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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Django Unchained' Trailer!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Django Unchained' Trailer!

Check out the newly released trailer for Leonardo DiCaprio‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

The Quentin Tarantino western flick also stars Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz, and is set to be released on December 25 of this year!

Here’s a synopsis: With the help of his mentor (Waltz), a slave-turned-bounty hunter (Foxx) sets out to rescue his wife (Kerry Washington) from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner (DiCaprio).

In case you missed them, check out Leo, Christoph, and Jamie in these first look pictures from the flick.

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  • @bz

    I agree with you. Its a fling no matter what his publicist feed the Post but I don’t understand the attacks on Erin here, merely for dating him

  • Why?

    is it so weird? Leo has been carousing in nightclubs for years and years, how many pics have you seen of that? Of course if there WAS a pic you will start ranting on how its fake and Erin looks smug. Crazy

  • Patricia

    @bz: I saw the pic on the bball game,and it was a mess here n JJ and in the Bellazon cause some ppl said “they’re holding hands” and some said “They’re not holding hands it’s the arm of the chair…IDK
    Only thing I know is : HE WASN’T RECIPROCATING
    The body language,she was talking to Him and He wasn’t even looking to her,she was stuck on Him and he seemed uncomfortable.
    So awkward.The less respected girlfriend so far…she is fighting for some tiny portion.Humiliating.

  • Patricia

    @Why?: Yes,you’re right! Cause we’re talking about a aspiring model with no self respect hungry for publicity.Bye

  • bb

    you’re wrong. Patricia is right.

  • bz

    @51: I honestly don`t care about Erin. To me she is very boring and not interesting at all. One in the line. By now the regulars should know that it`s all about Leo. If someone is ready to play his game for publicity it`s her business. She won`t get respect for it but it`s not about the girl.
    @Patricia: They were holding hands but as you said the body language was obvious.
    @why?: It`s not just about clubbing. In Erin`s case both lovey-dovey sightings were at parties but with the others that wasn`t the case. You saw affection at the beach, bball games, on the street. Also at first there were plenty tweets about Leo at the concert – no mention of Erin. Then one tweet about Erin and then all these reports from the dance floor.
    Anyway to me yesterday was a little weird.

  • No Turkey fer Leo


    @bz: he’s not controling his feelings when he doesnt have them for Borington to begin with. Its natural…He showed the most emotion with Gisele and little more with Lively…he was actually being a little goofy with lively too.. Erin probably doesnt bring that side of his personality out..

    As soon as Leo gets a new ho the freaks at bellazon will change their avatars and she will be the most beautifullest girl in the world who can do no wrong! lol FREEAAAAKKKS!!!!

  • WOLF

    When does the filming for Wolf begin in NYC?!?!

  • bz

    @Wolf: I think the movie is already in pre-production and they start filming in August through the beginning of Dec. At least this is what was posted on his bz thread. Those girls are annoying but they provide the best info about him. They deserve credit for that!

  • Patricia
  • i will never understand

    …….what an intelligent, bright 37 year old man has in common with a 23 year old girl. period.

  • Patricia

    @bz: lol That’s the only motive I go there,for the information,we have to close our eyes to their personal opinions and go ahead,cause it’s really,really,really annoying!

  • yeah

    @bz: they call us stalkers but we’re not stalkers, we’re commentors…they’re the TRUE stalkers!!! lol

  • Patricia

    @No Turkey fer Leo: I doubt if it was in the Kidada Jones era she will be on their avatars…a black girl???Never! Let’s see who’s the next…

  • @#63

    Stalkers tend to be discombobulated and unhinged. Your non stop ramblings, rantings and cussing at Leo and girlfriend on all his threads while getting info from and then attacking the bz brigaide make you guys deffo stalker material. And no I’m not from that forum I’m just a weary Leo fan who has eyes.
    And you meant ‘commentators’ not ‘commentors’ right. Your rage is making you even more confused and hysterical.

  • lol

    @No Turkey fer Leo: The funny part is the avatar of the Bar Refaeli fan is on the Bellafreaks-zone waiting for sightings of Leo and Erin together WTF???? LOL

  • bz

    Getting info from them and disliking them at the same time is stalking? Or posting opinion online is also stalking? Good to know! Are you a moderator here or something? Keeping an eye on everything and being a smarta** most of the time.

  • yeah

    @@#63: shut up freak. Your mother is confused! And if you’re so weary get the fck outta here betch! : )

  • weakling

    people who prove their points online by saying someone spelt something wrong are so weak. Like you’ve never spelt something wrong in your whole life… I guess when your agrument is weak you scream YOUR HAIR IS BLUE!!!! Youre talking about your age is showing?!? And what is Leo age showing?!?! That he’s 12!!! Or acts like it!! lol

  • raven

    Love that they added James Brown to the trailer. I love that song :)

  • So sad !

    Leo never seemed so bored and sad in his whole love life.
    I think He is tired to play this PR/Dating-blonde-models thing,but ONLY LEO can put and END to this pathetic type of life! I wish I could know some good source only to know how much they win to play this game.It worth it Leo? Time flies and the REAL happines is slipping through your fingers dude…
    If only you could take a good look at yourself and see how sad and unhappy you seem to be,as a grown man you are,you should fix your life.God Bless you darling.

  • see

    jesus freaking christ.. he is not showing LESS affection. People keep saying that he was the most open with Gisele but do you guys remember his relationships in the 90s?

    do you see those?? he held hands with them. he took them to premieres and events. He isn’t “bored’ with Erin, Bar, Blake etc. The only difference is that he’s become more private as he’s grown older. Gisele dated him when he was still relatively “open” with stuff like this.

    Some of the people who post here are freaking idiots who bash his girlfriends for no reason.

  • Tigerseye

    I think pre production is under way for wolf of wall street in NY. I used to analyse the revolving “model“door, but honestly who cares? real or fake this is what it is and of no consequence to anyone but those involved, not involved, pretending to be involved, wish they were involved,friends of friends that are involved …seriously! Ugh!!!. Wealth attracts superficialty but it is the possessor of such extravagance that should measure the worth of such belongings, trinkets of all kinds and that includes people, shes one of many that he will never be short of. He doesnt seem happy in his life, hes exhausted by everything it seems, but im beginning to think he might just like this image,stuck in the early 90s, when it was all about whats hot now and supermodels were considered supreme symbols of wealth and class, crazy stupid it is. i dont know anymore? But he aint losing sleep on what i think. He’ll learn what he wants to know not neccessarily what he needs to know. in my opinion the girl has an ayre of opportunism, but shes young and has no experience other that immediate rewards and that says it all, i have no feelings either way about whether shes wrong or right for him, his type is so generic whats it matter? Either way hes a grown man that will do whatever he wants, im done discussing him and his endless array of “americas next top…whatever.“ tigerseye signing out, no more gossip for me blah! Only art im interested in now, love you quentin, kick ass!!!

  • Wait…what?

    Brazil Loves Erin ‏@BrazilLovesErin
    @BarRefaeli @angelcandice Queremos fotos de vocês duas!!! Lindas ;)
    Ver conversa
    Responder Retweetar Favorito

    They’re asking for a pic of Bar and Candice together,and calling them ‘beautiful’,an account to support Erin,seriously? Damn!

    wtf these kids have in their minds???

  • Ok

    @see: Ok bellafreak!Got it!Now come back to your zone and be aware 2 change your avatar!

  • @#yeah

    F**k you bee yoo tch

  • ???

    @kris: You’r the first one to mention it…just saying!

  • ???

    @Mrs Reynolds: Go away, we dont want to hear that rubbish!

  • ???

    @???: I have just scrolled through so much inane, idiotic rubbish, why do Leo threads get taken over by freaks who are obsessed with his girl friends, previous and current, I just dont understand! and before you predictably suggest I dont come here, don’t bother, I’m gone!

  • Trust me. I am a doctor.


    hahaha!model with no experience, the symbol of wealth and class. Are you talking about her?

  • Joanne

    Does he only notice models with kind of modeling careers?

  • hmm

    All of a sudden not sighting of Leo/them again…

  • bolly

    @Joanne: Leo has dated anywhere from A list models (Gisele,Helena Christensen,Bridget Hall to C/D lists models such as Bar and Erin to F list such as that Madelina chick) Its funny he went from dating extremely in demand models to virtually un-knowns now.

  • Trust me. I am a doctor.


    This danish one is also the symbol of class and wealth?

  • Trust me. I am a doctor.
  • @@#yeah

    @@#yeah: My, you’re all class aren’t you ;)

  • love it

    @@#63: love what you said and so agree!

  • :))

    It seems like the bella-squad is here… lol

  • @88

    Of course, anyone who does not cuss 24/7 at Leo and Erin on Leo posts MUST be from bz land. *sarcasm off*

  • :))

    Also the person who likes to check out the thread from time to time is also here ( all the time ) to be a wisea**. The day is complete.
    BTW Leo is in NYC. There were twitter sightings yesterday.

  • @90

    You’re right. With you camped here as usual Leda it IS complete.

  • OMG

    Why here are so obsessed to talk about everyone except Leo????

  • :))

    That`s right! Camped out here because you said so… lol Aren`t you just a wisea** who knows everything based on comments? Good for you! lol

  • Tigerseye

    Trust me im a doctor i was being ironic, but wasnt necessarily talking about her i was talking about the misconception of status that celebrity brings, once upon a time in the 90s it was all about the models, cindy, naomi, claudia, christie,linda. These were symbols of success for a time. Im just saying celebrity perception still believes in this image to an extent, even if the public dont. I personally think that industry promotes unrealistic and ridiculously vaccuous lifestyles again…blah!

  • to :))

    @:)): thank you for the info that Leo is in New York and didnt follow Borington to turkey! Goes to show he doesnt care! LOL! Play thing…

  • grandma

    @to :)): maybe I’ll see him tomorrow midtownish….I dont want to meet him, but a sighting in real life would be interesting/funny.

  • tinkerbell

    Oh, btw, I am not going to do this, because I am NOT a stalker, but if you were a young hot thing he’s alone in NYC and you could follow the twitters tonight and if you went to Lavo, Avenue, or 1oak, you might see him.

    The difference between some of us “stans” and real stalkers is the following, for arguments sake:

    1. we know he is not god or jesus
    2. we know we are not carrying his baby
    3. we’d like to see him with someone we respect but we KNOW its not gonna be us
    4. with all the truly exciting and beautiful women in the world, we’d like to see him with one. Doesnt have to be me, I have someone.

    Painting anybody on who disagrees with you as “stalkers” doesnt ring true. There is a difference. Some of us stans like watching but we wish no real contact with him and know that is unrealistic and we like our guy (some of the time) we dont want to bother or annoy him–its live and let live, go in peace leonardo.

    I comment on Leo as a symbol of a certain type of guy or hollywood archetype, you dont have to like it but I’m not trying to get up in him.

  • tinkerbell

    oh, and stop asking for my facebook/picture. Even if I looked like Raquel Welch (much prettier than any of leo’s d-bags) you’d use it to ridicule meand get in my face. I dont need that, and some of team barf has other things in mind which they are not going to get a chance to do.

    First Amendment uber alles! No you cant change it ! :)

    I dont have an internet presence guys, it_bores_me.

  • Anonymous

    Erin is not in Turkey!! Did you not read her twitter correctly?!! She was giving her new Turkish fan club a shout out. Duh!

  • vagabond

    lol she was in Turkey for a fashion show you can see pictures of it on her bz thread.It was the Dosso Dossi Fashion Show in Antalya Turkey June 8, 2012
    Anyway,I can’t wait to see this.Top of my Christmas list a ticket for this and Gatsby.