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Vanessa Hudgens: Amber Lounge Fashion Show!

Vanessa Hudgens: Amber Lounge Fashion Show!

Vanessa Hudgens hits the Amber Lounge Fashion Show on Friday (May 25) at Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel in Monaco.

The 23-year-old actress posed backstage at the charity event, which featured Formula One drivers joining their wives, girlfriends, sisters, and children on the catwalk.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Before jetting to Europe, Vanessa got in a workout, attending a yoga class in Studio City.

Earlier in the week, Vanessa enjoyed the sunny weather with beau Austin Butler at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire where they held hands while strolling the grounds.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a sheer silver fully embroidered gown by Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti.

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Credit: Dave M. Benett; Photos: Getty
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  • Mike

    Austin Butler is spitting image of Mac. Culkin

  • Mike

    In Culkin’s better days i should say…

  • sarra

    omg!!! amazing baby v beautiful zac is loooser

  • yes!!!

    why is she in pijamas?

  • Hihihihu

    I 100% agree with mike

  • selena

    she’s so hot <3

  • Pulis Patola

    She looks pretty but LOL @ mike! He does kinda!

  • stumpy

    looks like a little person

  • chris

    i love her butterfly ringgg she’s the best austin is lucky guyy

  • lauren

    how did she get to lax without being noticed?

  • creep


  • Wes

    She looks really beautiful!

  • creep

    @yes!!!: why r u such a douch3?

  • creep

    @sarra: don’t mention him, really, can we just grow up already? i’m vanessa’s fan, but i honestly don’t know why you people (zac fans and vanessa’s) need to trash one of them to make the other look better

  • John

    She has weird body proportions, how short is she??

  • sarra

    well i am saying the truth he is loser for breaking up with this beautiful girl she’s almost perfect <3

  • tina

    She’s 154cm (5’1″), short is cute!

  • Mrs. Gaston

    i’m not a fan and this girl normally looks a hot, sloppy mess imo, but she actually looks BEAUTIFUL here! i almost can’t believe it!

  • Kudos

    This dress hides her marshmallow belly and ghetto badonk quite effectively.

  • Pulis Patola

    @sarra: wow, the way you say he’s a “loser” is as if you actually know any of them and their relationship. That’s not the “truth” girl.

  • Marina

    @John: 5’2″ or 5’3″ something like that, she’s very short

  • creep

    @Kudos: well, your comment, in the other hand, don’t hide what a hater you are.

  • creep

    @sarra: well, you don’t know what actually happened you know… none of us know, so we better just focus on how happy both of them are now, instead of constantly remembering of the past.

  • creep

    @lauren: you would know nothing about not getting noticed, since you are ALWAYS here trying to be noticed, right?

  • Pulis Patola

    @Marina: well, amanda seyfried and rooney mara are about 5’2/5’3 but they don’t look short as her. She does have weird proportions.

  • lauren

    first of all it’s a question, i didnt say anything about her or her outfit, chill out.
    stop trolling everyone on here.

  • creep

    @Pulis Patola: because they are too thin, is that what u are tryin to say?

  • creep

    @lauren: thats funny, especially coming from you.

  • Pulis Patola

    @creep: sheesh calm down girl! Amanda is actually curvy by the way though you’re right about Rooney being thin which makes her appear taller. I don’t know, there’s just something about her which makes her look shorter.

  • creep

    @Pulis Patola: maybe the arms, they do look a little fat, but again, its really hard to lose them. And Rooney is beyond thin, it just doesnt look right.

  • Pulis Patola

    @creep: perhaps, or she’s shorter than 5’2 but anyway, with the face like hers, I don’t care if I look short or have a bit heavy arms. I really and I really mean it, I like her face!

  • creep

    @Pulis Patola: lmao
    right? life is so unfair! i think her face is really gorgeous, she doesnt look like anybody else, which its a big thing to say nowadays, since everybody looks like everybody in hollywood.

  • What!

    Vanessa is not fat and her arms look fine. Have you seen her in person? Interviewers always say she is really tiny in person. So if she looks tiny in person (because pictures add about ten pounds), then I can imaging what Rooney and Amanda really look like in person. There is thin which I think most people call fat. Then there is too thin which I’m starting to think more people approve of. I’m just glad that Vanessa is healthy and she’s fit. I wish I had her body. I think she looks good in these pics and I love her hair.

    By the way, no one is perfect. Why do people always try to find fault? I’m sure if we all looked in the mirror, there would be a feature that we didn’t like. I’m just sayen.

  • creep

    @What!: well, i love her, love that she stays healthy and doesnt let industrie pressure affect her, but her arms ARE a little fat, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • A. OK

    Vanessa you look beautiful , you two are so close go see him again

  • Xo

    She looks flawless. So stunning

  • creep

    @A. OK: lol

  • Xo

    @lauren: She does it all the time.

  • chchcherrybomn

    @lauren: when there are pics of her doing normal things like going to the gym, going to lax, and stuff like that, you say something bad, and now, that there aren’t pictures, you still find a way to say something bad. Seriously, what is your problem, girl?

  • StarWars

    I don’t like this girl. Overrrated.

  • tina

    Where’s Vanessa’s PR team?? (Haters Suck!, MoreThanWords, BOJI & Rise Above Rate…).

  • lily

    @StarWars: then, why are you commenting here? i mean, you could use your time to do soooo many things, yet, you decide to come here and comment on a post about someone you don’t like. I just don’t get it lol

  • What!


    Well I think you are being rude. Her arms are not even a little fat IMO. Have you seen her before? Sometimes the angle of a picture can make someone appear thicker than they really are. I noticed that in some pics her arms appear to look smaller. So there you go.

  • creep

    @What!: Rude? Please, I’m a FAN of hers, I totally love her, and I’m more than okay to accept that she has flaws, just like everybody else.

  • creep

    @tina: Not here yet lol

  • g

    eh..she’s gone down hill..

  • creep

    @lily: yeah… u know, the world its just full of hate ]=

  • What!


    Whatever. lol.

  • creep

    I get that not everybody likes her, and nobody should be forced to, but when i came here… well, i just wish you guys could respect not only her, but her fans as well. I know that some of V’s fans are not respectable either, but, still… This is so silly, and we have such a short life, we might, as well, not expend it hating on each other.

  • may

    got a new video up come check it out :D