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Gerard Butler: Amber Heard Exits 'Motor City'

Gerard Butler: Amber Heard Exits 'Motor City'

Gerard Butler drops his car off at the valet before heading inside the SLS Hotel on Sunday (June 10) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 42-year-old actor has a handful of movies in the works, including Motor City.

The Albert Hughes-directed drama centers around a recently released felon who seeks revenge against those who framed him and put him in jail.

Amber Heard and Gary Oldman were reportedly set to co-star with Gerard in the flick, but Variety reports both actors are no longer attached to the project.

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8,003 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Amber Heard Exits 'Motor City'”

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  1. 826
    Emma Says:

    Hello, lovelies!

    I go away for 2 days and you guys are pushing 1000 comments on this “NADA” thread… Impressive!

    Hey to Kathy, Manny, Cupccake, God Bless You All – Perfect choice of quote, my friend!!!, Angel, CGE and all you other lovelies!!! Please don’t leave JJ – I gather it was a rough couple of threads, but maybe, just maybe, we’ll see some coffee-drinking, car parking or something soon… :-))

    FYI, imdb is a great place and I like the people there. Luckily for me, they mostly ignore me. I do believe we use dictionaries for more than vase support and we are a bit more creative over there… I prefer quality over quantity – really, 823 comments for nothing??? – any day.

    Hugs to everyone and have a lovely time of day, wherever you are! And be kind to one another!!!


  2. 827
    Liberal mumbo jumbo Says:

    At Imdb they are a lot more common sensical. At least over there they understand all sharp points at play here…… I’m definitely starting to like IMBD. At least they didn’t trash MG like the nutters here. These people sound right up my alley. Love IMDB. They might be mean a little bit, but they tell it like it is and that’s rare.”
    I have to say I agree with you on your points about IMdb. I have been studying their posts recently and I agree that they have a lot more common sense than the posters do on JJ. Even more amazing, they had no posts attacking Madalina. That’s just amazing and refreshing. They do like making fun of Gerry though, and in a way can you blame them? You have to agree he is an amusing character. I haven’t posted much on JJ, I mostly lurk, and I have to say that the anti Madalina posts were getting old. It also occurred to me that most of these negative posts were probably carried out by a handful of posters. I don’t believe most women on the site could be that mistaken and think they are either dating Gerard for real, or one day will. No, I think the hate is carried out by 2-3 posters at most. Maybe most of it was carried out by the troll that hijacked this thread. All of those anti Madalina posts sound very much the same – like the handiwork of one person.

  3. 828
    whatevah Says:

    Checked out old JJ tonight after an absence of several weeks reading. What the heck is going on here? Bizarre me thinks. Where are the regs? I don’t think it’s a lack of interest in Gerard keeping people away, I think it’s the nutty posts going on. Even some of the oldies at IMDb are still at it. At least they still have conversations, something that seems impossible here anymore. Even Evil is still hanging in over there. Come on girls. Are you going to let those witches continue to reign supreme?
    However, I think it’s the set up here that ruins things. At IMDb, you are who you are and have been for years. Here, people change monikers like the weather. Too bad there isn’t a registration process on JJ.

  4. 829
    Liberal mumbo jumbo Says:

    One more thing.

    Regarding IMDb, they are very informed posters. They discuss politics and literature, books and movies – all in between discussing GB. I read some of their political chatter and it’s very delightful. They are not part of the Obama Cool-Aid brigade. Most of them see through the liar he is. They realize he’s not good for the country.

    They read all the books I recommended liberals like GFW read to educate herself, but of course she is too blind and dumb to do so. And they don’t listen to liberal mambo jumbo spin. As a result, their discussions are very interesting, educational, and witty. Now I understand why GFW doesn’t get along there with the other posters. She doesn’t have the same ideology as they, and she doesn’t see things clearly, and that could be frustrating for most rational minded people to take. I read in some of the other posts here that others were also thrown out of there for being out of their minds.

    The reason you get better quality people at IMDb is because you need a credit card to sign up, so losers like the troll currently plaguing this thread is not going to be able to hide there and torment others. Also, those other foreign crazies that post on JJ and hate the US, are not going to sign up at IMDb either. Some of them probably don’t even have a credit card.

    It’s definitely true that IMdb is better quality posting than JJ which has become a concentration of crazies. I am going to sign up there and I think you should consider doing the same. At least at IMdb no one is going to call you a hater when you’re really very rational and do speak lots of common sense. You said it yourself, at IMDb “they might be mean a little bit, but they tell it like it is and that’s rare.” ITAWY!

  5. 830
    what? Says:

    @Liberal mumbo jumbo:

    what a pile of c*rap, imdb is the worst group of mean people on the web, although recently JJ became the same… absolutely unreadable…and frankly it should stay that way….

  6. 831
    stella Says:

    @whatevah: Agree. A year or so ago when I posted here on a regular basis, people got angry at each other, but you knew who you were talking to. Now, every day, there are new names and anyone just stopping by would have no idea what is going on. So why bother? I never thought when I left in a kind of huff, I’d ever miss “the good old days” on JJ.Where the heck are Cora, Sukar, Red October, Curious, Cube dweller, Vegas, on and on. I know I left out many, but my memory isn’t all that good.I’d be interested in hearing from some of the oldies and why they don’t post anymore. Anyone lurking????

  7. 832
    Liberal mumbo jumbo Says:

    Yes, it appears their comments are pithier and fewer over there. As you can see, here we have one mentally ill person hijacking the thread and she will not let go. She has been here 48 hours straight posting a few hateful posts every hour. That’s why we have so many posts about nothing, just hate. She posted all the hate posts against Sam Childers, and she may have posted all the anti madalina posts as well. This could never occur at IMDb. It’s a shame no one is playing tonight which is just how she wants it. People should post and just ignore her azz. We shouldn’t let her drive us away or dictate the agenda here. Just neg all her comments until she leaves. Reading her hateful comments you can tell she is very disturbed. She talks about killing people and sticking them in an oven???? What a psychopath.

  8. 833
    Liberal mumbo jumbo Says:

    I just copied this from LOL
    at IMDb “they might be mean a little bit, but they tell it like it is and that’s rare.”
    She is right. They might be mean at IMDb, but at least they tell it like it is, whether you like hearing the truth or not.
    Over here, no one wants to tell it like it is, because they are too worried about getting negged.
    At IMDb it’s not easy to get along because you have to be sharp and informed, but at least it’s mentally stimulating, not childish arguing and trashing people like here. That’s why I think IMDb is better than JJ.

  9. 834
    what? Says:

    @Liberal mumbo jumbo:

    as the same people write in both places, it’s equally unreadable

  10. 835
    Emma Says:

    @Liberal mumbo jumbo:

    Let’s not call people names… The whole name calling business can stop with us.

    I apologize for my sarcasm, although I do not want to apologize. I don’t always agree with what’s being said here and I have to wonder how it is possible that some posters get banned, while others can write out their thoughts with no limit.

    If 20 comments a day is an acceptable limit, perhaps JJ people could invest a little in programming and get that little feature in. I am sure we would all be posting more… carefully… and wisely, if we had that kind of threshold. Just saying – computer programming has reached incredible heights.

    Hugs to all you lovelies! Have a great day!


  11. 836
    LOL=nutter@imdb Says:

    you are all haters. even at imdb. there is a war there just as there is here.
    you are all crazy nutters
    that’s the bottom line

  12. 837
    LOL=nutter@imdb Says:

    and you post lies to stir each other up, stir the pot, snark snark snark
    etc etc etc

    you just did it now.

  13. 838
    LOL=nutter@imdb Says:

    its not happening because of me. it was like this before i got here. so you all are to blame for situation

  14. 839
    LOL=nutter@imdb Says:

    you enjoy agitating each other…how does that make you decent?

  15. 840
    LOL=nutter@imdb Says:

    i’ve been to nicer boards on imdb and jj. this one is unreal.

  16. 841
    LOL=nutter@imdb Says:

    if you snark on imdb you are a hater. plain and simple. snarking is hating. duh

  17. 842
    LOL=nutter@imdb Says:

    someone from imdb posts here under multiple nics major troll
    what you should be doing is posting under your imdb names here if you are going to post. and realize that newbies aren’t going to know any better but the troll is aware of that and takes advantage of the situation.

  18. 843
    LOL=nutter@imdb Says:

    of course being the snarks you are i suppose you’ll resort to ignoring me rather than having normal discussion. i think its actually hard for you to have normal discussion (no snarking)

  19. 844
    gigibee Says:

    I’m not the strange poster.

    I’m just someone who likes Gerry.

    Athiest means someone who rejects the belief of the existence of deities(Satan included).FYI

    New thread please….

  20. 845
    LOL=nutter@imdb Says:

    personally i think some at imdb bashed/trashed madalina here secretly

  21. 846
    LOL=nutter@imdb Says:

    im not the strange poster either
    but i don’t care about gerard

  22. 847
    cupccake Says:

    Goood morning everyone nice to here from you emma. I hope all of you have a great day.I have to get ready to go to work. Yes, some of us still have to go to work on weekends.

  23. 848
    LOL=nutter@imdb Says:

    liberal mumbo jumbo is the one started the war you drew first blood and you lie and exaggerate. you’re a piece of ****. go to hell and stfu

  24. 849
    LOL=nutter@imdb=liberalmumboju Says:

    LOL is that you?

  25. 850
    LOL=nutter@imdb=liberalmumboju Says:

    “so losers like the troll currently plaguing this thread is not going to be able to hide there and torment others.”
    that’s only somewhat true. you can change your nick there for example. you can have multiple accounts. but they will be banned if they do get out of line.

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