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Katie Holmes: Ice Cream Date with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Ice Cream Date with Suri!

Katie Holmes holds onto her daughter Suri‘s hand as they hop into a cab after having a treat at an ice cream parlor on Wednesday afternoon (July 25) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress and her 6-year-old daughter are back in the Big Apple after a brief trip to her hometown of Toledo, Ohio.

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Katie and Suri flew commercial from NYC to Detroit, which is about an hour away from Toledo, on the morning of July 21.

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Credit: Dara Kushner; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Oh my!

    Mamma bear :

  • Liz

    the kid always looks terrified… boo :(

  • http://justjared POLO

    WTF Is wrong with this kid????????? she never wears any coats or jackets in the winter and in middle of SUMMER you see her covered in blankets??????? is that a medical condition?? or is she nut just like her parents???

  • arlyssa

    I wish Katie and Suri would disappear for a while… on vacation. I’m tired of her dragging that girl around and parading her down the streets.

  • WTF!!!!!

    So is she wrapped in a blanket (in July) on their way to get ice cream??? I mean is the kid hot or cold WTH!!!

  • JC

    Poor Suri, so miserable to be trotted in front of paps cameras

  • 88SLENAO

    calm down ppl
    maybe she’s wearing pajamas or something like that
    and she’s free to wearing what she want that not anyone business :/

  • CF98

    The hilarity of people complaining about paps when you even looking at these are the reasons they exist in the first place.

    At least she’s walking ;)

  • Annie

    Lol…now they fly commercial. Has tom banned her from his private jet?

  • Bree

    Again????? Gawd! This is beyond boring!!!!

  • Kylie

    Looks like Suri is not feeling well and yet Katie is still parading her for the paparazzi. Give Suri a break, Katie! For once, protect your child from these photographers.

  • JefferydgyGO

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  • KissThis

    I hate seeing pictures of little Suri, she always looks SO unhappy! It makes me sad seeing a little kid being pushed and pulled around in front of cameras. It’s not right.

  • Deanna

    Does this kid ever eat any fruits or veggies? She’s always seen eating ice cream or some kind of junk food. If she keeps this up, she’ll be diabetic by the time she’s a teenager.

  • DB

    Why can’t Katie do the mature, motherly thing and keep that poor, confused looking child away from the Paparazzi for a while?

    Put Suri ahead of your ego / need for attention / need for positive public perception and just Chill for a while. Focus on being a nurturing mother – not on trying to gain public approval.

  • Andamentothat

    Suri and Katie both need to get out of this ice cream routine

  • SAKI

    I get they have to go out, but does she have to parade Suri every day? Can’t she call and have this stuff delivered? Enough already, now this one will be famous for being Divorced. Enough of this woman. Tom, you are lucky this Famwh*re is out of your life. Another picture of Katie at Whole foods, in a yogurt shop, Coffee Shop, Pet Store, eating ice cream, looking clueless, I would scream.

  • tina

    DB you are sooo right i was thinking that but you said it.

  • SAKI

    @Andamentothat: I feel like she does it for attention. Just buy a pint and keep in in your freezer or have it delivered. Makes no sense. Using Suri to get sympathy. Beware Katie, people will get turned off very soon after they realize that Scientology wasn’t the problem.

  • Rast

    I see a lot church of scientology agent (OSA-office of special affair) here, leaving negative comments, trying to discredit Katie and her ability as a mother.
    OSA, You are known for your dirty/filthy work. Why don’t you tell David Miscavige (your gay leader) and his man-wife Tom Cruise to come out of the closet since their abuses and crimes are already revealed all over internet. They can hide but you can’t run away from TRUTH!!!!

  • Rast

    @Liz:I see a lot church of scientology agent (OSA-office of special affair) here, leaving negative comments, trying to discredit Katie and her ability as a mother.
    OSA, You are known for your dirty/filthy work. Why don’t you tell David Miscavige (your gay leader) and his man-wife Tom Cruise to come out of the closet since their abuses and crimes are already revealed all over internet. They can hide but you can’t run away from TRUTH!!!!

  • Rast

    John Travolta is Davids gay wick licker! You know he is now on his knees with David and his commentment to the church!

    Tom was never in with David just publicity lies of the Church , John did The Scientology movie, believes that killed his son! Tom has nothing
    To do with the church! Ha seeing Katie in the straight jacket!

  • Hamlet

    Walking from point A to point B in the broad daylight of the public is parading her around, #4?

    You always only see her outside on trips where kids are usually seen eating candy and ice cream, #14. You can’t comment on the diet of people you don’t know.

    Away how, #15? By not taking her out in the broad daylight of public?

    You’re not parading out anyone if you’re just walking from point A to point B in the broad daylight of the public is parading her around, #17.

    She doesn’t need her daughter to gain sympathy, #19. People already love her for getting a divorce.

  • miapocca


    I am no t a scientologist

    This whole going out and parading infront of paps is just ridiculous and must be stressful for the child.

  • miapocca

    @Hamlet: ]]==

    Why love her for getting a divorce

    She is no angel, she dumped everyone she knew without notice and married a fanatical cult member

    Coming out, we have no impression that she left the cult.
    All I see is a fame hungry woman parading a young kid infront of the paparazzi every single second

    Father was semi better. He had to prove to the media he was still part of the childs life so paraded her infront of even more paps to get her out of the city….at least he got OUT of the city

    This woman needs her head check…wonder she will dump in her quest for fame next…she might want to sign up for reality show to assuage her need for fame..

  • Forrest

    Who doesn’t love a nice chilly double dip cone in July? But I am telling you all this sugar isn’t making the child happy. Perhaps she is lactose intolerant or camera shy. Whatever it is the Mother needs to get it figured out and quick, or people will begin to wonder what is truly going on in Ms Dawson Creek’s thinking parts.

  • annie

    I don’t see her parading suri, i just see a mum and her daughter getting in a cab, like thousands of people do everyday.
    the child is walking, but looks like she spotted the paps.
    she’s not crying, or upset, she’s just looking at something.
    maybe katie should teach her to smile on command to keep some of you happy.

  • annie

    oh and last time she was photographed eating ice cream was about … i think about 3 weeks ago.
    how lucky then are my kids, they get to have ice cream everyday almost, really you got to hand it to me. i’m such a bad mother, and everyone else along with me.

  • Kristee

    I have never seen a child this age wrapped in a blanket all the time. Extemely bizzare. When winter comes, she’ll be walking around sleeveless.

  • mya

    The point is cause by the prensence of the paps not of what the two ladies are doing. But Katie can’t get out of her appartment without a flash in the eye.
    I agree with Annie (#27) about the ice cream fact. But also, we have to not forget that Katie is not living in a house with a background. So to play outside, for the sake of the little girl, she has to get out of her appartment with the child.
    For goodness sake, most of you would like to kill Katie for getting out Suri for a play or a treat, but always staying inside and not playing in the sun is so unhealthy.

  • rebelle

    How exactly is walking from a store into a cab “parading her around”. I’m not saying that Katie Holmes has never set up a pap shot in her life but this is clearly not one of those times. They’re not positioned anywhere near the cameras! It’s overwhelmingly obvious when celebs are actually aiming to get photographed and it’s clear that’s not what’s happening here. The poor quality of the images would tell you that right away. Get a grip people.

  • Lisa Paul

    Katie’s trying to have a NORMAL life with her daughter! Normal isn’t hiding inside your house. She wants Suri to have fun and be able to go places like other normal kids. It’s not Katie’s fault that everyone is obsessed with them. I think Katie is hoping that if she goes out enough with Suri, people will eventually get bored seeing them. So it’s US who should leave THEM alone.

  • American Dreamer

    Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise live in my apartment building in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan and let me assure you this mother daughter team are completely nuts.

    Sadly I think it is the constant media exposure that have driven them insane.

    They stay cooped up in Katie’s apartment most of the day and come out for just a few short intervals each day surrounded by a heavy security detail.

    This is no way for Katie to raise her daughter. If she had any self respect she would take her daughter to live in a gated community in the suburbs where Suri had lots more space and a backyard to play in and maybe a country club with other kids her own age away from the paparazzi. I’m tired of this horse and pony show and I can see from the other comments on this page that people recognize it isn’t in Suri’s best interests.

  • What??

    What?? You know I don’t dislike Katie Holmes but sometimes I wonder if she even knows what she’s doing. It doesn’t look like she’s the brightest parent or that she really even knows what she’s doing as a parent. At least this is what I gather from the media, maybe I’m mistaken. However, maybe Tom should have got joint custody of Suri. Say what you like about him and his beliefs but at least he raised two decent kids who arent out there going crazy like the rest of young hollywood. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of adult Suri grows up to be.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    And Katie Holmes is immensely hungry for fame!

  • ruby7zee

    So Holmes’ PR team would have us believe that she is a super-stealth, courageous, hero mother who covertly planned and executed a new life and “blindsided” her husband with divorce … but, even with a full security detail she cannot evade the paparazzi for a single day? Something wrong with this picture. Can you say f-a-m-e-w-h-o-r-e? Whatever she chooses to do on her own is one thing, but constantly parading her little girl (clearly disturbed by the frenzy) in front of paps is despicable.

  • Just so

    @American Dreamer:

    Excuse me, I don’t care for Holmes, but and going to stand up for the millions of parents world-wide raise their children in the city without a back yard and community pool. And many of those millions of people successfully raise well adjusted kids. And as to being cooped up in the apartment, how do you know? They could be doing arts and crafts, reading, sewing, cooking whatever. They could have snuck out when your back was turned–or do you have your binoculars/computer spy cam on their door 24/7? It is my understanding, if you do indeed live there, that the building has several child friendly amenities.
    Being raised in the suburbs doesn’t mean you are well adjusted and safe from the paps. You can go the route of the Garner-Afflecks or Stefani-Rossdales and live in the burbs and get papped daily. You can go the way of Holmes and live in the city and get papped every day. However, whether you like the Brange or not, they are the most desirable pap opportunity, they do a great job of protecting their kids and their privacy. Maybe Katie should call Brad or Angelina and get some tips.

  • Kate

    I think she maybe trying to get Suri use to the paps and walking around seeing people and being a part of the community. The ice cream thing maybe something Katie and her mom use to do, I know as a kid we woulld go to the neighborhood DQ 2 or 3 times a week. Is Suri getting ice cream? Is it yogurt or all natural sherbert? We do not know. I agree with all that say if we did not look and or comment this would not be hear. I see a lot of other stars with their children in internet pics type in a stars name in search and some pics will show their children. I just typed in Jenifer Gaerdner and got to this Jennifer Garner and Violet Shop For a Pink Treat

  • JennG

    I don’t see what the big deal is about them taking a cab.Lots of celebrities who live in NY walk like hugh jackman,sarah jessica parker & michelle williams.Jerry Seinfeld even bikes round the city.I think it’s a good thing katie’s trying to expose her to the real world,especially since she’s going to school with other kids in the fall.

  • Just my opinion too!

    You have to consider that when Suri was born (regardless of the month) she was born with Cruise and his staff available to serve Katie. Katie is on her own now. I doubt the security team she has does the laundry and cooks and cleans much less tends to Suri who is not in school yet and might need to be homeschooled or watched over. Surely Suri doesn’t need to be constantly watched over but she is still 6 years old which means Katie has to also keep an eye to make sure Suri is not bored or is doing something productive. I doubt she has hired a personal assistant or nanny yet. Katie looks like she is frugal & practical with her funds. She was splendid with Cruise’ funds because it looks like he wanted to keep up appearances but Katie is an “old fashioned jeans girl at heart.” Katie is going back to looking like she did when she first began dating Cruise and the public would see her at Isabella’s soccer games wearing jeans and little or no makeup. This is the first time that Katie is taking care of Suri on her own with little staff. I doubt she’s had the time to interview and hire people. She is also busy helping Suri with this transition, dealing with her PR image, she is also living in a new apartment which means there’s a lot of nic nacs you need to buy, her fashion line Holmes and Yang is coming up in Sept 2012, and then she is suposedly appearing on Broadway in the fall meaning Sept? That’s a lot because in a play you not just showing up you have to memorize your lines, your mark, etc. And of course Suri is starting school in the fall. Katie and Suri are going through a lot of changes. I like that Katie is trying to make Suri live in a more normal reality. I think with time the paparrazi will wane and start chases someone else, they will slowly disapear into the night.

  • Just my opinion too!

    I think the more Suri is around more people, like in a commercial flight, or catching a cab (something someone as famous and wealthy as Jackie Onassis was seen doing), among many other famous and wealthy celebrities, I think the more Suri assimiliates with the population she will also begin to act like a child her age. Notice how in the picture of them in the airport Suri is not holding onto any stuffed animals. Katie’s holding her toys not Suri. Suri’s hair is messed up but it was probably hot and she was bored but she will begin to accept this reality. Even if Cruise randomly picks her up and takes her on his private plane, how many times have we not seen the children of extremely wealthy people, 10 times richer than Cruise say they wish their parents had spent more times with them. So many of them grow up and don’t have survival skills or are emotionally strong because they were spoiled. I think Cruise wanted to make Suri dependent on him, his staffers, but this is a case of Suri INTERRUPTED because Katie pulled out of that partnership and probably in the nick of time. Good luck to Suri. It will be an adjustment but she’ll be fine. This was the time to change. Life is a series of cycles and age 6 for Suri was the time to change gears, required change. It happened and now they must press on just like everyone that goes through divorce, separation, etc.

  • katie will win an oscar 2013

    The paps get paid to take pics and depending on who it is the more money plus it is getting out of hand years ago you just did not do this to celebritys it just was not that bad i think mariylin monroe is just one i can think of that had it bad but she was a movie star and gorgeous to look at even dead and people still talk. and want to look like her and speak like her. crazy but, true it got real serious when princess diane died getting away from the paps it just got worse and Katie alone by herself yea they would not bother her so much in time …..but people it’s TOM Cruises daughter he’s a huge star Tom does not bathe in the spotlight like Katie she’s plain Tom’s not before Katie married Tom Katie once said her words “everything Tom does is news” … we’ll she got his kid I don’t think this will stop were all too curious about what is Suri going to be like who does she look more like this is not going to stop. Fame is important it’s news even if it’s not.

  • Melanie

    How quickly you lot turn against Katie…shallow.

  • Katie Sucks
    Shea’s taker. She got a lot of press for “helping children” but has does nothing but cancel on the foundation events. This is the third time! Oh yeah,she did show up to dance on the show (hahaha).

  • Julia

    Katie+divorce attorney father schemed the whole thing on Tom. All for fame and greed. A divorce settlement of $15 millions to Katie, $40 millions to Suri and $100,00.00 a month of child support to Katie and she can’t provide a decent life to that child, always tugging her everywhere for all the attention. That child will have cavities if she continues to feast on sweets. The child is always dressed inappropriately. It windy and you see Katie wearing a jacket and Suri sleeveless mini dress covered with a blanket. Yet Katie has enough time to put lipstick on Suri as seen most of the time the child is seen in public. What the hell is wrong with this mother?!!! She dresses that child in heels, wow, a good way to break the child’s neck. The child also throws fits in public, I would hate to see her and Katie alone, she must be worse. I normally would say a child should stay with the mother but in this case, based on my observation, the child will be better raised in a balanced and loved environment with her father. Katie used Tom to get ahead and now she is using Suri too. Like most people, we’ve had enough of Katie!!!!!!

  • dani


    first, I don’t believe either side has released any financial figures, so you are just spreading gossip.

    secondly, in terms of the way she orchestrated the divorce, if she wanted to get out of the marriage and keep Suri, she didn’t have a lot of options. You better believe Xenu is going to go after her. Just like they went after Kidman and alienated her kids from her and made her a suppressive. Marty Rathbun has stated that the cult and Tom told the kids that Kidman was a sociopath, a suppressive etc.

    Is Katie a good parent? She is not abusive, but she clearly allows for behaviors from Suri that many of us would not in our own children. But I don’t believe Tom is going to provide that balanced environment since the cult will be involved. Don’t forget up until the divorce and for about two years after when Kidman had physical custody, Bella and Connor were loved and disciplined since Tom hadn’t yet totally bought into all the cult’s practices. Now he has. This is a cult. They have the characteristics of the top ten indicators of a cult. How exactly is Suri served by putting her into this cult? Google it. Scientology. Read the pros and cons. Xenu is one big CON and those that have gotten out will attest to how awful they truly are. Katie may not be the greatest parent, but of the two she is the one that I’d choose. Suri has a far better chance of a “normal” life with Katie than living with Tom, the cult, and all the craziness that Tom thinks is normal.

  • megatit

    I feel sorry for this kid.