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Katie Holmes & Suri: Back in the Big Apple

Katie Holmes & Suri: Back in the Big Apple

Katie Holmes carries 6-year-old daughter Suri to their car on Wednesday (May 30) in New York City.

The mother-daughter duo are back in Manhattan after spending time in Connecticut where the 33-year-old actress is filming her latest project.

Katie also visited hubby Tom Cruise on the set of his new movie in Louisiana over the weekend.

“Family for me has always been important. When I shoot, everybody comes. When Kate‘s shooting, I’m there with her and the kids,” Tom recently told Playboy. “We’re always together.”

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Credit: Thornton, Watts; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Yvonne

    Give those boots a break!!!!

  • http://@LolaWaheed Lola

    What kids? they’re barely seen with the adopted ones .. you call Suri kids?

  • KC

    They’re not always together! In fact it seems they are apart more than they are together. They take on films that film in different locations at the same time.

  • Peapo

    If you are always together when you’re filming a movie, Tom, Why are you in Louisiana and Katie in NYC in CONN. She’s been in CONN the past week. When did she go to Louisiana? Wouldn’t there be a photo shoot. We all know how much Tom loves to show his love. I’m calling his bluff on this one. I don’t think Tom And Katie have seen each other In a long time. I think they are separated.
    And WHY is she still carrying a 6 year old. SHE’ S 6!

  • jaspisgirl

    now it looks ridiculous if she is carrying the big girl.this little one is only together with her mom.mhhhh sad thing i think


    love the Cruises

  • Michelle

    Even though he is scientologist, I love the way he says “kids” and not kid. He loves he’s adopted children and Kidman doesn’t seem to since she is always in Australia without them lot…

  • namers


    Agreed. Good thing she’s not still nursing…

  • vool

    you have to be clinically INSANE to have cankles and still wear those ankle boots with that skirt.

  • bebe

    For all you guys who are whining about Suri being carried, you can clearly see that Katie is lifting her into an SUV. In the rest of the pics, Suri is walking.

  • Anon

    Suri looks more and more like her Dad, she’s lucky Tom’s such a looker. Sure he’s crazy but still he’s handsome.

  • Suri is stimming

    What’s up with the bump on Suri’s forehead? Another self-inflicted mark during the heist of another tsunami temper tantrum?

  • Suri is stimming

    Why did that 6.5 yo kid be carried to the car?
    Suri needs to use Kaka Homely like a handmaid to teach that frumpy ugly woman her place.

  • Suri needs a spanking

    AGAIN with the pajama bottoms and t-shirt that is two sizes too small. And to those commenters who say, “what do you mean AGAIN…Suri hasn’t worm pajamas lately.” Well, check out the JJ post from Monday May 21, 2012. That pink outfit????….pajamas. It’s weird. They’re all weird. Clean-out your kid’s closet and donate some of that stuff to charity. There are kids in the city that will put those clothes to good use. Just sayin’. But since Suri is “special” she probably doesn’t allow anyone to touch her stuff. She needs a spanking!!! haha

  • claudia

    Wasn’t she pregnant????????
    she is flat as an iron, so why did a magazine tell us she was expecting??? how do you want us to buy your magazine if you keep inventing stories to sell magazines…i would be happy for them if she was indeed expecting but i got punk’d another time…grrrrrrr

  • 4squared and there

    They both look in terms of fashion/clothes truly awful. The kid is in pajamas and Katie shows her usual fashion sense–NOT. She doesn’t have the legs to wear a skirt that short, her hair looks like a rat’s nest, those awful suede booties and everything is wrinkled. One would think with her money she could afford to send her awful clothes out to a dry cleaners. They do press them before they send them back to you Katie since you are too lazy to do it yourself.
    And as usual Katie is struttin’ along thinking she looks hot. NOT NOT NOT.

  • dani


    Actually if you look at the set of pics on INF you can see that Katie IS carrying her and not just to put her in the car. At six, the kid should be walking. She is carried more than any other HWood kid. Obviously whatever Tom and Katie are doing to helping her adjust to the paps isn’t working. Maybe they should have a chat with the JP’s, the Stefani-Rossdales, the Garner-Afflecks–you know the A listers that get photographed just as much as they do, yet for the most part their kids feet are on the ground instead of wrapped around their parent’s waist?

  • case

    Still carrying that big ol girl.

  • J

    That outfit.Looks like Katie just walked out of 1992.All she needs is some teased hair and hairsprayed bangs.

  • rainyday

    You know people can’t help some of their physical flaws–like tree trunk legs. BUT they can minimize them instead of highlight them with the proper clothes. This skirt and those filthy horrible booties make her legs look huge and fat. Not to mention she is pasty white. Not a good look at all Katie. I find myself looking at her legs with something akin to horror!

  • Edith

    I was with Katie and Suri today in the elevator, including their Bodyguard. Katie was texting, Suri entertaining herself. Then hugging mom,….and when we five people get off those elevator, a mass of Paparazzis where waiting. Union Square in New York,… Is that Life?

  • Hamlet

    Each parent is in the middle of a filming a movie now, #4. She visited him on the set several times already.

    Critics only see what they want to see, #10.

    You’re an idiot, #12.

    Mind your own kids, #14.

    She already IS walking and if her parents want to carry her, that is their right, #17.

  • joel

    Kaka is wearing those dirty stinkin’ boots for attention. She know people hate it, so she wears it to provoke MORE attention. Those things must smell like hell

  • hag

    cant stop staring at how suri is cutting off the blood flow in katibots fingers(s) in pic 3 and that stare of hers.


    Not those awful boots again! Come on Katie! She looks like she dressed herself and Suri at the Salvation Army.

  • shelly

    I just can not like this woman, can we just go back to the days of Paris Hilton annoying us all the time, pleeeeeeeeeeease.

  • Yakasuri

    In the second picture, Suri looks like Joshua J.

  • Loreta

    @Suri is stimming: Why should be Katie’s fault if the girl has a bump on her forehead? Maybe Suri is restless and she was just playing and having fun. Should she be sitting on a chair instead of running and playing? Let kids be kids.

  • lol

    @shelly: Do you like Paris Hilton annoying ways? Are you nuts?

  • Maria Silveira

    Oh nooooo! Give those boots a break!!!
    …And again: Suri doesn’t attend school???

  • KC

    Those boots are a crime to humanity!

  • Me

    I was wondering, When is this girl going to school? She’s always with her mom

  • shelly

    hahahahaha hell no, I hate Paris Hilton, she is disgusting yet more interesting than this poorly dressed zombie we have had to endure for the last 7 years, I mean how many times do we need to see her down in the dumps face walking, it would be nice if she had friends or something, by herself she is nothing special.

  • baby suri ???/!!!!!
  • Charlie Manson Face
  • Peapo

    not nice to say but that is one scary kid. I’d hate to see one of her super tantrums. I really wonder if she gets any socialization with kids her own age? she always seems to be with mom or nanny. She is spoiled rotten by Katie. I feel sorry for any teacher that has to deal with scary Suri. Actually weren’t the other two kids taught at home by Tom’s sister? well than Suri will never have to leave the house and share her toys. Man, this gonna be one dysfuntional teenager. I shudder to think!

  • lethefactdontgetinyourway

    Despite all their money in the world. This kid is malnourished. you could see with those skinny arms and feet her big head reveals just how blatant that fact is. Tom’s adopted children are more well love and taken care off. I felt bad for Suri she got two parents who seems to be off kilter in dealing with her.

  • omd

    i want to backhand this kid so much

  • erm

    @omd: thats mean. shes a sweet innocent girl. what has she done to you?