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Halle Berry Ordered to Pay Ex $20,000 a Month

Halle Berry Ordered to Pay Ex $20,000 a Month

Halle Berry holds hands with her 4-year-old daughter Nahla while leaving CVS pharmacy on Wednesday (June 20) in Malibu, Calif.

The 45-year-old actress will have to pay nearly a quarter of a million dollars a year in child support to ex Gabriel Aubry.

A family law judge recently ordered Halle to pay the French-Canadian model $20,000 a month, according to TMZ.

“Although Nahla is 4, until Monday there was never a child support order issued by a judge, but now one is in place,” the website adds. “We’re told both sides are still at war, and they will soon be battling in court over whether Halle can take Nahla and move to Paris.”

FYI: Halle is wearing Michelle Jonas Travelwear‘s butterfly kaftan.

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  • niagirl

    Another pic of the kid. This story could have been told without her pic.

  • Sara

    Which webside “adds” that? ;)

  • Todd

    He was stupid… he put a cost to his daughter.. she is priceless and shouldn’t have used money as a means to control Halle.. She still wins in the end because eventually the daughter will want to get older and voice that she doesn’t want to spend time with her Dad anymore..

  • ColinG

    Glad to see custody cases flip, the woman now has to pay for the man!!! GOOD!!

  • Buh

    Why does this whole custody battle, or rather war, make her seem like not a nice person at all?

  • @Ina_Angel

    OMG he really needs to man up and take responsability, get a job and pay the bills! Why should SHE pay for his living??

  • chocolate cookie

    he should get paid..she makes more money..i bet he wouldnt have done that if she wasnt trying to take his daughter across the globe to set up shop with her new man. im sure the relationship she is in now will end too since she cant keep a man..something is terribly wrong with her. she cries about the paps but is always out and never with a bodyguard. she is a piece of trash for trying to keep him from his daughter.

  • chocolate cookie

    @ColinG: i agree..women think they are the only ones who should be paid for. she is a mess and a bad person.

  • Me

    At least while they fight this nasty legal battle, haven’t let this affect their daughter. Nahla seems like a happy kid.

  • @Ina_Angel

    I’ve never in my life taken welfare or hand outs and I don’t think it’s right to do it man OR woman, unless you’re ill. Take responsability for your own actions, including your own child!

  • @Ina_Angel
  • Jess

    @@Ina_Angel: always in a child custody battle one of the parts has to pay to the other part, in this case “the guy” win, so now Halle has to pay.

  • My Opinions

    This is probably the worst time for her to be paying child support. Her movie career is slowing down. She is almost 50 and in Hollywood years, that’s pretty old. The movies aren’t selling. (Dark Tide, Frankie) I wanted to tell her to rethink her choices when she was on Oprah saying…I’ll just ask whoever I am dating…do you want to have a baby? No matter who you are, 240,000k is not something that you want to write a check for every year/on mthly basis. That’s not good.

    I can only imagine how Gabriel feels about not being able to see his child on a normal schedule that is predictable with her possibly moving. So many losses. Her agent better get busy, she gotta work. That child is only 4. Her retirement is like many Americans..pending.

  • Elle

    man… i’m just trying to make $20,000 a year… :[

  • just no

    I’m embarrassed for this guy. Taking that much money from a woman every month? He shouldn’t have let anyone know about this.

  • just no

    @My Opinions: honey, She’s doing just fine. Doesn’t she have a shoe collection? And she’s still making movies. The cash is still coming. plus she may be 45, but she looks nothing like it…and that’s a fact

  • http://Csaraweston/twitter sara

    Wow, look at all the gray hair on the top of her head! She really don’t care about her hair anymore. Looks tacky.

  • hahaaaa

    That’s the price of using a man for his sperm. Now karma catches up with her, and will cost her $250k/year. All of you saying he should be ashamed for taking her money, bet you don’t complain when in 99% of cases the tables are turned, and the man has to pay up. Stupid feminists.

  • umm

    what gray hair? Hating must be making u color blind

  • Rocky

    @My Opinions:

    I think he got angry with all the lies she told about him when they separated which were all proven to be false. We don’t know what he’s going to do with the money, but there’s more to this than meets the eye, because the Judge agreed.

  • Lailah

    20K a month is ridiculous. Seriously. He’s just gonna be sitting on his ass all day, never having to work another day in his life and it’s ridiculous. What kind of man does that to the mother of his child? Sorry but only a BUM does that. But praise Halle because she can actually take care of her child and doesn’t need anybody’s money to do it. $20,000 a month – smh.

  • Batman


  • http://Csaraweston/twitter sara

    Umm, I don’t hate Halle, her hair was always neat and great looking, she should get another hair do. And if you don’t see all that gray you need another computer.

  • bobjustbob

    It works both ways doesn’t it, if it was a man earning more, nobody would blink an eye at him having to pay support to a woman. If you look at the whole picture, she comes across as the baddie, she used him as a babymaker, dragging his rep through the mud and now wants to take his only child to another continent, so I say karma is bitting her in the wallet at least. Her own reputation will not recover unscathed from this, this whole custody thing has made her look mean and selfish and unlikeable.

  • denise

    @My Opinions: #13

    I wanted to tell her to rethink her choices when she was on Oprah saying…I’ll just ask whoever I am dating…do you want to have a baby?
    She asked Michael Ealy and he said no. Then she asked Gabriel Aubrey and he went along with it, and ended up getting the baby mama from hell. ……..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • LisaT

    I don’t understand. If she has custody of the child then why is she being ordered to pay support?

  • denise

    @Lailah: #21

    I agree $20,000 a month is excessive. NO child needs that much money to live off monthly. This sounds like palimony to me. Gabriel will not have to work.

  • UGH

    I don’t feel sorry for her at all….its always the same story with Halle Berry either the guy is abusive and verbally abusive when she break it off with them. As a woman I have never cared for her and will continue to think that she is crazy…if it was a man having to pay the $20,000 it would be no problem…now the table is turned and people are complaining smh…she always claims that Gab doesn’t have the funds to keep Nahla living how Halle has her living…well if you want the girl to live the high life then pay up or shut up simple as that. Everything that is happening she caused it on her own with the way she has been behaving since they broke up all of a sudden he isn’t a good father and he abuses you and Nahla verbally. How is it that every relationship she has been in its always the same story the guy abuse her verbally or treated her like crap…Halle honey its time you sing a new tune…lets see how Oliver is classed if their relationship fail. Will Oliver be labeled as verbally abusive?

  • Oh NO!!


    So what!!?? Women do it all the time. i don’t understand the double standards here. It’s ok for a woman to milk a man out of $20K+ a month when he is rich but not ok for the female??? If he wants to sit around and eat Bon Bon’s all day (like some women) I say get it!

  • Sean

    How she gonna pay that now that her career is over?

  • All Halle’s Fault

    If she wasn’t trying to kick her baby’s daddy out of the picture and played fair she wouldn’t be in the situation. This sounds more like he was getting back at her more than anything because he don’t need her money. Also, Halle should have went to the sperm clinic for a donor instead of finding a man and acting like he’s the one until she got what she wanted and expected him to just bail on his child.

    That $20K and lawyers fees could have bought her plenty of sperm from unknown daddys.

  • Lisa

    Nahla looks beautiful!

  • Maddox

    Nahla is adorable. She looks just like her dad.

  • Marie

    Only time will tell how the REAL karma in this siutation will play out. Those applauding Gabriel’s coup can now feel vindicated for their boy. Those abhoring his “victory” can be justified in their empathy with Halle. Bottom line is this isn’t about either one of them. This is about Nahla. Whatever happens in the future it is her life that will be affected the most. Nobody is solely blameless in this travesty of parenting. Halle may be a “vindictive” witch in some opinions but Gabriel doesn’t “man up” any better under the spotlight of judgment either considering I have yet to hear what he has done financially for his child other than hit the mama up to keep baby in the fashion of living she is accustomed too. Both need to grow up and own up because in a few short years neither will be relevant to an adult Nahla who can drop them both and live her life to her own making.

  • anonymous

    It’s actually all about Halle, not about Nahla’s best interests at all. Berry wants to be with her man in France, so she’s putting the relationship ahead of the child. This is what scum low lifes do, so it’s a little surprising to see a famous celebrity sink to these lows in order to please her man. The fight with the pap was a set-up. She has the money to easily protect herself, so her reasons don’t hold up at all. A Judge should be able to see through to her selfish and self-gratifying reasons for wanting to take Nahla away from her father.

  • Adoption would’ve been cheaper

    Halle vindictiveness towards the baby’s father has made her have to pay up. She said his home wasn’t fit or he couldn’t keep the lifestyle her daughter was accostumed to (which is stupid) then she has to pay. Halle wanted the judge to strip Aubrey of his rights as a parent so shecould have Nahla all to herself which is selfish and if that’s what she wanted she should have adopted or bought sperm.

    She is using old Oliver to because she wants to take Nahla completely away from her dad. This woman is bat sh!t crazy! There is no reason for her to move there other than being hateful and mean. Well Aubrey will have the last laugh when those checks from Revlon has to go right to him. All he wanted was to be a part of his daughter life. It’s sad and proves how stupid Halle is when a man gives his daughter pizza on his time with her and the mom throws crazy lunatic fit like he gave her poison because she has her daughter on a weight controlled diet at her age.

  • June

    See Halle, you should have left that white man alone. Now you got to pay his rent and car note, and provide for Nahla. SMH Oh well, no sympathy from me, I’d like to see the new car and house this loser will be buying soon enough.

  • Marie

    @Adoption would’ve been cheaper:

    And Gabriel only “wised” up to Halle when? LOL This is a grown man who knew what and who he was dealing with from day one. Halle should have gotten a sperm donor and Gabriel should have put a Tr*jan on and then none of this would have occurred. Since both had their own motives for using the other it is what is now. Halle may not get a pass but neither does Gabriel.

  • lol

    I dont sympathize for someone that had a hit in run car accident..she is vile.

  • chocolate cookie

    @hahaaaa: i agree with you. it cant be one sided.

  • chocolate cookie

    @sara: its the light. and thats a wig. she recently said so herself.

  • chocolate cookie

    @UGH: you said it! and yes he will. if he has any sense he will get out now and definitely not have a kid with her.

  • groundcontrol

    This $20,000 figure didn’t come out of thin air. Aubrey would have showed the costs of maintaining a household for his daughter as well as security costs.
    It’s the judge who decided how much money Aubrey needed to give the child an equivalent lifestyle while he shares custody. Personally I would have given Aubrey primary custody because I think Berry has already shown that she has not been acting in the best interests of her child.
    I’m waiting for the nuclear bomb of accusations against him. At this point I put nothing past Berry. And I believe nothing she says. Neither, it seems, does the judge.

  • April

    This guy is worse than KFed, at least Kevin loves his kids and would love being a father to them even without support from Britney. Also he recieves a lot less than $20,000 a month for two kids.

    Gabriel is pathetic. He should get a job, stop using an innocent child for support and stop living off of a woman.

  • Rebecca

    Something is terribly wrong with the law here.
    Child support should be money paid towards raising the child (food, clothing, school, toys, doctor’s etc.) Therefore it should be derived from the need of that child, not the salary of the parent. Which 4 year old needs 20,000 a month??? Also, from what I have seen, it looks like Halle has primary custody – spends most time with the child. Therefore, she would be the one to pay for most of the above mentioned things anyway.
    So basically: “Mommy feeds you, cloths you, pays for everything you need on a daily basis and on top of that, pays daddy 20,000 each month to take you to Disneyland on his weekends. ”
    Great stuff!

    PS Woman or man does not even matter, the whole idea of calling 20,000 USD child support is just messed up.

  • Me3

    $20,000 a month? Who needs that much? I bet she’s livid. He is gorgeous. I’m sure any female boss would hire him for any job at all.

  • Me3

    Forgot about security needs. That must add to the expenses considerably. I wish my husband would leave and pay me that much.

  • mh

    Oh please i betcha Halle ain’t worried about that money cause it proves that he is a LOSER. Halle has a few movies coming up, still doing commercials, shoe line and perfumes. She is not hurting for money. One day Nahla will find out her mom had to pay her dads bills because he was too lazy to get a real job. Trust me he is not a victim so check your facts.

  • huggy bear

    you people needed to read. it halle who said his home is not good for nahla , so pay for a good home.

  • DontJudgeTheBookByTheCover

    We need to stop judging people based on these partial news and pics. We don’t know them, they are ppl just like us, have problems just like us.

    I think Halle is just as human as all of us, looking for love, for ‘the one’. Yes, she wanted a kid just like most women on their 30′s do, but we all should know it’s hard to get relationships to last. Can’t blame her for trying! JLo tried too… Jen Aniston is still trying. Are they all crazy??? No!

    Personally, I think no decent man would agree to receive child support; it’s a father’s duty to provide for his child, not to live from the mother’s money.

    20k is just too much money and anyone should be ashamed to accept it for this reason.