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Leonardo DiCaprio: Chiropractor Visit in New Orleans

Leonardo DiCaprio: Chiropractor Visit in New Orleans

Leonardo DiCaprio leaves a chiropractor’s office on Tuesday (May 29) in New Orleans, La.

The trailer for the 37-year-old actor’s upcoming movie, The Great Gatsby, was recently released – check it out in case you missed it!

The movie, set to hit theaters December 25, is director Baz Luhrmann‘s big screen adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s novel.

Leo has another movie coming out on Christmas Day, Django Unchained, which centers around a slave-turned-bounty hunter who sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner.

The Western co-stars Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington, and Christoph Waltz.

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  • bubbles

    what are you talking about #247? recycling pics? calling paps? you’ve lost me.

  • bubbles

    vagabond, i hope it lasts a long time. they’re both getting what they want. why not?

  • To Erin’s PR…

    …Pics or didn’t happen!!!

  • bubbles

    #249, girls don’t stay with leo if they have self respect, but e’s getting what she wants and leo’s getting what he wants. where’s the problem?

  • .

    @bubbles: I don’t owe you any explanation.

  • Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  • To be honest

    i’m so disappointed right now! Still with ‘Erin who?’ Leonardo?????????
    Leo,honey,u can do sooo much better than this!

  • excuses excuses excuses

    Bla bla bla :

    PIP Prince


    3,926 posts
    Posted Today, 08:48 PM
    osa: I respect your opinion but I don’t see that way in this case, she’s was busy (she’s a VS Angel and this girls work a lot, some of the Angels are pregnant and Erin alongside with others are working a lot for VS this last months) and he’s was soo busy too, he started to shoot Django in march and she have been there a lot of times, when Leo was in Cancun for the Django photocall he took her with him, just because we don’t have new pics, it doesn’t mean they didn’t spend time together… and we know NOLA wasn’t the best place for new pics. How can we know they didn’t spend enough time together because he didn’t wanted? He was working… and she was too, honestly I don’t get this thing of: she came when he wants, no.

    Just my opinion. ”

    and bla bla bla how old are they? o.O

  • @251


    Talking about someone else. It was my response to LOL – who might be a pukie person, herself.

  • Uh-Huh

    After all that Erin is doing for you, you could at least help her?! You did with all the others. Look, I don’t know Erin, but cannot blame a young girl being swooned by a rich and powerful star, and falling for it? And look, barfreaks, ___did the same thing, but now she is SMOTHERING him.

    Again….LEO, you used Erin very badly! You are no longer considered admiral to me. Procreate with that controllable dumb ass. But, remember all the people you hurt along the way. If I was ERIN, I would lawyer up, because treating her the you way you have in the press, with __ and her obnoxious family still around, really makes her look naïve. I am sure it is not her fault. You have really transformed from possibly kind and helpful to pathologically narsasistic, co-dependent, AND MOST OF ALL —– DISRESPECTFUL. You use people like the paps use you.If you are, in fact, still with the ex, than you are desperate too. Get yourself on the right road, Leo.
    I really wish your grandmother was alive.God Bless her and your mother.

  • lol

    Never seen a giraffe with a nose job ? lol

    The weirdest neck,model-body and rhinoplasty I have ever seen in my lifeeeeeeeeeeee!


  • Bahahahhahahaha!

    @lol: I bet shes a chipmunk with nose job and neck of a giraffe
    Those fat cheeks,fat face LOL

  • Unbelievable


    End It and Be HappyNEW
    by: Anonymous

    In my experience Leo men are not remotely loyal unless you are ready to be a servant and slave to their needs and whims. Leo is not a sign that will cherish you and make you feel like a Queen and adored above all other women. Leo men can be selfish, arrogant, controlling and tedious in their lack of understanding and inability to listen to others. Leo craves adoration without needing to earn it. They think the world should bow down to them just because thats what they want. They have no concept of humility. They would make the worst knights in shining armour if they were still in existence. Ditch him quick!

    Selfish A**holeNEW
    by: Anonymous

    OMG! You all are so right. I have been one and off with my Leo for more than a year but recently he put the icing on the cake. He’s 15 years older than me and that makes it even worse; no excuse for a 41 year old man to be this way. But anyway, he doesn’t want to give me what I need but expects me to sit around and wait for him to make up his mind about what he wants. Just a few days ago, I actually see him and we have a talk abiut what happened between us. I finally get him to admit the fact that he’s selfish and never considered my feelings. I told him that I would like to give it another try and we both agree. On another note that night he was all over me and I decided to go home anyway because I didnt want us to start over on a bad note. So Sunday night he doesnt pick up his phone nor does he repsond to my text messages.

    I finally spoke to this bastard yesterday morning and he was at work. His excuse was that he was sick. Really? Bulls***t!!! His repsonse was of course as if nothing was wrong. He thinks that this is a game! After that I blocked his number,told him how much of a loser he was, and left it at that. Let’s also mention that I am the only one who he could depend on and trust. He doesnt get along with his family and his friends are not that dependable. He seems to think that my feelings are irrelevant. I dont know about this cocky attitude that they have but it is not cute or funny when a 41 year old man plays mind games. What exactly do you have to boast about. Your a old man and a loser and that is nothing to be proud of. Yes. I am to blame in part for even chosing to talk to him but I honestly thought that he was being sincere. But as always you never know what you have until it is gone. I took care of his every need and have nothing to show for it. Never Again!!

  • Philly

    @vagabond, @Naah
    I agree with both of you. But why do Leo forums become such a mess? I knew they had not split, I think its casual but I’m baffled as to the level of Erin hate and why these Leo stans care so much
    I guess Canada Girl came back, saw, and checked out for good huh?

  • Grandpa


    Have you seen her pussy pics?HE used her badly?!He likes them, those famous dirty sharks are enjoyable for his empty head and disgusting needs

  • OMG

    by: Anonymous

    Its amazing to read all these comments which are so similar to my leo boyfriend. When he is being nice he is great company and this is the only reason I think I am still seeing him. However 90% he is useless. I don’t feel like his girl friend on any level as he is such a selfish idiot. I just got a Valentines card and I was supposed to be super grateful for that after 6 years. My valentines day present was some food from the supermarket. When he paid for it he immediately started to complain! Romantic NOT. He loves to be seen with me because it boosts his ego. I can’t speak to another man without him going into a fit of jealousy. I found out he slept with someone else and he totally lied about and only admitted to it after he realised I wasn’t going to buy his BS. When my dog was on his last legs, he kept telling me to ‘just kill him’. When I had to put my pet down at the Vets, when he came over, he didn’t even say he was sorry about what had happened. Before Charlie died, I couldn’t walk without being in a lot of pain due to a spinal problem and I had to carry him up and down 3 flights of stairs because his legs were so bad. Leo man never offered to help me once and when I asked he would just lay on the sofa. When he did do it, he would be impatient and a bit rough with him deliberately, knowing he was an old fragile dog. I knew then that I despised this person. Im a Sagittarian (animal lover), if you are bad to an animal the fires of my hatred will burn. I never asked him again for obvious reasons. He keeps saying “Im an immigrant and I have to take care of my own ass”. I never ask him for anything, but he says I take from him all the time? I was with a gemini and he was super selfish also. He wants to be worshiped, is disgustingly tight fisted with money, needs attention constantly, is terrible and lazy in bed, is lazy generally, is ignorant, a bully, thinks he owns me and is ultra controlling. I have never been with anyone who has tried to put me down as much as he has – constantly. He isn’t even that good looking. People like this live in a dream world. They love themselves and think the rest of the world should do the same. He is a total and utter user. Im sick and tired of him and have zero trust in him. I haven’t felt love for him for years so I need to get rid of him. Pointless, useless excuse for a man.

  • Official

    This thread is full of only the crazies!! I guess the non-break up news had that effect.

  • hanging out?

    hanging out? It`s just as lukewarm and boring as Erin herself. The last tweet was also about hanging out. I remember with all his exes it was about kissing, hugging, holding hands…etc. I have NEVER seen a tweet that would have reported anything like that between Leo and Borington ( I can`t remember who came up with that name but it`s spot on! Good one! )
    There were plenty of tweets about Leo at the concert with friends but the only one placing her there is from a fashion blog and it was sent to Jared. That tweet about the other weekend was sent to Erin. The tweet about her being with Leo in Mexico sent to Jared. Them together are never random tweets like Leo was riding his bike in NOLA or Leo was at a cheese stop.
    Anyway it seems like their relationship is nothing else but `hanging out`. Boring like Erin.

  • hanging out?

    @offficial: It seems like some people are mad at him for still being with her , doesn`t it? Probably that`s why the bashing. If they were over he would have been seen with women in NOLA and I guess he needs a companion for the summer. I doubt it will last much longer but for now it seems like they are on. It`s a little weird that only one tweet mentions her there but it is what it is…

  • Belladonna

    WTF with their faces and heads if they think that refaeli or heatherton avatars are better than their own???He is changing his famewhores -they are changing their avatars.Those girls are just disgusting little prostitutes, like leo girls

  • bz

    Tweets… Just yesterday this was posted by one of the wise bz girls.
    `Twitter isn’t exactly reliable is it? Anyone has the ability to make up anything… ` You can’t disagree with that. But of course she didn’t refer to these perfectly timed and placed Heatherton tweets.

  • OMG

    @hanging out?:

    I think something is weird… and maybe I’ll sound like the conspirators of BZ or the barfreaks or whatever. But Why only a tweet placed Erin there (and was by fashion blog) but neither those who were present , or the mtv host (who also tweeted about Leo) and not even an article about the concert last night mention her…
    Makes me think why her people lie about a sighting??? If they are supposedly still together and he’s already in NY… why not wait for a real sighting of them to call the paps instead of lying about one???


    He is with erin the heatherton and his parents in nola.Staged photos on popsugar

  • Nessa

    Why does he look so miserable in those pictures? And, why would e stage photos with Erin? Is it possible that he might actually like her?

  • ????

    So she was in Spain over the weekend, Monday in NYC at the fashion event, Tuesday in NOLA for this pathetic bike ride ( it looks like Irmelin is being tortured riding around on that bike not to mention Leo`s usual miserable face) and then on Tuesday night in NYC at that concert? She went to NOLA for one day and there happened to be photographers to take a photo of her riding a bike with her boyfriend, his mom in heels and in a huge bag? Ok…

  • ????

    It seems like whenever Leo is done filming a movie some `official` photos are out. You don`t get a sighting of them together for months then all of a sudden you have clear paparazzi photos. Just like in Sydney.

  • Oh Geez
    You lot need to chill. You clealry hate him but Leo is NO different to celebs who get happily papped after twitter sightings/inside info/tips. Why would he need to stage anything now? There has hardly been any outrageous news on him -in fact he has been remarkably low key – to counteract/preempt that he needs to stage an op.

  • @OMG

    Now we have pics of them where do you hope to buy the pills for your inevitable nervous breakdown? Get something for Leda as well.

  • @278

    Nobody needs a pill here. I don’t think anyone believed in the break up for 100%. The photos scream photo op whether you like it or not. Just chill and let others be! Here anyone can post their opinion. If it irritates you do much then just take your sarcasm somewhere else. JMO!

  • @278

    @@OMG: Ok and meanwhile don’t try to hide your obsession with her neither.

  • @277

    Why was he so unusually public with Blake last year? How come there are so many photos of this ride and all of them are clear shots without Leo even trying to hide? They were on the move obviously and this lucky photographer could keep up with them taking excellent pictures.


    @Oh Geez:

    Ur thoughts are just funny.I bet his photos are just his present for bar bd. He could be a good actor but he is full of shit and we can see him biking with Red Lights girls soon!Leo has no self esteem

  • @281

    How was he ‘unusually public’ with her? Apart from Europe we had roughly 4 – 5 pics of them at most. Considering she was his first US girlfriend that was famous in her own right, (obv not at his level) we did not have that many. There were more of Diane/Joshua, Tom/Kate, Miranda/Orlando e.t.c
    Funny enough the Leo stans were exactly the same with their hateful hysterics now towards Erin:
    We have pics – ‘Photo Op’! No pics – ‘Split’!
    Till the next girlfriend.
    @151 I completely agree with you

  • Oh Geez

    WTH? The phots are a present for “bar bd”? What does that even mean? You know what if you’re that Spanish Barf freak dont answer.

  • @#282
    Aww Bar fan you’re still soooo upset. Poor thing. Lets see all the insults you can unload on Leo and Erin now in your mangled english.


    You know if you are just blind freak who could not understand that there is no relationships between eh and leo DONT ASK.

  • @283

    It was just enough how public he was with her in Europe. You are right she was his first US girlfriend who is famous. How does it explain that he wasn’t even trying to hide and several times stared or even smiled at the photographers. Whether it changed in the US A or not it was ( still is ) puzzling while they were in Europe.
    If this thread is full of ‘stans’ why are you here? I mean wouldn’t it be logical not to read something you clearly don’t like? It’s not like you’re gonna change anything around here…


    Look at eh’s CK party!There is some real passion between her and that party freak! Shame on you ,leo

  • @287

    Not that its any of your damn business but I enjoyed the early Leo GQ thread and occasioanlly check in to see if Message, riri, Doormat 2 e.t.c. may have popped in
    And its funny how y’all memory is sooooo selective. In Europe yes Leo was happy and smiley as he always is when on vacation whether on yachts with Naomi Campell or with is pals on French beaches. Back in the US i.e the Stevie Wonder pics and shopping pics you stans carped/bitched about how miserable he looked and was hiding/scuttling again. Now you’re claiming he was smiling directly at the photogs?

    @dick.inside there is not enough professional help for you.
    Go find Bar a boyfirend and stop stalking Erin pictures stupid cow.

  • Loser
    Keep telling yourself that and telling yourself he wakes up in the morning because of Bar. ALL LIES

  • @289

    No, I don`t think I have selective memory. When he was on vacation in Europe most of the photos were paparazzi photos and he wasn`t always aware. The Lively photos from last summer were different. The photographers were right in their faces. And yes, in Cannes he was smiling at the photographers when they were on that boat. Check it out.
    The GQ thread was a long time ago and you should have figured out how these threads are now. It`s one thing to check it out but you pick on so many things. That`s why I was curious why do you read the JJ threads because it`s clear you disagree with everything here. It`s not my business I just asked.

  • Giselle

    I don’t like Giselle but she was and will be the most decent woman in his trashy life.

  • True!

    And now she is expecting her second child. Good for her! With Gisele he always looked so happy and relaxed. Maybe that`s what his `stans` are missing with the other girls?

  • Philly

    Congrats to Gis. Hope it’s a girl
    @True! but if he looks happy and relaxed his stans then claim its for ‘show’, ‘force’, ‘blackmail’ and ‘photo-op’. They did not with Gisele only cause that relaysh was almost 10 years ago.
    Anyway whatever hope Gatsby is good. Nervous about Django

  • True!

    You can pick on every word I said but you can’t deny he hasn’t looked as happy and relaxed as he was with Gisele for a very long time! Pick on that as much as you want! The Lively romance ( all those words you mentioned refer to that ) was something very different.

  • Ramey

    Same photo agents for the Australia pics.

  • Leda having nervous breakdown

    is the one thing I like about Leo and Erin.

  • Philly

    Who’s that guy with his mom? His stepdad/German uncle?
    Is there a special reson for the pics or is it what most, yes most, celebs do at this time of year to say ‘I’m alive’. Tobey has done quite a few

  • vagabond

    Wow call me surprised Leo biking with girlfriend in NY with mom or friends.I see that Leo circle of dating is in full Eh looks like she’s having a good time but the rest of the group not so much,all have serious looks on their faces.This is why I’m a middle of the road Leo fan,it’s Leo not the girls.So no point in hating on them.TBH,i think he enjoys being a modelizer/womanizer.I will say this they don’t seem to have much chemistry between them.I like some of the others on here don’t see it as some great love affair.

  • @297

    Sure, whatever you say! Another stupid and pointless comment from the thread police! Boring, too! :)