. He’s standing in front of her to shield her. Check out the photo with the belly sticking out a bit. And then check out the placement of her arm and purse. You shouldn’t be able to see any belly. Remove him from in front of her and she’s BIG! But only in the stomach area. Hmmm. Btw Brangelina is the fame whore. These people seem really low key and normal to me.

  • Richard Reid

    Just Jared readers are the BEST!!!!!!


    Hahahahaha, waah waaaah you lose. He’s only ‘shielding’ her from a pap that is about a block away down the street, she has on no coat, and people in and out of the establishment she was just in, and on the streets, all saw her, from all sides…shes in her tight fitting clothes and alas no bump, as if her STILL sticking her dark brown naturally off black hair into a vat of peroxide to keep her aging Malibu skipper hair color wasn’t a big enough clue. Hahahaha hohohoho.
    I don’t get you cat lady fanistons, you’re the first to stand up for her right to not use her dusty uterus, but the first fantasizing of some pathetic cat lady fans makes you all get excited about a Ted bundeaux jr. ITs soooooo insane and really sad.

  • lafamepoma

    and what about that rumour of pregnancy is she or isn’t she?

  • angie

    know what i would like to see?? a photo of everyone of you ripping apart how jen and justin look physically. my guess is none of you are all that much more attractive. same as the people posting about brad and angies looks. oh but how very clever of you to come up with these names degrading these people that make only you and people like you chuckle. i applaud you all!!! its a shame there arent more people like you walking this earth. i’d rather see more of these 4 then any of you people.

  • Sorry Charlie

    Pregnant? Lmfao Shes 44, and still smoking, toking, boozing and bleaching her fat head…what do you think loser?